Sir Geoffrey Vos - Master of the Rolls head of UK civil justice
Paul Millinder, our CEO (left) and Sir Geoffrey Vos, the new Master of the Rolls now head of the UK’s civil justice system (right)

“You are no fool Mr Millinder, you know this game as well as I do” – Sir Geoffrey Vos 8th February 2019

Emphasis added on “game”.  These corrupt colluders play games with people’s lives, terrorising their victims under the façade of “justice” and law.  They are lawless white-collar criminals and this investigatory article by my group proves it.     Vos falsified the claim for rent and energy supply knowing that neither were owed:  At paragraph 105 of his judgment, Vos said this:

On 25th June 2015, Middlesbrough invoiced Empowering Wind MFC for a quantified claim for rent in the sum of £256,269.89.

Vos lied and said the claim was “quantified” and that it was for rent, when he knew no rent was owed and £181,269.89 was for energy supply the Club prevented from being supplied.  The position is absolutely indisputable and this page, taking no longer than 3 minutes to acquaint with, makes it very clear. Vos concealed the second claim (proof of debt) in the sum of £541,408.89 and the third, exceeding £4.1 million, because he knew the first was fraudulent. The 2nd and 3rd originate from the first. The false claim (unwarranted demand) used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease. 

Watch our 1 minute and 23 second illustrated video denoting how well the claim was quantified or spend 5-minutes reading our page explaining the Energy Supply Agreement.

Vos falsified the position in relation to the delay of Force Majeure

Self- explanatory.  Vos lied about the delay of force majeure to try and assist the offenders, lending credence to their false statements. Sir Geoffrey Vos – Master of the Rolls – Failing to try what the claim sought to have tried “I have seen no evidence of fraud” Vos concealed the blatant fraud that was proven in the evidence and submissions before him and sought to sustain the false instrument ECRO to prevent justice being served on the offenders. 

Vos affronted the law that makes the assignment valid – The £770,000 these criminals defrauded me of on the basis of a nullity £25k “debt” founded by fraud that never even existed
The application and claim that Vos evaded dealing with sought to set aside the fraudulent liabilities, but Vos was part of the fraud, so he sustained those false liabilities to assist the offenders.  He knew that the following authorities apply, but he still failed to act properly:

It was that blatant fraud and perjury committed by Staunton that Vos had before him in the skeleton.  In his judgment he said this: 

“I should say at once that Mr Millinder cannot ask me now to decide whether Nugee J and HHJ Pelling were mistaken about the validity of the alleged assignment. That could only have been done on appeal from those decisions, which are now out of time”

Vos however knew that the law, namely section 136(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925 makes the assignment valid from the date notice of that assignment was served. He was basically implying it was out of time (when it was well within the 6-year statute of limitations) for the law to be applied, because they have all been defrauding behind the façade of justice. He concealed the fraudulent proofs of debt (claims in insolvency) and he undermined the law that makes the assignment of the £770,000 plus standard interest valid so they could defraud me of the funds assigned against a £25k false liability. The 3 authorities above apply equally to the fraudulent claims as they do the £25k, but these criminals are lawless.

The UK justice system is a total sham, its governance are proven to be dishonest criminals and the majority of the “judges” are only too willing to engage in the kind of malfeasance and lawless outright corruption proven in that article.     They have taken the “Great” out of Britain, defrauding, asset stripping and abusing civilian rights in the name of law and justice when they are lawless terrorists of common purpose who use the courts to inflict injustice. 

This is being circulated worldwide, so every lawyer and human rights authority will know how these immoral, vile, dishonourable cowards behave. 

Who wants liar leaders and criminals at the helm of the justice system? 

If you, or anyone you know has been affected by similar issues raised here please get in touch, we may be able to help.

Paul Millinder
Investigations & Litigation
Intelligence UK International S.A