Intelligence UK is a private anti corruption agency offering a range of proactive intelligence services to tackle white collar crime, public and private sector corruption. Our services are available to private and public organisations and individuals seeking to achieve justice where others have failed.

We bring together a unique mix of legal and technical capability that is unrivalled within our sector. We cut to the chase, navigating even the most complex cases with ease, identifying the arguments and issues that will lead to successful execution without the jargon and going around the houses to get to the end game.

We know litigation, we know the issues faced and we have positioned ourselves at the forefront, making full use of technical know-how, to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators where public law enforcement neither have the wherewithal or the inclination to do so. We combine legal and investigatory expertise with military grade technology, surveying and gathering intelligence on our subjects across all platforms.

The UK has a most serious corruption problem. Officers under the Crown are abusing their positions and our public authorities have been infiltrated by criminals who hide behind or utilise the public authorities, such as the Insolvency Service, HMRC and the courts to deprive innocent parties of their rightfully owned assets. The Great has been removed from Britain by virtue of an established network of criminals in the establishment that have been advocating this widespread asset theft where the courts are used as the vehicles from which to defraud. We are here to tackle this massive problem, dealing with it head on using our own unique strategies and intelligence gathered against the perpetrators across a number of cases.

Insolvency sector corruption

Intelligence UK offers a range of global assets recovery services and litigation to recover damages, both civil recovery and proceeds of crime. We have substantial insight and knowledge of insolvency law. We consider the sector to be entirely unregulated and rotten to the core with corrupt practices. We specialise in this sector, getting justice for corporates and individuals who have been defrauded or asset stripped.

There is a cure for corruption and that is transparency

In line with our investigatory and private prosecution services, we are dedicated to increasing awareness, publishing compelling factually accurate regular news articles, exposing the perpetrators and advocating the principle of open justice in the high profile cases in which we are engaged.