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By Roger Cottrell PhD

Cressida Dick left one hell of a legacy when she stepped down as Met Police Commissioner earlier this year.  Along with failed murder investigations into crimes that often involved serving police officers there was the cover up of Deep State paedophile rings.  There was also the small issue of the brutal police attack on the vigil for Sara Everard, on Clapham Common, on March 12, 2021, that invoked dark memories of Orgreave, Wapping and Welling, from 1984 to 1993.  Sara Everard, we remember, had also been murdered by a serving police officer whose activities, and connections, alluded to a still wider culture of misogyny and racism in the police.  Now, we are told that over a two year period 650 children – most of them innocent of any crime – were strip searched by Met police.  The capital’s law enforcement agency, it seems, has moved from covering up paedophile rings to engaging in its own child sex abuse on an industrial scale.  So much for protect and serve.

Of the 650 children strip searched by police over this period most were subject to this abuse at home or in police stations although some were strip searched in their schools.  23% were strip searched without an appropriate adult present and three out of five were black.

Of course, it’s easy to scapegoat Dick and pretend that all the Met’s problems began and ended with her tenure.  This is a variation on the “rotten apples in the barrel” view of police corruption and misconduct.  Most of the murders that the Met failed to reopen or investigate under Dick’s tenure were committed prior to her watch.  It was Theresa May, as Home Secretary, who set up Operation Midland to fail, not Cressida Dick, and May who shredded evidence of a Deep State paedophile ring that the investigating police didn’t even see. 

It wasn’t Cressida Dick’s fault that both Harvey Proctor and Carl Beech led the investigation on a wild goose chase, thereby discrediting it and serving to bury completely the biggest political scandal in British history. 

When it came to the Extinction Rebellion protests in London, Dick allowed them to take place and it was Priti Patel, not Cressida Dick, who ordered the brutal attack on the Sara Everard vigil.  This was at a time when the government was forcing through the draconian Police, Courts and Sentencing Bill – a scurrilous piece of legislation which criminalises all extra Parliamentary direct action in the UK.  Patel also made Dick a scapegoat for the disgusting scenes of police brutality, on Clapham Common, because Dick had had the temerity to investigate claims of a Deep State paedophile ring at all.

That said, there are a number of ways in which Cressida Dick’s term as Met Commissioner exemplified the changing rules and structure, both of police corruption and misconduct, in a period of history when organised crime itself has merged with mainstream financial capitalism and when democracy is in terminal decline.  These alarming trends have their origins in the crushing defeat of Britain’s working class movement in the miners’ strike of 1984-85 and in the deregulation of the City of London and opening up of offshore banking and money laundering that followed the fire sale looting of nationalised industries.  

After the 9/11 attacks a further catalyst to these authoritarian trends was the war on terror and more recently, the further destruction of British democracy as bankrolled largely by Russian Oligarchs, has taken place through BREXIT.  In this context, it’s significant that Cressida Dick was the first ever Commissioner of the Met to come from a counter terrorism background and also that this carried with it a particular form of baggage.

Jean Charles de Menezes

Recently, a police source whom I trust confirmed, in a conversation with myself, that Jean Charles de Menezes was the victim of a deliberately targeted assassination when he was repeatedly shot in the head by armed police in a tube train at Stockwell station in South London on July 22, 2005.  This was in the immediate aftermath of the 7/7 bombings and the SO15 officers who shadowed de Menezes thought he was Hussein Osman, who lived in the same block of flats.

As Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick presided over the operation which means that she almost certainly sanctioned the hit. 

Claims that de Menezes himself was the target of a deliberate assassination or that he was in some way connected to a secret NATO operation on the London underground are unlikely.  According to this theory the tube train was derailed not by the explosion but by a power surge in the underground system and the fact that de Menezes was an electrical engineer is referenced accordingly.  Although this theory briefly circulated on Wiki-leaks, after the 7/7 attacks it has mainly been associated with the Kremlin financed fascist platform Info-wars, run by the deranged and depraved Alex Jones and can probably be dismissed accordingly.

In fact the bombers, who included the husband of Samantha Lethwaite, were not photo-shopped boarding a train at Luton that was cancelled, the fact that they bought return tickets is irrelevant and the suicide bombings were exactly what they appeared to be on the tin.  As with 9/11 the only possible wider conspiracy involves operational links between the terrorists and Saudi intelligence.  In the case of 9/11, this was all about stopping the Caspian Shield oil pipeline project while 7/7 may have been a warning to Tony Blair’s government not to disclose details of the corrupt al Yamamah arms deal.

According to former Army Intelligence whistle-blower Annie Davidson, who briefed the late Robin Cook MP, the Deep State paedophile ring lubricated this arms deal which made Mark Thatcher wealthy to the tune of £60 million.

When Cressida Dick was appointed Commission of the Metropolitan Police her first official duty was to attend the funeral of PC Keith Palmer, in March 2017, murdered in the Westminster terrorist attack of that year.  The family of Jean Charles de Menezes were meantime furious that the woman who presided over the murder of their son and brother was now Britain’s “top cop.”

This was the skeleton that was to remain part concealed in Cressida Dick’s cupboard throughout her tenure, enabling successive Home Secretaries to ensure her cooperation e.g. when it came to burying Operation Midland.  However, the fact that she’d looked into the existence of the Deep State paedophile ring at all, when Boris Johnson was himself guilty of underage sex, meant that Priti Patel wanted her gone. 

Cressida Dick downfall was all because of Priti Patel. Sarah Everard vigil ends in assault by police.

Johnson had performed underage sex with girls procured by Evgeny Lebedev in Italy and London when Johnson was corrupt Mayor of London.  This facilitated more corrupt property deals in London, more money laundering through Britain’s offshore banking network and the defection of dirty Russian Oligarch money from New Labour to the Tories.  It also helped set up the illegal Kremlin finance both of the BREXIT and Boris Johnson election campaigns. 

None of these were investigated by the Met, on Cressida Dick’s watch, as was also the case with Prince Andrew, Gislane Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein’s activities in London.  Jean Luc Brunel, as associate of Epstein’s based in Paris, who has since also died under suspicious circumstances, is likely to have provided the underage girls for Lebedev.

It was Priti Patel who set Cressida Dick up as the fall guy for the brutal attack on the Sara Everard vigil on Clapham Common.

Dial M for Murder – Dial M for Murdoch

Among the various unsolved murder cases that the Met failed to reopen on Cressida Dick’s case was that of Private Investigator Daniel Morgan of Southern Investigations who was murdered in the pub car park of the Golden Lion near Croydon in 1987.  That corrupt police were involved in Morgan’s murder is now a fairly open secret as is the fact that these same police were using Southern Investigations to sell stories to The Sun and News of the World. 

Specifically, as Assistant Commissioner, Cressida Dick obstructed an investigation into Morgan’s death and this formed part of the background to her later spat with London Mayor Siddiq Khan.

I believe that Morgan was murdered after he stumbled on evidence of the Deep State paedophile network that had been manipulating British politics since the 1970s and that this explains the role of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corps in perverting the course of justice in relation to the news investigation.  This view is not shared by members of the Justice for Daniel Campaign.   There are other unsolved murders, however, where the link to the Deep State paedophile ring is less ambiguous.

Daniel Morgan Murder - Cressida Dick Met Police
Daniel Morgan pictured

To her credit and unlike her predecessors (such as Sir Paul Condon), Cressida Dick didn’t write a column for The Sun, thus enhancing the corrupt relationship between the Met and Rupert Murdoch’s criminal organisation.  On Condon’s watch some 200 corrupt cops were quietly retired on grounds of ill health.

There is no such ambiguity in the case of eight year old Vishal Mehrotra who was abducted not 300 metres from his home in Putney, in 1981, on the day of the Royal wedding, probably by a paedophile called Steve Norris.  He was later murdered and found squalidly buried in marshy farmland near Petersfield on the Hampshire-West Sussex Border.  To this day Vishal’s father, a magistrate, believes his son was murdered by paedophile politicians or other VIPs in Dolphin Square, as part of the Deep State network that linked the North Wales care homes to Ludgate PR.

In my soon to be published novel I suggest that it was Cyril Smith and Grenville Janner who were set up to murder the boy in order that they could be subject to political blackmail.  This would make sense if, as I believe, the paedophile network existed not so much to service the perversions of the scum that Thatcher gathered around her as to target and neutralise her enemies.  Drawing Janner into a criminal conspiracy of this kind placed a time bomb at the heart of what became New Labour precisely as Rupert Murdoch was organising Labour’s leadership succession through the British American Project.

When Vishal’s father tried to reopen the case, initially with support from Sussex Constabulary, 40 years later, somebody brought pressure on the police to abandon the project.   This did happen when Cressida Dick was Met Commissioner

In my novel Vishal’s murder was covered up by a cabal of corrupt cops linked to South London gangster Kenneth Noye through the Brinks Mat robbery of 1983.  This same cabal later covered up Noye’s murder of undercover cop John Fordham in 1985.  Later, in the early 1990s, the same cabal of corrupt cops almost certainly murdered Pat Tate and Tony Tucker in the infamous Range Rover shooting in Essex.  Tate had been Noye’s minder in prison and introduced Noye to the world of drug trafficking and what would later be described as “county lines” networks.  Indeed, Tate got Noye to invest £30 000 in the ecstasy trafficking network that would later claim the life of teenager Leah Betts.

None of these murder investigations have been reopened by the Met including on Cressida Dick’s watch.

Another murder investigation that the Met has failed to reopen is that of Bulaq Forsythe, the South London social worker who tried to expose the Deep State paedophile network at South Vale Care Home in Norwood in 1993.  This was the abuse scandal that Margaret Hodge helped Lambeth Council Chair Ted Knight cover up which may be a subsequent factor in her later role in the smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.

Also in 1993, teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered by racist thugs in South London.  This would have absolutely no connection to the Deep State paedophile ring or any organised criminal conspiracy other than that one of Stephen’s killers was the nephew of Kenneth Noye.  This time, the name of one of the cabal members actually surfaced but was withheld from the McPherson Inquiry in 1999 – when Condon was busy retiring bent cops on an industrial scale.

Once again, the cabal of corrupt cops worked overtime to undermine the Stephen Lawrence murder investigation but, other than an inquiry into institutional racism that was denied key evidence, there has never been a proper investigation into this under any Commissioner – including Cressida Dick.

In 1996, Noye carried out the brutal and premeditated murder of 20 year old Stephen Cameron near the M25 in Swanley near Dartford, Kent.  Once again, due to the intervention of the same cabal of corrupt cops, the murder was passed off as an act of “road rage” and manslaughter and when Noye returned from Spain he was allowed to serve his sentence in Gloucester open prison.  This time, however, the cabal of corrupt cops wanted something in return.

Noye, who was released in 2019, may or may not have been directly involved in the procuring of children to be abused by the Deep State paedophile ring.  There is a short enough step, after all, from coercing youngsters into county line gangs, through threats to their family and other means and doing so for paedophile networks, as the National Crime Agency itself admits.  Privatization of what is laughingly called the care system, in the UK, helps these predators and who would these kids turn to in any case?  The police?

John Palmer and Jill Dando

Evidence that Noye has been directly involved in this Deep State operation, perhaps since the 1980s and certainly since the North Wales care homes and South Vale were closed down, exists in that Noye;s criminal confederate, John “Golfinger” Diamond, was blackmailing members of the VIP paedophile ring when he was himself murdered at his home in Kent  in June 2015  Although Palmer, who was illiterate, taped all his business meetings he could still only have known about the paedophile ring if one of his criminal associates was intimately involved.

Palmer was originally from Solihull, in the West Midlands and part of Noye’s criminal gang in South London.  He also had a fencing and money laundering operation involving a chain of jewellery stores in Bristol and throughout Somerset.  He escaped prosecution for laundering part of the Brinks Mat gold through jury tampering and even blew the jury a kiss as he walked from the Old Bailey a free man.

The revelation that Palmer was blackmailing members of the Deep State paedophile ring was first revealed by one of his Lebanese criminal associates in a book published in Spain.  Unfortunately, this followed the psychological warfare operation involving Carl Beech and Harvey Proctor that finally sunk Operation Midland.  Thanks to the corrupt relationship between corporate media and political power in the UK, the existence of the Deep State paedophile ring was now being erased from public consciousness.

Several principled cops (they do exist) who tried to get to the truth of the Deep State paedophile ring saw their careers ruined accordingly.  Meanwhile, as Home Secretary and via the non-event that was “pleb-gate,” Theresa May had already warned would be police whistle-blowers if they so much as spoke to the media.  I clearly remember the paranoia of my own police contacts at this time.

Since then a journalist contact whom I trust has confided that Beech and Proctor were in communication before Beech led the latter led Operation Midland on their wild goose chase.  This is called perverting the course of justice.  What appears to be the case is that the Deep State paedophile ring had something else on Proctor, whom an effective psychological warfare offensive then projected as a victim of homophobia.  Basically, Proctor allowed himself to be a stalking horse in the full knowledge that he would be exonerated. 

Although I have no personal leads on this particular aspect of the story I’m assured it will break very soon.

In 1999, Jill Dando was murdered by a professional hit man, on her doorstep, using a low velocity 9mm pistol.  The gun was never found and all the cartridge cases were professionally removed.  In fact the killer was Teneriffe based “Joe the hitman” and he had been hired by Kenneth Noye during his sojourn in Spain, when he was on the run for murdering Stephen Cameron.   The reason for the murder was that Jill Dando was investigating the Deep State paedophile ring and the role of Jimmy Savile, within it, as the network’s pimp.  The Sun, who also worked to undermine the Daniel Morgan murder investigation, was sitting on evidence that Savile was a paedophile, at the time, and Keir Starmer, as DPP, refused to prosecute both Savile and Grenville Janner. 

Kincora Boys Home - Paedophiles in Parliament. Cressida Dick and police corruption.
Left the paedophile judge Granville Janner and right paedophile friend of the Royals Jimmy Savile

During this period, Police Commissioner Paul Condon wrote a column for The Sun.

Although it is now publically acknowledged that Savile was a paedophile he is still projected as a lone wolf predator who abused a position of trust rather than part of a network that helped keep Margaret Thatcher in power that Savile had been involved with since his association with paedophile and military coup plotter Lord Mountbatten in the 1960s. 

The jury is still out on how deeply involved in the paedophile network Noye became.  On the one hand the murder of Jill Dando could have been a trade off, no questions asked, what with all the favours that Noye owned the corrupt police cabal.  On the other hand, he may have become much more deeply involved in the paedophile network itself the more he became deeply immersed in the county lines drug gangs.  Throughout the country, paedophile networks from Rotherham to Telford were all being shielded by corrupt police.  

What we do know is that decades after Brinks Mat both Noye and Palmer and their corrupt police contacts had moved up in the world, the more that police corruption became corporate and both mainstream capitalism in Britain and organised crime merged as one.  For one thing the cabal of corrupt cops were now protecting Jeffrey Epstein’s operation and clients, including Prince Andrew, whom the Metropolitan Police relentlessly refused to investigate. 

This time this did happen on Cressida Dick’s watch although the fact that she went to school with Ghislaine Maxwell is probably a coincidence.  I went to school with plenty of people a lot of whom I couldn’t stand.

On the other hand the time share money laundering operation that Palmer had set up in Spain had extended its tendrils beyond laundering the revenues of Brinks Mat.  Indeed, it have been thrown open to the Lebanese Maraka, to Hezbollah, it is claimed to the IRA but, more especially, to Monzer al Kasser’s connections in the Tampov Russian Mafia, directly linked to Vladimir Putin.   This has laid the foundation for recent claims (completely false) by criminal accountant Paul Blanchard, that the Russian Mafia murdered Palmer because they were ripped off over this time share operation.

After Jill Dando was murdered a local man with learning difficulties, Barry George, was fitted up for the crime.  Given that gun residues were planted on George, this belies the fiction, recently peddled by the Daily Mail, that Jill Dando was murdered by mistake.  Whoever framed Barry George had cased the street and knew of his obsession with his celebrity neighbour.  When George was acquitted he was kept under a surveillance order and the Met said they were not looking at anyone else in relation to Jill Dando’s murder.

None of this has been properly investigated by the Metropolitan Police, before or during Cressida Dick’s watch, and neither has a series of Kremlin orchestrated murders in this country as described below.

From Russia with Blood

When John Palmer was murdered in 2015 the MO was identical to that of Jill Dando because the same killer, Joe the Barman, carried out the deed.  That Blanchard claims Palmer’s killer also murdered Boris Berezovsky, and his fixer Scott Young, is hogwash and alludes how desperate Blanchard is not to be extradited to Spain.  In fact, the MO in the Berezovsky and Scott Young murders, passed off as suicide and an accident respectively, is different because a different set of killers – also based in Spain’s “United Nations of Crime” – were involved.  This is a team of Bulgarian assassins directly linked to Putin and his criminal associates and we will come back to this in a moment.

Blanchard’s claim, that John Palmer was murdered over time share, are as fanciful as those in the Daily Mail that Jill Dando was murdered by mistake.  That said, they raise interesting questions around something in which a weasel like Blanchard might actually have inside knowledge – namely the 15 Kremlin linked murders in the UK that have been passed off as accidents or suicides since 2004.

As we’ve seen in previous articles, Stephen Curtis was Boris Berezovsky’s lawyer when he was murdered in a helicopter crash out of Bournemouth airport in 2004.  At the time he was trying to sell information on the criminal conspiracy that established Putin and his Oligarchs following the murder of Alfred Herrhaussen (that Vladimir Putin arranged) in 1989.  When the Skripals were poisoned in Salisbury, in 2019, Faith Eckerstone of The Bounemouth Herald, campaigned to reopen the Stephen Curtis case.  By the time I contacted the paper she had left and the Herald had dropped the story.

Boris Berezovsky
Boris<strong> <strong>Berezovsky and his former yacht

Since then, and by the time that Berezovsky and Young were murdered, much more had happened.  Curtis’ information, which I am still trying to track down, probably related to the criminal conspiracy that established Putin and his Oligarchs in business, arising from the grand theft from a loan to the USSR underwritten by the Federal Reserve.  This involved the PROMIS software stolen by MOSSAD agent Rafi Eitan, from the Hamilton’s in California in 1983 and that was later further developed by the entity that became Cambridge Analytica. 

The conspiracy linked rogue CIA agent Robert Booth Nichols to Robert Maxwell and his then business associate Jeffrey Epstein but also involved Alexander Lebedev, the corrupt head of KGB station in London.  It also involved an entity called Drexel, where Steve Bannon moved from Goldman Sachs, once of whose executives was sexually compromised by MOSSAD agent Jeffrey Epstein.  There is evidence that Booth-Nichols saw Drexel as a “covert fund” to succeed BCCI’s Black Unit in Sloane Square, just as BCCI was the successor to Numan-Hand.

By the time that Boris Berezovsky was murdered at his ex wife’s home in Epsom, Surrey, on March 23, 2013 much had happened, and there was more to follow.  A year later, Viktor Yanukovitch was ousted by the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and it is likely that Putin started planning his murderous invasion of Ukraine from this moment on.  Certainly, his strategic objective to preserve Britain’s corrupt offshore banking network, through BREXIT, and destroy the EU to dominate Europe’s oil and gas market began from this point.

Within a year, Robert Mercer of Renaissance Technologies and SCL had consolidated his connection to Russian and pro Moscow Ukrainian Oligarchs such as Dimitry Firtach and Dimitri Rybolovlev, the latter also wanted on fraud charges in Monaco.  None of this stopped Mercer’s investments in Vimplcom taking a hit in 2016, when shares tumbled following the annexation of Crimea.  Also in this particular mix was Shanker Singham of Babson Global Inc, whose management also consisted of Erick Brimen and Dr Barbara Fromm. 

Not only was Singham an advisor to the murderous fire sale privatization of Russia’s state run industries, as carried out by Yeltsin, and which was later hijacked (using the stolen $58 billion) by Putin and his criminal associates.  He is also widely believed to be the actual mastermind behind BREXIT, in the form envisaged by Rees-Mogg’s European Research group (ERG) as a means to both finish the job Thatcher started and destroy the EU.

Like Mercer himself, Singham was linked to the deeply sinister Heritage foundation which had its origins, as Aims of Industry, in the UK.  His principle mentor, in conceiving of BREXIT was Titus Gebel of Roatan Zede, a Right wing libertarian who calls for the abolition of democracy to be replaced by autonomous city states run by billionaires after the corporate and autocratic model that Putin further consolidated from 2006-2007.   No wonder that members of the Heritage Foundation including Henry Kissinger, the mentor of Donald Rumsfeld, have openly supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Concurrent with Mercer’s initiatives in Russia, and Mercer’s finance of Bannon’s Briebart fascist news platform, Jacob Rees Mogg founded his own Somerset Holdings and became deeply involved (along with JRM) in Sberbank, widely acknowledged to be staffed by agents of the FSB.  Rees Mogg also bought stock in Gennady Timchenko’s Volga Group, widely referred to at its offices in Switzerland as “Putin’s oil company.”   There is now evidence that Rees Mogg was involved in large scale money laundering, before and after the war in Ukraine began, particularly for Ukrainian and Kazak Oligarchs who feared they might lose everything through regime change.

If the Metropolitan Police were prepared to protect the government’s back, several years after Pleb-gate, in relation to Party-gate, then what price a criminal conspiracy of this magnitude?   The police dismissed Boris Berezovsky’s murder as suicide and the coroner’s verdict remains open and yet a German forensic expert has conclusively proved that Berezovsky was murdered.  Scott Young, who was Berezovsky’s fixer, repeatedly told the Metropolitan police that his life was in danger but the cops dismissed his murder as an accident on the spot.

Once again, none of this has been investigated on Cressida Dick’s watch.

Institutional Corruption and the Death of British Democracy

Of course, Met corruption doesn’t begin and end with Cressida Dick who may yet prove not to be the worse violator on the block.  Priti Patel, after all, wanted Cressida Dick gone precisely because of the fall-out from the investigation into the Deep State paedophile ring and set her up over the brutal police assault on the Sara Everard vigil, accordingly.  That Dick’s successor, Sir Mark Romley, was not only appointed by Priti Patel but is so obviously a Tory stooge says its own story.  Basically, the Tory Party and government, which is itself a criminal gang, remains protected by the criminal gang that is the Metropolitan Police and claims made by Martin Ketttle, in The Guardian, that the covenant between cops and Tories is at an end is well wide of the mark.             .            

Partygate Tory lies - Boris Johnson lied to Parliament

Of course, the Met CID was always corrupt as acknowledged even in its official history by Ascoli.  As the Home Office reported after the First World War it effectively became a criminal gang in its own right that could only keep order through alliances with elements in the underworld.  As in the judiciary the pernicious presence of institutions like freemasonry reinforced this corruption.  But this was the old school corruption that one finds in the novels of Jake Arnott and early novels of GF Newman.  Since then the rules of capitalism have changed, as has the relationship between organised crime and mainstream capitalism, and as writers like Jed Mercurio completely grasp.

For a while, as criminologists such as Robert Reiner have noted, things did seem to improve, e.g. with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) in 1984.  This had its origins in a Royal Commission launched by Jim Callaghan after several miscarriages of justice were exposed in the 1970s.  Permanence and force seemed to be lent to the improvements offered by PACE, that were bitterly opposed by the police themselves, after the Brixton riots and Scarman Inquiry. 

However, Left Realist criminologists like Reiner seem to have generally exaggerated the improvements that issued from PACE, even if public order policing of the miners’ strike, Wapping and Hillsborough is removed from the equation.  No cop in his or her right mind is going to take a £10 bribe not to arrest a drunk driver, as was commonplace in the 1970s and early 1980s, and you can’t beat a confession out of the Guildford Four, Birmingham Six or Winston Silcott when you are live on CCTV.  However, you can set up a confrontation cell in which prisoners beat the crap out of each other and that is now absolutely commonplace in British custody suits, often run by private armies like G4S.

Also, and even as Reiner acknowledges, the impact of PACE has been undermined by performance targets, and the part privatisation of law enforcement, as much as by restrictions on legal aid.  The police, basically, are under more and more pressure to get a result by whatever means necessary, including fit-ups, while discouraging victims to retract charges wherever the CPS can’t guarantee a prosecution.  Given the culture of misogyny and racism that exists in the police, this particularly applies e.g. to rape victims and victims of child sex abuse and grooming, as The Guardian noted even before the Sara Everard debacle.

The real issue however, in the increase in police corruption is the decline of democracy itself, rooted in the structural changes in capitalism attendant on the crushing defeat of the working class movement in the 1980s.  For democracy to work the executive, judiciary and legislature need to be separate.  But in Britain, the executive is now so completely merged with corrupt corporate interests attendant on financial deregulation that they have effectively become one and the same, much as advocated by Titus Gebel.  In a one party state like Britain, where only governments endorsed by Rupert Murdoch are allowed to hold office, the legislature is irrelevant while the law was long ago transformed into an engine of class tyranny and despotism.

 In addition, as one of my former cop sources told me, some really unpleasant individuals joined the police during the miners’ strike and this includes the university educated fast track recruits who were supposed to solve all the problems.   These characters have since rose through the ranks like turds floating to the surface of a septic tank. 

Not for nothing does former Superintendent Leroy Logan, founder of the Black Police Officers Association, say that things are now worse than when he joined the police in the early 1980s.  Like the removal of Boris Johnson, before still more serious revelations about his personal conduct than Party-gate, that of Cressida Dick changes nothing and the worst is probably yet to come.

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