Insolvency agency - fraud investigations. Investigating white-collar crime in the insolvency sector.

Intelligence UK’s insolvency agency brings in depth understanding of insolvency law to combat high profile and complex insolvency based white collar crime. Our specialist skillsets align us perfectly to investigate and prosecute offending, whether civil or criminal, originating from the poorly regulated, corruption ridden insolvency sector.

Whether you are facing issues with the Insolvency Service themselves or a private trustee in bankruptcy, administration or liquidation, we can help.

Facing a statutory demand, winding up or bankruptcy petition? We can help – Don’t delay act today

Insolvency law is widely being used as the vehicle of choice for white collar criminals to asset strip or to prevent justice being served. Whether by taking away standing to bring litigation by misuse of insolvency legislation or whether by using insolvency and fictitious claims and misapplied, often vastly over inflated fees, we have identified massive problems throughout the insolvency sector and there is urgent need of reform.

With an in-depth understanding of cross-disciplinary best practices, Intelligence UK is inter-connected across jurisdictions and regulatory fronts, enabling us to carry out multi-jurisdictional investigations and hit issues head on wherever they arise.

Assisting victims of insolvency abuse

Breach of fiduciary duty / trustee in bankruptcy or liquidator.   Trustee breach of fiduciary duty. Insolvency abuse. Insolvency investigations.
Investigations and direct action against office holders who have abused their positions against either the insolvent or creditors of the insolvent estate

The insolvency sector is ill-regulated and its only regulator, the Insolvency Service is infiltrated with corruptors who actively support those they purport to regulate.

Intelligence UK International acts as an independent third party investigator with specialist knowledge of insolvency law to identify and prosecute instances of abuse by delinquent office-holders.

Lobbying for legislative changes – exposing flaws

Insolvency Service abuse, insolvency fraud, bankruptcy fraud, corruption within the insolvency service
Making changes by lobbying Parliament and exposing flaws with compelling factually accurate law reporting Prompting change by exposing corrupt practices

We regularly publish factually accurate articles exposing legislative flaws or case specific articles outlining where civilians are having their rights violated in the name of insolvency law.

Insolvency law is widely being abused, resulting in solvent individuals and businesses being destroyed by unscrupulous lawyers and insolvency practitioners.

Private criminal and civil prosecutions

Private criminal prosecutions - Insolvency Act offences.  Criminal offences under the Insolvency Act 1986
Private criminal and civil prosecutions with specialist expertise in insolvency law and offences under the Insolvency Act 1986

Delivering value to our clients by investigating high profile insolvency fraud and corruption cases, getting to the issues that matter and then advancing those issues.

We work with prosecuting counsel to get justice for those who have been defrauded in the name of justice with specialist expertise of both insolvency law and criminal law / Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

If you, or anyone you know has been affected by unscrupulous insolvency practitioners or lawyers. Get in touch with us today, we may be able to turn it around.

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