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Rotherham sex abuse cover up

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Follow up article 3rd in the sequel by Roger Cottrell, PhD

“Troll attack” since my article on the Deep State paedophile ring was posted

Following the “troll attack” to which I’ve been subjected, since my article on the Deep State paedophile ring was first posted on the Intelligence UK International website I had resolved to write something by way of collective response.  Then, last night (23/06/2022), Channel 4 News ran an excellent report on the National Crime Agency’s Operation Stovewood investigation into child sex abuse in Rotherham and the surrounding area.   As this also raises important questions pertaining to my article and soon to be published novel that deals with the Deep State paedophile ring, I decided to combine the two articles as one.

The first thing to be said is that, according to official reports, some 6000 children in the UK are at risk from sexual abuse and the majority of those are not being targeted by a Deep State conspiracy.  Where organised paedophile rings are involved then most of these, too, are not always or mostly connected to the Deep State.  Indeed, even where police corruption is involved, we all now know just how institutional and rampant police corruption is in the UK and most bent cops aren’t linked to Deep State conspiracies either.  It may well be, as my trolls keep telling me, that I need to be on medication, that I need to be fitted for a tin foil hat, that I’m punting and fishing in areas of my hypothesis that are full of holes or cynically trying to promote my novel, but I have never made claims regarding grand conspiracies of history, satanic or ritual abuse, illumanti, New World Orders or such like.  And nor would I.  Nor do I believe that the moon landings were faked, nor that 9/11 was an inside job or that Princess Di was assassinated by British Intelligence.  Ergo, anybody trying to prove that I’m a crank might need to work a little harder on that one.

Rotherham sex abuse.
Rotherham paedophiles.  Paedophiles in power.  Police corruption Rotherham.

The Rotherham sex abuse scandal – Most of the problems are institutional and structural

Coming back to Rotherham and most of the all too common scandals like it, most of the problems are institutional and structural.  Precisely because Britain’s child care/abuse system has been outsourced to the private sector it is easy prey to county lines drug gangs and paedophile gangs and any other species of predatory criminal low life that chances along.  THE NCA have said this, themselves.  And given, therefore, that the Deep State paedophile network still exists, still services political agendas, still possibly services arms sales and activities of corporate mercenary armies but definitely services that of dirty Russian money and a corrupt offshore financial sector, then it’s likely that some of these organised crime gangs are linked to the Deep State.

Sky News 27/06/2022: They were like the Mafia:’ Two Rotherham whistleblowers accuse police watchdog of protecting senior officers”.

An actually quite small group of corrupt Met Officers who had direct links to Kenneth Noye, but also to the Deep Establishment that actually runs our non-democracy

If one returns to the disclosures in my previous article, and novel, it’s worth mentioning that I was referring to an actually quite small group of corrupt Met Officers who had direct links to Kenneth Noye, but also to the Deep Establishment that actually runs our non-democracy.  In other words the same cabal of corrupt cops who murdered Roberto Calvi, then passed it off as suicide, also helped cover up eight year old Vishral’s murder and was involved in Brinks Matt, got Noye off the hook for John Fordham’s murder and undermined the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation.  They also slotted Pat Tate and Tony Tucker, for Noye, in the Range Rover in Essex, passed off his premeditated murder of Stephen Cameron as road rage and pressured him into setting up the murder of Jill Dando.  At no point did I suggest that every cop in the Met, or even every bent cop in the Met, was directly involved in this conspiracy, although fitting up Barry George on dodgy forensic evidence was no mean achievement.

Rotherham sex abuse cover up by corrupt police

This, however, is where it gets interesting.  Having been Noye’s minder in Swansdale prison, it was Pat Tate who introduced Noye to the world of drug dealing and, between them, Noye, Tate and Tucker initiated the strategy of recruiting vulnerable youngsters to “county lines” drug trafficking gangs.  From this, it is a small step to preying on vulnerable youngsters for paedophile rings and when it comes to Noye, Palmer, and their specific corrupt cop contacts, we all know what kind of paedophile ring we’re talking about.  At its simplest, in 2012, Palmer thought he had enough information to blackmail members of the VIP paedophile ring and that information got him killed.  This suggests an intimate involvement in the Deep State paedophile ring on the part of Noye, Palmer and their criminal organisation, with the murder of Jill Dando being, perhaps, more than just a favour after all.

When I first started following the child abuse scandal in Rotherham I noticed one very obvious contrast, particularly with events involving Bryn Allen, Bryn Estyn, Dolphin Square and Elm House. 

Nobody who actually ran the Deep State paedophile operation that compromised Cyril Smith, Grenville Janner and others was actually ever convicted or properly identified

Apart from Jimmy Savile, who is conveniently dead, nobody who actually ran the Deep State paedophile operation that compromised Cyril Smith, Grenville Janner and others was actually ever convicted or properly identified as being involved in abuse, or orchestrating abuse to political ends.  Even Savile is projected as a lone wolf abuser, exploiting his position of trust, rather than a pimp for a network whose clients included Lord Mountbatten, and part of Thatcher’s inner circle who was rewarded with positions of influence at Broadmoor and Stoke Manderveille for services rendered.  In much the same way, Thatcher’s top aid Peter Morrison conveniently died of a heart attack, ahead of his arrest for child sex abuse and while John Allen was eventually convicted in 1996 (as was Superintendent Anglesey in 2016) the subsequent Jillings Report was buried by William Haig and Whitehouse prevented from referencing politicians and VIPs.  In addition, at least 12 children were murdered on Allen’s watch and by coughing to child sex abuse his subsequent silence could be guaranteed.

By contrast, and admittedly following a period of routine grooming and abuse that dated from at least 1997, the Asian and Muslim perpetrators of wholesale child abuse in Rotherham were convicted in 2013, a year after John Palmer’s murder, and when Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor were already leading Operation Midland on a wild goose chase.  These, after all, were not members of a Deep establishment but, rather, of an ethnic minority whose vilification had been amplified since the war on terror.  Indeed, the way it was projected, first in The Yorkshire Post and then in the gutter press (particularly including that of Murdoch and the odious Paul Dacre) was that “woke” councillors and “do gooders” in social services and the police had turned a blind eye to abuse to avoid accusations of Islamaphobia.  This narrative, which also serves the racism of the Tory government, has since been milked by the fascist English Defence League, who couldn’t give a monkey’s about child sex abuse but will link it to Britain’s Muslim community at every pretext.

Police corruption lay at the root of the relationship between law enforcement and the Rotherham sex grooming gang

It has since been revealed that police corruption lay at the root of the relationship between law enforcement and the Rotherham sex grooming gang, which has precious little to do with “being woke” and raises certain parallels with regard to the child sex rings in North Wales and South London as well as the role of the Greater Manchester Police in covering up Cyril Smith’s abuse in Rochdale, originally exposed by the anarchist publication, Black Flag.  Alexis Jay, who originally investigated the abuse scandal in Rotherham, as an example of “institutional abuse” went on to investigate so called “historical abuse” in relation to North Wales and, with no experience as a criminal investigator, almost bent over backwards to insist there was no evidence of a paedophile ring being manipulated for political ends.

Most worrying is how Operation Stovewood, which was initiated by the National Crime Agency in 2014, was kept completely separate from the child abuse investigations in Northern Ireland, as well as Operation Midland and Operation Yew Tree, which were being set up to fail by Cameron and Theresa May at the same time. 

Another thing that needs to be kept continually in mind is that the Deep State paedophile ring was never set up, primarily, to feed the perversions of the evil cabal that Thatcher indeed gathered around her but to target and neutralise her enemies.  This, as we saw, was the whole purpose of PIE and why it was protected for so long.  In the case of South Vale, the network was established in West Norwood because the Chair of Lambeth Council, Ted Knight, was a sleeper for the WRP whose corrupt and charismatic leader, Gerry Healy, was himself a routine sexual abuser of young women and almost certainly a paedophile.  Knight, in turn, was close to Ken Livingstone and played a pivotal role in the campaign to save the GLC, through Labour Herald, which was funded through the WRP’s suspect Middle Eastern connections.  Any dirt that washed up on Lambeth Council’s doorstep and that of its “town hall Lenin” (as The Daily Express described Knight) would negatively impact the GLC and help initiatives like the London Docklands Development Corporation involved in socially cleansing London’s East End.

Decades later and a paedophile network in the North East of England would be of particular interest to the same Deep State.  After John Allen’s conviction, and the convenient death of Peter Morrison, the network involving the North Wales care homes was very obviously closed down, details suppressed by William Haig and evidence put to the torch in Crewe while Angus James was murdered in North Cyprus.  The network, in short, had to set up shop somewhere else.  In the North East, and particularly in Rotherham, one had an area where there is little ethnic diversity and where race relations are probably the poorest of any metropolitan or urban area of the UK.  It also fit the bill in a number of other ways.  

A Deep Establishment that had groomed the rise of New Labour, through the British American Project

Above all, the North East was the area where New Labour had been established and was deliberately degenerating its party branches and purging socialists from its ranks, feeding the narrative that Labour “as the new party of business” had “turned its back on the working man,” but in a context where this middle class Labour Party (representing a “liberal elite”) also “care more about Pakis, Muslims and asylum seekers than they do the white working class.”  In other words, a Deep Establishment that had groomed the rise of New Labour, through the British American Project and Rupert Murdoch’s endorsement, was now preparing to destroy it given that it had served its purpose, was caught holding the baby during an unpopular (and illegal) war in Iraq and given that the Tory Party, bankrolled by dirty Russian money, was more corrupt and Right wing than ever. 

To make matters worse, in Doncaster, which is not very far from Rotherham, there had been a major corruption scandal in the Labour Party and it was in this context that an Asian and Muslim child grooming ring defended by corrupt police since 1997 was finally and very publicly busted in 2013, eclipsing interest in allegations around North Wales and Dolphin Square even as Beech and Proctor led Operation Midland on a wild goose chase.  The net result was that Doncaster became the first city in Britain to elect a fascist mayor (albeit largely as a protest vote against Labour) while the North East provided the future constituency of support for BREXIT and became the main part of the “Red Wall.”

The Clergyman’s Daughter

What all of this demonstrates is that the “burning” of the Rotherham paedophile network which had hitherto been protected by corrupt police can only be understood in a wider context.  In 2008, following the gravest economic crisis in the history of capitalism (which is still ongoing) Gordon Brown had succeeded Tony Blair and, while no Bolshevik, was nowhere near as corrupt and malleable as his predecessor.  For a start, having steered the economy from the abyss, he refused to endorse the Sky deal with Murdoch that Blair had promised.  In addition, while he only nationalised the banks’ debts (instead of doing the job properly and seizing the entire offshore financial system) the fact that he used the counter terrorism laws to seize the assets of the Icelandic Bank demonstrated what a future Labour government might be prepared to do if it had the right kind of leadership.

The Russian Oligarchs pumped millions into the Tory Party with Boris Johnson’s friend, Evgeny Lebedev, leading the charge

Just as important, from the vantage point of Murdoch but also of the Russian Oligarchs who increasingly bankrolled the Deep State, there was no way that Gordon Brown was ever going to bring in a BREXIT vote, whether he’d joined the Exchange Rate Mechanism or not.  The whole Deep Establishment therefore switched its support back to the Tories, who were their natural allies, and Cameron was elected thanks to simpering Nick Clegg, who now works for an existential threat to democracy known as Facebook.  In 2014, Roger Gabb of SCL offered Cameron a £707 000 bribe to hold the BREXIT vote which was then the biggest political donation in British history.  Once Cameron committed to this catastrophe, however, the Russian Oligarchs pumped millions into the Tory Party with Boris Johnson’s friend, Evgeny Lebedev, leading the charge. 

Enough skeletons in Theresa May’s cupboard to keep her in line

It was in this context that Cameron instructed Theresa May, as Home Secretary, to bury all evidence of a Deep State paedophile ring and its role, from bringing Thatcher to power to al Yamamah, to the brief rise (and fall) of New Labour, to the systematic colonisation of Britain’s already corrupt financial institutions by dirty Russian money.  The shredder was now working overtime and, as Rupert Murdoch was no doubt aware, there were enough skeletons in Theresa May’s cupboard to keep her in line, for all the good that it ultimately did her.  Not only had her father, the Reverend Albert Brassier, been himself associated with paedophiles in Eastbourne, in the 1950s, but also with a prolific serial killer, Dr Budkin Adams, based at Eastbourne General Hospital – the Harold Shipman of his time.  Add to that the fact that May’s husband sat on the board of G4S, the world’s largest private army, who also administer several of the care homes where abuse and grooming are rife, and one can start to see why May met with Murdoch more often than her own cabinet.  One can also see why May, who knew what a catastrophe BREXIT was going to be, nonetheless put her foot down, driving the bus off the edge the cliff and straight into the abyss.

Rotherham sex abuse - Theresa May

This may also explain why May’s succession by Johnson, the poster boy of the Oligarchs since he was corrupt Mayor of London, was less enthusiastically received by Murdoch’s empire after the threat posed by Jeremy Corbyn was neutralised.  Lebedev after all, hosted the sex parties where Johnson screwed underage girls provided by Jean Luc Brunel – an associate of Jeffrey Epstein.  On this occasion, Murdoch had no hand in it and his various creatures and platforms, including Piers Morgan The Sun and The Times have actually been gunning for Johnson since he failed to use the COVID pandemic to privatise the NHS.


Which brings us to the trolls that I’ve attracted since my first article on the paedophile network was published.  At first I thought that they might be connected but, in fact, they serve quite different agendas. 

Of least importance is one Larry O’Hara, whom I had the misfortune to meet in the early 1990s, around the time I was talking to “Vitaly” about Putin.  Luckily, I never introduced them to each other.  O’Hara was at the time trying to convince my Anti Fascist Action branch and Active Service Unit of certain allegations regarding Searchlight editor Gerry Gable which were frankly a pack of lies, sheer delusion or both the above.  These ranged from a claim that Gable set up the murder of an Irish anti-fascist member of the IRSP to be murdered by loyalist paramilitaries, to the claim that the Notting Hill bomb plot of 1978 was a fabrication to a whole raft of drivel that I’ve frankly mostly forgotten. 

Rotherham sex abuse - internet trolls

As it happens quite a few anti-fascists became of the opinion that Gable and Searchlight got too close to the security forces, and I happen to be one of them, but when an individual spends more time and energy attacking an anti-fascist publication like Searchlight than actually fighting fascism then one has to question his loyalties.  In O’Hara’s case this didn’t take long.  In fact he was, and as far as I know still is, intimate friends with third position fascist Patrick Harrington, who was the source of most of O’Hara’s information on the fascist Right, some of which was high grade intelligence and a lot of which was utter crap.  In other words, O’Hara’s claims to run some kind of undercover intelligence network inside the fascist Right were as much a fantasy as his claim to be involved in some kind of drug operation with the INLA and other dissident Republican groups opposed (like O’Hara himself) to the Good Friday Agreement.  What we were getting was gossip and Harrington grassing up his rivals on the fascist Right.

Not surprisingly I ditched O’Hara pretty quickly and it was shortly after this that an article appeared in Searchlight linking O’Hara to the alleged dissident Republican drug network.  Suffice to say that I wasn’t the source of this story as I’d already decided it was cock and bull but I’m not sure O’Hara believes this.  It would explain why he’s continued having a go at me over the years, such as when I was reaching out to certain layers of the Loyalist working class in the North of Ireland and, particularly, the Progressive Unionist Party as potential allies in the struggle for socialism.  In the light of subsequent developments, particularly since the Good Friday Agreement was trashed by BREXIT (which O’Hara presumably supports) this was more than a tad naïve on my part but, according to O’Hara, I’m a closet Unionist under a thin veneer of Marxism in any case. 

In any event, given the other people whom O’Hara has chosen to attack over the years, I seem to be in good company.   As well as Gerry Gable, whose life has been relentlessly threatened by fascists, he’s attacked the author Stewart Home and Nick Davies, late of The Guardian, whom I know slightly and would like to regard as a friend.  O’Hara has even gate crashed book signings by Stewart using members of a deranged cult called Green Anarchy who want to “destroy civilisation” and cull the human race.  Given that their former leader, Richard Hunt, joined the third position fascist National Revolutionary Front, without in any way changing his politics, we all know what part of humanity they have in mind for the cull.

Currently, O’Hara is attacking me over my claims that David Myatt almost certainly murdered Hilda Murrell in 1985: a claim that sits consistently with evidence compiled e.g. by Sue Cook but also Robin Green, Hilda Murrell’s nephew, in two important books on the subject.  Bizarrely, O’Hara was one of three independent sources making these allegations in the early 1990s, the others being a serving police officer (whose name I will take to my grave) and Mark Porter of The Sunday Express for whom I did quite a bit of work in the early 1990s. 

Porter was linked, in turn, to Professor Paul Wilkinson of St Andrews College, Oxford, and thus to MI5, and had bona fide sources inside Combat 18 (unlike Larry O’Hara).   That’s not to say that Porter always got it right or else that I’m not still slightly miffed with him.  His claim that the IRA downed a Chinook helicopter full of senior intelligence officers on the Mull of Kyntire was pure fiction and I’m sure he still owes me money for something.  In addition, not only did he renege on his promise to allow me to interview Lester Coleman for the paper, on the Lockerbie bombing, but then delivered a complete hatchet job – in person – on the first US Citizen to be granted political asylum in Sweden since the Vietnam War.

What I didn’t realise until recently was that Larry O’Hara had since published an article regarding David Myatt’s protégé, David Copeland, who was bombing gay bars with nail bombs in the 1990s.  As I understand it, O’Hara has accused Gerry Gable of somehow colluding with Myatt, in allowing the bombings to go ahead, which makes me wonder if he and Myatt aren’t actually now in contact.  After all, on previous form, O’Hara has done favours for Steven Brady of the League of St George, denying that he was involved in a plot to bomb Notting Hill Carnival (which O’Hara claims is a Searchlight fabrication) or safe housing suspects in the Bolognia bombing.

While O’Hara uses his farcical publication to conduct personal and petty vendettas, rather than address the real nature of corruption and power in the UK, my other much more anonymous troll is of a slightly different order, with a much more robust and threatening tone as well as a use of language that suggests I’m talking to a serving or former cop.  He sure as Hell isn’t one of O’Hara’s gullible libertarian stooges and knows far too much about the dynamics of the London underworld and organised crime simply to be a crank.

Unfortunately, this individual seems to have gained some support among members of the “Justice for David” campaign, demanding a proper investigation into the 1987 murder of private detective Daniel Morgan.  My troll is adamant that Morgan and Southern Investigations weren’t selling stories from corrupt Met officers to The Sun and News of the World and that this wasn’t the same cabal of corrupt cops linked to South London gangster Kenneth Noye.  According to the troll, the murder was all down to a drug cartel and one dodgy cop, as in the official narrative.  He then contradicts himself by saying that “Kenneth Noye was only peripherally involved.”  The only way that Kenneth Noye could have been “peripherally involved” in Daniel Morgan’s killing is if it were the same cabal of corrupt cops who murdered Roberto Calvi, buried and covered up the murder of eight year old Vishral Mehtora and who were involved in the Brinks Mat robbery, who killed Morgan in the car park of The Golden Lion in Sydenham.

In my view the most likely scenario behind David Morgan’s murder is that he stumbled on details of the paedophile ring

In my view the most likely scenario behind David Morgan’s murder is that he stumbled on details of the paedophile ring.   If his murder were down to a drug cartel, or some individual bent cop, why would Murdoch’s News Corporation go to such extraordinary lengths to pervert the course of justice and undermine the murder investigation?  Indeed, why would News Corporation put a team of former SAS neck-breakers on the BBC Crimewatch team that were investigating David Morgan’s murder in the hope of digging dirt on them?   It’s at this point that the troll gets nasty, insisting that News Corporation never tried to undermine the investigation, that there was no team of former SAS neck breakers, despite a reference in Tom Watson’s important book, Dial M for Murdoch. 

This leads to a tirade of abuse against Watson as well as an (unsolicited) attack on Mark Williams Thomas, the investigator who exposed Jimmy Savile and who, like myself, wants the murder investigation into Jill Dando reopened.   I, personally, would add to that list Vishral Mehtora and Buliq Forsythe, as well as Angus James and Simon Regan.  My troll then tells me that Williams Thomas is corrupt, while offering no evidence to back up this claim, then moves on to condemn Channel 4’s Dispatches as idiots who are being led by the nose by gangsters with a grudge.  Detective Ray Adams is innocent because the Russell Inquiry couldn’t find any proof of his guilt.  And so it goes on.

Finally, I get told that I’m in the “premier league now” and to watch my step.  Fortunately, I’ve received death threats before and they tend to make me more determined than ever.

Conspiracy Theory

O’Hara and the other trolls aside, there is a problem in that references to Deep State paedophile rings have become hopelessly entangled with more lurid and deranged conspiracy theories, often associated with the extreme Right and always referencing The Illuminati.   This has happened all the more since the psychological warfare operation involving Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor but the roots go back the first public disclosures, about the paedophile networks, in the early 1990s.  Just as David Rose, in particular, has seemingly made a career out of denying the existence of organised Paedophile Rings, especially since his defection from The Guardian to the Daily Mail, so conspiracy theorists like David Icke and (more ominously) QAnon inevitably subvert genuine evidence of such networks to serve their own theories and agendas. 

In fact, any reference to “the Illuminati” or “New World Orders” is not merely ridiculous but ideologically dubious.  The roots of this belief system, which has flourished under conditions where left politics are marginalised or weak, lies in reference to the Acheons or some allegedly ancient civilisation and arcane knowledge controlled by small Masonic groups over centuries.  While Freemasonry is sinister, the idea that such conspiratorial groups control history, above and beyond political economy and social class formations, is not only insane but intrinsically anti-Semitic in the authentic sense, rather than merely critical of Israel.  Inevitably, such conspiracy theories refer to “blood sacrifices” and “Satanic rituals” and the Illuminati itself is a coded reference to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a scurrilous document created by the Tsarist Ochrana at the turn of the previous century.  While the deeply reactionary nature of such conspiracy theories is latent with Icke (who is not a fascist) it is rendered manifest in the hands of Linton La Rouche and, more recently, QAnon.

To understand how references to paedophile rings became central to such conspiracy theories, hijacked by the extreme Right, and ridiculed by David Rose, Private Eye and others also requires an understanding of the role played by Stephen Regan and Scallywag in exposing the real life Deep State paedophile ring in the UK.  As a former journalist on The Sun, Regan would have known that evidence of a Deep State paedophile ring was being repressed, by News Corporation, from at least the time that Daniel Morgan was murdered in South London in 1987   After a care home survivor, and several others, were murdered in an arson attack in Hove, and while Private Eye was busy smearing abuse survivor Stephen Meesham, it was Scallywag  that led the way in exposing the Deep State paedophile ring up to, and including, the conviction of John Allen himself.  Then, as William Haig buried the Jillings Report and evidence was destroyed in a further arson attack the proprietor of Scallywag, Angus James, was almost certainly murdered in Northern Cyprus.

This was before the era of the internet and Scallywag was only ever produced in physically printed form.  Indeed, one of the reasons that James was courting finance from Asil Nadir was to rebrand and re-launch Scallywag as Spiked magazine, with an online presence.  Four years later, having demanded an investigation into the murder of James, and alluding that his own life was in danger, Regan died under suspicious circumstances at his home in Weybridge, Dorset.  It was a little over a year after Jill Dando was murdered by Joe the Barman, on instruction from Kenneth Noye and at the behest of the afore mentioned cabal of corrupt cops.  As with Bulaq Forsythe’s murder in 1993, officials were allowed to recover all of Regan’s documents with no questions asked, including back copies of Scallywag, and the whole squalid story could have been buried there and then were it not for Annie Davidson – and I have to say David Icke!

Annie was an Army Intelligence whistleblower who briefed Robin Cook, as Shadow Foreign Secretary, on the Arms to Iraq Affair.  This played an important role in the downfall of John Major’s government and in Murdoch’s endorsement of Blair’s New Labour for all that News Corporation (and the British American Project) had helped nurture a Right Wing leadership succession in the Labour Party since 1983.   While very much a part of the New Labour cabal, however, that had hijacked the party in violation of its constitution in 1995, Cooke was not privy to the fact that a paedophile ring had lubricated the corrupt al Yamamah arms deal or placed Grenville Janner at the heart of New Labour’s betrayal of democratic socialism. 

Alison Lewitt, on behalf of Kier Starmer, buried any investigation into Janner and Jimmy Savile

Cook wasn’t privy to the details of Margaret Thatcher’s ultimatum, probably involving Vishral’s murder that was delivered to Blair in Downing Street, when he assumed office in 1997.  He wasn’t involved with Peter Mandelson in lobbying for a peerage for Janner even as Alison Lewitt, on behalf of Kier Starmer, buried any investigation into Janner and Jimmy Savile.  By the time that Tony Blair covered up the dismissal of 50 Metropolitan Police officers, for possession of child pornography images, including Thatcher’s former personal protection officer, Cook had resigned from the front bench over the Faux Labour government’s illegal war in Iraq.

Rotherham sex abuse. Paedophiles in power.

It was then that Annie presented Cook with the evidence compiled by Simon Regan plus her own disclosures regarding the role of the paedophile ring in al Yamamah.  This was in essence a re-run of what happened when Colin Wallace briefed Airey Neave about Kincora in 1979.  Shortly afterwards, Neave was assassinated by mercury tilt switch bomb, to be replaced in the government firmament by Peter Morrison, and Colin Wallace was framed on manslaughter charges after the INLA took the rap.  Now, Cook died under suspicious circumstances, in 2015, and was almost certainly murdered, while Annie was framed on fraud charges in Derbyshire and went on the run.

Rotherham sex abuse, Savile, Janner, Kincora & beyond festering deep state paedophile networks

As a fugitive Annie had limited options as to where to take her material and story and it’s easy to question her judgement in taking it to a conspiracy theorist like David Icke.  But none of the mainstream media would touch the story of the Deep State paedophile ring until Stephen Meesham resumed his allegations and Annie was seriously short on options.  Plus, to his credit, Icke did publish Simon Regan’s material on line, and in full, as well as setting up a radio interview with Annie concerning al Yamamah. 

On the downside, no sooner had Icke connected Annie’s evidence, and that of Simon Regan, to his more lurid conspiracy theories, than the ideas were picked up by much more sinister forces not least including Alex Jones and QAnon.  Inevitably, thereafter, both David Rose and Private Eye had a field day, as did David Arranovich, a former Stalinist contributor to The Guardian, who now works for Murdoch’s Times.  At its simplest, before Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor led Operation Midland on its wild goose chase, reference to a Deep State paedophile ring could find you accused of being a crank.  After Beech and Proctor, and with the media ditching the Deep State paedophile story as completely toxic, it could even get you branded as a fascist.

What is curious is that Icke, who is based on the Isle of Wight, has since taken down Simon Regan’s material as he has found other enthusiasm’s to pursue.  As for Annie Davidson I almost made contact with her once, after David Cameron and Theresa May announced the setting up of the various inquiries, in 2014, to fail.  I found a forum where I suggested the emphasis of any such inquiry had to be on criminal conspiracy, rather than systemic failure, with Northern Ireland, Kincora, North Wales and South Vale all investigated under the same brief.   I also suggested that Michael Mansfield should lead the inquiry.  Annie responded that this was a brilliant idea – and before I could take this conversation forward the forum vanished.

That I need to contact this woman should be accepted as a given. Watch this space.                                            .      

Next up in this sequel: “The Godfather of Terror:” Monzer al Kasser, Iran Contra and the Truth behind the Lockerbie Bombing.

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