Intelligence UK International are problem solvers, and we use our best endeavors to solve your problems as quickly as we can, applying our diverse skillsets and wherewithal to get to the issues, then rapidly developing strategy to combat them.

It’s all in the perfection of, and then in the delivery of the strategy.

Choose the option below that’s best for you, place your order and we’ll do the rest.

OPTION 1 – Pay by the hour

Intelligence UK International private investigations

Our standard hourly rate is £125. As a special one time offer for all new clients, you get two hours for the price of one with your first order.

OPTION 2 – 3 hour initial consultation package

We don’t charge you to initially read the papers (within reason) as we must first determine whether we believe your case is properly arguable, and we need to establish the direction of travel. We usually spend at least an hour on a no obligation basis reviewing the information you initially provide us.

Our 3 hour initial consultation offers a free half hour conference with one of our experts over either Zoom or telephone (whichever you prefer), followed by 3 hours investigatory work or reporting.

This service is just £285, £90 cheaper than paying by the hour (but do take advantage of our 1 hour free for all first time customers by selecting option 1 for first time clients).

OPTION 3 – 10 hour value consultation package

For those who require preparation of reports or documents, we can achieve a lot in 10 hours, and again, we don’t charge for pre-reading.

We have discounted our 10-hour package to just £1,000, that’s incredible value at just £100 per hour, £250 cheaper than if you were paying by the hour.


Select your preference:

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If you require a substantial amount of work completing, we will review the level of work required and you can spread the cost with a fixed monthly retainer. Contact us with your enquiry.

Our standard Terms & Conditions apply.