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Lords of Fraud

Lord Justice William Davis to the Judicial Hall of Shame

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Lord Justice William Easthope Davis is the allegedly corrupt judge who perverted in the Hillsborough Inquiry and then went on to pervert in the Millinder case to conceal fraud and criminal conspiracy by corrupt public officials.
The oath breaking Lord Justice William Davis and his imposing Warwickshire residence that has been largely funded by you the taxpayer

Lord Justice William Davis, AKA William Easthope Davis, a Court of Appeal judge residing at The Old Malt House, Church Street, Wellesbourne, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV35 9LS has today been added to the Judicial Hall of Shame for breaching his judicial oath, defrauding and perverting the course of justice to provide impunity to fellow corrupt members of the judicial tyranny and the corrupt lawyers they have all been shielding from prosecution.

Lord Justice William Davis was the judge who covered up for the corrupt police and their lawyer in the Hillsborough inquiry, making a nonsensical excuse that there was no ” course of public justice” to prevent justice being served on the police, who perverted the course of justice, when he too perverted the course of justice. He was quickly promoted to the Court of Appeal, after breaching his oath, for “following orders”.

On 11th November 2021, William Davis LJ, sitting in the Court of Appeal was instructed by the Master of the Rolls, the corrupt head of UK civil justice, Geoffrey Vos to sustain a fraudulent, false instrument “all proceedings restraint order” to conceal proven fraud and indictable only offences, perverting the course of justice in judicial office a second time over.

Lord Justice William Davis was asked for directions based upon three emails and their attachments which prove multiple counts of fraud. Davis, acting with dishonest and premeditated intent to pervert the course of justice, failed whatsoever to provide the directions, striking out the appeal which was to set aside a proven void restraint order that was deployed by the corrupt Attorney General to conceal multiple serious offences by corrupt lawyers and judges.

The corrupt UK government has been prompting these oath breaking fraudsters and human rights abusing tyrants to Lord Justices of Appeal for “following their orders”.

Even the Lord Chief Justice, Ian Burnett of Maldon, who has also perverted the course of justice to provide impunity to his fellow freemason Jewish brethren, Geoffrey Vos, Richard Snowden, Timothy Fancourt, Robert Miles, Christopher Nugee, Richard Arnold, Edward Murray, Philip Mark Pelling (AKA HHJ Pelling), Edward Murray, along with the corrupt insolvency registrars, Nicholas Briggs and Clive Hugh Jones, who were in turn supported by Mr Justice Jonathan Swift and Lady Justice Geraldine Andrews in the Administrative Court, was forced, only in December last year to admit that there is “Unprecedented levels of political interference with courts

Lord Justice William Easthope Davis has acted with “favour and ill-will” whilst allowing his impartiality to be compromised by the corrupt Tory establishment. Judges that breach their oaths are not judges, the law is designed to work that way.

Undoubdtely the corrupt Government will seek to keep William Davis in office so he can continue defrauding innocent parties in the name of justice in the same way, however, their acts of corruption do not diminish the rule of law, the all time constitutional importance of the Promissory Oaths Act, law that is designed to regulate the judiciary to prevent this kind of abhorrent, corrupt and fraudulent behaviour.

You the taxpayer are paying these gross human rights abusing, oath breaking white-collar criminal cretins to defraud and terrorise our people in the name of justice.

In December 2018, under the Tory kleptocracy, these criminals were given huge pay rises, with the Mail on Sunday reporting that “You pay judges up to £60k to move house“.

What was not revealed is that most of them have breached their constitutional oaths many times over, but they are harbored in judicial office, completely unregulated and unaccountable, to continue defrauding and perverting the course of justice in this way.

It was no coincidence that William Davis featured heavily in the article, where the Mail on Sunday announced that “William Davis had broadband, rent and council tax bills paid when he moved to the High Court in London” and “Mr Justice William Davis received £29,842 to pay for utilities including broadband, rent and council tax. He was the most senior criminal court judge in Birmingham but now sits in the High Court in London

Later this week, (week commencing 22nd November 2021) we shall release our investigation of the mala fide order produced by Lord Justice William Davis to show the world how these oath breaking criminals are abusing the rule of law, their positions of trust and making a mockery of all UK citizens.

We have invited William Davis for comment and we shall post any comments he wishes to make alongside our next investigatory article.

Please like, comment and share widely. The people have a right to know the truth.

The 21 Cards of Injustice - Get it now

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