Intelligence UK International is a world leading private detective and covert intelligence agency specialising in complex and high value economic crime. Our team’s combined investigatory and legal expertise enables us to cut through even the most complex and protracted cases, getting to the heart of the issues and advancing the parts that matter, identifying the arguments and the unstoppable angles of attack. Private detective services.

We are results driven, passionate about achieving justice for our clients, many of whom have been denied remedy in a system that tends to normalise fraud, which has such a devastating and long lasting effect on victims. Private detective services.

Private detective services – The police fail to police, the regulators & courts don’t regulate – That’s where we come in

Intelligence UK International regularly carries out complex assignments for large law firms, as well as corporates, private individuals and other private investigation firms who recognise our specialist expertise, particularly around the poorly regulated UK insolvency sector, awash with civil and criminal fraud.

The City of London is the economic crime capital of the world. It may be, for that reason, that the establishment and their offshoots, the police and regulatory authorities consistently turn a blind eye, leaving victims in the dark.

The police in the UK don’t investigate fraud, instead, victims, who have often lost hundreds of thousands or millions, are directed to a call centre, Action Fraud, who fail whatsoever to investigate over 95% of the cases sent to them, leaving victims destitute and with nowhere to turn.

The UK has greatly understated it’s massive issue of domestic corruption. It’s easier for the establishment to conceal the issues than to tackle it head on, yet doing so is clearly contrary to the public interest. There is endemic corruption in the UK’s justice system, many judges are acting criminally, yet they remain completely unregulated.

Intelligence UK International is here to hold the unaccountable to account, to restore law and order and to deliver justice for the victims.

Intelligence UK International bridges the gap, with private detective investigation and legal capability that rivals even the largest law firms, which is why they come to us. We are experts in covert surveillance, digital intelligence gathering and complex investigation.

Private detective services - economic crime investigations.

Regularly commended by leading counsel as having forensic minds and with the ability to navigate and identify strong points in complex fraud cases, Intelligence UK International are strategists. Often, the cases we take on have been going for years, whilst the victims are deprived justice by the courts, police and regulatory authorities, yet, no matter how complex, the general strategy we deploy never really changes.

We see the light, often at the end of very long tunnels, and we help our customers to do the same, no matter how long they have been kept in the dark.

Get in contact with us today to find out how we may be able to assist you. Please take some time to provide concise detail when contacting us so we can fully understand your requirements and what the issues are. A member of our team will be in touch once we have reviewed.