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Steve Gibson & Teesside corruption strikes at justice

Steve Gibson Middlesbrough, Lord JUstice Arnold, Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls. - Tory corruption in Teesside.

PART 2: Steve Gibson O.B.E, Chairman of Middlesbrough FC (“MFC“) just featured in Private Eye’s bombshell report exposing threats, ransom demands.

Gibson and his Tory cronies are in overdrive, and what’s below the surface is explosive, dive deep.

Private Eye reports: “Tees Valley regional mayor Ben Houchen’s South Tees Development Corporation (STDC) has taken threats and abusiveness to a level that would embarrass the most thuggish operator, never mind a major public body”

“You need to know you are in a fight” “..this is a real war” and “we’re going to dictate terms”

Said Gibson, over a ransom for a strip of land involving Houchen, Gibson and cronies seeking to remove PD Ports, the private port operator’s long-established rights of access over land newly acquired by STDC, using taxpayer’s funds.

Gibson, estimated to be worth around £300 million, has connections throughout the Cabinet, he sure does know how to put up a legal fight, contracts and laws don’t matter. It’s not what you know, its who you know.

Gibson and Tory cabal make up for the skill they lack on the pitch with foul play, the independent referees of the match become the covert strikers. Come on Boro!

Any opposition is no more or less than bound to fail , in the eyes of England’s “independent and incorruptible” judges. Gibson sure does dictate the terms alright, a few calls to the legal cabal and he’s in control of the courts.

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Teesside Tory threats, fraud & corruption: “I want your walls”, I want your eyes out of your head, I want the fucking roof off your house; I want no shoes on your fucking feet; that’s what’s going to happen” – Steve Gibson

You’re shaking your head, you’ll be fucking shaking it again soon, I’ll be fucking shaking it

I want your walls and I want your eyes out of your head; I want the fucking roof off your house; I want your kids out of private school; I want no shoes on your fucking feet, that’s what is going to happen”

“Do you understand that? You fucking answer the question. You’ve got 21 fucking days and Armageddon is coming.”

Words of man only too deserving of the order of chivalry, rewarding contributions to England with years of bullying, extortion, blackmails and ransom demands and trail of devastation, loss and suffering at the expense of others.

Under the Tories, a seat the Lords awaits, anyone else would be seated in their prison cell.

Blackmails on the menu

Gibson has quite some form, a fine example of public life, and this time, he’s scored another own goal, and this one’s landed him and the Tory home team in a world of shit. Any more blackmails on the menu of late, Sir?

Steve Gibson O.B.E, Middlesbrough FC and Tory corruption out of control. Tory corruption strikes at the heart of justice.  Teesport.

Is it time for a bit of long-overdue honour stripping, or is jail getting one’s just deserts?

Making unwarranted demands with threats is called blackmail , but of course, laws apply not, not to the Tory crime family and their racketeers.

It was reported in the Private Eye investigation that the Tory STDC cabal were expecting a significant financial return from the ransom demand, adding that “any value obtained would be shared with STDC’s joint venture partners“.

The nation’s politically coerced police and corrupt judges are only too willing to cover up for them, it’s what the taxpayer pays them for, after all.

The Tory Teesside Mayor’s very own ransom demand, blackmail, fraud and asset stripping specialist

In 2020, Tees Business reported that: “Boro chairman Steve Gibson is said to be joining Ben Houchen for a series of “major announcements” around the South Tees Development Corporation site today

Fellow Tory and lawyer, Ben Houchen, the Mayor of Tees Valley Combined Authority heading up the quango headed out to Thailand to pressure the banks who had charges to the value of £800 million over the former ICI Steelworks, to sell it to STDC or they would obtain a Compulsory Purchase Order and overtake it anyway.

In April this year, Andy McDonald, Labour MP for Teesside claimed “industrial-scale corruption” had occurred and the only economic growth being delivered is “into the accounts of Ben Houchen’s pals, Messrs Musgrave and Corney.

In May 2023 the Financial Times reported “Trouble in Teesside: a Tory rising star and a divisive property deal“.

Only the tip of the iceberg – what they have been covering under the surface is much, much worse..

There’s a pattern emerging of the Teesside Tories, closely affiliate with key members of the Cabinet, calling all the shots, they can, after all, they control the courts.

Teesside’s biggest fan – A ransom demand, a blackmail & it’s gone with the wind

Here we go, keeping it simple, we all know, to operate a wind turbine, one of the most important things is an electrical connection to the grid, so that it can.

In September 2013 the Daily Mail announced “Middlesbrough’s biggest fan! Boro set to go green with wind turbines at the Riverside“, reporting that:

“Boro aren’t the only club looking to go green, with two other major sides said to be in talks to follow suit, according to The Sun.

The club will site a 136m-tall wind turbine supplied by London-based renewable energy developer, Empowering Wind Group, in the Riverside Stadium’s overflow car park”.

Gibson’s ransom demands and blackmails to the wind development company Empowering Wind MFC Ltd (“EW“), are more than just extraordinary, they’ll have you blown away. We’re up by the Riverside after all, and it’s windy, so we dive a little deeper..

Steve Gibson, Steve Gibson O.B.E, Ray Mallon, Teesside corruption, Tory corruption, Robin Bloom, corrupt lawyers
Left Steve Gibson OBE Chairman of Middlesbrough FC Centre Ray Mallon RoboCob the former DCI of Cleveland Police and Mayor of Middlesbrough right Gibsons right hand man Jeremy Robin Bloom general legal counsel and former senior partner of law firm Womble Bond Dickinson UK LLP with friends in the Attorney Generals Office who control a distributed network of the same sect judges and corrupt lawyers in the Government Legal Department and Crown Prosecution Service who follow orders

Steve Gibson & blackmail – Making an unwarranted demand with menaces – Section 21 Theft Act 1968

After making a ransom demand for over a quarter of a million, the Club refused the connection, preventing the company from operating the turbine.

Not done with that, Gibson and his cronies blackmailed the firm, threatening to forfeit the lease which intended that the turbine was to operate, unless the firm coughed up £256,269.89. On the balance of probabilities, had they coughed up, Gibson and his cronies would have still refused the connection.

For Gibson and his cabal of lawyers, judges and fellow politicians, such noble and honourable characters, the English establishment ensures compliance with the law is not for them, that’s only for you, I, and everyone else.

The Tory crime family are the puppet masters, and the public authorities, including police and judges, are their puppets. There’s no expense of taxpayer’s money spared, and if trouble strikes, all the puppets fall into line to cover up.

THE AIRPORT’S £700,000 RANSOM DEMAND – interfering with radar WITHOUT detrimental interference

EW, the wind turbine operator, completed the lease with the Club on 17th June 2013. Just 96-days into it a third party appeared, one well known to Gibson and his cronies, throwing a spanner in the works. Not just an ordinary spanner, but this one had wings.

That spanner was Durham Tees Valley Airport (“DTVA“), now acquired by Houchen, Gibson & his crones under the umbrella of their quango ,STDC, using public funds. Both its former and current owners have intimate long established business relationships with Gibson and MFC.

Steve Gibson, Middlesbrough, Ben Houchen, Teesside ransom demands.  Airport demands £700,000 from developer. UK corruption.

Middlesbrough Council:It does seem that the Airport are using the planning system to lever funding from the applicant

We were shown an internal email from Maria Froggatt, the Senior Planning Officer of Middlesbrough Council, dated 23rd September 2013 at 13.29PM, to Kevin Parkes, the Director of Development control:

“Durham Tees Valley Airport have called to say they cannot confirm that the system is safe and are pressuring the applicant to fund an alternative scheme to the tune of £80,000 for the first year of testing. It does seem that the Airport are using the planning system to lever funding from the applicant and we don’t think it’s the Council’s place to adjudicate in this matter.

Clearly we do not have the expertise to consider fully the radar mitigation scheme but we would expect that Airport Safety is not reliant solely on the Planning System. Following Bryn’s advice (see below) it is our intention to discharge the condition and write to the Airport and the applicant to advise that the information necessary to discharge the condition has been submitted and that any further safety issues are a matter to be resolved between the applicant and the Airport

Despite admitting that the Applicant had done as required to discharge the condition, the Council kept it there to assist the Airport under false pretenses.

In November 2014, The Guardian, reported that “Radar row at Middlesbrough FC threatens football wind farm plan“.

In December 2014, the Northern Echo reported that senior Middlesbrough Council’ Planning & Development control officers “questioned DTVA’s motives for seeking payments in the region of £700,000 to lift its objection to the turbine, while in another email an executive director of the council describes the level of DTVA’s demands as “extraordinary“.

Gibson’s long term sidekick and puppet, former Detective Chief Inspector of Cleveland Police, Ray Mallon (see: Empire of evil, ), AKA RoboCop was Teesside’s then Mayor of Middlesbrough from 2013 – 2015 when the saga unraveled.

Conflicted somewhat?

Mallon was the double agent acting as head of the Council, whilst occupying role of senior consultant advisor to the Airport when it was reported that they demanded £700,000 from EW to pay for a system which later transpired was neither necessary or even even existed!

We reveal a Teesside corruption conspiracy to extort over £1 million from the wind turbine developer, before tearing up the terms of the lease and refusing the connection, preventing the turbine from operating.

Middlesbrough Council admitted that third parties were using the planning system to pull the strings, extorting huge sums of money under false pretenses, with the threat of maintaining a condition that prevented the turbine from operating.

Who else within the Tory cabal have been pulling the strings?

Once again, Gibson and his cronies dictate the terms alright, even after contractual terms were finalised!

It was not until December 2014 that Empowering Wind managed to break down the hurdles, with the Council announcing that the condition was never necessary, following suit with their September 2013 decision when they admitted “the information necessary to discharge the condition has been submitted“, but then failed to discharge the condition.

Steve Gibson Middlesbrough FC (MFC) making ransom demands and blackmail: 

The planning decision notice from Middlesbrough Council.  Ben Houchen and Teesside corruption.

Finally, a chink of light for Empowering Wind and Millinder, the firm’s CEO, or so they thought.

By January 2015, the turbine was ready to construct, it was time for Empowering Wind to implement the connection for the turbine.

The Northern Powergrid connection required that MFC were to take ownership of their on-site substations, creating a private network that the turbine infrastructure would then connect into. That was the mechanics of the connection configuration, finalised by the parties between October 2012 – January 2013.

The contractual mechanics

Millinder had the foresight to incorporate force majeure provisions into his lease with MFC so that he would be protected in the event of unforeseen delays caused third parties. The extent of that, contractually, assured that EW won’t be contractually liable for as long as the delay continued.

Gibson needed to have worried not, completed contracts, laws and established facts makes not a shit of difference. When Gibbo said “we dictate the terms“, he was cock on.

We were shown an email to the Club of 2nd July 2014 at 10.48AM from Millinder of EW to Mark Ellis, the COO of the Club. Millinder said this:

I am completely exposed here and whilst we have done everything possible to resolve this that is humanly possible, this matter is entirely beyond our control and the letter does not bring the clarity I need to bring closure”.

365-days provided for contractually free of rent from which to “commission” the wind turbine

Empowering Wind’s 26-year lease for the wind turbine site at the Stadium provided for 365-days free of rent within which to commission the wind turbine, meaning to construct and connect to the grid so that the turbine could operate.

The delay prevented the turbine from lawfully operating, so that the turbine could not be commissioned.

DEFINITIONS “Force Majeure” means any event or circumstance which is beyond the reasonable control of the Tenant and which results in or causes failure of the Tenant to perform any of its obligations under this Lease

SCHEDULE 5 – AGREEMENTS & DECLARATIONS 6. If either party is prevented for any period of time from performing its obligations under this Lease by reason of Force Majeure that party shall not be in breach of such obligations for so long as and to the extent that such reasons shall subsist.

Evidentially, it was not until 23rd December 2014 that the Council removed the condition that prevented EW from commissioning the wind turbine.

The 365-day obligation to commission the turbine and the rent free period was suspended by the force majeure clause.

Therefore, on 23rd December 2014, EW was to enjoy 269-days free of rent from which to commission the turbine in accordance with Schedule 7 (Rent) of the lease.

The first instalment of rent (£15,000) was contractually payable after 17th September 2015.

The March 2015 RANSOM DEMAND by Gibson’s Middlesbrough FC

It was finally time to implement the grid connection after successfully resolving a complex issue causing those lengthy and costly delays caused by third party actions beyond the Developer’s reasonable control.

On 7th March 2015, EW, the developer of “Europe’s first wind powered football stadium” was gearing up to commence construction, then Gibson’s General Legal Counsel emailed Millinder with a ransom demand of over £255,000 otherwise the Club would not to this and that.

£75,000 was purportedly rent. The rest, an invoice in the sum of £181,269.89 for energy supply!

Knowing that contractually no money was owed, as a way of resolving the impasse, on the 15th of April Mr Millinder offered to deposit the sum of MFC’s ransom demand in Escrow, pending resolution by an independent arbitrator.

Exactly, 15-days later, MFC refused the connection for the turbine!

We were shown emails were MFC negotiated and agreed that connection during the option period for the lease, when if either party became aggrieved, that party could have negated without financial commitment.

Gibson and his cronies had £200,000 for the lease, before throwing away over £570,000 of Millinder’s money getting the turbine construction ready, with resolution of the issue causing the impasse, only for MFC themselves to “U-turn” on the connection.

Even they knew, without a connection, the turbine cannot operate, but it gets much worse than that.

The energy supply agreement (“ESA“) with MFC was conditional upon EW’s “satisfaction in full” of two conditions precedent:

  1. Entering into a connection agreement with the Distribution Network Operator
  2. Commissioning of the wind turbine

In absence of the Developer’s satisfaction in full of those conditions, there was no contractual “ENTITLEMENT TO AGREED OUTPUT” and any “INVOICING & PAYMENT” was contractually prohibited.

At worst case, the sum owed by Empowering Wind on 19th August 2015 when the Club forfeited the lease based on their £256k demand, the sum contractually owed was zero.

England’s judicial puppets all fell into line after the Tory puppet masters pupped the strings

It was the Tory crime family’s objective to use the façade of “justice” and “law” to prevent MFC from being sued by Empowering Wind after throwing away years of work and huge sums of money resulting from Gibson and his cronies’ wind turbine extortion fraud.

On 19th September 2016, MFC appeared on a winding up petition against Empowering Wind MFC Ltd falsely claiming to be a creditor in the sum of their blackmail. By then, Empowering Wind had instructed lawyers to sue MFC for over £10 million as a result of fraudulently forfeiting the lease after refusing the connection.

Insolvency proceedings with no insolvency, no debt and no law

Statutory law provides a mandatory duty on the courts and liquidators alike to administer insolvency set off when there are claims arising through mutual dealings between the company and a creditor, or one claiming to prove.

The puppets were already in line…

The High Court of Justice was working for Gibson, and it deliberately failed in its mandatory duty to administer the scheme of law, firstly prior to making the insolvency order (which would not have otherwise been made), then however, in rule 14.25 of the Insolvency Rules 2016, once it had. Law determined that after setting off the Club’s claim, the balance was to have been collected in by the liquidator and distributed as a dividend to Empowering Wind creditors.

That’s precisely what they were all trying to avoid with their fraud and blackmail, so they went nowhere near the law.

Judicial immunity does not apply when a judge is acting in excess of jurisdiction

They acted non-judicially, in excess of jurisdiction, in absence of law, and it was all about providing immunity to Gibson and the Tory Teesside cabal. So desperate were they to provide immunity, that they did away with their own!

In the Court of Appeal, Sir Tom Denning, the former Master of the Rolls in finally determined in Sirros v Moorw (1974), that judges who act in excess of jurisdiction are not immune from prosecution:

Acts without jurisdiction:

A judge of the superior court can go outside his jurisdiction just as any other judge can. His jurisdiction is limited by the law, and not by his own whim. Suppose he is trying a case. The jury find the man “Not Guilty”. And the Judge says: “I do not agree with the verdict. I think you are guilty. I sentence you to six months imprisonment. Officer, take him away”. And the officer takes him away. Such a judge would be going outside his jurisdictionHe would be liablenot merely because he was going outside his jurisdiction – but because he would be knowingly acting quite unlawfully. He would not be acting judicially. He would, I should think, be liable in damages. So would the officer for obeying an order which he must have known was unlawful”

What jurisdiction did any of them have to act within insolvency proceedings when there was no debt on which the insolvency was based, and in absence of the law of due process?

Mr Justice Arnold – AKA Lord Justice Richard David Arnold

Lord Justice Arnold, Mr Justice as he then was, came into play for the Club on 9th January 2017.

It appeared to be Arnold’s job to ensure that MFC were provided impunity throughout the civil proceedings, even when they committed criminal offences, it was religiously covered up by a sect of scheming lawyers, many of whom happen to be freemasons.

Lord Justice Arnold. Richard David Arnold.

Arnold was one of no less than 19 of that sect of judges, who worked for Gibson and his cronies, and oh my, did he excel himself.

We reveal that the Millinder v Middlesbrough FC case was based on lies, but when there was nothing ever owed to the Club.

Mr Justice Arnold, as he was then known, presided over an ex-parte (without notice) injunction application proceeding brought on by Gibson and his cronies to prevent EEI, Empowering Wind’s parent company from winding up MFC for a liquidated sum due and payable.

We were shown Lord Justice Arnold’s order, and we took a screenshot of paragraphs 1 – 4 below:

Steve Gibson, Teesside Corruption, Lord Justice Arnold, Lord Justice Nugee,  Middlesbrough FC, MFC wind turbine.Ben Houchen,

The rent, which was only £50,000 per annum, had, according to Arnold, increased to £550,000! That’s some inflation, takes some beating, even with the Tory’s track record.

It was on 20th December 2016 when Middlesborough FC increased their claim, which was the blackmail in the sum off £256,269.89 to £541,308.89. Wonder why Arnold lied and said the rent was £550,000, could it be that by any chance?

That’s right folks, from 1st December 2016 when Gibson and his cronies claimed £256,269.89 after refusing the connection and blackmailing the firm, in just 20-days, without a turbine to generate the power, the Club’s claim grew by £285,000!

£466,289.89 of the “rent” that Arnold claimed was owed to Gibson’s Club, was actually for energy supply! It mattered not, the oath of the freemason and looking after one’s fellow Tory cronies takes precedence other one’s constitutional oath. Fairness, honesty, law and impartiality figures not.

Is it “anti-Semitic” to observe that the majority of these fraudster judges, the Attorney General’s Office, the Tory leadership and a huge percentage of the Bar are Jewish freemasons? Is it fuck, it’s called the truth, something our opposition clearly has serious issues with.

Courtesy of Arnold, MFC were granted an injunction to prevent the parent company of Empowering MFC, Earth Energy Investments LLP (“EEI“) recovering the investment (exceeding £530,000) it had been assigned just 4-days after being blackmailed by the Club.

Awarded £25,000 costs for criminal fraudulent non-disclosure

After fraudulently failing to disclose the assignment on which the EEI statutory demand against the Club was based, withholding the connection related documents proving that they refused the connection, and the planning related documents to prove that the delay was force majeure, Mr Justice Nugee, now Lord Justice Nugee, jumped on the bandwagon to permanently injunct EEI, whilst awarding Gibson and his cronies £25,000 for their fraud!

The EEI claim against Gibson’s Club also “went with the wind”, it just vanished never to be seen again, and whilst law intended it to, set off never figured in the equation.

Gibson and Middlesbrough FC’s £25,000 grew to £555,000, then to a £619,774.48 BLACKMAIL!

After the chain of events we have documented, you’ll be looking at this evidence this questioning how anyone was allowed to get away with it.

They needed not file a defence, the purported judges had it all covered.

Sir Geoffrey Vos – The Master of the Rolls – Head of fraud, human rights abuse and civil injustice

The Tory crime family’s judicial head rat , Sir Geoffrey Vos, whom we allege to be, not a Right Honourable, but a wrong and dishonourable, is now “Master of the Rolls”, head of the UK’s justice system!

At paragraph 38 of his 8th February 2019 judgment, Vos, then Chancellor of the High Court said this:

On 21st November 2017, it appears that the bailiffs attended at Earth Energy’s premises seeking to levy execution on its goods in respect of a debt of £619,774.48, instead of the £25,000 costs order. Mr Millinder describes this as one of a series of “unwarranted demands” by Middlesbrough. It seems, however, that this was a mistake by the enforcement officer, who took the claim from the recital to the order rather than from the order itself. Whatever the truth of these events, they do not seem to me to affect what I have to decide.

Of course, the evidence proved there was no “mistake” by the High Court Enforcement Officer, they get their instructions after the High Court Writ is issued.

The evidence we adduced in the PDFs above show that in fact what happened was that on 7th September 2017, Gibson’s lawyers applied for a High Court Writ and they falsely certified the application as being true, in the sum of £555,000. That was no “mistake”.

It was not until 2nd October 2017 that Bristol County County Court District Registry issued the false instrument writ after the lawyers acting for the Club effectively committed perjury. On or around then, Gibson’s legal cabal would have received the writ.

It was not until 21st November 2017 that the High Court Enforcement Officer turned up at Mr Millinder’s offices in London demanding immediate payment of £619,774.48.

That too was a mutual dealing between EEI and the Club, and one that’s been altogether buried along with Millinder’s evidence, the contracts, justice, and law.

You wonder why it’s in such a mess? Well, as they say, bad workmen always blame their tools, and these workmen, the judicial mechanics, threw the spanners in the works, mixing their own muddle, a spin of legal trickery and deceit all founded by nothing.

Greasing the wheels of the UK’s systemic machine? Well people, that’s one of the main cog right there.

Sir Geoffrey Vos, Geoffrey Charles Vos, Master of the Rolls.  Steve Gibson O.B.E. Tory corruption. Teesside corruption. Ben Houchen. Tees Valley. Wind turbine.
<strong>ZERO JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE OR RESPECT FOR THE RULE OF LAW <strong>Sir Geoffrey Charles Vos the Master of the Rolls and head of civil justice for England Wales

Vos, who was then Chancellor of the High Court, is exposed lying to conceal a claim exceeding £4.1 million claim against Empowering Wind by Gibson and his cronies. A claim, we must add, which grew from the Club’s £256,269.89 blackmail!

A claim, we must add, that the law of due process, known as insolvency set off in rule 14.25 of the Insolvency Rules 2016 , intended be set off entirely against the claim that Empowering Wind MFC has against the Club exceeding £10 million.

In other words, not only was the blackmail of £256,269.89 that the £4.1 million grew from unwarranted, (contractually nothing was owed), if ever there was anything owed to the Club, law determined that the purported claim by Gibson and his cronies, was to have been set off prior to making the winding up order.

Don’t take our word for it, this is the law, and it is the law these Tory clowns and their puppets are paid by you, the taxpayer to administer.

In the Tory underworld, laws apply not, not where Gibson and his racketeering cronies are concerned.

In 2020 the Supreme Court in Bresco Electrical Services v Lonsdale finally determined that the rule also applies to “future debts”, as per paragraph 29 of that judgment below:

…the statutory regime for set-off in insolvency, now to be found in IR 14.25 operates upon an altogether more comprehensive and rigorous basis. First, it applies to every type of pre-liquidation mutual dealing, and also to secured, contingent and future debts: see IR 14.25(1), (2), (6) and (7). Secondly, whereas legal or equitable set-off is essentially optional, taking effect only if the cross-claim is pleaded as a defence to the claim, insolvency set-off is mandatory, and takes effect upon the commencement of the insolvency (the “cut-off date”). It is said to be self-executing, and for some purposes the original cross-claims are replaced by a single claim for the balance: see IR 14.25(3) and (4).

The £4.1 million claim that Vos was concealing for Gibson is most definitely a future debt, the third, which grew from the first, when the amount owed to MFC was zero.

103. I can say at once that I have been through all the papers in this case in meticulous detail, and I have seen no evidence of any kind for any of the allegations of fraud, conspiracy or misdealing that Mr Millinder has made.

The long-outstanding answer as to why he lied at paragraphs 103 and 105 of his 8th February 2018 judgment remains adrift.

105. On 25th June 2015, Middlesbrough invoiced Empowering Wind MFC for a quantified claim for rent in the sum of £256,269.89

On 5th February 2018 in the High Court, short of 10-months prior to Vos delivering his judgment, Nugee J found in his that force majeure meant that no rent was ever due under the lease, and that £181,269.89 of the demand was an invoice for energy supply when there was no “Entitlement to agreed output” (agreement to supply power) and any “Invoicing & Payment” was contractually prohibited:

3. I have heard some explanation from Mr Millinder as to why that project did not succeed, his contention being that it was, in effect, all Middlesbrough’s fault for failing to enter into an agreement called the connection agreement. The upshot of that was that EW was unable to generate any money, that meant it was neither to pay rent under the lease, nor to pay what were quite substantial charges ostensibly payable under something called the energy supply agreement under which, if it was not supplying energy to Middlesbrough it had to pay Middlesbrough a figure based on eight pence for each kilowatt hour of energy which Middlesbrough consumed.

4. On the basis of those matters, Middlesbrough demanded payment of money from EW, terminated the lease for non payment of rent and subsequently appeared as a supporting creditor in support of a petition to wind up EW brought by HMRC.

Vos was so meticulous, he just avoided the law, his own colleague’s judgment and the fact that there was never any debt on which the purported insolvency proceedings were based.

Mr Millinder’s evidence, the law, or the facts simply vanished, gone with the wind, turbine.

Vos continues to occupy office of Master of the Rolls, second in command of England’s lawless judiciary of politically coerced human rights abusing puppets to the puppet masters. Systemic corruption and political interference from the top down?

We asked the Lord Chancellor Alex Chalk KC MP, Sir Geoffrey Vos, Lord Justice Arnold, Mr Gibson & Middlesbrough FC to comment on this article. We will post anything received in the follow up.

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