Intelligence UK International is a specialist domestic corruption and economic crime Non Governmental Organisation (“NGO“) operating a private intelligence agency with military grade intelligence gathering and legal investigatory expertise.

Our investigations and expert reports join the dots, bringing all the essential pieces together, de-risking and increasing the chance of success for our clients in civil and criminal cases.

Proper investigation and reporting is prerequisite in all economic crime cases, and keeping it all under one roof, with dedicated investigators who fully understand our client’s needs and matters at issue, our clients enjoy a streamlined and focused strategic approach, designed to hit the nail on the head without going around the houses.

We offer a wide range of intellligence gathering, investigatory and legal consultancy services to businesses and individuals worldwide. Read more about our private investigation services.

Taking a chainsaw and applying proper surgery – Getting to the root of the fraud / the cause, collating the evidence and identifying the arguments required to take it down

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Complex fraud cases are like large oak trees, they’ve been growing a very long time, often with knots and many branches going off in all kinds of directions.

Tree knots are also known as “burls”, form on the outside of trees as a reaction to stress throughout the years, the longer the stresses are carried the worse the scars.

The best place to start is at the beginning, it all lies in the roots, where it started growing. More often then not, that’s where the evidence and answers are, leading to where the case ends. The strengths and weaknesses are in the roots, and methodological forensic investigation always starts at the beginning.

It is no good trying to bring down the tree by snipping away at the branches, they just grow back. It’s about taking that chainsaw, cutting through at the right angle, and dropping it at the base, taking it out the roots where it all started.

That, in a nutshell, is our approach in dealing with complex fraud, it’s what makes us successful.

We see the light, often at the end of very long tunnels, and we help our customers to do the same, no matter how long they have been kept in the dark.

Investigate – Prosecute – Report

We not only investigate and privately prosecute, but we are journalistic, shining the spotlight on corruption and wrongdoing, we provide investigatory services for mainstream media clients looking for specialist expertise, partiularly in the field of insolvency based fraud and white collar crime.

The tentacles of UK corruption have spread throuhgout and outside the arena

It is a massive threat to one’s opposition if they know they stand a good chance of being exposed.

Acting as independent agents, we are commissioned to represent the interests of our clients and often, exposure by releasing cetain aspects of a case after careful SWOT analysis is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

We also write content and produce expert reports on a wide range of issues.

Extraordinarily captivating news reporting by our expert wordsmiths

We can write for you, as well as we write for ourselves. It is about understanding the arguments, or the points our clients want to get across, then bringing the piece to life, articulating it in a way that inspires the thought processes and captivates your audience, and moreover, in a way that the majority understand.

We complement our editorial and public interest reporting services with high quality bespoke imagery, graphic design, promotional artworks and movie making expertise, bringing every project to life with creative flair, attention to detail and absolute dedication to ensuring complete customer satisfaction and the highest quality end results every time.