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Mr Justice Leech & ICCJ Jones suck the life out of justice

Mr Justice Leech, ICCJ Jones, Insolvency & Companies Court, Royal Courts of Justice. Acts in excess of jurisdiction. Judicial corruption.

Intelligence UK Investigates: Mr Justice Leech and ICCJ Jones are exposed acting outside judicial jurisdiction in abuse of their positions assisting unscrupulous lawyers and insolvency practitioners terrorising innocent parties in the name of law and justice.   

Our people are being bankrupted when there is no debt. People’s businesses and livelihoods are left in tatters. Our laws and the administration of justice is weaponised.

The UK’s kleptocratic administration in judicial and ministerial office are out of control. It’s one thing to leech off public funds after breaching their oaths, but to go on sucking the life blood of more innocent victims is going too far.   

“Mr Justice Leech, ICCJ Jones and their cabal have been “breaching and leeching”

A sect of corruptors, we describe as leeches, have been breaching their judicial oaths, then leeching off public funds they are not entitled, making absolute mockery of justice and the law they purport to administer.

We coined the phrase, breaching and leeching.

Mr Justice Leech, ICCJ Jones, Clive Hugh Jones, Judicial Corruption, Insolvency & Companies Court. Section 265 Insolvency Act 1986. Thomas Alexander Crispin Leech
Leech by name leech by nature <br> Mr Justice Thomas Alexander Crispin Leech

Fact: Certifying the law as no more or less than bound to fail is judicial corruption off the scale. The Honourable Leech did just that, and Jones has done it many times over.

We lost the “Justice”. The justices have been leeching to get money, without working for it or doing anything to deserve it.

It’s true, they been breching and leeching them there judges.

The Promissory Oaths Act 1868 is statutory law designed to ensure judges do not behave how Jones and Leech have done. This is the law which is designed to protect the people from abuse of power. In the UK, it’s never enforced, judges are of their own cause.

The Judicial Conduct Investigiations Office that fails to regulate the law designed to regulate the judiciary

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office (“JCIO”) confirmed to us on a recorded call that they do not enforce breaches of judicial oath.

The only constitutionally important statutory undertaking by every judge to behave according to his or her oath, is never enforced. The JCIO purports to regulate judicial conduct, but does not enforce the law that regulates it. That’s the total hypocrisy prevailent throughout UK public life under their kleotpcracy.

Judges and courts only have jurisdiction to act within the limits of the law, as law intended.

What about the judge that continues to purport to be one after breaching his oath, is he not acting in excess of jurisdiction?

In our recent article we exposed ICCJ Jones for acting in excess of jurisdiction and abusing his position in judicial office whilst defrauding company creditors to assist a corrupt Tory owned football Club and their lawyers.

In this high profile unrelated case, we expose ICCJ Jones and Justice Leech for living up to the name.

ICCJ Jones acted in conspiracy to deprive two companies and their creditors of the statutory right of insolvency set off. In that case, it was the Official Receiver’s (Mr Hannon’s) decision as liquidator to fail in his duty to have administered set off against claims arising through mutual dealings as law intended.

The office holder’s decision engaged rule 14.11 of the Insolvency Rules 2016, a statutory duty of inquiry. The company creditors wanted to do away with the Club’s £4.1 million fraudulent claim that law intended to have been set off against the Company’s claim against it, even if the Club’s claim were genuine.

Jones identified that the application was made pursuant to the rule. At paragraph 4 of his purported judgment he said “the application is made expressly pursuant to rule 14.11“. Acting outside his jurisdiction Jones prevented the creditors from relying on the law by stating;

I have already decided that the application cannot rely on rule 14.11

Jones acted on his own whim, when the law prevented him from doing it. Jones knew he was safe relying on fellow corrupt judge, Mr Justice Edwin Johnson to certify the application to deal with Jones’s fraudulent abuse as “TWM”, and he did just that!

In this case, things are really much more sinister, and yet another fraudulent and blatant affront to the statutory law by the government controlled judiciary and the laws they deliberately fail to administer.

A leech is a parasite, an opportunist blood sucking parasite at that!

A leech, most of us know, is a parasite living in ponds which attaches itself to suck the life blood out of its victims. For a slimy little critter, it can sure move quick, nothing stands in the way of a hungry leech.

Mr Justice Leech, true to nature, moved so quick, he dodged the law and the evidence altogether.

A slippery mover for sure, our learned Leech acted outside of his jurisdiction to assist the unscrupulous lawyers and their appointed purported trustees, and in a bankruptcy that does not exist in the eyes of the law.

Mr Justice Leech,  Thomas Leech KC, Clive Hugh Jones, ICCJ Jones, Insolvency & Companies Court.  Mr Justice Leech. and ICCJ Jones suck the life blood out of justice.
Real life leeches doing their best whilst our judicial leeches do their worst

Leech and Jones are a sect, a new breed of lawless human rights abusing leeches purporting to be judges who have, we allege, (with evidence to prove it), sucked the life blood out of their victims and their hope of any justice in the UK.

Judges are supposed to administer the law, not re-write it on their own whim!

The case of Mr X – The conditions in respect of a debtor under the Act were not met…

Our victim, or, should we say, the victim of the UK systemic corruption machine, who chooses to remain anonymous, is called Mr X.

Mr X was a victim of the heinous ponzi fraud by Bank of Scotland PLC, Shinder Gangar and Alan White of Dobb White & Co.

One of around 400 victims of the Bank, Mr X was duped into giving the bank security against property for a purported “equity release” scheme with promises of low risk, extraordinarily high returns.

Mr X supposedly borrowed, but never had sight of or access to, a secured loan to the tune of over £400,000.

The Bank had transferred its money to its trusted “financial partner” Dobb White & Co (See: Seven-year jail terms for £100m Ponzi fraud). The fraudsters, Gangar and White were jailed. The main conspirators at the Dark Horse (the Bank), were granted immunity.

Mr X and his family saw no restitution, far from it. He was aggressively pursued by the Dark Horse, a very dark horse indeed, and its cabal of white-collar lawyers and judges who are even darker.

The apparatus to finish the job is the rotten Bar and the legal services colluders, who all rely heavily on criminal racketeering leeches masquerading as judges to do their dirty work for them.

King’s counsel, agents for the Crown become judges. Enshrined in freemasonry, secrecy and concealment, looking after one’s brethren (fellow liar lawyers) and their interests takes precedence over the constitutional oaths of office, everything nosedives southwards due to the legal cabal of abusers who consider abidance with the law is for everyone else.

The frontrunner in the cover up was magic circle law firm, DLA Piper LLP, who were instructed by the purported joint trustees in Mr X’s fraudulently engineered bankruptcy founded by a debt that never even existed. Eversheds Sutherland acted for the Bank.

Mr Justice Leech, ICCJ Jones, Thomas Leech Judge, Clive Hugh Jones, In excess of jurisdiction. Acting outside jurisdiction.  Section 265 Insolvency Act 1986.  Insolvency & Companies Court, Royal Courts of Justice

Excess of jurisdiction means he had no power to do it – the only result is a nullity

This is all about jurisdiction and in this case, lack of jurisdiction under the Insolvency Act 1986 from which to have made any bankruptcy order against Mr X, who has been perminently domiciled in the Middle East for the last 13-years.

A judge of the superior court can go outside his jurisdiction just as any other judge can. His jurisdiction is limited by the law, and not by his own whim” – Baron Tom Denning – Master of the Rolls

It was a matter of public record from Mr X’s Linkedin profile, which was adduced as evidence before Leech on the 27th July 2023, along with photographic passport evidence proving that Mr X has been living in the Middle East for over 13-years.

That mattered not. Leech, true to nature, already took aim, he was focused on sucking the life out of Mr X.

Blood hungry, law never figured in the equation, not for the Leech, nor for Jonesy, these leeches mean business.

Leech and Jones are just two of the cabal of corrupt lawyers and insolvency practitioners turned judge, who each acted outside of jurisdiction, (they are personally liable) to defraud Mr X of around £900,000 in money taken by the purported Joint Trustees in bankruptcy.

A few weeks prior to Leech’s performance, ICCJ Jones made his order, retaining Mr X’s passport knowing it would put Mr X’s job in jeopardy, so that he could leverage that to coerce Mr X into providing the purported trustees in bankruptcy with his overseas bank details.

That’s right folks. the judicial fraudsters assisted the fake actors so that they could steal all Mr X’s money off the back of a nullity, on top of what they have already sequestrated, more than double that is, of the proceeds of crime fake loan that Mr X never saw a penny of.

All about jurisdiction – Statutory conditions to be satisfied in respect of a debtor

Section 265(1) prohibited a bankruptcy petition from being presented against Mr X. Without a bankruptcy petition, there’s no bankruptcy.

In other words, the conditions in law to bankrupt someone were not satisfied and they could not be in the case of Mr X, therefore, in law, there was no jurisdiction for any creditor to present any petition to a court in the United Kingdom for any debt.

That mattered not to Leech, he was focused on the juice, to make those gains, sucking it all out of Mr X and his family, in abuse of his position.

The statutory provision is that “A bankruptcy petition shall not be presented to the court” unless the statutory conditions at 265(1)(a) – 265(1)(c) below are satisfied:

Section 265 conditions to be satisfied in respect of debtor
(a) is domiciled in England and Wales,
(b) is personally present in England and Wales on the day on which the petition is presented, or
(c) at any time in the period of 3 years ending with that day—
(i) has been ordinarily resident, or has had a place of residence, in England and Wales, or (ii) has carried on business in England and Wales.

The prerequisite due diligence any judge should have conducted prior to hearing the case

Being domiciled in the Middle East, and living and working in the Middle East as a professional for large consulting firms, Mr X was ordinarily resident there, as he has been for over 13-years.

The conditions to be satisfied in respect of section 265(c)(i) is subject to the 3-year rule, therefore, there was no way on earth that any judge could possibly have jurisdiction to have made a bankruptcy order against Mr X.

Simply, law prevented any creditor from having jurisdiction from presenting a bankruptcy petition to the Court.

Once again, that did not stop either of our leeches, or any of the leeches involved in targeting Mr X and his family.

Law or evidence proving that the bankruptcy petition is a nullity mattered not, yet they are taught, as counsel, that anything arising from a nullity is “void ab initio” (having no legal effect from the outset), even that did not fetter them.

Not these guys, they want blood, ensuring they and their cabal of racketeering insolvency leeches, sucked the life blood out of their victims. It’s what they do.

The former Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner saw it in action

Mr Justice Leech. UK corruption. ICCJ Jones. Anthony Stansfeld Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley.

Having jailed the banksters in relation to the HBOS Reading fraud case, Anthony Stansfeld, the former PCC for Thames Valley took a keen interest in the case.

Mr Stansfeld attended the hearing on the 27th July 2023, going on to write to the Judge Leech in relation to what he witnessed. In that email, Mr Stansfeld said:

This case is corrupt and I find it extraordinary that the Judiciary can complicate it to the extent of allowing a totally innocent Mr X to be arrested when he returns to this country for the first time for several years and then allowing others to take away what money the family has. There is no debt.

Anthony Stansfeld – Former PCC for Thames Valley and national lead on fraud for crime commissioners

Leech responded abruptly to Mr Stansfield’s email through his clerk, Paul Bryne, stating the Judge will not comment as he made his order.

We look at the order, a fine example of English thorough judicial determination you would think?

Mr Justice Leech certifies the passport evidence and the law as “totally without merit”

It is the corrupt practice of these leeches and terrorists of the Bar to take away the standing of their opposition, not only with fraudulent bankruptcy, but also by improper use of civil restraint orders. That’s where Leech’s “TWM” came from.

The Court of Appeal in Wasif v Secretary of State for Home Department [2016] defined the meaning of “TWM”, meaning that the case is “hopeless” and is no more or less than bound to fail.

Of course, any ordinary informed lay observer can determine that is not the case here, the conditions to be satisfied in respect of a debtor were not, therefore there was no lawful jurisdiction to have bankrupted Mr X, it is that straight forward.

The likes of Leech and other lawless human rights abusers and fraudsters purporting to be judges rely on a spin of trickery and deceit, often so far away from the case itself, law and evidence, designed to prevent their victims getting justice after they have been defrauded of the right to any form of fair trial.

3 “TWMs” under false pretense and the leeches are spilling blood, they can restrain their victims, refusing any application made to try the issues they concealed and never tried.

The Court of Appeal determined what all judges should do when certifying as “TWM”

In Wasif, the Court of Appeal finally determined that:

Where a claim is certified as “totally without merit” then “peculiar care must be taken to ensure that all the arguments raised in the grounds are properly addressed” when the judge gives reasons for coming to his or her decision. Separate reasons should be given for the certification (as opposed to the refusal of permission), even if those separate reasons rest on what has been said previously.

That’s right guys and girls, “peculiar care”, yet it is evident that Leech made no reference to any of the argument raised in Mr X’s grounds. It was the law after all, and the evidence that proved that there was no jurisdiction to have bankrupted him.

After all, Mr X was, after all, adjudged bankrupt off the back of an alleged debt which in itself was proven to have been founded by illegality.

Not only was there no debt, and therefore no jurisdiction, but the conditions to be satisfied in respect of a debtor, were not and could not possibly be satisfied in respect of Mr X.

The purported debt is now long past its statute of limitations and Bank of Scotland PLC who purport to claim the debt have no security over it, they relinquished security, but only after bankrupting Mr X, when they had no jurisdiction to do it.

Court of Appeal finally determines “no res judicata” where there is no debt owed in truth & reality

Leech and Jones defy the law in other ways by affronting the final decision of the judgments of superior courts, which of course, is ultra vires (meaning that they have no power to do it). If they did, there would be no judicial hierarchy. The lower courts would ride roughshod over the final judgments of the senior courts, just like Jones and Leech have done.

It is one’s right, ex debito justitiae, (by way of obligation of justice), which the court has no discretion to refuse, to set aside any order where it be shown that it is a nullity. Leech denied it, he just outright refused to judge.

In Dawodo (2001), Terrence Etherton, the former Master of the Rolls put it this way in his final judgment:

“What in my judgment is required is that the Court be shown something from which it can conclude that had there been a properly conducted judicial process it would have been found, or very likely would have been found, that nothing was in fact due to the Claimant. It is clear that in those circumstances the Court can enquire into the judgment and the judgment debt, even though the debtor himself has previously applied to have the judgment set aside, and even though that application has been refused and that refusal has been affirmed by the Court of Appeal

There’s no debt on which the purported petition was based. There was no jurisdiction to present the petition, because the conditions to be satisfied were not, and because the purported debt is unsecured, and is now well past the statute of limitations.

The fact that there was no debt and no bankruptcy mattered not to Leech and Jonesy, these guys are focused on parasiting off their victims, assisting fellow leeches swimming in the insoslvency swamp to do the same.

Is it really a case of leech by name, leech by nature? Well, ask yourselves that.

These judicial leeches of the UK’s injustice system have more blood on their hands through suicide, and have caused more family break ups and misery to their victims than that of all the Islamic State terrorists on British soil combined. They are the terrorists operating from within, sponsored by you, the taxpayer.

We, the British people have the inalienable right to be governed justly, according to the laws of the land. It is only too clear given the sheer number of reports and synergy we are seeing, that the current government and a kleptocracy of a judiciary, are incapable of doing so. What was the Coronation Oath for exactly?

We have contacted the Judicial Office, The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice, along with Leech and Jones through the Government Legal Department and Treasury Solicitor. We also contacted the political opposition shadow Law and Justice Ministers for their contributions.

Those parties are invited for comment in the public interest and we will post our letter to them and all comments in relation to this report in the following sequel.

Mr X’s skeleton argument – the written submissions which led to the order by the Leech

The proof is in the pudding as they say. Here’s the skeleton argument produced after we assisted Mr X in artuculating the position and the superior court judgments relied on.

We advocate the principles of open justice. Justice must be seen to be done, and here, we expose the Leech and justice seen not to be done!

As we said, breaching & leeching. We conclude therefore, it really is a case of leech by name & leech by nature.

Help us to help you, like, comment and share far and wide. There’s a cure for corruption and that is, transparency.

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