Timothy Fancourt breached his oath, perverting the course of justice by concealing proven fraud and ensuring that the application for trial of the fraud was never heard to prevent justice being served on Middlesbrough FC and their corrupt, dishonest fraudster lawyers, Womble Bond Dickinson, Ulick Staunton and Dov Ohrenstein.

The application for trial of 28th October 2020 that was suppressed by Mr Justice Fancourt

This is the application of 23rd October 2020 for trial of fraud by failing to disclose information that Mr Justice Fancourt suppressed:

Pages 1 – 4 contain the application notice for trial and the continuation sheet.

Page 6 is Mr Millinder’s witness statement dated 28th October 2020 containing an active table of contents for ease in navigation.

Page 17, paragraph 73 contains a “shopping list” of 13 exhibits of material information that was fraudulently withheld by Middlesbrough FC and their corrupt lawyers, listing items 17a – 17p in alphabetical order.

Page 44 contains Mr Millinder’s second witness statement dated 3rd November 2020 and page 45 contains a further active table of contents for ease in navigation.

Mr Justice Fancourt evaded all Mr Millinder’s evidence and he admitted during the hearing of 6th November 2020 that he did – It is evidenced on the transcript

We evidence the transcript of the hearing of 6th November 2020, which was to be the first hearing of Mr Millinder’s application for trial of the fraud committed by Middlesbrough FC, Womble Bond Dickinson and Dov Ohrenstein on 23rd October 2020.