UK corruption

OPERATION UKJ – Report on UK judicial fraud & corruption

Lady Justice Andrews, one of the UK's corrupt judiciary

Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5

Intelligence UK International releases our conclusive 4 – part report following 4-years of investigation proving serious corruption within UK’s judiciary and political establishment.

We evidence how those who are funded by the taxpayer in ministerial and judicial office have grossly abused taxpayer’s funds and the public trust, acting with premeditated intent to cover up a most serious criminal conspiracy to defraud creditors in proceedings under the Insolvency Act 1986 / Insolvency Rules 2016.

We reveal a clear pattern in the compromised judiciary acting with malicious intent, concealing evidence, failing to administer the mandatory law of due process they are paid to administer, whilst acting to prevent justice being served on corrupt corporations owned by the Tory Teesside politician, Steve Gibson O.B.E and his cronies.

We evidence that Anthony Hannon, the Official Reciver of London, a senior official within the Insolvency Service was installed as liquidator to defraud creditors. The establishment acted to prevent criminals from being prosecuted.

We evidence that the judges themselves have committed fraud in the form of multiple false representations and concealment.

The reader may download and use the contents of our report for information purposes only. Copyright fair usage policy applies. Copyright applies to all our material, which may otherwise not be reproduced without our written consent.


OPERATION UKJ PARTS 2, 3, 4 & 5 each contain an active table of contents with self-explanatory headlines for ease in reading. Once the reader has downloaded the report and saved it in a local folder, use mouse right click – previous view to return to the table of contents page, or the last page viewed. Reveal the “bookmarks” tab to navigate.

OPERATION UKJ 2 (Pages 29 – 53) – Report on 2 counts of criminal fraud by failing to disclose information and 1 count of perjury between 9 January 2017 – 5 February 2018.

  • TABLE OF CONTENTS: at page 30 with a 1-page introduction at page 29

OPERATION UKJ 5 (Pages 1 – 28) – Report on Lord Justice Arnold’s 9 January 2017 false representation and fraudulent concealment in breach of duty

  • TABLE OF CONTENTS: at page 2 with a 1-page introduction at page 1

OPERATION UKJ 4 (Pages 54 – 81) – Report containing evidence proving 30 criminal offences committed by the liquidator of EW and EEI and concealment by the Government Legal Department, the Attorney General, Insolvency Service. A cover up by senior judges and corrupt public officials

TABLE OF CONTENTS: at page 55 with a 1-page introduction at page 54

OPERATION UKJ 3 (Pages 153 – 172) – Report on how Chief Registrar Briggs perverted the course of justice and denied remedy on 11 April 2018 by failing to rescind the winding up order against EEI after establishing that there was no real debt on which the insolvency order was based

TABLE OF CONTENTS: at page 154 with a 1-page introduction at page 153.

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We are Intelligence UK International, a leading global private intelligence agency dedicated to investigating and combatting domestic corruption and economic crime where law enforcement fail. Bringing you hard hitting investigatory journalism, holding the unaccountable to account.
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