Robin Bloom (AKA Jeremy Robin Bloom) of Middlesbrough FC (“MFC”), formerly senior partner of the aptly named “Womble” Bond Dickinson solicitors who have been conspiring to defraud acting under the Club’s instructions made a false witness statement ex-parte (without notice) and his false witness statement (declared as true with a statement of truth) came in tandem with his premeditated fraudulent non-disclosure of 172-pages of witness evidence that would have otherwise proven the statutory demand for over £640,000 against the Club. Even then, Nugee and the rest of the criminals purporting to be judges, ensured the offenders were not prosecuted and were provided impunity.

Robin Bloom lied in his witness statement about the assignment

Below is the excerpt from page 7, paragraph 22 and 22.1 of Robin Bloom’s witness statement dated 8th January 2017:

Robin Bloom MFC - Jeremy Robin Bloom the fraudster lawyer of Middlesbrough FC.

Robin Bloom lied about the fact the claim did exist as of 29th June 2015 when the investment in the project was assigned. The unwarranted demand of 25th June 2015 came about exactly 10-days after Bloom and his purported lawyer, Michael Brown, received this email chain, dated 15th June 2015. Page 1 (A) – (C) of that email evidence, clearly explains that it was condition precedent of the connection offer for MFC to take ownership of their substations so that the connection for the turbine could first be established. Bloom knew that, which is why he withheld that exhibit from the ex-parte hearing, along with the grid connection contracts. Bloom was concealing the fact that they “U-turned on the connection from the Court, there was no mention whatsoever of the fact within his witness statement. At paragraph (D) it is cited that Force Majeure suspends any obligation to have paid the Club until the turbine was commissioned. At (E) and (F) notice is provided of material breach of the Lease, ESA and Connection Deed for refusing the connection. It is proven beyond doubt that Bloom knew that by 25th June 2015 the claim was established by virtue of the fact the Club refused the connection after making a ransom demand for payment that was never owed.

Robin Bloom MFC - Steve Gibson MFC - Ray Mallon MFC. Jeremy Robin Bloom.
Fraudsters and white collar criminals Left Steve Gibson of MFC centre Ray Mallon the corrupt former Cleveland Police detective who went on to become Mayor of Middlesbrough Council and right Robin Bloom AKA Jeremy Robbing Bloom the fraudster purported lawyer All of whom are provided impunity by the corrupt UK establishment

Robin Bloom made no mention whatsoever in his witness statement of the second claim he submitted to Hannon, the Official Receiver in the sum of £541,308.89 of which £466,308.89 was for energy supply they prevented from being supplied. Bloom made no mention of the fact that £181,269.89 of the first claim was also for energy supply that was conditional upon Mr Millinder’s “satisfaction in full” of “entering into a connection agreement” the Club refused and that in absence of, there was no “entitlement to agreed output” (agreement to supply power) and any “invoicing & payment” was also contractually prohibited. The unwarranted demand of 25th June 2015 comprised of invoices for energy supply in that sum of £181,269.89, which then grew to over £4 million precisely 24-days after Staunton, the Club’s own barrister verified Mr Millinder’s case, stating that “Force Majeure has effect”, on 9th January 2017, during that same ex-parte hearing.

On 12th November 2018, after Nugee himself found that the claims were false but failed to recuse his fellow colluding white-collar criminal, ICCJ Clive Hugh Jones knowing that Jones had no jurisdiction to hear the case, Ulick Staunton “U-turned” on the claims he admitted could not be established on 9th January 2017.

Also at page 7, paragraph 22.2 of his ex-parte (without notice) statement, Bloom lied about the assignment of the investment Mr Millinder made in the project that was assigned to “EE”, (“Earth Energy Investments LLP”), knowing that he himself has submitted, by then, two fraudulent claims, with the 2nd at £541,308.89 to Hannon, the corrupt Official Receiver of London, to prevent Mr Millinder calling a meeting of creditors to replace him. Bloom’s strategy was to collude with Hannon, who accepted the fraudulent claims to keep the asset, the claim proven by virtue of unlawful forfeiture, beyond reach of creditors.

Bloom lied and denied seeing evidence of the assignment he had in his possession on 30th June 2015, then on 3rd January 2017 and then on 6th January 2017

Robin Bloom MFC - Jeremy Robin Bloom of Middlesbrough FC

Robin Bloom lied in his witness statement he certified as true and stated he has seen no evidence of the assignment knowing that he had the assignment in his possession on 30th June 2015, then on 3rd January 2017 (by email – see below) and on 6th January 2017 with the demand in hard copy. It is proven beyond doubt Bloom knew the statement he was making was false, but now (Lord Justice) Nugee, the white-collar criminal, has been concealing the indictable offence (section 5 of the Perjury Act 1911) to prevent justice being served on them.

The 3rd January 2017 notice of assignment

Middlesbrough FC wind turbine fraud

Bloom knew, on 30th June 2017 but at the latest by the longstop of 3rd January 2017 that the investment (over £770,000) had been assigned to Earth Energy and that on 3rd January 2017 he had written notice of the absolute assignment constituting the demand itself (Part B), the assignment resolution of 29th June 2015 and the above email, all of which constitute a valid legal assignment in accord with section 136(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925. Bloom knew that, which is why he lied about the assignment in his witness statement and then fraudulently withheld that assignment and the email above, making no reference to it whatsoever. It is proven beyond doubt that Bloom knew the statement he certified as true was false.

Bloom and the Club are guilty of fraud by failing to disclose information (section 3 of the Fraud Act 2006) and of Perjury, but Nugee and the rest of the dishonest cowards purporting to be judges have been perverting the course of justice, knowing of the offences they have committed. They are all guilty of conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and of concealing criminal property (section 327(1) of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002). Buckland QC MP, the purported Lord Chancellor, has promoted Nugee to a Lord Justice of appeal, for following his orders in providing impunity to the criminals, his personal associate, Bloom, who he attended Hatfield Durham Law School with.

Then on 4th January 2017 Mr Millinder wrote to Anthony Campbell, the corrupt fraudster, “Insolvency Examiner” of Anthony Hannon’s office, who was colluding with Bloom and Gill of Womble Bond Dickinson to defraud creditors:

Womble Bond Dickinson fraud

The email told Campbell and Hannon that clearly no payment could possibly be owed under either the Lease or the ESA because the Club “U-turned” and refused the connection, preventing Mr Millinder from enjoying the rights granted, which was to “construct, connect to the grid and operate the turbine”. In our earlier article we evidenced how Bloom and the Club themselves agreed the same and only connection for the wind turbine in open email correspondences during the option period, where it was an option for either of the parties to negate if they became dissatisfied with either the technical or commercial terms being proposed.

28-days later, Campbell and Hannon accepted the 3rd proof of debt from Gill, of which over £4 million was for Energy Supply. Hannon retained the fraudulent claim ever since, to defraud creditors. Hannon then dissolved Empowering Wind MFC in 2019, to prevent creditors from recovering the contingent asset, after appointing himself as liquidator of Earth Energy so he could refuse to deal with Mr Millinder, to ensure that he was also defrauded of the assigned investments.

Below is the email from Bloom of 6th January 2017, where he responded to the email of 3rd January 2017 above containing notice of the absolute assignment of the investments. By 6th January 2017, Bloom, Gill, Hannon and Campbell all knew that the investment had been assigned and that the claims; £256,269.89 and £541,308.89 were false.

Robin Bloom - Jeremy Robin Bloom of Middlesbrough FC

Ulick Staunton, counsel for MFC admitted that Force Majeure has effect on 9th January 2017 but lied numerous times anyway

In the transcript of the hearing (ex-parte – without notice) on 9th January 2017, Staunton made a plethora of false statements to defraud Mr Millinder, knowing of the correct factual position. From page 3 of the transcript:

Ulick Staunton
Knowing the Bloom lied about the assignment and failed to disclose that no money could possibly be owed for either rent or energy supply and knowing of the fact Bloom failed whatsoever to disclose the fact that the Club refused the connection rendering the project entirely useless Staunton saw to it that he took Arnold J only to Blooms false statement

Below, Staunton lied about the operative provision of Force Majeure within the Lease, knowing that it has effect, for the same fundamental reason he knew it had effect in relation to, namely, because the Club refuse the connection:

Ulick Staunton the fraudster barrister

And here is the operative provision of Force Majeure within the Lease that absolved any requirement to pay rent, but Arnold, a fellow idiotic, oath breaking white collar criminal (who has also been promoted to Lord Justice of Appeal for following his orders by Buckland after having sustained the ECRO (extended civil restraint order) against Mr Millinder to conceal the blatant fraud, failed whatsoever to consider the terms of the Lease, he just took Staunton’s word for it.

Schedule 5 – Agreements & Declarations of the Lease

Page 29 of the Lease, “Agreements & Declarations, clause 6 contains the operative provision of Force Majeure that Staunton lied about in the Lease:

The Statutory Demand that originated their ex-parte hearing explicitly referred to Force Majeure having effect from 23rd September 2013 until 23rd December 2014 and thereafter, when the turbine was ready to construct, from 7th February 2015, when the Club refused the connection, the unreasonable and unforeseen delay applying in favour solely of Tenant (Mr Millinder).

Staunton knew this, which is why he lied about Force Majeure in the Lease in tandem with failing to disclose the fact that the Club refused the connection. Nugee was concealing the fraud (perverting the course of justice), which is why, on 5th February 2018, Nugee “rewarded their frauds” and sustained the injunction, defrauding Mr Millinder of £640,000, the sum of the indisputable statutory demand, which awarding £10,000 in costs to the offenders. He now sits as a Lord Justice of Appeal, when he had breached his oath, acting with favour and ill will.