Dark Horse Fraud & Banksters

Lloyds Banking Group and its jockeys of the dark horse

Crown sponsor who you’ve sponsored, Lloyds Banking Group Team Dark Horse and Blacky are the bookie’s favourites in this Grand National with our runners in the stand about to go all out.

Our 3 dark horse judges are raring to go, a firm hold on the reins, with many predicted to be down in no time!

Navigating the legal hurdles are our learned jockeys, taking the Dark Horse clear over the grand old hurdle known as law, and all out of the same stable, above it every time!

And we’re off, coming up on the left, is JudgeitNot, then LordofFraud making headway, centre is MasteroftheRolls, followed by Justice, fallen at the first bend, then NoMyLord, Fukit, with Injustice steaming into the lead, Fuku, NoelEdmunds is off, then it’s Rivals Always Get Shafted (“RAGS“).

Dark Horse Judges: HHJ Dancey, Mr Justice Marcus Smith, Mr Justice Leech act as underwriters for Lloyds Banking Group. The Dark Horse wins every race, without fail, with these jockeys holding the reins.

Politically controlled Judges’ are horses of a different color, on the far right, jockeys going hell for leather, team Dark Horse makes leaps and bounds, Blacky’s pulling ahead, Justice Fighter’s going all out, RAGS is getting torn to shreds, and our wildcard’s looking like it’s first through the finish line.

Never a race lost with the Black Horse: Judicial jockeys are the judges of their own cause

On the left (HHJ) Martin Alan Gordon Dancey coming out of the Law Society masonic stronghold at Bournemouth, centre is Sir Marcus Alexander Smith, from the Southwestern circuit there, looking demonic in red and in fine fettle ready for action, and on the right is stablemate, Sir Thomas Alexander Crispin Leech, a little flushed after having sucked the life blood out of the last lot of Dark Horse victims, but still making the weight none the less.

The Crown’s knight’s, our ‘Dark Horse Judges’ have flawless form, winning its every race so far, thanks to its trainers and stable hands, the learned legal beagles, experts at cleaning the mess, sweeping copious amounts of brown stuff well out of sight.

Lloyds Banking Group, Dark Horse, Dobb White & Co, Shin Gangar, Alan White, HBOS fraud, HBOS Reading, horses of a different colour, politically controlled judges, legal jockeys, Robin Budenberg Lloyds Banking Group, HBOS fraud, ex turpi causa non oritur actio,  David Standish, Blair Nimmo, Samantha Reeves DLA Piper, HBOS banking fraud - Jumping the law and justice Lloyds Banking Group - "By your side"

Success is determined not by whether or not you face hurdles, but by your reaction to them!

The Dark Horse jockeys just ride on over the law !

It’s a horse race, anything can happen!

Straight over the grand old hurdle is team Dark Horse and its tag team of jockeys, the Dark Horse Judges.

All started even at the gate, should have been jailgate, but with a massive handicap, all adversaries are down at the first hurdle, a few are back up, but the going is tough.

It’s horses for courses, and our Blacky is the frontrunner.

Lloyds Banking Group - A very dark horse indeed.  Robin Budenberg CBE of Lloyds Banking Group and Chairman of Crown Estates.   David Standish, Blair Nimmo, Samantha Reeves DLA Piper, HBOS banking fraud, Vavasseur fraud, Dobb White,
BY YOUR SIDE Sir Robin Francis Budenberg CBE Chairman of the Dark Horse Lloyds Banking Group PLC in a two horse race to the finish as double agent in charge of the Dark Horse and its judicial jockeys under the Crown as Chairman of The Crown Estate The Royals always had such a fond love for horses Straight out of the horses mouth

With the Dark Horse Judges on form, the opposition was left at the starting gate. They earned a place in our Judicial Hall of Shame, but such experts in the ring, whatever the going, these show jumpers effortlessly leap way over the legal fence, law, and all the legal hurdles. Dark Horse is always in the lead. Gung ho old boy!

Victims of Lloyds Banking Group’s Dark Horse Judges given the run around

Craig and Elizabeth Watson in Bournemouth are two of hundreds of victims of the Dark Horse’s Ponzi fraud.

Surging ahead with a strong kick against the Watsons, our 3 jockeys rode again for team Dark Horse, their cabal of lawyers.

Trainer, Samantha Reeves of DLA Piper acted for the Dark Horse Trustees, following a successful win after a foul play session, law and all the legal hurdles were laid flat!

The cabal, all of the same stable, must have surely known in truth that the Dark Horse would never make it to the finish line.

The first kicked off with the Dark Horse and it’s ‘trusted financial partner’, Dobb White & Co, making a late charge down the stretch, leading to a long stretch for Shin Gangar and Alan White, who turned out to be scapegoats for team Dark Horse.

The Watsons hedged their bets, duped into going all in, but the Dark Horse bookie’s agent ran off with the money!

Lloyds Banking Group - a Very Dark Horse Indeed !

Chewing the cud, we discovered back that back in 2001, when the Dark Horse started running, that ‘Section 20(2) of the Theft Act 1968 (procuring the execution of a valuable security by deception)‘, created a stand alone offence.

The Dark Horse took a charge down the stretch (against the title of the Watson’s daughter’s property), and it was obtained by deception.

IN THE NEWS:  Inquiry into Lloyds’ handling of HBOS fraud slips to 2020  & Lloyds was repeatedly warned of criminality at HBOS

For over a decade the Watsons and many other victims were given the run around at every race by the Dark Horse jockeys, and after so many laps, they’re still going round!

Like ghosts of the night, our judicial jockeys appear from nothing and out of jurisdiction.

With dark and mystical powers, our 3 cocky jockeys rode the Dark Horse right off track, dodging all the legal hurdles, and they always get away with it.

Anyone else would have fallen at the first hurdle, the grand old law, but not Blacky.

Even on the final leg, ex turpi causa non oritur actio (through illegality a cause shall not arise), the stakes were so high, with a tight hold on the reins, on the toughest going, our Dark Horse once again jumped the law, its jockeys negating tightest corners, legal hurdles, due process and all!

Lloyds Banking Group - A very dark horse indeed! 

Mr Justice Smith, Sir Marcus Smith, Mr Justice Marcus Smith.  Sir Thomas Leech, Martin Dancey, HBOS Reading, HBOS fraud, Lloyds fraud victims. Robin Budenberg Lloyds Banking Group, Elizabeth Watson Bournemouth, Shin Gangar, Alan White,
Coming up fast on the outside or making a comeback from behind Get that Dark Horse in court and with its jockeys behind the bench youre fucked

To cut across the track, the Dark Horse purported to have a charge over the Watson’s property.

The way the chargee (lender) recoups the security (the loan) is by enforcing the charge by obtaining an order for possession so that the asset can be sold to discharge the sum of the charge (the loan plus interest, costs and disbursements).

A FALSE START: ‘Possession Claim’ in the Watson’s case – The Dark Horse was way off track

The Watson’s race was off to a false start, Blacky was disqualified, and he should have fallen at the first hurdle!

The Bank of Scotland PLC, an offshoot of the Dark Horse’s possession claim was defective and out of time. Therefore, there was no claim on which the possession order and money judgment against the Watsons was based.

Lloyds Banking Group, Mr Justice Leech, Mr Justice Marcus Smith, Bank of Scotland PLC, Dark Horse, CPR Part 55,
HANDICAP CHASE THE DARK HORSE IS THE FRONTRUNNER Magdeburg Germany August 2015 A false start

The Dark Horse’s claim form against the Watsons is dated 5th November 2008, said to have been issued on 7th November 2008. The alleged security was purportedly taken out in 2001.    Nonetheless, Blacky bolted, and he just kept going!

On the 1st of July 2015, fresh out of the Bournemouth livery, our jockey, the Royal Dancey, Martin Dancey that is, was flogging a dead horse, for the Dark Horse’s purported claim form was already 7-months, and 27 days out of time.  

They were off to a false start and in all his grandeur, the Royal Dancey must have known it!

The Dark Horse’s race was 71-days late over the 6-year statute of limitations, but even then, without a charge on which the claim was based, they charged on regardless, there was no stopping these runners.  Tally ho!

Guns in the summertime and horses too!

The Royal Dancey stopped the Watsons in their tracks, giving it with both barrels, making a double-barreled order for possession and a money judgment, but without any gunpower, let alone keeping it dry!

HHJ Dancey, Martin Alan Gordon Dancey.  Martin Dancey Bournemouth. Lloyds Banking Group.  Elizabeth Watson. Craig Watson.

With the Watson’s blown away, and the rest of the runners left at the false start, it’s a two-horse race to the finish.

Neck and neck between Blacky and fellow jockeys Team Dark Horse’s in the lead without opposition, umpires of their own race!

THE FIRST HURDLE: The Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”) and judicial jurisdiction

The going is firm. CPR is statutory law governing how civil justice is to be administered in England & Wales.

Law is taken as read, either the process is correct and it is within the law, or is is not and it is outside it.

CPR Part 55 deals with how possession claims (including double barreled possession and money judgment claims) are to be administered. CPR Part 55(b) determines that:

The standard period between the issue of the claim form and the hearing will be not more than 8 weeks”.

The purported possession hearing did not commence until 346.8 weeks after the date on the unsealed claim form!

Going on the basis that the claim form was, as would be usual, issued one-week after the date on the claim form, the claim form is subject to that statutory limitation period of ‘not more than 8-weeks’. Outside of that, as this is, and the claim form is procedurally defective and void.

CPR Part 55(c) determines that a defendant:

must be served with the claim form not less than 21 days before the hearing

The claim form was not served, predominantly, because the claim never began in Law, due to the non-compliance with Civil Procedure Rule Part 55.

CPR Part 55.13 deals with service of the claim form. Part 55.13(d) determines that:

The court will serve the claim form by first class post (or an alternative service which provides for delivery on the next working day)

The court did not serve the claim form, because the claim was simply never issued.

Legal jockeys are barred from running around the outside to avoid those hurdles, if they do the’re disqualified.

Anything outside the law, that differs from what law intended, sits outside it, it doesn’t count!

(See: The House of Lords decision in Anisminic 1969 / Sirros v Moore 1975 ).

Did that stop our Dark Horse? Quit horsing around, Blacky’s closing the gap.

With a false start & law down running outside track the Dark Horse bankrupted the Watsons

The Watsons went all in on the Dark Horse Ponzi scheme, they were on good form to win after Dobb White’s directors took a long stretch after a good run and on home turf, but with law out and Injustice in the lead the odds were stacked well against.

There’s no debt, for the alleged debt was criminal property and the illegality hurdle prevented any race running over it.

The alleged security against the Watson’s daughter’s property was relinquished, and is beyond the statute of limitations.

There’s no law, because the law on possession claims was violated and itself prevented a hearing after 8-weeks, and there was never a claim because it was never issued or served.

Our dark one didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, giving a run for your money, Blacky was, and still is rapidly heading for the stretch down the home straight, bankrupting the Watsons for the alleged security it never had, winning the race anyway.

Where’s the Jockey Club, and the British Horse Racing Board when all this cheating is going down?

The parties referred to have been invited for comment.

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