International debt recovery - Debt recovery no win no fee - International debt collection. No win no fee debt collection.

International debt recovery without borders

Intelligence UK international debt recovery has no borders. Smooth service, efficiency, expert tracing and robust strategy gives us the edge over traditional debt collection agencies in being able to recover debts for anyone, anywhere in the world. no win no fee debt collection. international debt.

Around 30% of all personal and corporate insolvency is caused as a result of being unable to recover bad debt, it is the difference between success and failure. We are here to bridge that gap, to make sure you and your business don’t fall through and to keep you on the up and up.

Professionalism, rapid execution and strong negotiation skills enable us to achieve results, usually without having to resort to litigation, preserving your company’s reputation and increasing productivity by reducing levels of bad debt. If they knew we are on to them in the country where they are hiding, they pay. International debt recovery. No win no fee debt collection.

No win no fee debt collection and asset recovery No win no fee debt.

Our no win no fee debt collection service provides a zero risk solution to our clients. We are results driven and we only get paid when you do.

If you are owed over £5,000 by a debtor for goods, services, lending agreements or anything else, we are able to help, no matter where the debtor is located.

We are not bailiffs and being contacted by one of our professional investigators has much wider ranging implications for the debtor, they know this and they are more likely to pay, to make us go away.

A holistic approach to international debt collection

Sometimes its not a case of a debtor not wanting to pay, but not being able to. Our approach, whilst robust, is holistic, we are sympathetic to the debtor’s circumstances and we take on board those circumstances, whilst always having our client’s best interests at heart. Sometimes it is a case of reaching that happy medium, opening the door, providing a solution and giving the debtor a chance to come good.

Daily reporting and account management

You are allocated an account manager as your single point of contact who will keep you fully updated with our client progress report rolling record. Via a simple account login, you can track progress without having to ask. International debt recovery and no win no fee debt collection services.

Once we are engaged we usually make contact with the debtor on the same day. Timing is everything.

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