It was this email below, sent to the Judge presiding over the case that sought to address institutionalised collusion and fraud, which resulted in Lady Justice Andrews accusing Mr Millinder, as follows:

“It may not have occurred to Mr Millinder that on the face of it, this behaviour appears to be an attempt to pervert the course of justice as well as a contempt of court. He should be disabused of any notion that his place of residence makes him safe from prosecution for the former, or proceedings to sanction the latter

Contempt of court and perverting the course of justice she says, when Mr Millinder was showing the judge directly that those who were not directly party to the proceedings have been perverting the course of justice? Lady Justice Andrews did pervert the course of justice, evading Mr Millinder’s entire case to prevent justice being served on the offenders. The attachments to the email proved fraud and collusion, which is, in reality why the court evaded it.

The email directly related to the fact that the corruptor, Judge Fanning, (who was implemented to dispose of the prosecution against Hannon and Staunton after the “transfer out”), were found to have been “deleted without being read” proving beyond doubt that Fanning never even read any of Mr Millinder’s ex-parte application, it was all predetermined.

From: General Admin
Date: Mon, 24 May 2021 at 05:39
Subject: 10 Downing Street concealing corruption and fraud – all one and the same


Dear all,

From May 12th 2021 at 8:17AM until May 18th at 4:19PM, Ben Gascoigne of 10 Downing Street, the Political Secretary and adviser to the Prime Minister read my email in relation to Buckland being a corrupt total waste of space, 128-times. BoJo read it 3-times, but they keep these oath breakers in office, because they are all one and the same, a kleptocracy and a criminal racketeering enterprise of taxpayer funded corruptors who all support one another.

Subject:      Appointment of Mr Buckland as Lord Chancellor – Breach of oath & dishonesty
Recipient:  <>Sent:          May 12, 2021 at 8:06:09 AM
Read         128 times

The email I sent is below and the attachments that went with it are attached. The questions remain unanswered. Buckland cannot answer questions, he just makes the rules up as he goes along, because he is an unintegral liar, a cheat and an abuse of the public’s trust who needs to be jailed with the rest of the Conservative kleptocracy and the politically controlled judiciary he has been giving orders to.

Watch the video, it speaks volumes, showing what a dishonest coward has made responsible for the UK justice system? We wonder why nobody is getting justice, well, he is the reason why.

We are still missing the answers to the questions below. Please do listen to the recording, it was Buckland who transferred the proceedings out of York Magistrates for disposal by Fanning, in conjunction with Burnett, his co-conspirer, both of whom have perverted the course of justice. Buckland went to Durham Hatfield law school with Bloom. Burnett sits on the sentencing council with Fanning.

At Tab_AA, page 3, until 3/4 way down the page, we exhibit 5 emails, returns of which were generated as “not read” proving beyond doubt that Fanning, or Kirklees never even read the emails containing the evidence and submissions that was relied on for the hearing of 22nd November 2018. It was all orchestrated to prevent justice being served on Hannon (the Official Receiver) and Staunton (the corrupt barrister acting for Middlesbrough FC). Bloom is “in house counsel for MFC, former senior partner of Womble Bond Dickinson in Newcastle, Staunton’s instructing solicitor. It’s a case of the kleptocracy perverting the course of justice to provide impunity to MFC, because Steve Gibson, their Chairman is a fellow colluding Conservative political and white-collar criminal.

It is no coincidence that on 16/10/2019 I threatened to prosecute Fanning and the York Magistrates Legal advisor, Daley, for perverting the course of justice. The following morning, they sought to frantically delete those emails from the court file at Huddersfield Magistrates, not knowing that we have tracked them. The rest of page 3, all of page 4 and on to the top of page 5 contains the returns showing that Westminster Magistrates also deleted the prosecution evidence entirely from the court file, again following Buckland’s orders.

Buckland has been coercing the judiciary in both civil and criminal proceedings to provide impunity to these criminals who have committed indictable only offences.
This must be fully exposed and these quislings must be removed from office, forthwith. BoJo needs to go with them, the lying dishonest coward. Who wants colluding, cheating liars running our country?


From: General Admin
Date: Tue, 11 May 2021 at 05:54
Subject: NEWS ARTICLE: Interview with Mr Buckland QC MP – The driver of judicial fraud & corruption
To: <>

Mr Buckland,

We write to invite you for comment in relation to the following substantive allegations:

DISCLOSURE REQUEST: What was the nature of the call you had with Michael Ellis QC MP at 07.10AM on 09/03/2021? Please disclose notes of the call.

Legally privileged evidence: See: Tab_Z9, page 1, working from the table of contents. Also see this short article on Vos, who you had coerced to continue providing impunity to your associates, along with this: Judicial independence is compromised and the leadership are to blame

Referring to: Tab_AA—Exhibit_Buckland_21_09_2020_PM_VF

1. Mr Buckland. In October 2017, in your role as Solicitor General, one of the two Law Ministers responsible for the CPS, the SFO and with a duty to prosecute civil contempt, you provided impunity to Jeremy Robin Bloom who you are personally affiliated. At page 16 of the exhibit, you responded to the letter at pages 7 – 13. You knew that the offenders had fraudulently withheld 172 pages of witness evidence from the ex-parte hearing. Fraudulent non-disclosure is contempt.

2. At page 16, your response (B) you referred to a contractual dispute. You knew there was no dispute. It is no coincidence that ever since, the corrupt purported judges who have been following your orders referred to a “dispute” but there is no dispute. Your cohort, Jeremy Robin Bloom unlawfully forfeited the Lease for the wind turbine after refusing the connection. Even if Bloom did not refuse the connection, they still unlawfully forfeited the Lease. The first installment of rent was not payable until 15th September 2015. The Energy Supply Agreement is conditional.

2.1. Q. Why did you refer to a dispute when you know there is not one?
3. At page 8, it is referred to the fact that Gill, acting under Bloom of Middlesbrough FC’s instruction submitted a fraudulent £4.1 million proof of debt when the form he used has a penal notice attached to it. You were aware that Gill had sent Mr Millinder the note of hearing of 9/01/2017 containing the admission by Staunton that “Force Majeure has effect”. You knew therefore, as did the principal offenders that no claims could be established because Force Majeure applied. 24-days later Gill made that claim to Hannon, an officer of the Court. That is contempt, but is also fraud by false representation.

3.1 Q. Why were you concealing an indictable offence in your role as Law Minister, responsible for the CPS?

4. We refer to the recording (3-mins 10-seconds): York_Magistrates_16_11_2018_PT_2_Mr_Williams

4.1. Q. Why did you instruct York Magistrates to transfer the proceedings out to Kirklees Magistrates for disposal by DJ Fanning when you knew the offences were committed?

5. We refer to Exhibit_15, the email dated 15th November 2017.

5.1. Why did you instruct Chief Registrar Briggs to ensure the application was not heard by a High Court Judge when you knew of the fraud and dishonesty?

6. Why did you take oath swearing to uphold the rule of law and to maintain the independence of the judiciary when you yourself have bene perverting the course of justice and coercing the judiciary tp provide impunity to Jeremy Robin Bloom (who you went to Durham Hatfield Uni with) and Steve Gibson, a fellow member of the Conservative Teesside kleptocracy of asset stripping fraudsters?.

7. Why are you still in office and why have you been promoting judges knowing they have breached their oaths by supporting you in following your orders? 8. Why did you collude with Michael Ellis QC MP to attempt to create a false instrument restraint order against Mr Millinder to further conceal indictable offences?

You are invited to answer those questions. You may be aware, we have launched a petition to have you and your conspirers dismissed from office forthwith.
The article will be published within 24-hours. We require your feedback by no later than 5PM today. The contents of this email and attachments shall be referred to in the article.

Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,


Tab_AA—Exhibit_Buckland_21_09_2020_PM_VF.pdf (1,966K)

Exhibit 15_sealed_17_11_2017.pdf (477K)

Tab_Z9—Report_Systemic_Corruption_02_06_2020_PM_VF.pdf (796K)

PETITION_COMMONS_LORDS_05_05_2021.pdf (385K)