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UK corruption

England’s plague of judicial corruption

IUKI is lobbying for a public inquiry into English judicial corruption and corruption within the Insolvency Service and insolvency sector.

The 21 Cards of Injustice - Get it now

There’s no place for medieval judicial corruption in today’s England, Wales, or anywhere for that matter.

Unfortunately, over the years of intelligence gathering, Intelligence UK International (“UKI“) has overwhelming evidence of fraudulent, and or improper administration of justice by senior members of the judiciary in England and Wales.

Corruption and fraud destroys lives, and it is our finding that the UK does nothing to prevent or investigate fraud, which is normalised. The state persistently fails to bring justice for the victims, contrary to its international human rights obligations.

We found that the Insolvency Service, the purported regulator and administrator of the statutory insolvency regime is seriously corrupt and nothing is done to curtail. Creditors they purport to act in the interests of get defrauded and the perpetrators are provided immunity.

Swearing in of the new Lady Chief Justice – Traitors in action?

On 1 October 2023 the new Lady Chief Justice took office as head of the judicial for England and Wales, her predecessor left not a legacy, but rather, a complete mess.

Nobody is above the law: Judicial corruption can be expunged by removal of the perpetrators

In the public interest and interests of justice IUKI is lobbying Parliamentarians and the Lord Chancellor to exercise a legal right under section 11(3) of the Senior Courts Act 1981.

Judges only have a legal right to occupy office whilst on good behaviour, and a judge who acts in a way contrary to law prescribed under the Promissory Oaths Act 1868 has vitiated his tenure, his or her position in judicial office lawfully ends.

(3) A person appointed to an office to which this section applies shall hold that office during good behaviour, subject to a power of removal by Her Majesty on an address presented to Her by both Houses of Parliament.

[F4] (3A) It is for the Lord Chancellor to recommend to Her Majesty the exercise of the power of removal under subsection (3).

IUKI calls for a Parliamentary, Royal or or a public inquiry of independent professionals examining our evidence gleaned from our members and our intelligence work, and to take action accordingly by removing the perpetrators from the judiciary.

English judicial corruption – A general professional perspective on the issues

The Honourable Justice Diego Garcia-Sayán is U.N Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers. He was a judge of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Vice-President from 2008 to 2009 and President for two consecutive terms. He previously served as Peru’s Minister of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Diego García-Sayán U.N Judicial corruption tsar

Mr Justice Garcia-Sayán said this:

Corruption undermines the core of the administration of justice, generating a substantial obstacle to the right to an impartial trial, and severely undermining the population’s trust in the judiciary.

Corruption has a variety of faces, bribery being only one of them, another being political corruption, much more unattainable and imprecise. Its broad range of action enables it not only to influence the judicial system, but all the sectors of state administration as well.

Illicit interferences with justice can also be violent, particularly when perpetrated directly by members of organised crime. These forays are intended to secure specific objectives, such as the closing of a particular case, or the acquittal of a given individual.

Corruption and the Historical Responsibility of Justice

Internal norms in different states and several relevant international instruments establish different ranges of obligations to confront corruption. However, while judicial systems are themselves the target of corruption and organised crime, it is precisely within judicial systems that societies have their main instrument to prevent and fight corruption.

Article 11 of the United Nations Convention against Corruption – a fundamental international treaty – emphasizes the decisive role of the judicial branch in the fight against corruption, and establishes that in order to carry out this role effectively, the judicial branch itself must be free of corruption, and that its members must act with integrity. Substantive guidelines on matters of internal organization, which are fundamental to prevent and confront corruption, have been included in the Convention.

There are core obligations in the Treaty on international cooperation between judicial and prosecutorial bodies of sovereign States (Chapter IV) which are unprecedented in a multilateral treaty. For example, it contains substantive and operational obligations in extradition matters, the transfer of convicted persons and judicial assistance, referral of criminal proceedings from one country to another, joint investigations, and, in general, clear substantive obligations in matters of cooperation for compliance with the law.

Call for evidence & participation in our global Private Intelligence Network

Our private intelligence group has collated real evidence of public sector and judicial corruption across dozens of cases.

We weeded out easily provable cases which we present to the British establishment in a series of lobbying reports which are shared between our network of professionals and members.

Anyone over 18 who has a substantive case, is a victim of corruption, fraud or human rights abuse, or is a professional looking to contribute to our private member’s group can join.

For a fixed fee of just £150 for the year, or pay monthly £20 per month, you can become part of our global campaign to expose corruption, to restore the rule of law and to create justice for all.

Membership fees support the work that we carry out in the public interest, and in advancing litigation and initiatives in the public interest.

Once registered as a member you get access to our members only portal, our monthly exclusive e-briefing report and access to professional reports, opinion and, with their prior permission, engagement with other members.

The 21 Cards of Injustice - Get it now

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