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Industrial scale Tory corruption strikes the heart of justice

Ben Houchen - Tees Valley Mayor & South Tees Development Corporation Board Member

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION: Tory Teesside corruption cronyism spills over into the Royal Courts of Justice

On 6th May 2021, after this firm made contact with Ben Houchen’s office to raise the serious issues entailing fraud and corruption by this affiliate, Tory Teesside politican, Steve Gibson OBE, Chairman of MFC, our follow up report into the South Tees Development Corporation, published on 6th May 2021 was headlined:

Teesside is the fraud and asset stripping hub of the corrupt establishment  . It’s beginning to break surface that many Tory politicians and their associated cronies have their fingers in the taxpayer funded private land grab under STDC and its affiliated companies.  A recipe for corruption, but it’s already well over cooked.    


Yorkshire Post: 22/04/2023: Teesside Freeport developers deny corruption allegation

The Guardian 17/08/2022: “Welcome to the freeport, where turbocapitalism tramples over British democracy

Labour accused Boris Johnson’s northern underling, Ben Houchen of “selling the people of Teesside down the river and hiding behind a cloak of secrecy“. 

The surface is not even scratched, but it takes no Sherlock to expose the extent of the corruption, originating from the same set of Tory cronies in the Treasury whom this firm and others allege to have acted in conspiracy to pervert.   

Led by Tory political coercion of the judiciary and impunity for the cabal, it originated on 9th October 2017 Mr Millinder contacted the Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) to report MFC for contempt of court for making a knowingly false witness statement and withholding all the evidence at the same time.      The alleged offender regularly attends Durham Hatfield Association Club at the law school he attended with Robert James Buckland KC MP. 

Paul Millinder Middlesbrough FC wind turbine fraud
Left Steve Gibson OBE the Tory Teesside politician Ben Houchens right hand man at STDC Centre Corrupt former Cleveland Police Detective and Mayor of Middlesbrough Council Ray Mallon and right Jeremy Robin Bloom general legal counsel of Middlesbrough FC a personal associate of Robert James Buckland KC MP the former Solicitor General turned Lord Chancellor

His Majesty’s judges discriminated against Mr Millinder by depriving him of his right of equality before the law and of the mandatory scheme of law of due process in corporate insolvency proceedings.  Law of which anyone else, any other creditor in his position would have been entitled.

After defrauding Mr Millinder with their fraudulently maladministered insolvency proceedings whereby he was dishonestly deprived of the scheme of law in rule 14.25 of the Insolvency Rules 2016, the mandatory law of due process, successive judges certified his proven case as “no more or less than bound to fail” to unlawfully brand him a “vexatious litigant”. The cabal deployed nullity, in excess of jurisdiction restraint orders as a means of fraudulent concealment and deprivation of one’s right to a fair trial.


Malicious acts by corrupt public officials resulted in serious human rights abuses, including sentencing Mr Millinder in absence of crime, and in absence of service of any prosecution material whatsoever until long after the magistrates trial he was prevented by the Court from attending, had passed.   

Mr Millinder was prevented from attending the summary trial, because the AG, the CPS Prosecution and Judge Currer wanted to ensure that the counter allegations against the allegedly corrupt lawyers he was pursuing, were not advanced.

We found that the Attorney General’s Office had been colluding with CPS Northeast and Mr Millinder’s private criminal prosecutions laid at Magistrates was suppressed.   

Section 1.3 of the Protection from Harassment 1997 affirms that no offence was committed: 

Subsection (1) or 1(A) does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows — (a) that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime

The CPS Prosecutor failed to serve any of the emails sent by Mr Millinder, because the emails said to have amounted to harassment proved that the conduct was being pursued during the course of a private criminal investigation. It is alleged that Northumbria Police wilfully failed in their duty, as all the rest have, to prevent justice being served on the offenders. 

The Attorney General and Solicitor General deployed members of the judiciary, acting in excess of jurisdiction, to fabricate an “all proceedings” order against Mr Millinder to ensure he was permanently fettered from being able to take any action against those who defrauded him.   

Nothing that needed to be determined, was ever touched upon.   It was a spin of legal trickery and deceit designed only to pervert.  


Anyone who fully exposes the extent of the systemic corruption of the UK justice system and government become targets. 

The police close down and ensure all avenues to report crime are locked, the victims are closed down and silenced, any crime report or investigation never goes ahead.   It’s all led from the top.    When the nullity prosecution in absence of crime did not suffice in unlawfully depriving Mr Millinder of his liberty, they decided to invent civil committal proceedings, also founded by acts proven in law to be nullities (ceasing to have legal effect from the outset through acts in excess of judicial jurisdiction).

The same corrupt judge, Andrews LJ, who Millinder alleged to have perverted, and her accomplice, Cavanagh J sentenced Mr Millinder to 15 months in prison for breaching the purported terms of an order that is a nullity, ceasing to have legal effect from the outset.

Ben Houchen Teesside Tory Corruption.  Conspiracy to commit murder.
Another prison suicide and no suspicious circumstances recorded Nobody is any the wiser

The clear and obvious motive is that the Government and their executioners, the judiciary, wanted to murder Millinder in custody to permanently conceal their targeted and malicious acts of corruption and fraud. 

In the public interest we invite journalists to examine our evidence, to attend and report on the proceedings and to fully expose those whom we allege to be human rights abusers and criminal offenders in judicial, public and ministerial office.   The evidence and the law does not deceive. 


Meanwhile, in the High Court, Deuda Ltd, a company who acquired the legal rights of action from Mr Millinder served two claims against those who are alleged to have defrauded Millinder.

The Administrate Court staff are alleged to have lied about an order that does not exist, whilst refusing to seal the claims made by Deuda Ltd, in an apparent bid to further prevent the offenders being from prosecuted.

Get in touch with us for further information on this explosive case.

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