UK corruption

Serious corruption at the heart of the UK justice system

Serious corruption at the heart of the English justice system

In order of their involvement, with the first (Baister) committing his acts of corruption on the 19th of September 2016, we expose what amounts to a taxpayer funded criminal racketeering enterprise of colluding common purpose corruptors who form the “main cogs” turning the wheels of the UK’s systemic corruption machine, the death of democracy.

Registrar Stephen Baister (former Chief Insolvency Registrar of the High Court), colluded with Ulick Staunton on the 19th of September 2016 and wound EW up after deliberately failing in his duty to apply the mandatory law in insolvency set off knowing that MFC’s claim they sought to prove was extinguished by the EW multi-million pound claim, and that MFC’s claim was entirely fraudulent anyway.  

Mr Justice Arnold (now Lord Justice Arnold) was the fraudster who assisted MFC on the 9th of January 2017 obtaining the ex-parte injunction, lying in his judgment and stating that the rent for the wind turbine lease was £550,000 per annum knowing it was just £50,000 and no rent was owed.  

Nicholas Norman Briggs (Chief Insolvency Registrar), was instructed by Robert Buckland QC MP, who was then Solicitor General, one of the two corrupt Tory Law Ministers, a personal associate of Robin Bloom, the fraudster of MFC, to conceal their fraud.    Briggs met with Anthony Hannon, the corrupt “Official Receiver of London” on the evening of 22nd November 2017 to rehearse the conspiracy at a drinks reception arranged by Radcliffe Chambers, the chambers of Ulick Staunton, counsel for MFC.  

Clive High Jones – Briggs factored in the lying, cheating criminal to circumvent EEI’s application of the 16th of November 2016 which sought to deal with MFC’s fraudulent claims, their criminal fraudulent non-disclosure, their perjury and the criminal misconduct of Hannon.  Jones affixed himself to the case he had no jurisdiction to hear to conceal their criminality.  

Mr Justice Nugee (now Lord Justice Nugee) perverted the course of justice on the 5th of February 2018 as detailed in this article, concealing two counts of criminal fraud by failing to disclose information, perjury and fraud by false representation whilst failing in his duty to recuse Jones from the hearing he had no jurisdiction to hear.  

HHJ Philip Mark Pelling QC – (now the head of the London circuit) Was factored in by Briggs after Briggs allocated himself to the EEI rescission application of the MFC £25,000 proceeds of crime.  After finding, by Staunton’s own admission during the hearing that:  “there’s a cross claim which extinguishes the liability to pay £25,000”, Briggs adjourned the proven rescission case to Pelling, who came in on the 8th of June 2018 to certify the proven case as “no more or less than bound to fail” concealing the proven criminal fraud.  Pelling, acting without jurisdiction made the nullity “Extended Civil Restraint Order” against Mr Millinder (not EEI, the applicant) to conceal their conspiracy to defraud.  Pelling allocated Arnold to the ECRO as the assigned judge.

Sir Geoffrey Vos – Then Chancellor of the High Court (now promoted to Master of the Rolls, head of civil justice for England & Wales), perverted the course of justice, concealing the proven criminal fraud, failing to try the application by Mr Millinder for trial of the fraud whilst retaining the false instrument, void ECRO to assist the offenders.

Mr Justice Snowden – (now Lord Justice Snowden), was the other corrupt judge allocated by Pelling to the ECRO to ensure that when Mr Millinder made any application (along with Arnold) all his applications would be ignored and refused.   We have incontrovertible evidence of Snowden’s vindictive, malicious abuse and perversion of the course of justice.

Mr Justice Fancourt – Was brought in on the 6th of November 2020 to suppress Mr Millinder’s application for trial in respect of more fraud by failing to disclose information. Colluding with the criminal, Dov Ohrenstein, also of Radcliffe Chambers, acting for MFC, Fancourt perverted the course of justice and defrauded Mr Millinder of the second indisputable statutory demand.   Fancourt went on to dispose of the application for trial, whilst finding that MFC and their corrupt lawyers had withheld 13-exhibits of material information during their financial injunction proceeding on the 23rd of October 2020, replicating their fraud in the first ex-parte hearing and once again making entirely false witness statements.  Fancourt went “conveniently blind” and stated he “could not access” any single piece of evidence in Mr Millinder’s favour (because he was acting under orders).

Mr Justice Miles – Miles was allocated by Fancourt to the false instrument “General Civil Restraint Order” he deployed on the 11th of November 2020 which he used to conceal the criminality and serious fraud.      Miles purported to determine Mr Millinder’s application of 10th of November 2020 to recuse Fancourt (because he perverted the course of justice), but on the 26th of November 2020 after Fancourt failed whatsoever to deal with the issued recusal application, steamrollering ahead (acting in excess of jurisdiction) to make the nullity restraint order just one day after being served an application for a warrant for his arrest, along with the sealed recusal application.

Corrupt, politically controlled criminal court judges:  

Michael Fanning – (formerly Director Judge in Huddersfield Magistrates Court, now promoted to “HHJ Fanning” for following orders).   Acting under orders of the corrupt Tory freemason, Robert Buckland QC MP, former Solicitor General and then Lord Chancellor, Fanning was factored in after Buckland instructed Mr Millinder’s private criminal prosecution filed at York Magistrates Court, to be “transferred out of circuit” for disposal by Fanning.   Fanning did not even read any of the evidence, we have categoric proof (from our sophisticated electronic tracking), that the 5-emails containing all the information relied on, was “deleted without being read”, over 10-months after the hearing.  

Paul Currer – (District Judge, North Tyneside Magistrates).   Currer was factored in by the Treasury to conceal and fail to determine the private criminal prosecutions laid by Mr Millinder against the offenders.    Currer perverted the course of justice, in particular with regard the application for the warrant of arrest against Fancourt, which on today’s date (14/08/2022) has still not been determined.

Christopher John Prince ( HHJ, Newcastle Crown Court) – Prince was factored in whilst the Attorney General’s Office rigged emails so that whenever Mr Millinder emailed the CPS in relation to the offences that had been concealed by Currer, they would be informed and would collude accordingly with Prince, who perverted the course of justice, concealing the same offending and then refusing to provide a copy of his judgment.

Mr Justice Jonathan Swift – (The corrupt judge in charge of the Administrative Court), made the false instrument “all proceedings restraint order”, colluding with the Treasury Solicitor and the Attorney General’s Office to conceal the criminal property Mr Millinder had been defrauded of, along with no less than 60 proven criminal offences.

Lady Justice Geraldine Andrews – Was factored in to the Administrative Court as Swift’s accomplice in an attempt to lend credence to Swift’s corruption.  

Visit our “Judicial Hall of Shame” to view the complete (growing) list of oath violating fake actor judges who are part of the English .Gov taxpayer funded criminal racketeering enterprise of gross human rights abusers. They remain in office, because the Tory establishment just cover everything up.

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