Sir Geoffrey Vos took office as Master of the Rolls, ,head of the UK’s civil justice system on 11th January 2021. He had no position from which to have done so, but the Conservative Party have been promoting corrupt judges for following their orders. The Lord Chief Justice, the Lord Chancellor and the Law Officers, the Ministers responsible for maintaining the independence of the judiciary are utterly corrupt, all are in breach of their oaths, but they remain in office. Vos has been perverting the course of justice, acting with favour and ill-will to conceal fraud and dishonesty by corrupt lawyers who collude with the corrupt judiciary to defraud innocent parties who seek justice in the courts.

The Promissory Oaths Act 1861 is law today. It is law that is designed to protect the public from tyranny, abuse of power and civil rights violations by those in positions of trust. The constitutional oaths are sworn to be upheld by all officers under the Crown. All judges must take the following oath:

I, Geoffrey Charles Vos, do swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of High Court Judge , and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or ill will”

If a judge breaks their oath, by acting with favour or ill-will, they have broken the law and from the date of the breach, they have no lawful standing or right to continue in office as a judge. Many of the UK’s judges are breaking their oaths, yet they remain in office. One must naturally question why that is? The answer, is because the leadership are entirely corrupt and unfit for their duties, the regulators don’t regulate and the rule of law is being ridden roughshod over, paving the way for people to be defrauded and asset stripped in the name of law and “justice”.

Geoffrey Vos, formerly Chancellor of the High Court, breached his oath on 8th February 2018, acting with favour and ill will, to prevent justice being served on the offenders, Middlesbrough FC, Womble Bond Dickinson and their counsel, Ulick Staunton. Here is the categoric proof he did so and that he knew what he was doing was dishonest:

Vos had before him, an earlier order made by Nugee J on 5th February 2018 where it was found that Middlesbrough FC were neither owed rent or energy supply. From paragraph 3 and 4 of that order it was cited that:

“I have heard some explanation from Mr Millinder as to why that project did not succeed, his contention being that it was, in effect, all Middlesbrough’s fault for failing to enter into an agreement called the connection agreement. The upshot of that was that EW was unable to generate any money, that meant it was neither able to pay rent under the lease, nor to pay what were quite substantial charges ostensibly payable under something called the energy supply agreement under which, if it was not supplying energy to Middlesbrough it had to pay Middlesbrough a figure based on eight pence for each kilowatt hour of energy which Middlesbrough consumed”.

“On the basis of those matters, Middlesbrough demanded payment of money from EW, terminated the lease for non payment of rent and subsequently appeared as a supporting creditor in support of a petition to wind up EW”

“EW” being, Empowering Wind MFC Ltd, the wind turbine sole purpose vehicle. We demonstrate, in less than 5-minutes that the Energy Supply Supply Agreement is conditional upon Mr Millinder’s “full satisfaction of” that “Connection Agreement” referred to by Nugee J that Middlesbrough FC refused. We evidence however, that the demand was not for “non payment of rent”, but £181,269.89 was for energy supply wherein any “invoicing & payment was contractually prohibited and no rent was owed anyway.

At paragraph 109 of his judgment, designed to conceal the fraud committed by Middlesbrough FC of which the £256,269.89 fraudulent claim used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease grew to £541,308.89 and then to over £4.1 million of which over £4 million was sought for energy supply they prevented from being suppled, Vos said this:

On 25th June 2015, Middlesbrough invoiced Empowering Wind MFC for a quantified claim for rent in the sum of £256,269.89.

Vos knew that £181,269.89 was for energy supply that Middlesbrough FC prevented from being supplied. He knew that Nugee J had previously ruled that no rent or energy supply was owed, but yet 1-year on, when Mr Millinder asked him to remove the £4.1 million fraudulent claim originating from the first non-existent claim Nugee J had found to be false. Vos acted with ill-will to conceal the fraud, citing that the claim was quantified, knowing it was not.

Vos had before him the admission that Middlesbrough FC’s own barrister then lied in his skeleton and “U-turned” on the claims; £256,269.89 / £541,308.89 and over £4.1 million, just as Middlesbrough FC “U-turned” on the connection for the turbine and in full knowledge of his lie (“U-turn on the claims”), Vos asked Staunton to replace his skeleton:

Excerpt from page 12 of Staunton’s skeleton for the hearing before Vos

At paragraph 103 of the order by Vos he then concealed the fraud:

“I can say at once that I have been through all the papers in this case in meticulous detail, and I have seen no evidence of any kind for any of the allegations of fraud, conspiracy or misdealing that Mr Millinder has made”.

What use is a judge that works for the fraudsters, concealing fraud?

Vos and his fellow white-collar criminals remain at large, posing a significant risk of financial and emotional harm on all they come into contact with. He must be removed from office at once, yet the corrupt UK Government tyranny keep them there and reward them for concealing fraud committed by fellow associates of their cabal. A case of “justice subject to status”.

Watch our 26-minute video exposing the corrupt UK judiciary:

Terrorists operating in the name of law & “justice”