Intelligence UK International is a specialist private intelligence agency focused on complex fraud and white collar crime cases. We are here to bridge the gap where austerity cuts have led to drastic reductions in police numbers, resulting in their inability to provide effective service to the communities they support. Crime detection rates nationally are shockingly low and often most forces look for excuses not to investigate fraud cases.

Whilst much of our work involves legal consultancy services and preparation of private criminal prosecutions for court, we are not a law firm and we do not provide regulated legal services. Once a client’s case gets to court, regulated legal services are carried out for our clients by counsel who has a license to litigate.

To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them


Intelligence UK International works for the people and acts in public interest. We describe ourselves as private law enforcement agents and investigators with the capacity to prosecute civil fraud and criminal misconduct via our group member specialists and associates who include senior criminal barristers and regular prosecutors in the Crown Courts.

We have investigated multiple high value frauds whereby the perpetrators seek to “bury their opposition” by applying predatory litigation techniques, effectively using the court and many of their corrupt officials as a “cash cow” and means of achieving injustice. We are targeting those perpetrators and bringing justice for the victims. 

We offer a bespoke private intelligence and private detective services, targeting fraud and hitting the perpetrators where it hurts. Our ability to swiftly investigate and get to the heart of the issues in a case is unrivalled by our competition.

Private Intelligence Agency - Domestic anti-corruption agents tacking high value fraud
Combining logic with law and investigatory expertise our forensic minds come together with unique skillsets to tackle domestic corruption in ways unprecedented

Our group has a unique mix of investigatory, legal and investigative journalistic talent, it is our aim to awaken the public with compelling, factually accurate niche content and news articles, to publish what the controlled mainstream media do not, to expose and prosecute the corruptors and to restore the rule of law and our constitutional principles that underpin our democracy.

Corporately independent of Intelligence UK International, we have developed a niche media platform broadcasting interesting world news alongside investigatory journalistic articles to expose those that abuse their powers in public, ministerial and judicial office, holding the unaccountable to account.

Private intelligence agency
  • Private intelligence agents specialising in prosecution of white-collar crime
  • Targeting and exposing domestic corruption where the controlled media fail
  • Specialising in corporate and personal insolvency based white-collar crime
  • Experts in electronic intelligence gathering, fraud and cyber crime prevention
  • Investigation and consulting with expertise in insolvency and UK criminal law
  • Publishing compelling, factually accurate corruption news to awaken the public
  • A private intelligence NGO dedicated to combatting domestic corruption
  • Lobbying with international leaders to combat corruption