Operation Blackjack - Corruption strikes at the heart of justice

AI Justice in action – years of cover up exposed in seconds

AI Justice - Catching the criminals using AI

Evil in action meets AI justice – AI doesn’t lie: PICTURED – THE TRANSGRESSORS: Left: Alex Chalk KC MP of 6KBW Chambers who was then Solicitor General now Lord Chancellor. Next left: (Lady Justice) Geraldine Andrews. Middle: (Mr Justice John Cavanagh). Right middle: Puppet, William Hays, counsel of 6KBW Chambers who was deployed at public expense by Chalk to participate in this criminal conspiracy. Next left: The Treasury Solicitor, Susanna McGibbon who instructed Hays.  Far left: Treasury Devil’s Puppet, Government Legal department solicitor, Anna Maria Rehbinder of Finland (authorities notified).

The ground breaking ‘Op Blackjack Test’ is AI justice in action, making the human fact finder largely redundant, and instead human intervention is needed solely to record and cross reference the results, 100% impartial and accurate fact finding.

For an English judicial kleptocracy, or the corrupt law enforcement official installed to cover up material facts who rely on dishonest concealment of fact, this means the end of the medieval style corruption of modern England.

The common purpose separation gap installed between the evidence, facts and parties to a case is closed instantly.

AI search generated outcomes replace the work of the judicial or law enforcement investigatory fact find, down to a matter of seconds.

We deployed it in the Millinder case to reveal truly shocking gross human rights abuse, fraud and a criminal cover up by 21 double dealing judges, ‘The 21 Cards of Injustice‘ in our exclusive real life documentary crime trilogy.

The simple set off position as of 15 August 2016:

EEI is “Earth Energy Investments LLP” (the first of Millinder’s companies). EW is Empowering Wind MFC Ltd (“EW”)

In Bresco Electrical Services Ltd v Lonsdale (2020) here’s what the Supreme Court are saying about the law of insolvency set off. Paragraphs 27 – 34 of the judgment was dedicated exclusively to this important point of legal principle:

27. The special rules as to set-off in the context of insolvency (usually labelled “insolvency set-off”) form a small but important part of the wider statutory insolvency code, which is directed to ensuring that the assets of an insolvent person (individual or company) are first collected in and then distributed mainly pari passu among those with relevant claims of the same priority”

“29. IR 14.25 operates upon an altogether more comprehensive and rigorous basis. First, it applies to every type of pre-liquidation mutual dealing, and also to secured, contingent and future debts: see IR 14.25(1), (2), (6) and (7). Secondly, whereas legal or equitable set-off is essentially optional, taking effect only if the cross-claim is pleaded as a defence to the claim, insolvency set-off is mandatory, and takes effect upon the commencement of the insolvency (the “cut-off date”). It is said to be self-executing, and for some purposes the original cross-claims are replaced by a single claim for the balance: see IR 14.25(3) and (4). Thus the separate cross-claims may no longer be assigned after the cut-off date: see Stein v Blake [1996] AC 243. But the separate claims may survive for other purposes: see Wight v Eckhardt Marine GmbH [2003] UKPC 37; [2004] 1 AC 147, paras 26-27 per Lord Hoffmann. One example is the balance of contingent or prospective claims under IR 14.25(5). Within the liquidation, a net balance owing to the creditor must be pursued by proof of debt in the ordinary way. The liquidator is entitled to be paid the full amount of any net balance owing by the creditor, and may exercise any available remedies for its quantification and recovery, including litigation, arbitration or ADR: see IR 14.25(4) and (5).”

“30. The identification of the net balance is to be ascertained by the taking of an account: see IR 14.25(2). If there is no dispute as to the existence and amount of the claims and cross-claims this is in practice a matter of simple arithmetic, the net balance being the difference between the aggregate of the claims and the aggregate of the cross-claims. But if any of the claims and cross-claims are in dispute, then those disputes will need first to be resolved, by reference to the individual merits of each, before the arithmetic resumes: see again Stein v Blake (supra) per Lord Hoffmann at 255E-G”

AJ justice in action - The Op Blackjack test

Law, equality and justice never figures in the equation, not with the tyrants of the kleptocracy. It’s all about ensuring fellow corrupt actors are ‘above the law’, whilst anyone who dares challenge their fraudulent conduct is penalised and terrorised in the name of ‘law’ and ‘justice’ for years, whilst being dishonestly deprived of both.

That’s what they did with Millinder, then they sought to jail him for standing up to their fraud, lies and corruption. That’s who the UK’s judiciary really are, and the government who give them and police the orders to cover up are even lower. It is they, they individuals who must be held personally, criminally and financially to account.

The 21 Cards of Injustice is your must have, we expose 21 lying, cheats purporting to be judges, who remain at large, due to a vile kleptocracy of fellow liars, cheats and traitors in judicial, ministerial and law enforcement office under the Crown. It’s going to get to Charles III, to make sure he is not doing a Charles I!

Operation Blackjack - AI Justice in Action: 

Sir Geoffrey Vos - Master of the Rolls told a lie at paragraph 103 of his judgment.

Sir Geoffrey Vos, the second highest ranking judge of England and Wales is alleged to have told a lie, that there was no fraud, conspiracy and misdealing, when he knew there was.

Vos , No. 21 of the 21 Cards of Injustice was covering up the fact that Millinder was defrauded in conspiracy by the Insolvency Service Official Receiver who was installed as liquidator of his companies to defraud creditors and to prevent justice being served on Middlesbrough FC and their cabal of lawyers, owned by Steve Gibson OBE, the bent Tory Teesside politician.

Lady Justice Andrews and the ‘Treasury Devil’ former lead counsel to the Treasury (the Cabinet Office), Government Legal Department and Attorney General, Mr Justice Swift, sitting in the Administrative Court failing to administer justice, imposed an all proceedings restraint order to deprive Millinder of justice permanently to conceal their fraud they concealed throughout the course of public justice.

Artificial intelligence is deployed to catch criminals who have been lying with intent to pervert the course of justice rather than administering it.

We prove, in a way that anyone can understand, they never had jurisdiction to do it. Courts and judges only have the power to act within the limits of the law, and perverting the course of public justice is not included in it.

Lady Justice Geraldine Andrews a proven liar and a cheat who has acted in conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice?

‘Finality’ means ‘finally determined’ which means that the points at issue must have been fully and finally adjudicated on and judicially determined.

Andrews No. 13, and Swift, No.12 covered up the fraud with their outside of jurisdiction restraint order to start with. Finality she says!

Op Blackjack Test - AI Justice in action

The results of the AI generated search for the two key terms '14.25' & 'set off' reveals 291 matches in Mr Millinder's submissions and not a single match in any of the purported determinations

Anyone, anywhere, with access to a computer, can perform the same search on the same evidence to come up with exactly the same result, revealing that the English judiciary and the government are nothing other than liars, cheats and human rights abusing traitors of common purpose.

Simply visit: THE MILLINDER CASE – EVIDENCE (subscribe for access)- where we have hosted the bundles relied on so you can verify results for yourselves. To save you the job however, we can confirm the results of the test is 100% accurate.

Try the search terms: “14.25” – “set off” or “Insolvency Act Offences” to get started and see how you get on. Bear in mind that “finally determined”, means just that. There must first be a determination, which none of you will ever find in any of the purported determinations!

Case proven.

We have invited Alex Chalk KC MP, the Lord Chancellor head of the injustice system, the 21 judges involved, the new Lady Chief Justice all the MPs for England and Wales to comment. We will publish their responses (or lack of) in due course.

SUPPORT US – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – For just £21 you get exclusive access to our unique 21 Cards of Injustice documentary trilogy with ground breaking evidence, cards on the table, the real deal, exposing each of the 21 conspirator’s role in this aggravated medieval style conspiracy at the heart of the City of London.

They don’t call it the ‘financial crime capital of the world’ for nothing, but little did they know, the biggest financial criminals are the judges and their puppet masters in government!

Nobody’s above the law!

'Op Blackjack' - Operation Blackjack - 21 judicial jesters playing English medieval style corruption games in the City's heart.'Op Blackjack' - Operation Blackjack - 21 judicial jesters playing English medieval style corruption games in the City's heart.
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