UK corruption

UK corruption: Putin’s dirty secret

By Dr. Roger Cottrell, PhD – ex Crime Reporter and author of Jaded Jerusalem a retrospective crime thriller exposing the Deep state pedophile ring

The triumph of the free market projected as a new “globalist” doctrine

I first heard the name Vladimir Putin in the early 1990s, shortly following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the wider Stalinist Bloc.  Hopes by my then comrades in the Workers’ Revolutionary Party, and Cliff Slaughter in particular, that the “political revolution against Stalinism [was] in its February stage” were quickly proven all too optimistic as the USSR disintegrated into an array of nationalist regimes, with that of Yeltsin in particular committed to the most brutal of shock privatizations.  With millions of Russians dying as a result of the restoration of capitalism, and the triumph of the free market projected as a new “globalist” doctrine, thing were already looking pretty grim when the first genocide in Western Europe, since world War II erupted in the former Yugoslavia.  As Chechnya and now Ukraine illustrate, it was the shape of things to come.

        With my first attempt at a PhD floundering I was trying to pick up the pieces of my one time journalistic career and even did a bit of work for Channel 4 Dispatches and World in Action – before the latter was axed.  The way I saw it all I needed was that one big story, a scoop, and for my sins it seemed I’d found one working as a boatman on the Serpentine in Hyde Park.  Vitaly (that is not his name) was a Russian former GRU spetznaz who’d done several tours in Afghanistan and, I figured, was probably ex KGB as well, having graduated from their Guerrilla Training Operations Centre in Crimea that was the equivalent of the CIA’s “farm” in Maryland.  More important, this guy’s mentor, then based in Cyprus, was ex-KGB by which I mean senior KGB and boy did he have a story to tell.

          Vitaly was no angel and no boy scout.  He claimed to be a Marxist but what he knew about Marxism would have comfortably fit on the back of a postage stamp in big letters.   He also treated his American girlfriend like shit.  That he hated Oleg Godiefsky with a passion was fair enough, given Godiefsky’s sinister links to William Casey of the CIA and the head of station in London, William Mott, both Iran-Contra insiders.  What was equally disgusting to me was Godiefsky’s links to Rupert Murdoch. 

          KGB defectors to the West have a long tradition of telling their handlers what they want to hear and serving Right wing agendas, a bit like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, whose earliest novel I read at school and who then condemned himself for all eternity by supporting Pinochet’s coup and Margaret Thatcher.   Back in the 1960s, Golytsin told James Jesus Angleton what he wanted to hear when he claimed that Hugh Gaitskill had been murdered and that Harold Wilson was a Soviet agent.  Now, Godiefsky was pumping out the same crap regarding Michael Foot, who was actually a staunch opponent of Serbian fascist war crimes in Croatia and Bosnia.

           So Vitaly and I both hated Godiefsky and thus had started our problematic partnership as collaborators on a book that never got published.  The problem was that Vitaly hated Gorbachev as well and for highly dubious reasons.  Although, as a certain kind of Trotskyist, I’d never fallen into the trap of supporting one wing of Stalinism against the other, I never bought into Vitaly’s belief that the collapse of the USSR was Gorbachev’s fault nor the way that Godiefsky and Gorbachev were somehow fused as one capitalist stooge in Vitaly’s paranoid mind.   In fact, I generally supported Gorbachev’s reforms, as far as they went, though they were hardly the political revolution incarnate that was then being proclaimed e.g. by Ernest Mandel.   The problem, as later observed by Roy Medvedev, and confirmed by actual historical events, was that Gorbachev had created an Executive Presidency to push his reforms forward, and which would be inherited by both of the scumbags who succeeded him.        

          In fact, it wasn’t Gorbachev, whose proposed reforms of the Soviet Union might just have saved it from oblivion, leaving the world a better and more sane place, who destroyed the USSR   Rather, it was the coup plotters, that grotesque coalition of hard-line Stalinists and Right Wing nationalists, who finally killed off the USSR, with a little help from Western friends who particularly included Robert Maxwell (see below).  Funnily enough, I’d been there at the time, with members of a small Russian Trotskyist group called the Socialist Workers Party, who were part of the mobilisation outside Moscow’s White House, protesting Gorbachev’s abduction and the coup itself.  I remember that the fact that we had a Hammer and Sickle Flag, even with a four on it, didn’t go down well with the rest of the protesters and when Boris Yeltsin climbed onto that T-72 tank, I knew that Trotsky’s political revolution against the Stalinist bureaucracy, that kept socialised property relations intact, was never going to happen.

          His prejudices aside, however, a lot of what Vitaly was saying actually made sense.  The Stalinist bureaucracy may have run the post capitalist economy of the USSR into the ground but it was an actual conspiracy, manufactured in the West that finished it off.  Two names featured prominently in the conspiracy to which Vitaly referred, one of which being Robert Maxwell and the other a deeply corrupt former KGB officer in the station in Dresden, in the DDR, who’d grimly held out after the wall came down and Honnicker fell.  Maxwell, it seemed, had been party to the theft of a computer software package called PROMIS, in California, that could track information (and money) by algorithm.  The software had been stolen by a MOSSAD agent and notorious war criminal called Rafi Eitan whose career and other crimes are described below.  Maxwell had sold a version of the software to a cabal of corrupt KGB, later involved in the coup plot against Gorbachev, and was only murdered by MOSSAD when he tried to drag them into the Soviet coup plot itself.

UK corruption: Putin's dirty secret.

           At the time that Vitaly and I were still in contact, Putin had yet to become Mayor of Moscow, but Vitaly already knew of his connection to the Moscow based Tampov Mafia that would later nurture the rise of the Oligarchs.  As an aside to his other criminal activities, Putin had helped broker a deal between the Colombian Cali Cocaine Cartel and the Tampov Russian Mafia that involved Monzer al Kasser, the Syrian born arms and drug dealer who was based in Marbella, in Spain, and related to Syria’s then dictator, Hafiz ‘Asad, by marriage.  Known alternately as “the Godfather of Terror” and “The Prince of Marbella,” al Kasser’s association with Eitan went back at least to October Surprise, in Paris, in 1980 and to Operation Black Eagle and Iran-Contra, that began at the US embassy in London in 1982. 

          Through the offices of a rogue CIA agent called Robert Booth Nichols, who was known to Eitan and al Kasser alike, the latter had been involved in the notorious Tel al Zaatar massacre in Lebanon in 1975.  Two years later and al Kasser, and his brother Ghassam helped Booth Nichols set up the BCCI Black Unit near al Kasser’s then residence in London’s Sloane Square.  Its initial purpose was to serve as a covert fund for various off the books operations, conducted by the CIA in violation of Congressional oversight, such as when Eitan and MOSSAD subcontracted CIA support for fascist death squads throughout Latin America.  It also handled the drug revenues that financed the activities of various MI6 and CIA assets, including Abu Nidal, and the drug funded Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan that led to the creation both of al Qaeda and the Taliban.

          In March 1983, following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (that Abu Nidal helped precipitate), the assassination of Bashir Jermayaal and the massacres at the Chaitila and Sabra camps, President Amin Jermayaal welcomed the arrival of the First International Development Corporation (FIDCO)  in Lebanon.  Nominally committed to the economic redevelopment of the war ravaged country, it had been set up by Booth Nichols and his associates from the sinister Wackenhut Corporation (now part of G4S), based on the Cabazon Native American Reservation in California.  This was where the PROMIS software stolen by Rafi Eitan was further refined by computer expert Michael Riconosciuto before he was framed on drug charges.  In fact, FIDCO didn’t invest a dime in Lebanon’s redevelopment but was rather a money laundering operation for drug revenues, both on behalf of the Cali Cartel but also of al Kasser himself, who was the biggest heroin producer in the Beqa’a Valley at the time.

         In 1983, al Kasser arranged the bombing of the US embassy in Beirut to undermine investigations into his drug and money laundering operations.  He also lay a false evidence trail, falsely accusing a Shia’ cleric of the crime, and the reprisal car bombing by the CIA left more than eighty Lebanese dead.  Al Kasser also arranged the kidnap, torture and murder of CIA head of station William Colby, in Beirut, for much the same reason, before embarking on more kidnappings to order to facilitate arms sales to Iran.  As with Operation Black Eagle into Honduras, these were arranged using phony Israeli end user certificates provided by Rafi Eitan.  Al Kasser also orchestrated the Achille Lauro hijack as a false flag operation, on behalf of MOSSAD, and in my view was the real architect of the Lockerbie bombing.

         Once Iran-Contra was in the public domain the money laundering operation, through Lebanon became untenable and, when the Iranian’s seized the Fao Peninsula, it was closed down.  For a while, Booth Nichols arranged for Cali Cartel revenues to be laundered through MCA records in California, while the Cali Cartel’s drug revenues financed a CIA approved assassination program both against Pablo Escobar’s Medalin Cartel and the FARC.  This, however, was only ever going to be a temporary arrangement as the FBI were onto it and MCA was up for sale.  In the end it was al Kasser who stepped back in and introduced the Cali Cartel to the Tampov Mafia from Moscow, even as he worked for the CIA in the Balkans, helped rebuild the Afghan heroin pipeline to Europe, created al Qaeda and made possible the Black Hawk Down incident in Mogadishu.   As part of the deal with Tampov, in which Putin was directly involved, Cali Cartel revenues were laundered through Moscow and the Russian Mafia furnished the Cartel with a Russian military submarine to traffic drugs.

          It was the laundered Cali Cartel revenues that provided the seed money to the rise of the Oligarchs, who would later form Putin’s power base, even before he became Mayor of Moscow.  But this was not enough to make them as super rich as they became or to consolidate Putin’s power base.  For this we need to look back to the theft of the PROMIS software, by Rafi Eitan, and sale of that software to the corrupt KGB cabal of which Putin was a part.  The sale was arranged by Robert Maxwell, who was linked to some of the worst elements within Stalinism, including Ceacesceau in Romania, but who was also a MOSSAD agent.  The corrupt KGB cabal then used the PROMIS software to rob $58 billion from a multi-trillion loan to the USSR, underwritten by the Federal Reserve.  The purpose of the loan, which was opposed by Right Wing think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, was to allow the USSR to join GATT and the theft accelerated the USSR towards oblivion.

Robert Maxwell.
Pamela Harriman Robert Maxwell attending the Childhelp benefit fundraiser in Washington DC 1989

         In 1989 the CEO of Deutsche Bank, Alfred Herrhausen, was assassinated near his home in Bad Hosenberg by a sophisticated laser detonated IED.  It was shortly after the Berlin Wall came down.  According to the official narrative the Red Army Fraction murdered Herrhausen as a contract killing on behalf of the East German STASI but this doesn’t make sense.  For one thing the wall was down, the STASI headquarters looted and its secret documents were being passed around like confetti while Honnicker hid in the Chilean embassy.  For another, the Red army Fraction were moribund, by 1989, and had never had the capability to build laser detonated bombs.  By contrast, the KGB Station in Dresden held out, even as the DDR collapsed, and Putin – once an obscure outsider in the KGB – was now in charge. 

         In my view it was Putin who ordered and arranged the murder of Alfred Herrhausen, just as he would start liquidating his oligarch opponents and potential rivals in Russia itself, a few years later.  There were two reasons for this.  Firstly, Herrhausen was arguing for a cancellation of Third World debt – something else that makes him an unlikely target for the RAF.  For another, he was investigating the theft of the $58 billion which had taken place with the full complicity of MOSSAD and it is worth noting how a “special relationship,” between the FSB and Israeli intelligence has endured to this day.  Ironically, after Herrhausen’s murder, Deutsche Bank became the bank of choice particularly of the Tampov Mafia and their criminal associates, who included Robert Mercer and Donald Trump.  Two years after Herrhaussen, Robert Maxwell was also murdered, this time by MOSSAD, but only when the FBI was on to him and after Maxwell had tried to drag the Israelis into the coup plot against Gorbachev.

Digging Deeper

This, then, was more or less what I knew from Vitaly, before he absconded to Cyprus.  However, a lot of it was hearsay and as my former mentor, Gavin McFaddyen at World in Action would have it, you can’t run with a story like this unless it is substantiated by at least two independent sources.  In the mid 1990s, I didn’t have those sources but I did have an M.Phil comparing sectarianism and class politics, in Northern Ireland and Lebanon, to complete.

        Over the years, however, much has happened to substantiate Vitaly’s claims, not least including my own investigation into a Deep State paedophile ring in the UK.  First created to establish, and maintain, Margaret Thatcher in power, this involved the political blackmail both of Cyril Smith and Grenville Janner for their involvement in the murder of eight year old Vishral Mehtora, on the day of the Royal wedding in 1981, according to my forthcoming novel, Jaded Jerusalem.  By 1987, however, on the back of a broken working class movement, Thatcher had deregulated the City of London and Britain’s offshore territories became part of the biggest money laundering operation on the planet.  Not for nothing does Roberto Saviano, the author of Gomorrah, describe Britain as the most corrupt country in Europe.

         Already central to Thatcher’s rise, and that of the New Labour cabal around Blair and Mandelson, the paedophile ring now lubricated the corrupt al Yammamah arms deal according to Annie Davidson, an Army Intelligence whistleblower.   The deal made Mark Thatcher, a multi-millionaire to the tune of £60 million.  But there is also evidence that the paedophile network’s focus shifted to the very corrupt financial sector that Peter Mandelson, a member of the British American Project, was championing by at least 1996. Around the same time as the financial de-regulation of the City of London, however, Robert Maxwell, who had sold the stolen PROMIS software to a cabal of corrupt KGB, was also handling portfolios for KGB front companies, laundering money for what would become the Russian Oligarchs. 

          Maxwell’s business partner, in this operation, was one Jeffrey Epstein, who had both MOSSAD and Russian connections, and who would later operate a squalid sex ring with Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislane.  Epstein’s business association with Robert Maxwell, meantime, meant that the corrupt de-regulation of Britain’s financial sector and its colonisation by dirty Russian money merged at one.  At the time of writing I am uncertain whether Epstein’s paedophile operation, mainly located on Palm Beach but part of which moved to London, was entirely separate from the pre-established Deep State paedophile operation in the UK or if they, too, became somehow merged or overlapped by the mid 1990s.  Epstein was involved with Maxwell in laundering money from the KGB front companies and his squalid connection to paedophile Prince Andrew may have been enough to keep a corrupt London Metropolitan Police off his back.  However, both Epstein and Prince Andrew also knew Grenville Janner, the paedophile Labour MP from Leicester, who had been manipulated by the Deep State child abuse network since at least 1981 and was furnished with rent boys to abuse from Northern Ireland accordingly.

Paedophiles in power. UK corruption. Peter Mendleson. Tony Blair. Boris Johnson.

            There is anecdotal evidence that the activities of Epstein’s paedophile network merged with the pre-existing Deep State operation in the UK, around the time that the latter shifted its focus to the financial sector.  From at least the early 1980s, the paedophile network in the UK had used a cabal of corrupt cops to conceal their activities, such as when they buried eight year old Vishral in marshy farmland near Petersfield, on the Hampshire-West Sussex border.  This was three years after Cyril Smith’s paedophile activities were further buried by Home Secretary Leon Brittan.  This same cabal of corrupt cops had also been linked to underworld figures Kenneth Noye and John “Goldfinger” Palmer in the Brinks Mat robbery of November 26, 1983, and may have been involved in protecting Epstein’s paedophile operation in London.  Certainly, this cabal of corrupt cops arranged for Noye, who owed them several favours by the late 1990s, to set up the murder of journalist Jill Dando, in 1999, because she was investigating the paedophile ring.  The hit man, “Joe the Barman,” was based in Tenerife, which is where Palmer ran his notorious time-share operation.  This had already been used to launder revenues from the Brinks Mat robbery but had since been thrown open to other organised criminal factions including the Russian Tampov Mafia linked to Vladimir Putin.     

          Without doubt, MOSSAD were completely aware of Robert Maxwell’s money laundering for the KGB front companies and also of their other agent, Jeffrey Epstein, running a paedophile operation in both London and Palm Beach.   Margaret Hodge, after all, was probably already a MOSSAD agent when she helped Ted Knight cover up the Deep State paedophile operation at South Vale, in West Norwood, that led to the murder of Bulaq Forsythe.  Hodge was later involved in the MOSSAD backed smear operation against Jeremy Corbyn that included a hatchet job documentary on Panorama, which falsely accused the then Labour leader of anti-Semitism and helped deliver the most corrupt British government in history.  There is also evidence that Rafi Eitan, the MOSSAD war criminal who originally stole the PROMIS software in California, knew exactly what was going on in London and Robert Booth-Nichols was regularly in the British capital during this period.  The reason MOSSAD eventually murdered Maxwell, according to an important book by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, was, as stated, that the FBI were onto him, and because Maxwell had tried to drag the Israelis into supporting the coup against Gorbachev.

A Very British Coup

From 1983 the British American Project, part initiated by Rupert Murdoch, had worked to guarantee a Right wing leadership succession in Britain’s Labour Party in which Grenville Janner would play a key role.  Also involved were Tony Blair, Alan Johnson and Peter Mandelson, each of whom was secured a safe Labour seat in the North East of England by CIA agent Giles Raddice of the GMB union.  Fourteen years later, in 1997, Rupert Murdoch supported Tony Blair’s election landslide and helped herald in the most squandered election victory in British history.

          Immediately on Blair’s election, Margaret Thatcher arrived at Number 10 Downing Street to deliver some kind of ultimatum.  Likely as not, this related to Grenville Janner’s involvement in VIshral’s murder, in 1981, his wider paedophile activities (he abused at least 22 children during his career as an MP), the role of the paedophile ring in securing the al Yamamah arms deal and Peter Mandelson’s ongoing association with Ghislane Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

          Mandelson had joined the British American Project in the US, in 1986.

          Already sold out to Murdoch, New Labour was bought and paid for and, in any case, was only ever a bench substitution for the Tories during a period racked by corruption scandals.  Twenty three years later and Blair, now a millionaire and war criminal, would actively campaign to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister and, in the process, help herald in the worst and most corrupt British government in history.

          After the 1997 election, as Blair embraced his new role as international arms dealer, particularly for BAE, the Russian Oligarchs continued to move their vast fortunes to the UK and continued colonising the already corrupt offshore banking system, to which the Deep State paedophile network was already linked.  These were the same Oligarchs who had benefitted from the 200 front companies set up by Vladimir Kryuchov, who had been Putin’s mentor in the KGB, and many of whose portfolios had been handled by Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.  They were also the beneficiaries of the theft of $58 billion from the multi-trillion dollar loan to the USSR, using the PROMIS software stolen by Rafi Eitan and sold to Kryuchov’s corrupt KGB cabal by Robert Maxwell.  This in turn had led to the murder of Alfred Herrhaussen, as arranged by Kryuchov’s pupil and creature, Vladimir Putin, who would further consolidate his links to the Tampov Russian Mafia when he was Mayor of Moscow. 

A further protégé of Kryuchov, however, name of Alexander Lebedev, had been the head of the KGB station in London and his son, Evgeny Lebedev, was now an important figure in British newspaper publishing.  In particular he owned, and continues to own, the London Evening Standard.  From the early 2000, Evgeny Lebedev started to host sex parties in both London and Italy, in which underage girls were provided for sex by Jean Luc Brunel, a criminal associate of Jeffrey Epstein.  One regular attendee at these sex parties was a less than mediocre Daily Telegraph journalist called Boris Johnson.

The compromising of Boris Johnson, through Evgeny Lebedev’s sex parties, played a pivotal role here and it was on Johnson’s corrupt watch as Mayor of London that the Russian Oligarchs came to truly dominate London’s property market, with the result that “Londongrad” was born

          During the war on terror, in which Tony Blair supported Putin’s genocide in Chechnya, Peter Mandelson intensified his courtship of these Russian Oligarchs and of the dirty Russian money now flooding into Britain’s already corrupt offshore financial network.  However, the Russians soon switched their support from the subs bench Tories to the real deal.  The compromising of Boris Johnson, through Evgeny Lebedev’s sex parties, played a pivotal role here and it was on Johnson’s corrupt watch as Mayor of London that the Russian Oligarchs came to truly dominate London’s property market, with the result that “Londongrad” was born.

          Also during this period, one time human rights lawyer Kier Starmer was Director of Public Prosecutions having previously built a reputation representing the McLibel defendants.  In his new role as DPP, however, Starmer blocked investigations into both Jimmy Savile and Granville Janner, for whom Peter Mandelson was lobbying a peerage at the time.  The lawyer that Starmer charged with investigating both Savile and Janner, Alison Lewitt, was herself married to Lord Carlisle, a close associate both of Janner and Cyril Smith.  Later, in 2003, in the run up to the illegal war in Iraq, Blair was repressing the fact that 50 Metropolitan Police detectives had been sacked for possession of child sex images.  One of these was Margaret Thatcher’s former personal protection officer.  In Jersey meantime, a former RUC detective from Northern Ireland was prevented from investigating child sex abuse at the Haut de la Garenne care home where children were actually murdered.  The pressure on the authorities to prevent the investigation came from the banks and, in particular, a bank connected to associates of Vladimir Putin. 

The Ballad of Paul Blanchard – and From Russia with Blood

From about 2019, criminal accountant Paul Blanchard started to push his claim that Solihull born gangster John “Goldfinger” Palmer was murdered by the Tampov Mafia in Spain, connected to Vladimir Putin.   Palmer, who was shot dead by a professional assassin at his home in Kent, using a low velocity 9mm pistol, had been the principle money launderer involved in the rinsing of the Brinks Mat gold, following the robbery of November 26, 1983.  He’d also helped to safe house Kenneth Noye in Spain when he was on the run for the premeditated murder of Stephen Cameron – later passed off as “road rage” and manslaughter. 

          Palmer, who evaded conviction for laundering the Brinks Mat gold in the 1980s, actually rinsed the money through his timeshare operation in Spain and this was later thrown open to other organised criminal gangs in what the Guardian has described as Spain’s United Nations of Crime.  These included the Lebanese Maraka associates of al Kasser, involved in the West African blood diamond trade from the early 1990s and, through al Kasser, the Tampov Russian Mafia connected to Vladimir Putin.  According to Blanchard, Palmer ripped off the Russian Mafia and they killed him at his home in Kent.  However, there may be more to this tale than first meets the eye.

          Shortly after Palmer’s murder in 2012, and thus before Blanchard made his allegations, a Lebanese Maraka associate of Palmer’s published a book, in Spanish, that told a slightly different story.  Here, the criminal associate both of al Kasser and Palmer claimed that Palmer was murdered because he was trying to blackmail members of the VIP paedophile network in the UK.  Being illiterate, Palmer had taped every conversation he ever had with his criminal associates and this was the beginning of the hard evidence he’d accrued against the paedophile VIPs.  But he also claimed to have actual recordings of a boy being tortured and murdered by the paedophile ring.  In all probability, this victim was Vishral Mehtora in 1981 and, in my novel, it is Cyril Smith and Grenville Janner who are set up to kill the boy, in Dolphin Square, by Jimmy Savile.  Almost certainly, this was what Jill Dando was investigating when she was murdered on instruction from Kenneth Noye, as part of his trade off with corrupt associates in the London Metropolitan Police.  Both Dando and Palmer were murdered using low velocity 9mm pistols and it is likely that the same killer, “Joe the Barman” from Tenerife, was used in both hits.

          When Blanchard made his accusations he was facing criminal convictions in the UK but also facing extradition to Spain.  If he had indeed crossed the Russian Mafia in Spain then extradition would have amounted to a death sentence.  Under the circumstances, Blanchard would be more than eager to tell the police and Crown Prosecution Service what they wanted to hear.  And what a certain cabal of corrupt Metropolitan Police wanted to hear was that Palmer’s murder had nothing to do with paedophile networks, especially when Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor were leading Operation Midland on a wild goose chase.   

          This, after all was the same cabal of corrupt cops, linked to Brinks Mat that had covered up Vishral’s murder and undermined the investigation, killed Roberto Calvi and passed it off as suicide that probably murdered Bulaq Forsythe and certainly undermined the investigation into Stephen Lawrence’s murder.  They also helped get Noye acquitted for murdering the undercover cop, John Fordham,  arranged the murder of Pat Tate and Tony Tucker in Essex, passed off the premeditated murder of Stephen Cameron as “road rage” and pressured Kenneth Noye to arrange the murder of Jill Dando.  They may also have been protecting Jeffrey Epstein’s activities in “London-grad” from the 1990s.

           Nonetheless, there is an interesting footnote to Blanchard’s claim that Palmer was murdered over timeshare. This is because, according to Blanchard, the same hit man who murdered Palmer (and who, by association, almost certainly murdered Jill Dando) also killed both the Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky, at his ex wife’s home near Epsom, Surrey, in 2012, and Berezovsky’s former fixer, Scot Young, who was found impaled on railings outside his London flat.  This, to my way of thinking, is unlikely for all that “Joe the Barman” is likely to have clients other than Kenneth Noye, who may indeed include the Russian Mafia, and people working to quite different agendas.  What concerns me is that the MO, in relation to Dando and Palmer is completely different to that presented by Berezovsky and Young, involving a lone professional assassin, for all that a local man with learning difficulties was also framed (by police) for Jill Dando’s death.  By contrast, Berezovsky’s murder was passed off as a suicide and that of Young was declared an accident on the spot.  This suggests the involvement of more than one killer and it is a fairly open secret, in underworld circles, that the Russian Mafia also uses a team of Bulgarian assassins based in the Canaries.

          In the years since I lost contact with Vitaly I have had numerous dealings, both direct and indirect, with individuals who mix truth with deception as a way of making a living and as a strategy for survival on the periphery of the secret world.  Examples include the former Angolan war criminal and Iran Contra insider John Banks, the former confidante of Monzer al Kasser, Dave Tomkins, former CIA agent Oswald Le Winter, framed computer expert Michael Riconosciuto and the Israel arms dealer Ari Ben Monashe.  In my view, Paul Blanchard fits this profile in that he, too, has a story to tell, but not necessarily the one that he is telling.

          What does seem plausible is that the same cabal of corrupt cops who covered up Vishral’s murder, who got Noye off the hook for killing John Fordham, who killed Bulaq Forsythe, Pat Tate and Tony Tucker, who undermined the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation, passed off Stephen Cameron’s murder as road rage and instructed Noye to set up the murder of Jill Dando also covered up several of the 15+ murders in the UK, since 2004, that can be laid at the Kremlin’s door.  This would particularly be the case if the same cabal protected Jeffrey Epstein’s paedophile operation in London.  Indeed, just as John Palmer’s criminal operation in Spain evolved from laundering Brinks Mat revenues, and those of the drug network set up by Noye and Pat Tate, to handling money for the Cali Cartel, the Lebanese Maraka and Russian Mafia, so police corruption in the UK has become more corporate and business-like the more that organised crime and Britain’s corrupt financial institutions merge as one.  This doesn’t only fit the empirical evidence but also the sociological model provided e.g. by criminologist Dick Hobbs.

           The first murder in the UK that can be firmly placed at the Kremlin’s door is that of the Sunderland born lawyer, Stephen Curtis, killed in a helicopter crash out of Bournemouth Airport in 2004.  Curtis had represented Berezovsky during attempts by Putin and his accomplice, Roman Abramovich, to bankrupt and destroy Berezovsky through the London courts but was also in possession of potentially damaging information on Putin that he planned to sell to the highest bidder.  Unfortunately for him, he had confided this to an employee of Ludgate PR, notoriously associated with the Deep State paedophile network in the UK since before the convenient death by heart attack of Thatcher’s top aid, Peter Morrison, in the mid 1990s.  By 2004, however, Ludgate PR was doing a great deal of work for Russian Oligarchs both in London and in Russia itself. 

             Speculation as to the nature of the damaging information, in Curtis’ possession, has tended to focus on the origins of Putin’s second Chechen War that included the Grozny genocide supported by Tony Blair.  The problem here is that a former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko, himself later murdered in London in 2006 had already revealed how a false flag bombing in Moscow helped precipitate the Chechen genocide.  This had already been published in the Russian liberal newspaper, Noveya Gazeta, and was thus already in the public domain when Stephen Curtis was murdered in Bournemouth.  Litvininko had also been ordered, by Putin himself, to murder Berezovsky and had refused.  In November 2006, Livinenko was himself murdered by polonium poisoning in London. 

          Much more likely, the information that Curtis had to sell linked Putin to the Tampov Mafia and, through them, to the Cali Cartel, drug money laundering and other criminal activity, especially in Spain.  In particular, it may well have linked Putin to the $58 million theft from the loan to the USSR, involving the PROMIS software stolen by Rafi Eitan and sold, by Robert Maxwell, to Putin’s mentor, Vladimir Kryuchkov and his corrupt KGB cabal.  If this were the case then the information would also link Putin, directly, to the 1989 murder of Alfred Herrhaussen in Bad Hosenburg as well.

             At this point the timeline becomes crucial because the stolen PROMIS software was now being further developed by an entity that became Cambridge Analytica then financed by the Russian oil company Lukoil, linked to the false flag bombings in Moscow in 1998.  Cambridge Analytica was later purchased by Robert Mercer’s SCL, a deeply sinister defence contractor whose hedge fund CEO was a rising star in the Right Wing Heritage Foundation in the US.  SCL in turn was linked to the Israeli tech company Black Cube with which it collaborated, during the war on terror, e.g. in Iraq and Somalia.  Later it used the same software developed from PROMIS, and social media, to precipitate ethnic conflict in Kenya and Nigeria, as a dry run for its subsequent manipulation of the BREXIT and Trump votes, according to whistleblower Chris Wylie.

              By far the best account of the 15+ murders carried out in the UK, at the Kremlin’s behest, is that provided by Heidi Blake in Buzzfeed, under the title: “From Russia with Blood.”  This has since been converted by Heidi Blake into a book.  The vast majority of these murders were concentrated in or near London and all, barring that of Litvinenko, were passed off as accidents and suicides.   This is despite testimony from a leading German forensics expert that Berezovsky was murdered and the fact that Scott Young repeatedly contacted the Metropolitan Police saying that his life was in danger.

             Of course, Litvinenko’s murder couldn’t be passed off as an accident or suicide and neither could the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury, in 2018, which led to the death of a UK citizen.  Neither of these murders, however, led to the freezing of Oligarch assets by either the Faux Labour or Theresa May governments.  Just as significant, he Skripal’s would-be GRU killers were identified not by the authorities but by the independent internet platform Bellingcat, based in Leicester.  Perhaps ironically, Litvinenko’s MI6 handler at the London Desk on Vauxhall Bridge, in 2006, had been Christopher Steele who later set up Orbis Business Intelligence.  Sergei Skripal, an FSB defector, had also been working for Steele when he was poisoned and might have trying to track down the information previously in the possession of Stephen Curtis.

The Timeline

That the KGB knew of the existence of a Deep State paedophile network in the UK is self evident.  In 1982, said Deep State paedophile operation, of which the Paedophile Information Exchange was an integral part, was used to entrap KGB agent Geoffrey Prime at the Government Communications Headquarters in Cheltenham.

          By the mid-1980s Vladimir Kryuchcow, Chair of the KGB, set up 600 front companies to siphon and launder plundered money out of the USSR and other Warsaw Bloc states.  Clearly, in the aftermath of the Solidarity resistance in Poland, Kryuchcow and his cronies realised that the Stalinist regime had no future, despite Gorbachev’s belated efforts to reform it.

          Beginning with the financial de-regulation of the City of London, in 1987, these 600 front companies started to “colonise” Britain’s corrupt offshore banking network, thanks to Robert Maxwell, who’d also sold the stolen PROMIS software to Kryuchcow’s cabal.  Vladimir Putin, a KGB outsider who was not a Communist Party member, was at this time talent spotted by Kryuchcow, as a rising star in the highly corrupt KGB station in Dresden.

          Also during the early 1980s, the American Department of Justice financed the development of INSLAW, a computer system invented by the Hamilton’s in California, as a means of updating the DOJ’s case management system.  Further developed as PROMIS, the system was unique at the time in that it could track information (or money) by algorithm.  Later stolen by Rafi Eitan, using the false identity of Dr Ben Orr, this was the system that would be further developed by the entity that became Cambridge Analytica, financed by Russia’s Lukoil, and subsequently purchased by Robert Mercer of SCL.

           In 1985, Steve Bannon began working at Goldman Sachs, with which Robert Maxwell was centrally involved.  By 1986, Jeffrey Epstein had cultivated links to Drexel, where Steve Bannon later worked.     

           In 1988, following the financial deregulation of the City of London, Robert Maxwell secured an Israeli passport for Semion Moglevich, a Ukrainian mobster directly linked to Putin.  With Iran-Contra at an end, the Lebanese regime of Michel Auon was about to be overthrown and BCCI was under investigation,  Both Monzer al Kasser and his associates in the Columbian Cali Cartel were therefore looking for fresh money laundering conduits – and talking to Putin and the Tampov Mafia accordingly.

           On November 30, 1989, shortly after the Berlin Wall came down, Alfred Herrhaussen, CEO of Deutsche Bank, was assassinated near his home in Bad Hosenburg.  The assassination was falsely accredited to the German Red Army Fraction, now moribund, but involved a laser detonated IED that was completely beyond the capabilities of the group.  Herrhaussen was also an unlikely target for the RAF.  As well as advocating a cancellation of Third World Debt (which would have been bad news for hedge funds), he was investigating a $58 billion theft from a multi-trillion dollar loan to the USSR that had been underwritten by the Federal Reserve.

          In fact the theft had been arranged by Kryuchcow who, like his protégé Vladimir Putin, had no love for Gorbachev or loyalty to the USSR.  The theft involved the PROMIS software stolen from the Hamilton’s by Rafi Eitan and was sold to Kryuchcow by Robert Maxwell, who was already laundering money for the 600 Russian shell companies by this time.

          Deutsche Bank immediately became the bank of choice of the Tampov Russian Mafia and their criminal associates, including Robert Mercer and Donald Trump.

          By 1990, Maxwell had consolidated his business association with Jeffrey Epstein.  Within a year, Maxwell was under investigation by the FBI and had also run foul of MOSSAD by trying to involve them in the Russian military coup.   Maxwell was murdered by MOSSAD, accordingly, and his daughter, Gjislane Maxwell, consolidated her own perverse relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

          In 1992, Putin became Mayor of Moscow and consolidated his connection to the Tampov organised crime group.  With Auon removed from power in Lebanon and BCCI wound up these were now the key players in the laundering of the Columbian Cali Cartel’s cocaine revenues.

          Also from the early 1990s, Epstein’s pre-establish sex crime operation appears to have merged with the Deep State paedophile network in the UK.  This was to secure Royal patronage through Prince Andrew but was also already protected from investigation by corrupt Metropolitan Police.

         In 1997, following a general election landslide in the UK, Tony Blair became Prime Minister with the support of Rupert Murdoch.  Blair and Mandelson were already deeply compromised by Lord Janner’s paedophile activities and possibly by the involvement of Janner in Vishral’s murder in 1981.  Blair was then provided with an ultimatum by Thatcher, in a secret meeting at Number 10 Downing Street, where details of the corrupt al Yamamah arms deal (itself lubricated by paedophilia) were also disclosed.  Kier Starmer buried the investigation into Jimmy Savile, and Grenvile Janner and Peter Mandelson lobbied for the latter’s peerage,

          In 1998, Putin used a false flag bombing of Moscow to begin his genocide in Chechnya with tacit support from Tony Blair.  Peter Mandelson began to court further Russian investment in Britain’s corrupt offshore banking network while FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko refused to murder Boris Berezovsky for Putin.  Litvinenko also tipped off Noveya Gazeta, as to the covert origins of the second Chechen war in a false flag bombing in Moscow.

          Both Berezovsky and Livinenko fled to London where the former fell out with his former business associate, Roman Abramovich.

          Also in 1998, Buzzy Kronberg, late of Drexel, joined the CIA as Executive Director while retaining close links to Steve Bannon and mercenary leader Erik Prince.  After 9/11, Kronberg would become the main driver in out-sourcing and privatising the intelligence gathering arm of the CIA while fully transforming the Directorate of Special Intelligence into a projection of military power.  On the basis of this, the war on terror would become an ATM machine for arms manufacturers like Lockheed Martin as well as private mercenary armies (like that of Eric Prince) who also facilitated the management of CIA black sites around the globe.

            Between 1999 and 2000, Ludgate PR, notoriously connected to Britain’s Deep State paedophile ring, also started representing Russian Oligarchs and their interests in Britain.  During the same time frame the entity that would become Cambridge Analytica, financed by Lukoil, further developed and re-branded the PROMIS software stolen from the Hamiltons in California.   This would later be purchased be hedge fund boss Robert Mercer, CEO of SCL and a rising star in the extreme Right Heritage Foundation in the US.  SCL was a defence contractor and would work closely with Israel’s “Black Cube,” run by Iraqi born Vincent Tchenguiz, during the war on terror, particularly in Iraq and Somalia.  They were also doing contract work for Britain’s Ministry of Defence.

           In the same time frame, between 1999 and 200, Epstein formed the MC2 “model agency” with his associate, Jean Luc Brunel in Paris.  This provided Epstein’s network with a regular flow of vulnerable young women from, Russia, many of whom were forced into sexual slavery.  Brunel also provided the underage girls for Evgeny Lebedev’s sex parties, both in London and Italy, where Boris Johnson was completely compromised before becoming the corrupt Mayor of London.

Mandelson courted more dirty Russian money into the offshore money laundering operation run through the City of London

         By 2001, Blair was openly supporting Putin’s genocide in Grozny while Mandelson courted more dirty Russian money into the offshore money laundering operation run through the City of London.  He was also lobbying for a peerage for Grenville Janner at the time.  Two years later, in 2003, while Blair covered up the dismissal of 50 paedophile cops and embarked on his illegal war in Iraq, Putin stepped up his purge of “rival” Oligarchs in Russia itself while trying to bankrupt Berezovsky through the British courts.  The Oligarchs incarcerated in Russia included Mikhail Khorkovsky, who later ran MKA media from London.

          In 2004, Jeffrey Epstein blackmailed Donald Trump into entering into property deals with Putin supporting Oligarchs in Miami, thereby strengthening Trump’s connection to Deutsche Bank.  In the same year, Sunderland born lawyer Stephen Curtis became the first of 15+ people to be murdered in the UK, on direction from the Kremlin, with most of the murders being passed off as accidents or suicides.  Curtis, who was Berzovsky’s former lawyer, was killed in a helicopter crash out of Bournemouth Airport.  He was trying to sell damaging information on Putin at the time.

         In 2006, Putin passed a law in the Duma legalising assassinations abroad.  The GRU then murdered Alexander Litvinenko in London, who was working for Christopher Steele.  Litvinenko had already exposed Putin’s role in a false flag bombing in Moscow that precipitated the Chechen genocide and was now going to reveal Putin’s organised crime links, particularly to the Tampov Mafia group.  Also around the same time in 2006, the Noveya Gazeta journalist Anna Politkovjkaya, who had been in contact with Litvinenko, was also shot dead outside her Moscow apartment.

         By 2008, capitalism was in the gravest crisis of its history which it has never fully recovered.  In this context, Robert Mercer now consolidated his links to two key Oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine, both connected to Putin, and to a further pro-Putin Oligarch in St Petersburg called Yevgeny Prigozhin.  One of these Oligarchs was Oleg V. Deripaska, who was to become a close associate of Paul Manifort.  The latter, Dimitri Rybolovlev, was a mine owner and close supporter of Ukraine’s then President, Viktor Yanukovich, a corrupt ally and stooge of Putin himself.  Indeed, it was following a disaster at a mine owned by Rybolovlev in Eastern Ukraine, which exposed corruption and inadequate safety standards, and in which several miners were killed, that Rybolovlev was overthrown in the orange revolution of 2014. 

          When Mercer threw his weight behind the BREXIT campaign in the UK, and then Trump’s election campaign in the US, Ryboloviev served as the intermediary between Mercer, Putin and Yevgeny Prigozhin,  Mercer would set sail from Palm Beach, where Jeffrey Epstein was also based, on his yacht, The Sea Owl, and meet Ryboloviev in the Virgin Islands.  Ryboloviev was wanted on fraud charges in Monaco at the time.       

Within a year, Boris Berezovsky had been murdered by the Kremlin’s agents in Epsom, Surrey, and the authorities had passed it off as suicide

          By 2011, Robert and Rebecca Mercer had complete ownership of Cambridge Analytica and of the software stolen from the Hamilton’s in 1983.  They were also both rising stars in the Heritage Foundation and started to directly fund Steve Bannon’s various Right Wing projects at this time.  This particularly included Briebart News.  Within a year, Boris Berezovsky had been murdered by the Kremlin’s agents in Epsom, Surrey, and the authorities had passed it off as suicide.

Boris Berezovsky
Left Boris Berezovsky attends a political protest Strategy 31 in front of the Russian Embassy in London on August 31 2010 Right Berezovskys 110 meter superyacht

         Within four years of Berezovsky’s murder, in 2016, the Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg was working directly with Cambridge Analytica and Vincent Tchenguiz’s Black Cube.  With 1000 social media trolls on its payroll , the Internet Research Agency was owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as “Putin’s Chef.”  As well as the Internet Research Agency, Prigozhin owned the Wagner private army, now notorious for war crimes in the Central African Republic, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. 

         Working together, and with the complicity of social media platforms particularly including Facebook, Black Cube and Cambridge Analytica both promoted ethnic conflicts in Kenya and Nigeria.  They also promoted Islamaphobia in Europe and supported various fascist parties on the continent for which Steve Bannon would later serve as spin doctor and strategist.  These included Marine Le Pen’s Front National in France (now rebranded as the National Rally) as well as Boris Johnson’s friend Viktor Orban and Alternative for Germany.  All were financed by Putin through the First Czech Russian Bank and given platforms on Russia Today.  ADF were also supported by Rafi Eitan, the former MOSSAD war criminal who stole the PROMIS software in 1983.

          In 2014, when David Cameron was burying the Deep State paedophile scandal in Britain and in a watershed moment in the history of Europe, Viktor Yanukovich was overthrown in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.  This didn’t only reinforce Putin, and his close allies, in their resolve to protect Britain’s corrupt offshore banking network but actually to destroy the EU altogether and dominate Europe’s gas and oil market.  As a consequence, Ludlow based Roger Gabb of SCL offered a beleaguered Cameron a £707 000 bribe to hold the BREXIT vote and began Britain’s countdown to still further catastrophe. 

Johnson had sex with trafficked underage girls provided by Jean Luc Brunel – an associate of Jeffrey Epstein

          Once Cameron committed to a BREXIT vote, however, Gabb’s donation (then the largest in British history) was quickly eclipsed by the millions ploughed into the Tory Party by Putin supporting Russian Oligarchs.  Prominent here was Evgeny Lebedev, son of the former head of KGB station in London, himself a prodigy of Vladimir Kryuchkov – as indeed is Vladimir Putin. 

UK corruption: Evgeny Lebedev

The proprietor of the London Evening Standard, Evgeny Lebedev had also hosted sex parties in London and Italy that were attended by Boris Johnson, where Johnson had sex with trafficked underage girls provided by Jean Luc Brunel – an associate of Jeffrey Epstein.  In short, :Lebedev owned Johnson from the days when Johnson was the corrupt Mayor of London and not for nothing did Johnson celebrate his “election victory,” in 2019, at Lebedev’s birthday party. 

           Lebedev has since been awarded a peerage by Johnson who, by way of BREXIT, weakened Europe and prepared for the war of genocide now being waged by Putin’s forces in Ukraine.  In other words, Johnson has never been a friend of Ukraine, has always secretly supported Putin’s goals in the country, and the Ukrainian President is as naïve as he is courageous if he thinks that Boris Johnson and his government could possibly be his friends.

UK corruption. Putin's dirty secret.  Boris Johnson sex with underage girls.

          Because foreign financial support for political parties and campaigns in the UK is illegal under British law, Putin couldn’t openly bankroll BREXIT the way that he did other fascist initiatives in Europe, through the First Czech Russian Bank.  Instead he used illegal conduits including the vile and sectarian Democratic Unionist Party in the North of Ireland and Arron Banks, as admirably exposed both by Carole Cadwalladr on The Observer and on the Channel 4 News.  Ironically, by helping Putin support BREXIT, the DUP have almost certainly signed the death warrant on the Northern Ireland State founded on ethnic cleansing in May, 1921, as BREXIT and the Good Friday Agreement cannot coexist, especially if Britain is no longer in the Customs Union.

          The BREXIT campaign in turn, illegally financed by the Kremlin, thereafter afforded a blueprint for Donald Trump’s election campaign that also involved Black Cube, Cambridge Analytica and the Internet Research Agency in St Petersburg.  As with BREXIT, Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook were active participants in this criminal conspiracy that delivered Trump’s coup d’etat.  After he was elected, and in gratitude to his ally in the Kremlin, Trump – who is also an ally and co-ideologist of Boris Johnson – deliberately blocked arms sales to Ukraine, enabling Putin to consolidate his annexation of Crimea and escalate the conflict in the Donbas.

          In early 2018 the GRU poisoned the Skripals, with nerve gas, in Salisbury and a British citizen was murdered as a result.   Although a Right Wing Russian Nationalist who supported the genocide in Chechnya (unlike Alexander Litvinenko) Sergei Skripal was also working for Chrstopher Steele and probably trying to track down the information that Stephen Curtis was trying to sell in 2004.  Although the British authorities couldn’t cover up the Salisbury poisonings the way they did 15 other Kremlin linked murders in the UK, no Oligarch’s assets were frozen and the police were unable to apprehend the culprits.  Indeed, the two GRU assassins involved were identified not by the British authorities but by Bellingcat in Leicester.

          By 2019, Jeremy Corbyn had built the British Labour Party into the biggest political party in Europe and was poised to become Prime Minister.  This led to the biggest psychological warfare operation against a British party political leader since that against Harold Wilson in the 1970s.  Significantly, the Deep Establishment in Britain, now thoroughly entangled with dirty Russian money, had just successfully buried the biggest political scandal in British history, courtesy of Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor.  Ironically, Corbyn himself was slow to grasp the existential threat posed to what remained of British democracy by Putin, who bankrolled the very psychological warfare offensive that rendered “brand Corbyn” toxic.               

          Once again, the Russians worked with the Israelis (their “special relationship”) and their agents to this end.  These particularly included the Labour MP Margaret Hodge who is almost as compromised as Grenville Janner given her role in the cover up of the Deep State paedophile operation at South Vale care home in Lambeth, as well as the murder of Buliq Forsythe in 1993.  Pivotal in Hodge’s role in the psychological warfare offensive against Jeremy, and thus in getting Boris Johnson elected, was her role in setting up a scurrilous Panorama documentary that falsely accused Corbyn, and Labour, of anti-Semitism.   The program’s maker, David Ware, is a well known MI5 stooge and MI5 also selectively released documents to feed the fiction, on line, that Jeremy was somehow connected to the IRA.

Lebedev has evidence of Johnson having sex with trafficked underage women from Eastern Europe, he has Johnson bought and paid for and Lebedev has since been awarded a peerage

          When Johnson won the election, based on these psychological warfare operations and lies, he celebrated at the birthday party of Evgeny Lebedev, the pro-Putin Oligarch and proprietor of the Evening Standard whose sex parties Johnson had attended as a journalist and as corrupt Mayor of London.  Because Lebedev has evidence of Johnson having sex with trafficked underage women from Eastern Europe, he has Johnson bought and paid for and Lebedev has since been awarded a peerage.

          The inquiry into Russian interference in British politics was suspended, during the election and has since been kicked into the long grass and forgotten.


 Democracy can only be said to exist if there is a separation of executive from legislature and judiciary and when there is a free press to hold power to account.  Arguably, Britain fails on all of these points and the decline started during the Thatcher era, when the labour movement was politically defeated and the financial institutions deregulated accordingly.  The executive is merged, as a Deep establishment or state, with big business and especially big finance while the legislature, staffed by corrupt self servers, is increasingly irrelevant to the actual management of late capitalism.  The law has been transformed into a naked instrument of class rule, of which police corruption is a symptom. Meanwhile the equally corrupt and toxic relationship between corporate media and political power makes a travesty of a Fourth Estate holding truth to power.

          Since Thatcher, two events and factors have accelerated this already established decline of democracy that can now be officially proclaimed dead in the UK.  One was the war on terror and the second the role of dirty Russian money in financing BREXIT (itself a threat to democracy) and the manipulation of elections.  Jacob Rees Mogg, for one, candidly admits that the purpose of BREXIT is to finish the job Thatcher started.

          Finally, any idea that Johnson supports Ukraine against Russia’s genocide is an absolute sham as even a swift glance at what Henry Kissinger says, to the Heritage Foundation, or Tucker Carson on Fox news reveals what Johnson and his extreme Right co-ideologists actually think.  Johnson, like Le Pen and other fascists in Europe has, after all, been advised by Steve Bannon, whose wages are paid by the Kremlin, and both Johnson and his best friend Trump have repeatedly sang the praises of Russia’s murderous gangster autocrat. 

          Unlike Trump, Johnson is in office and in enough trouble with Joe Biden over the threat posed to the Good Friday Agreement by BREXIT.  But despite his rhetoric he has dragged his feet on everything that would secure a Ukrainian victory.  He was slow in his token seizures of Oligarch assets, most of which are held by shell companies offshore and revealed where he really stood on the issue when anarchist occupied an Oligarch property in London.  Johnson, in support of the Oligarchs, sent in the riot cops.  Meanwhile the arms supplied to Ukraine might feed the profits of BAE and others but are woefully inadequate to the task, as is strategic support to the Ukrainian war effort, and Ukrainian refugees are treated only marginally better than their darker skinned counterparts, currently being shipped out to Rwanda under a monstrously racist immigration policy. 

          Johnson’s overall strategic objective, meantime, is to make sure all that dirty Russian money is unfrozen, before the next rigged election in the UK, whether Putin has been forced out of Crimea and the Donbas or not.       

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