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Bankrupt Tory going by 6 names in £700k fraud

Suzan Walsh Tory staffer information officer forgery. Tory corruption. UK corruption. Forged Lease. Rope Street

Bankrupt Tory ‘information officer’ Suzan Walsh, adjudged on 21 August 09, pilfered around £700,000 between 6th September 2010 – July 2022 after forging a lease on the Rope Street, London based riverside property.

In the 3rd quarter of 2015, with around 5-years gaining £60k a year from the forged lease in the name of her company, whilst bankrupt, with plenty of cash to flash, the avid Tory, acting as a director whilst a disqualified, donated £9,000 to the Party!

After all, bankrupts are supervised by highly trained trustees in bankruptcy, are they not?

Our readers can download the PDF version of this report for printing and distribution: 94-ROPE-STREET-11-08-2023

Exclusive investigation: ‘Suzan Walsh’ the fake news peddler Tory forger

Suzan Caryl Cohen, AKA Suzan Walsh (1), Susan Veale (2), Susan Carol Veale (3), Sarah Bleach (4), Suzan C Downing (5) and Suzan Grant (6), (“Cohen”), is, we allege, a prolific fraudster and long-term affiliate of senior Tory ministers.

‘Walsh’ proclaimed in her 2015 – 2017 LinkedIn profile to be responsible for answering letters sent to the Prime Minister, senior Cabinet ministers and around 100 MPs, that was until she made the headlines for a much less serious fake:

Conservative Party ‘Information Officer’ caught circulating faked Jeremy Corbyn images online

Cohen, acting under 6 different aliases, with 10 different birthdays, was employed by the government as Walsh, and yet, throughout the saga, such prolific impersonation was a matter of open public record.

Suzan Walsh, bankrupt Tory staffer information officer forgery. Tory corruption. UK corruption. Forged Lease. Rope Street

These Tories bring a whole new standard of diligence and anti-money laundering into play, absolute non-existence. A real credit to national security and economic crime prevention.

In her 2017 LinkedIn Profile “Suzan Walsh”, Cohen professes of her work for the “Conservative Party”, “White Mid Sloan Ltd” and “Needleman Treon, solicitors” [See: Martin Richard Walsh v Needleman Treon (a firm) [2014] EWHC 2554(Ch) ], claiming that:

“I have gained a great deal of experience and understanding of the Conservative Party working with various departments throughout the 14 months”.

“I worked with the Correspondence Team and was responsible for replying to mail sent to the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Education Secretary and the MPs for at least 100 constituencies.

Suzan Walsh, AKA Suzan Veale, Suzan Caryl Cohen and many other names! 

Suzan Walsh Linkedin profile. Rotherhithe Police Station. PC Darryl Angus. Sgt Godwin Perrot.  Met Police corruption.  Tory party donor corruption. 

David Foskett Copping Joyce, Nigel Fox, Trsutee in bankruptcy, Nigel Fox insolvency practitioner.
Suzan Caryl Cohens 2014 April 2017 LinkedIn Before she was exposed by Evolve Politics for the anti Corbyn fake news propaganda <br>Tories unmasked If in doubt say nothing and deny everything

Duped into belief that you are writing to the Prime Minister, you get response from Suzan Walsh, purporting to be the Prime Minister, who is Suzan Cohen, purporting to be Mrs. Walsh!

You know the old saying, tarred with the same brush. Well, when all else fails, these Tory brushes sweep it all under the carpet. Gone without a trace, or so they thought.

Dodgy Dave Cameron and the Tory corruption scandal.  Tory immunity. Tory corruption UK.  Tory Suzan Walsh.  Godwin Perrot, Rotherhithe Police Station, Tory corruption, David Cameron MP. David Foskett Copping Joyce, Nigel Fox, Trsutee in bankruptcy, Nigel Fox insolvency practitioner

RIGA, LATVIA – May 22, 2015: Eastern Partnership Summit: “DODGY DAVE”, Prime Minister David Cameron from 2010 – 2016 during the ‘Suzan Walsh” saga.  

On 26th July 2023, following our investigation we obtained a double barreled judgment against Cohen for possession to recover the missing rent for Perseus Ventures Ltd (“Perseus“), the owner of 94 Rope Street, owned by the real Mr Walsh.

Despite confirming receipt of the court documentation, Cohen and her cohorts never showed up for any of the hearings. Cohen, under the name of Veale, is now believed to be on the run in Canada.

Bankrupt TorySuzan Caryl Cohen commits perjury

In her bankruptcy proceedings, Cohen had to file an affidavit dated 22nd September 2010. At paragraph 4, Cohen declared that:

“I have no personal connection with the premises known as 94 Rope Street, London SE16 7TF”

No personal connection with the premises” she swears, under oath. Truth be told, just 16-days prior, on 6th September 2010, whilst bankrupt and disqualified from acting as a director, Tory Donor, and “Information Officer” “Suzan Walsh” forged a 10-year lease purporting to be between Perseus, our client, and Cohen’s company, White Mid Sloan Ltd (“WMS“).

Martin Walsh, who never married Cohen said “Cohen forged the lease”

The 1st statement of Martin Richard Walsh in the civil proceedings testified that:

Para. 4 & 5 (Bundle: page 41 of 192):

“4. Firstly, I testify that I had no sight or knowledge of the lease purportedly entered into between White Mid Sloan Ltd (“WMS”) and Perseus. I am the only person with signing authority on behalf of the Claimant. I testify that the lease at tab-2 of my exhibit is a forgery”.]

“5. Secondly, I affirm that I would not have entered into a lease with WMS or Ms Cohen in 2010 or at any time thereafter.

Solicitor testified that his signature and seal on the lease is forged

In his witness statement dated 30th November 2021, the solicitor said to have witnessed the 6th September 2010 lease, Mr Needleman, with over 40-years in practice, testified that:

Para. 5 & 6:

5. My company seal on the Lease was “Needleman and Treon”, however my firm was called “Needleman Treon” and I do not believe the seal is legitimate“.

6. It is said that I witnessed the Lease on 6th September 2010. I do not recognise the signatures on behalf of Perseus Ventures Ltd or White Mid Sloan Ltd and whilst `my` signature has similarities to my usual signature, I have no recollection of ever witnessing the lease“.

Para. 14:

I note that nobody witnessed the alleged signature on behalf of Perseus Ventures Limited and if it is ascertained that my alleged signature purports to witness this, it is clearly false“.

Para. 16:

I had reported Suzan to the Insolvency Service around two-years ago, because she was acting as a director of companies whilst being an undischarged bankrupt“.

Para. 19:

Both the 2010 lease I was shown by Mr Baines and the 2016 lease I refer to later in my statement were instructed to be completed by Suzan, acting as a director of White Mid Sloan Ltd whilst she was an undischarged bankrupt. Cohen was adjudged bankrupt on 21st August 2009 and was not discharged until August 2018

The criminal violations in that respect, whilst not exhaustive, are:

a. Acting as Sarah Bleach, Cohen acted as a director of WMS from 1st October 2010 – 31st December 2015
b. Acting as Suzan Walsh, Cohen acted as a director of WMS from 21st August 2011 – 1st January 2013
c. Acting as Susan Veale, Cohen acted as a director of Pragelato Ski Ltd from 1st January 2012 – 17th July 2012
d. Acting as Susan Veale, Cohen formed Mantas Whirl Ltd on 31st May 2012 as director – 1st January 2016

The £9,000 Tory donation from bankrupt Cohen acting as Suzan Walsh

On 23rd April 2017 Evolve Politics reported a cash donation by “Suzan Walsh” in the sum of £9,000 to the Party between September – October 2015. Undoubtedly, her Trustees in bankruptcy did not know of the £9,000 payment, or did they?

Cohen’s Trustee in bankruptcy, insolvency practitioner Nigel Fox, knew that Cohen was linked to White Mid Sloan. It was the Companies House record where he must have gleaned all Cohen’s aliases.

Mr Fox brought (unsuccessful) proceedings against Mr Walsh personally, falsely alleging that Cohen had some interest in the Property, and that it therefore formed part of her bankruptcy estate, but he went nowhere near WMS.

Is it a case of the cabal of bent lawyers, judges, insolvency practitioners and regulators covering up for bent Tory politicians and their cronies?

We’d better ask the Fox, cunning as they are. Surely Mr. Fox would not have missed a trick, not when money is involved.

The Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 – Indictable criminal offence

Section 11(1) Undischarged bankrupts: It is an offence for a person to act as director of a company or directly or indirectly to take part in or be concerned in the promotion, formation or management of a company, without the leave of the court, at a time when any of the circumstances mentioned in subsection (2) apply to the person.

Are corrupt Tories and their cronies all above the law, or just most of them?

The squatters break in and refuse to leave 

The real Mr Walsh, a non-UK domicile entrepreneur and capital markets investor, had, after the ‘Suzan Walsh’ saga, almost lost all hope of ever recovering 94 Rope Street, owned by his firm in the B.V.I, Perseus.

With borrowing against the Property, Perseus stopped paying the mortgage after being deadlocked, finding out about the unlawful occupiers, charges against the Property on a lease he knew nothing about, and legal threats from complicit lawyers and Fox.

The LPA Receiver, David Foskett of Copping Joyce appointed by the Bank, became involved.

It was Mr Foskett who announced to Mr Walsh that persons unknown had broken into Rope Street and that the interior had been vandalised and converted from a townhouse to studio lets.

Mr Foskett informed Mr Walsh he had reported the break in, forgery and squatting by Cohen and WMS to police, in November 2019. Police did nothing then, and the squatters occupied ever since!

Squatting in residential property offence. Rotherhithe Police cover up.  Met Police corruption.  David Foskett Copping Joyce, Nigel Fox, Trsutee in bankruptcy, Nigel Fox insolvency practitioner
REPORT A BREAK IN TO POLICE You can rely on them doing nothing whilst allowing those who broke in to stay at the property anyway

During our investigation, IUKI obtained one of the sub leases of the forged lease. The monthly rent on that lease, dated 2011 between WMS and persons unknown to Perseus, was £4,550!

Even on the crudest calculation of the quantum against Cohen on the illegally derived forged lease income whilst bankrupt and acting as a director whilst disqualified, the 11-years of rent at the minimum saw her gain £600,600.

As far as Perseus knew, no planning permission was sought for the criminal damage and significant internal alterations to the Property by the imposters.

After inaction from police and the LPA Receiver, who had lost Perseus a sale of the Property in 2019 for £950,000, Perseus commissioned IUKI to investigate. In April 2022 we served a notice to quit on the occupiers, who by then all knew that none of them had any lease with the owner. The squatters were formally asked to leave in writing by the owner by 1st July 2022.

Perseus wanted to give the unlawful occupiers more than ample time to re-house. The occupiers had from 28th April 2022 when the notice to quit was served on them to have left, but they refused. After all, why leave if they can live rent free, at the expense of Perseus, to the tune of around £5,000 a month!

On 26th July 2023, after successfully obtaining the order for possession and a money judgment against Cohen and WMS, a person unknown, one of the squatters said to be Mr Rise, who purported to be Cohen’s ‘caretaker’ implied that he was going to stay in the Property.

It was the same Cohen, who declared no interest in the Property in her 22nd September 2010 bankruptcy affidavit, whilst forging the lease in its name, just 16-days prior!

Rotherhithe Police Station refused to act and affronted the criminal law

On 4th August 2023 Perseus reported the collection of offences committed in relation to 94 Rope Street to the local Rotherhithe Police. A warm reception by email in response to the 5-page crime report sent to local officers by email, soon went very cold.

Never trust a Tory ! 
Sgnt. Godwin Perrot, PC Darryl Angus, Rotherhithe Police Station. 

Met Police wilfully refused to deal with crime.  

"Justice subject to status", not what you know, but who you know!  

Rope Street.
OVER £700000 LAW JUSTICE POLICING STANDARDS ALL DOWN THE SWANEE <strong> <strong>The Mayflower Pub a historic Inn on the River Thames in Rotherhithe SE London

Met Police at Rotherhithe Police Station were adamant in shirking the criminal offences levelled against Cohen, even though the multiple offences were easily proven.

Courts, regulators and police all go wilfully blind, a case of justice subject to status, not what you know, but who you know.

144 Offence of squatting in a residential building
(1)A person commits an offence if —
(a)the person is in a residential building as a trespasser having entered it as a trespasser, (b) the person knows or ought to know that he or she is a trespasser, and (c) the person is living in the building or intends to live there for any period.
(5)A person convicted of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 51 weeks or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale (or both).

The squatters, courtesy of Met Police failings, unlawfully occupied the Property since November 2019 when David Foskett reported the break in. Failings that resulted in £140,000 in lost rent as police work to protect corrupt Tory affiliates from prosecution.

Rotherhithe’s Sgnt. Godwin Perrot and PC Darryl Angus are alleged to have shunned evidence, claiming that “Rotherhithe Police arrogantly outright refused to perform on their duties, affronting the criminal law that creates all those indictable offences by stating “it’s a civil matter” “we will not evict squatters.”

The Police knew, or ought to have known that the offence of squatting in residential property had been committed by the occupiers, who all knew they never had a lease with the Landlord, and were asked to leave by 1st July 2022.

Police knew, or ought to have known that forgery is a stand alone offence complete when someone forges a signature.

Police knew, or ought to have known it’s a criminal offence to act as a director whilst an undischarged bankrupt. The only exception is if there’s a court order to the contrary, which in Cohen’s case, there isn’t.

Police covered it up!

The Home Secretary, Tory Party Chairman, Number 10, Rotherhithe Police, Nigel Fox and David Foskett are invited to comment.

UPDATE – 28/09/2023 – MET POLICE are now investigating this case after our correspondence with one of the local policing inspectors.

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