Waging warfare on perpetrators of domestic corruption and economic crime

It is the intent of Intelligence UK and its local and global partners to wage absolute unrestricted warfare, in the public interest against the UK’s financial and legal conspiracy that is systematically defrauding and stripping assets of innocent parties whilst depriving them of their passage to justice. There is no worse tyranny than that presenting itself behind the façade of justice.

It is our view that there is a massive scheme of concealment that prevails throughout the UK’s public authorities, the regulatory, law enforcement and justice agencies. There is widespread abuse of the rule of law convened to assist unscrupulous corporations, lawyers and insolvency practitioners in furtherance of their objective in using the courts as the means to defraud.

It is our mission to restore the rule of the laws of the United Kingdom and to take direct action against the perpetrators, the public office holders and their conspirers where the complicit law enforcement agencies are failing in their duty to do so and to defend our constitutional principles that underpin every democratic society, for the good of our country and our future generations.

The mission of Intelligence UK is to bridge the large gap that exists in preventing victims of crime from obtaining justice through the sheer number of failings of UK law enforcement wherein complex fraud and white-collar crime cases are being overlooked. We provide vital private investigation and prosecution capability to achieve justice where the police and the SFO have turned a blind eye, bringing justice where there is otherwise none.

Our service level mission

We operate, effectively, as a private law enforcement agency combining both investigational and fully managed criminal and civil prosecution capability via our Grade 3 criminal prosecuting counsel partners.

We cut to the chase, using our combined skills to focus on the considerations that matter to achieve our client’s objectives in the shortest timeframes possible.

At the outset of each matter, we will discuss with you what is to be achieved and what is necessary to achieve it. Any material developments during the course of the matter, delays, or possible deviations will always be reported to you, but we will be guided by you as to the extent and detail to which you wish us to report.

Strategy and execution of delivery

Intelligence UK are master strategists and our forensic mindsets enable us to get to the arguments that matter, to rapidly devise the winning strategy for our clients. We work with leading counsel who follow on with delivery of our strategy, getting cases into court much quicker than any police force and with no reliance on the CPS or common purpose agencies that often cause huge delays to process through unwillingness, concealment, red tape or complex administrative processes.