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Judicial corruption:  Why a serious fraud case covered up on Teesside matters to everyone

By Dr Roger Cottrell

Exclusive investigation: Serious judicial corruption originating by Tory political interference

Subscribers to Intelligence UK International may have picked up on a recent article regarding legal irregularities in Teesside, arising from financial misconduct and allegations of serious fraud on the part of the management at Middlesboro FC and their lawyers.  

Judicial corruption erodes trust in the administration of law and the judiciary – Nobody can rely on the courts to do justice it affects all and could happen to anyone

In layman’s terms (I am not a lawyer!) the allegations are that Mr Paul Millinder, an entrepreneur in the area of renewable energy both in the UK and abroad, entered into an agreement to build a wind generator at Middlesboro football ground and was then defrauded by the management of the club.  He then claims (and this is backed up by evidence) that in violation of judicial impartiality Robert Buckland QC colluded with Judge Michael Fanning to bury the case.  When Mr Millinder dug in his heels, Buckland and co called in their network of political allies, both local and national and often of the freemasonic variety, clubbed together to gang up on Mr Millinder, projecting him as the villain of the piece.

To outsiders, and people who’ve never set foot in Middlesboro (that includes myself) it may at first seem that this case, while serious and scandalous, is arcane and doesn’t really relate to the burning issues of our time.  However, we have a saying in the film business that “local is global.”  When film director Mike Hodges took Ted Lewis’s ground-breaking novel, Get Carter, and transferred the action from Scunthorpe to Newcastle, he was aware of local corruption scandals that included John Poulson and T. Dan Smith but which also involving the Krays   Since then, business and political corruption in the North East has formed the basis for the rise of New Labour (essentially a North Eastern phenomenon), the disconnect between Labour and the working class, and the turn of the so called “Red Wall” seats to the Tories during Boris Johnson’s illegally funded and highly manipulated election.  

Ejected from Birmingham, by a coalition of local villains and corrupt police who were about to fit them up for handling stolen goods, the Krays switched their attention to Newcastle as a (relatively) soft target given that the corruption here was of a distinctly “old school” and parochial flavour.  This much is evident from Ted Lewis’ groundbreaking novel. 

A decade later, and given the widespread corruption of the local Labour party, Giles Raddice of the GMB union was able to advocate parachuting bright young politicians with solid University backgrounds to act as a “new broom” and “sweep out the dross.”  Giles Raddice just happened to be a CIA agent inside the British Labour Movement. The real problem, however, was that the “new broom” of bright young politicians included Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Alan Johnson.  In other words, New Labour rose specifically on the back of and as a supposed antidote to corruption in the North East.

While North Western Cities such as Liverpool and Manchester, which are also highly ethnically diverse, retained some of their historically radical and socialist traditions it was in the North East that the Labour Party became completely disconnected from its historical roots in the working class.  This would have repercussions when the worst economic crisis in capitalism’s history hit in 2008 and relations between New Labour, Rupert Murdoch and big finance soured.

It was now that the myth that Labour had “turned its back on the white working class” gained traction, particularly in the North East, and that a populist Right composed of corrupt millionaires was somehow the answer.  These, after all, were the “new Tories,” who were absolutely mired in corruption (especially in the North East) but who would nonetheless “get BREXIT done.”  As a recent interesting article in the By-line Times reports, this was all tied up with promises to “level up” the North through the creation of unregulated “enterprise zones” known as Charter Cities.

While it was racism and Islamaphobia, fuelled by Russian troll farms that delivered the illegally financed and manipulated BREXIT vote, the Economic Research Group (“ERG“), founded by Jacob Rees Mogg, always knew what BREXIT was really about.  Itself heavily embroiled with the laundering of dirty Russian money, the ERG is now effectively the government of Britain’s one party non-democracy and all barriers to its criminal activity will be swept aside once it’s corrupt puppet, Liz Truss, is installed as Rees Mogg’s puppet Prime Minister.  The avowed intention of BREXIT, as Polly Toynbee has remarked in The Guardian, is to “finish the job that Thatcher started” and nowhere is this more evident than in the plan to establish Charter Cites on the UK’s Northern Coast.  Indeed, it seems that this is what “levelling up” actually means.

The Charter City – a Billionaire’s Charter for Corruption

The Charter City is the vision of one Roatan Zedde, who has been heavily connected to the corrupt business and political strategies both of Robert Mercer and Jacob Rees-Mogg.  All are heavily connected to Putin supporting Oligarchs and even more directly to the FSB.  Indeed, Zedde’s first crime against humanity was to advise and orchestrate Boris Yeltsin’s fire-sale privatisations at a cost of millions of Russian lives.  Putin and the gangsters around him, who became his loyal social base of Oligarchs, were able to exploit this with devastating consequences not just for Russia but for the world.

The jewel in the crown of Zedde’s vision, however, is the Charter City, run directly by oligarchic billionaires with no democratic or public accountability, no publicly owned services and no rights for the disenfranchised workers that live and work in them.  Having already tacitly agreed to a partition of Ukraine, the Russian funded ERG, that is the British government, is now allowing Putin’s murder machine to further devastate the West of the country where his soldiers have already raped and murdered on an industrial scale.

Meanwhile, as we have seen elsewhere, the British in particular have sold the Ukrainian government just enough arms to perpetuate the conflict but not to decisively turn the conflict in Kyiv’s favour.  This puts Britain, meaning the government and its corrupt cronies, in pole position to “make a financial killing out of a genocide,” when it comes to Ukraine’s post war reconstruction, based on the Ukraine government’s banning of trade unions and employment rights

The key to this reconstruction, achieved at the expense of the Ukrainian working class, will be the creation of Charter Cities in the pure dystopian form that was envisaged by Roattan Zedde.  In a slightly more watered down form, however, this formula is to be recreated in the UK, both to punish cities like Liverpool and Manchester (which dared to offer resistance to the Tories) and reward the sad Muppets in the North East who voted BREXIT to “get their country back.”

Indeed, Teesside police appear that corrupt already that they already act as a private militia to the bent cabal running Middlesboro and its environs.

Judicial corruption: This is the North – Where we do what we want!

“See this – this is the North – where we do what we want.”

  • Corrupt cop in David Peace’s Red Riding.

They don’t have Russian Oligarchs in Teeside, yet, buying up property, the political institutions, and compromising the likes of Boris Johnson through sex parties with underage girls.  The corruption that formed the background to the case of Middlesboro FC, the defrauding and stitch up of Paul Millinder, is distinctly “old school” and of a parochial Masonic variety that would have been recognised by Ted Lewis and which wouldn’t be out of place in a retrospective thriller by David Peace.  Ergo, Robert Buckland QC, who allegedly schmoozed Judge Michael Fanning, went to law school with Robin Bloom of Middlesboro FC and both are freemasons. 

Judicial corruption: Steve Gibson OBE - Corrupt Tory Teesside politician and Chairman of Middlesbrough FC.   Centre:  Ray Mallon, corrupt cop turned Mayor of Middlesbrough Council (on the board of Middlesbrough FC foundation charity) and right, Robin Bloom, Gibson's right hand man, former senior partner of Womble Bond Dickinson LLP, the corrupt law firm party to the fraud and now general legal counsel for the Club
Left Steve Gibson OBE Corrupt Tory Teesside politician and Chairman of Middlesbrough FC Centre Ray Mallon corrupt cop turned Mayor of Middlesbrough Council on the board of Middlesbrough FC foundation charity and right Robin Bloom Gibsons right hand man former senior partner of Womble Bond Dickinson LLP the corrupt law firm party to the fraud and now general legal counsel for the Club

Similar connections link all of these characters to Masons and Tories in local government and the police, as well as the Mayor of Middlesboro who happens to be a Mason and an ex cop, too.  We may have more to report on this local cabal at a later date but all, suffice to say, have a stake in the government’s proposal to make Teesside a Charter City.

At which point the Russian Oligarchs who bankrolled BREXIT and effectively own the current government, through the ERG, may well move in, making the criminal takeover of the Krays look pace and distinctly small beer.

As we say in the film trade, local is global, and in the parochial corruption of Teesside the whole sordid story of bent Tory Britain is told.

The Red Wall seats are vital not only to a Tory Parliamentary majority but to the establishment of the Charter Cities that will facilitate further wholesale privatisation and trashing of workers’ rights.  It was not surprising, therefore, that when the cabal screwing over Paul Millinder was running into trouble in Middlesboro they went running to their political friends in London who need the Red Wall Tories both to hang on to power and deliver the Charter Cities at the local population’s expense.

It is at this point that the big guns weighed in, against Mr Millinder, including Susanna McGibbon, the Treasury Solicitor and Head of the Government’s Legal Department, siding with a group of local, corrupt and parochial Tory shits, against one solitary entrepreneur, in a case that any “normal” or legitimate government wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

Did Harold Wilson and even Jim Callaghan run to the defence of Poulson and T. Dan Smith?  Certainly not!  Did Susanna McGibbon deploy Suheera Abdulkadir to help smear and stitch up Paul Millinder?  Absolutely, 100%!

In doing so moreover, the Johnson and Truss government’s role in helping bury corruption in Teesside provides an interesting case study of how the establishment has covered up other scandals, beginning with the Deep State paedophile ring that helped deliver and maintain Margaret Thatcher in power, starting Britain on its current, sorry arsed and deeply corrupt course.

Judicial corruption: Early days - Empowering Wind Group and Middlesbrough FC announce launch of "Europe's first wind powered football stadium" - Before the Club refused the connection and then demanded rent and payment for energy supply after preventing the energy from being supplied!   Left: Renewable energy developer Paul Millinder and right, Neil Bausor, Chief Executive of the Club
Early days Empowering Wind Group and Middlesbrough FC announce launch of Europes first wind powered football stadium Before the Club refused the connection and then demanded rent and payment for energy supply after preventing the energy from being supplied Left Renewable energy developer Paul Millinder and right Neil Bausor Chief Executive of the Club

One must pose the obvious question, and that is, where it is evidential that the Club and their lawyers knew that the Distribution Network Operator required that the Club take ownership of their substations, I quote from their lawyer in September 2012 “the need to transfer the two existing substations from the DNO to the club“, which was during the “option agreement period”, why did they not pull out then when they had no intention of providing the connection?

The second question is why did they take £200,000 for the lease allowing Mr Millinder to “construct, connect to the grid and operate” the wind turbine on the 17th of June 2013, whilst then waiting right up until the 30th of April 2015 before refusing the connection that formed the precis on which the contracts were conceived. I quote:


It appears to have been an engineered stitch up from the outset. Anyone knows that to operate, the turbine needs a connection. Was it a coincidence that Ray Mallon, whilst Mayor of Middlesbrough Council controlling the planning system, was also acting as “consultant” to Durham Tees Valley Airport, who demanded that Mr Millinder paid them £700,000 for a radar mitigation system that was both unnecessary and did not even exist?

It was not until Mr Millinder successfully resolved the delay that prevented the turbine from operating that the Club refused the connection. I smell a rat, several in fact.

In short, the methodology by which the establishment closed ranks, abusing the positions of Government Legal Departments and Attorney General, to cover up the paedophile ring, ahead of the 2003 illegal Iraq War, are precisely the same that we see in Susanna McGibbon’s appointment of Suheera Addulkadir to bury the corruption scandal on Teesside and smear Paul Millinder.

Which begs the question, how many more scandals have been covered up in this way, that we don’t hear about, that are a Hell of a lot more serious than Party-gate?

Judicial corruption: Anatomy of a Cover Up – The Teesside Case as “Case Study”

In my forthcoming novel, Jaded Jerusalem, a retrospective crime thriller set during the miners’ strike, the role of the Deep State paedophile ring is referenced.  In particular the second protagonist, Orla O’Regan, who is partly based on Jill Dando, makes the point that the network was set up less to feed the perversions of the paedophile creep show that Thatcher indeed gathered around her as to neutralise her enemies.

Building on this contention, which is borne out by the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange, the novel then suggests that it was Cyril Smith and Grenville Janner who were set up to murder eight year old Vishal Mehrotra in Dolphin Square on the day of the Royal wedding in 1981.  The purpose was political blackmail and tp place a time bomb at the heart of what would become New Labour, in order to further control its betrayal of democratic socialism.

In the novel Jimmy Savile is present when the young boy is killed – something that I can’t substantiate in real life.  Jaded Jerusalem, after all, is a novel, albeit one that is founded in fact.  However, I have already offered compelling evidence, in an article for this platform that Smith and Janner were indeed set up in this way, to murder the young boy, something that Peter Mandelson must have been aware of when he lobbied for Janner to receive a peerage.  

As for Savile, the important thing to remember is that he was not the lone wolf predator abusing a position of trust that is projected in the official narrative.  Rather, he was a pimp for the network whose activities were both known and endorsed by Thatcher and who was rewarded with positions at Broadmoor and Stole Manderville to abuse at will accordingly.

This is the scandal that Jill Dando was investigating when she was set up to be murdered by Kenneth Noye at the behest of his corrupt associates in the Metropolitan Police.

The parallel with the Teesside smear campaign exists in that Kier Starmer, as DPP, appointed Alison Lewitt to investigate allegations against Janner and Savile in the full knowledge that her husband was a friend of Cyril Smith.  This, it seems, is the pattern of all official cover ups of this kind, that is also laid bare in Teesside..

In all fairness, neither Susanna McGibbon nor Attorney General Suella Braverman were in post when David Cameron instructed Theresa May to set up Operation Midland to fail.  Both were appointed in 2020 with Braverman previously being Minister for “BREXIT opportunities” (a contradiction in terms), meaning she’s another creature of the ERG who knows all about the Charter Cities. 

Both were in position, however, when Priti Patel instructed West Sussex Constabulary NOT to reopen the Vishal Mehrotra case, and when the government were brushing evidence of Russian collusion, both in the BREXIT vote and Boris Johnson’s election, together with evidence of illegal Russian funding both to the Tory Party and, in particular, the ERG itself.  Both were also in position when evidence was buried of Rees Mogg’s personal profiteering during the COVID pandemic that cost God knows how many lives.

All a bit more important than a cake!

Which makes one beg to wonder how much more muck there is around the S bend for this toilet and sewer of a government?

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