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Jill Dando & the Daily Mail: More deliberate disinformation

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Fresh out of the Paul Dacre lie factory

By Roger Cottrell PHD

It looks like Paul Dacre’s been asked to earn his recent nomination for a peerage by the most corrupt government in British history.  Already, he’s been party to attacks on the BBC, including smears and disinformation, and his appointed to Ofcom is an integral part of the Tory government’s strategy to privatize both the Corporation and Channel 4.  Perhaps significantly, this specific attack on the BBC followed allegations, ventilated by the Corporation, that a Deep State paedophile ring did (and continues to) exist in the UK, as well as a psychological warfare operation involving Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor, contrived to lead the various inquiries down a blind alley, and bury the scandal altogether.

With Johnson and his cabal under siege, however, Dacre’s past service to the mop haired cretin and murderous clown may no longer be enough.  While Party-gate and more widely circulated examples of Johnson’s corrupt conduct are now all too familiar to the public, with Rupert Murdoch and Kier Starmer both gunning for Johnson up to a point, the real muck remains relentlessly concealed even by those who want Johnson gone.  For all that David Cameron and Theresa May alike bent over backwards, separating the various paedophile investigations and setting them up to fail, the real dirt was always on Johnson and the underage girls he’d screwed at Evgeny Lebedev’s sex parties.  A bit more important than a cake, this is also why the people who really run this country, who are certainly not the elected government however corrupt, want Johnson gone but on limited and selective terms that don’t bring down the whole stinking edifice with him.

Jill Dando murder - Boris Johnson head of UK corruption

Cue then the claim in The Daily Mail, dated June 26, 2022, that Jill Dando may have been killed by mistake when she was shot dead on the doorstep of her Fulham home, by a professional hit man using a low velocity weapon at close quarters, in 1999.  What I find interesting, given that Jill Dando was investigating the Deep State paedophile ring, and Jimmy Savile’s role within it, when she was callously shot dead in this way, is that the Mail publishes its so called scoop, now.  That is to say that the story has been published precisely when the focus is once more on Dando’s murder, its connection both to organised crime and the paedophile ring, and when Mark Williams Thomas’ commendable efforts to get the Dando case reopened are once more in the spotlight.  

Perhaps more curiously, the Mail’s fiction involving Gerald Marie and Russian hit men emerged after I announced the imminent publication of my novel (which deals with these issues) in an article posted on Intelligence UK International that looks at the history of the Deep State paedophile ring in some depth.  This led to a serious attack on this writer, on Twitter, by a troll who showed some knowledge of how the underworld and media operate and who wrote like a former cop.  That lesser trolls like Larry O’Hara and his minions got in on the act is almost beside the point but does prove we’re getting noticed, and quite possibly punching above our weight. 

Days later and this piece of fiction about Jill Dando appeared in The Daily Mail.

Before we go any further let’s reiterate the timeline of circumstances and events that led to Jill Dando’s murder.   From the 1970s, gangster Kenneth Noye and his sidekick, John “Goldfinger” Palmer, were connected to a cabal of corrupt cops who also covered up the murder of eight year old Vishral Mehtora in 1981. 

In my novel (and this is still conjecture) Vishral had been set up to be murdered by a Deep State paedophile ring whose primary objective was not to service the perversions of Thatcher’s evil cabal but to neutralise their enemies.  By drawing Cyril Smith and Grenville Janner into this most revolting of murder conspiracies they helped consolidate Thatcher’s rule and placed a time bomb at the heart of what became New Labour. 

The rest of the story is proven fact.  The same bent cops who buried Vishral, near Petersfield, were linked to gangster Kenneth Noye through the Brinks Mat robbery and have been doing him favours ever since.  They got him off the murder rap for undercover cop John Fordham in 1985 and undermined the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation, in which Noye’s nephew (one of the killers) was implicated.  They took out Noye’s former minder and criminal associate, Pat Tate and Tony Tucker in a Range Rover shooting in Essex.   When Noye carried out the premeditated murder of Stephen Cameron in 1996, the same bent cops managed to pass it off as “road rage” and manslaughter but with a witness, in the form of Cameron’s girlfriend, there was no way that Noye was going to completely walk on this one.

In the most benign of scenarios, Noye owed this cabal of bent cops big time when he arranged the murder of Jill Dando by “Joe the Barman,” a hit man operating out of Tenerife.  As a result, Noye was allowed to serve his manslaughter sentence in an open prison in Gloucester, from which he was easily able to run his criminal empire until his release in 2019.  However, Noye and Tate initiated the strategy of establishing “county lines” gangs to recruit vulnerable youngsters as drug mules – and if you can recruit vulnerable youngsters to a county lines gang you can recruit them to a paedophile ring.  Given that John “Goldfinger” Palmer was trying to blackmail members of the paedophile network a little over a decade later, it stands a chance that Noye was directly involved.

Jill Dando was murdered while investigating the Deep State paedophile ring for Crimewatch.  A year later, Simon Regan, late of The Sun and Scallywag, was murdered for the same reason in Weymouth, Dorset.  I’d just love for the Daily Mail to claim that Simon Regan was killed by a Russian hit man, working for Gerald Marie and the Elite Model Agency in Paris.  Moreover, if a criminal organisation based in Paris had murdered Jill Dando by mistake, why would corrupt British police go to such extraordinary efforts to frame a local man with learning difficulties for the crime?  Whoever it was had clearly profiled George, and his obsession with his neighbour, and the fit up went right down to dodgy gunshot residues.  In addition, why was Barry George kept under a surveillance order even after the case against him eventually collapsed? 

Basically, whoever framed Barry George did enough homework on the bloke to realise that he did indeed have a bit of an obsession with his neighbour.  That of itself militates against the idea that Jill Dando was killed by mistake if Barry George’s fit-up was arranged before the killing took place.

That Jill Dando was killed by a professional hit man has to be accepted as given.  The killer reclaimed the cartridge case and the gun, a low velocity pistol for shooting at close range, was never found.  Ironically, it was Barry George’s defence lawyer who first started to wildly speculate as to who else might have killed Jill Dando, citing the IRA and Serbs as improbable suspects.  However, The Sun and other media only ran with these crazy ideas after George’s conviction was overturned.

Barry George now lives with relatives in the Republic of Ireland. 

The above being said, the circulation figures for The Sun are not what they were, what with the trust deficit in the media matched only by that in government and public institutions.  By contrast, according to a report in this morning’s Press Gazette (June 27, 2022) numbers for The Mail are up, more is the pity.  Small wonder, therefore, that the Deep Establishment chose the Mail for this particular piece of cock and bull.

Besides, The Mail has an interesting history when it comes to the cover up of the Deep State paedophile ring and so does its crime reporter, David Rose.  Rose really was a crime reporter, once, when he was a member of the Socialist Workers Party and worked for The Guardian, reporting e.g. on the Broadwater Farm events that led to the fitting up of Winston Silcott.  By 1992, however, following the murder of an abuse victim from the North Wales care home and two of his friends, in a house fire in Hove, and when Stephen Meesham came forward for the first time to describe his harrowing experience, Rose was to the fore in trashing Stephen’s claims.  So, too, for whatever reason, was Private Eye.

Indeed, during this period, it was Simon Regan of Scallywag magazine who was to the fore in exposing the Deep State paedophile ring, until the suspicious death of its proprietor, Angus James, in Northern Cyprus in 1996.  As we’ve seen in the previous article, this coincided with William Haig’s burial of the Jillings Inquiry and a fire in a warehouse in Crewe that buried much of the evidence.  Years later, Simon Regan was demanding a reopening of the investigation into James’ death, and implying that his own life was in danger, when he himself died under suspicious circumstances and all his documents were stolen.

This brings us to the Mail’s claim as to Russian involvement in the murder of Jill Dando after similar claims were made regarding John Palmer, by criminal accountant David Blanchard.   That the same hit man who murdered Jill Dando also killed Palmer should be accepted as a given.  The MO is the same as is the type of weapon used.  What can’t be accepted as a given is that the Russian Mafia were involved. 

According to Blanchard the Russian Mafia murdered Palmer because he’d ripped them off through his time share operation.  On the face of it this seems to make sense.  Originally set up to launder revenues from the Brinks Mat robbery, this Spanish based operation was thrown open to other criminal organisations, as the Costa del Crook was transformed into the United Nations of Crime.

First up, here, were the Lebanese Maraka, involved in the Blood Diamond trade out of Sierra Leone and Liberia, who were linked to Marbella based Syrian gangster Monzer al Kasser.  Al Kasser, in turn, brokered relations between the Columbian Cali Cocaine Cartel and the Moscow Tampov Mafia, specifically linked to Vladimir Putin.  It was after this that the Russian Mafia descended en masse on Southern Spain, bankrolled by the money laundering operation facilitated through Britain’s offshore banks.  In short, they didn’t need John Palmer. 

Al Kasser also knew Putin personally, when he was still a corrupt KGB Officer in Dresden and probably helped scupper a coup plot against Hafiz Asad in 1984 – a coup plot in which al Kasser was supposedly involved but which was clearly set up to fail.  Al Kasser was no doubt introduced to Putin via rogue CIA agent Robert Booth Nichols, on whose behalf he had set up the BCCI Black Unit in London, and who arranged to sell stolen PROMIS software to the corrupt KGB cabal of which Putin was part.  The sale was arranged via Robert Maxwell and his then business partner Jeffrey Epstein.

Before Blanchard made his claim regarding the Russians killing John Palmer at his home in Kent, a Lebanese Maraka associate of al Kasser published a book, in Spanish, that told a very different story.  Here, it was claimed that Palmer was trying to blackmail members of the Deep State paedophile ring and was murdered accordingly.  What makes this claim credible is that Palmer was indeed illiterate and taped all his business conversations, especially with Noye, who now looks to have been directly involved with the paedophile network when he set up Jill Dando to be killed.

Once again, it suggests that Noye, not the Russians, set up Palmer to be murdered using the same hit man, hence the same MO.  What we need to remember about Blanchard is that he was facing criminal charges in the UK.  More important, he was also facing extradition to Spain.  Had he really run foul of the Russian Mafia in any way that extradition would have meant a death sentence and he was consequently keen to tell the police and Crown Prosecution Service whatever they wanted to hear.  And what certain cops wanted to hear was that neither the death of Jill Dando nor John Palmer had anything to do with Kenneth Noye and a Deep State paedophile ring.

In a way, the stage was set for the most recent Daily Mail article, on Jill Dando’s murder, when Blanchard claimed that the same hit team (?) that killed John Palmer also murdered Russian oligarch Boris Berezhovsky and his fixer, Scot Young.  In fact, the MO in both these cases was completely different and the fact that the deaths were made to look like suicides and accidents suggests a very different team of killers was involved.

Indeed, and given that the same cabal of corrupt cops, who protected the UK Deep State paedophile ring, might also have protected Jeffrey Epstein’s London operation, from the 1990s, the only common denominated between Dando, Palmer, Berezovsky and Young is the behaviour of the police.  In Jill Dando’s case a lot of effort was put into fitting up Barry George and he was not targeted at random.. 

Later, Blanchard conveniently provided a false lead on Palmer’s murder, following the psychological warfare operation involving Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor.  This is to say that Blanchard only made his claims after Operation Midland had been set up to fail and the media had buried the whole Deep state paedophile network story with indecent haste.  As for Berezovsky’s murder, at his ex wife’s home in Epsom, this was passed off as suicide despite protestations from a senior German forensic expert, while Scot Young’s death was declared an accident on the spot.  This was despite Young repeatedly telling the Metropolitan Police that his life was in danger.

What I’m wondering now, is if Blanchard hasn’t been in touch with French Investigating Magistrates concerning Jill Dando and the case that they are without a doubt building against this Gerald Marie and the Elite Model Agency in Paris.  I also have no doubt that journalist Lisa Brinkworth was investigating the agency for the BBC, and that she may well have been targeted by the Russians at around the same time that Jill Dando was murdered.   If so, she may well have had a lucky escape.

As both the US based Campaign for the Protection of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders point out, there has never been a more dangerous time to be a journalist and as the murder of Daphne Galizia, in Malta, was to tell us, this even applies in Europe.  Indeed, the only reason that more journalists havn’t been murdered in the UK, since Jill Dando and Simon Regan, is largely down to the corrupt and toxic relationship between corporate media and political power in the UK and the truly feeble nature of investigative traditions in the country, which prevent journalists from holding truth to power and doing their job.

None of this means that Jill Dando was murdered by mistake – and if so why has it taken 23 years for this revelation to mysteriously surface?

I know very little about the Elite Model Agency but, on the face of it, it looks a lot like the MC2 operation, also based in Paris, by which Jean Luc Brunel and Jeffrey Epstein also trafficked vulnerable young women, often underage, from Russia and Eastern Europe, to be abused and forced into sexual slavery.  This, after all, was the source of underage girls that Boris Johnson was screwing at sex parties arranged by Evgeny Lebedev, both when he worked for the Telegraph and was corrupt Mayor of London. 

And here is the other reason why The Mail has published this article when it has, to bury evidence that Dando’s death was linked to a Deep State paedophile ring and pervert the course of justice, accordingly.   In short, while both Cameron and May worked to cover up the Deep State paedophile ring its only when we come to Johnson that we have hard evidence that he abused young women and had underage sex. 

Cameron may well have separated the various paedophile inquiries, that were set up to fail, but any personal dirt on Cameron had more to do with the Panama Papers than paedophiles.  It was on this basis that he accepted a £707 000 bribe from Roger Gabb of SCL, to hold the BREXIT vote, as part of a plot by offshore banks and Putin supporting Oligarchs to destroy the EU, and prepare for the invasion of Ukraine to which BREXIT is directly linked.  This is why Russia Today denounced both the Panama Papers and the orange revolution as CIA plots. 

Theresa May, as Home secretary, did her bit in shredding files related to the Deep State paedophile operation and, as Prime Minister, met with Rupert Murdoch more often than she met her own cabinet.  This suggests that Murdoch had some dirt on May.  However, it’s May’s father who was associated with paedophiles and a prolific serial killer in Eastbourne, in the 1950s, not May herself.  With Johnson, groomed by Lebedev and Russian Oligarchs to deliver BREXIT on behalf of Putin, it’s a different ball of wax.

Without doubt there is now a need, as Mark Williams Thomas has said, to reopen an investigation into Jill Dando’s murder, but not by linking it to some red herring in Paris.  Rather, it needs to be linked to other investigations, reopening the case of Vishral Mehrota, the evidence that a Deep State paedophile ring existed, the criminal activities of Kenneth Noye and his associates and the undermining of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry by corrupt police. 

It needs to bring together Kincora, North Wales and South Vale under one roof, look at the murder of Bulaq Forsythe and the role of Margaret Hodge both in covering up South Vale and slandering Jeremy Corbyn.  It needs to look at the murders of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Stephen Cameron, the association between Mandelson and Grenville Janner and public scrutiny of what Thatcher told Blair when she went to Number 10.  It means making public all the details of al Yamamah and investigating why News corporation sat on the evidence regarding Jimmy Savile’s crimes. 

Further, it involves examining the suspicious deaths of Angus James, of Simon Regan and Robin Cook and making public how and why Blair buried evidence of 50 paedophile cops, including Thatcher’s personal protection officer, on the eve of the illegal war with Iraq, as well as Kier Starmer’s failure to prosecute Janner and Savile.  Above all it means looking at the obvious similarities between Dando’s murder and that of John Palmer as well as how and why Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor worked together to lead Operation Midland on a wild goose chase.  Finally, it involves exposing how and why both Cameron and May set up the various paedophile investigations to fail, as well as indicting Evgeny Lebedev for pimping young girls and throwing Boris Johnson behind bars for underage sex.

In short, it’s time that all this dirt that surrounds the most corrupt government and state in Europe was dragged into the public domain and that the whole edifice was brought down on their unworthy heads.      

The 21 Cards of Injustice - Get it now

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