Subject:A-2021-0089 – Perjury, conspiracy to defraud and blackmail (URGENT) & in the Court of Appeal: C1/2021/1614
Date:Tue, 26 Oct 2021 21:27:24 -0700
From:Intelligence UK International <>


Newcastle Crown Court,

A.   You should record this as a formal complaint of corruption against Mr Prince, who seeks to keep a void prosecution against me alive for “harassing the fraudsters”, when he knows there was absolutely no service whatsoever, but then he lied about it, stating “I am completely satisfied service is effective”, when it is proven beyond reasonable doubt there is none.  

B.   Prince refuses to recuse himself, because he is adamant that he will remain affixed to the case, after breaking his oath and perverting the course of justice.  He will just have to be removed by force, by the police. 

C.    Prince, like the rest of the dishonest, politically controlled white-collar criminals in this case who purport to be judges, has been working very hard to conceal the criminal property I have been defrauded of.  In the UK, justice and law is not applicable to corrupt Jewish freemason lawyers. The oath of the freemason takes precedent.    The Promissory Oaths Act 1868 however, is law today, law that is designed to protect civilians from the likes of Prince, who act with “favour and ill-will”.  The law determines that judges who breach their oaths like Prince has, are not judges. So, the law states, whether he recuses himself or not, he has no standing as a Judge. Prince is one and the same as the offenders he has been working so hard to support, he will join them.     I am asking you, what kind of court or judge works to conceal criminal offences to assist the offenders?  What kind of police officer does the same?

The emails I have sent have been broken down into stages, deliberately, because they are being referred back to.    I shall continue to consolidate.    Follow this very carefully: 
1. In my email of 22/10/2021 at 08.30AM GMT I addressed 3 counts of blackmail and two counts of the offence as in s.5 of the Perjury Act 1911 leading to the second and third count of blackmail.  I referred to the PDF portfolio of tabulated exhibits entitled:  PDF_portfolio_UNWARRANTED_DEMANDS_01148.    I have taken the tabulations out of there, referred to here, to make this absolutely clear. 

2.  I referred to the similar offence (Shahrooz Ghassemian)  where the homeless man who did precisely what Womble Bond Dickinson and Middlesbrough FC have done (only with less money at stake), was jailed for six-years.  There was not a multitude of serious offences and millions of pounds in criminal property concealed by colluding Jewish freemason white-collar criminals purporting to be judges like there is here.  

3.  Between 11th and 16th January 2017, in breach of their continuing legal duty to disclose, the principal offenders, Middlesborough FC, Womble Bond Dickinson and Staunton, dishonestly withheld the Penningtons Manches LLP letter complaining of material non-disclosure.  They did so, to conceal the “shopping list” of material information that was fraudulently withheld by the ex-parte injunction hearing of 9th January 2017.   I refer to:  Tab_23—Exhibit Penningtons_11.01.2017

4. It is clearly evidenced that the Penningtons letter of 11th January 2017 states that I did not consent to costs.   There is a legal duty to disclose, as there was during the first ex-parte injunction hearing, and the second.   The legal duty to disclose, continues up until the first hearing on notice.    Womble Bond Dickinson, Middlesbrough FC and Staunton deliberately withheld the letter, knowing there was no consent on my part to pay them a single penny.  Logic would imply that I am not going to agree to pay them £25k when they owe me over £770,000 plus interest accruing from 30th June 2015.    Hence, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the second count of fraud by failing to disclose information was also convened with dishonest intent and they continued that fraud, with the help of their conspirators, the purported Chancery Jewish freemason white-collar criminal purported judges.  

5. The point I make, in case it is not absolutely clear, is that there was never any consent by me to pay them a single penny and even if there was, they were not owed a single penny.  If you owe me £100, I am not going to pay you £10.   That is known as the law in set off, law that was once again entirely evaded by the corrupt Chancery Court of fraud and injustice. The law I refer to is rule 14.25(1) of the Insolvency Rules 2016.   Here however, there was never any debt whatsoever, they have been using insolvency to defraud and to pervert the course of justice.   

6. Admittedly, to give the corrupt court and the politically controlled judges at least some credit, the law in set off was not applied due to Staunton committing perjury and fraud by false representation when he lied about the cross claim assigned investments and the order of Nugee J made just 7-days prior.  Once again, I evidenced this fraud very clearly in my email of 22/10/2021 at 06.39AM, paragraph 2(a) through to 5.  

7. Now we come on to Exhibit-15.  You should all read that one very carefully indeed, but I will cut to the chase.   At page 4, top of the page, we have the email from Gray of Womble Bond Dickinson dated 27th June 2017 at 11.52AM, also copied to Hannon, the white-collar criminal Official Receiver who posed as liquidator to defraud my fellow creditors and I of the multi million pound claim founded by their proven unlawful forfeiture of the Lease I paid them £200,000 for.      Gray backtracked when he responded to my email listing him as a defendant in the application referred to at pages 4 and 5.  Again, the corrupt waste of oxygen, Morgan of Northumbria Police was copied, but they just covered up the offending, which is why they want to keep it with Currer, then Prince, all peas of the same pod, fellow brethren.  Likewise, which is why Currer and North Tyneside Magistrates failed whatsoever to deal with the private criminal prosecution against them and which is why Prince has done the same.  

8. The point I make is that it is evidenced on 27th June 2017, the offenders, Womble Bond Dickinson, Middlesbrough FC, Staunton and Hannon, knew that there was an application to court being made to deal with their multiple frauds, and, namely, the fraud by failing to disclose information on 2 counts that originated their £25k false liability.   
9. Now we come on to the contents of that PDF portfolio referred to in paragraph (1) above.   I have singled out the tabs, they are accessed at one-click, as well as being attached to this email.  I refer to tab_2, the false instrument High Court Writ application dated 7th September 2017.    The application for a High Court Writ is to Bristol County Court in the sum of £555,000 when all the offenders, Middlesbrough FC in particular, knew that the assigned investment extinguished their purproted £25k fraudulent liability founded by their dishonest non-disclosure in breach of their legal duty to disclose. 

10. Their fraud is inextricably linked to their failure to disclose the Penningtons Manches LLP letter. Had that letter  been disclosed, it would have been found that there was a “shopping list” of material exhibits withheld from the ex-parte 9th January 2017 injunction hearing and no judge would have continued the injunction. Likewise, it would have been found that there was no consent to pay them a single penny.   The appropriate order sought was that each party bears their own. There was never any consent, the consent order was also procured by fraud and there was no hearing on 16/01/2017, Womble Solicitors appear to have colluded with Penningtons, who I sacked after finding they failed to attend as per my instruction. 

11. As previously pleaded, the application is verified with a statement of truth, when all knew it was false.   

12. Tab_3, is the sealed writ order dated 2nd October 2017.  On or around that date, Womble Bond Dickinson, Middlesbrough FC and Staunton would have received that order.  The sum of the order was £583,582.41.  They knew  no such order of the court exists.  Furthermore, they knew that the indisputable sum of the demand I served on them (part of the assigned investments in the sum of £640,000) extinguished their purported £25k founded by fraud in any event.    They did not seek to cancel the order, knowing it was false, quite on the contrary; 

13.  On 21st November 2017 I received a visit from a High Court Enforcement Officer seeking to levy distress on my company’s goods to the value of £619,774.48.    They all knew, and were served with my application filed on 16th November 2017 that was “to be heard by a High Court Judge” which was circumvented by another insolvency criminal, Registrar Clive Hugh Jones, who perverted the course of justice, knowing he had no jurisdiction to hear any part of the application, to conceal the fraud and the criminal property I have been defrauded of.    That is the second unwarranted demand with menaces.  See: Tab_1

14. You will note, tab_1 bears a seal of the High Court on the same day. That is because I filed it in the application of 16/11/2017 and I immediately served it on Womble Bond Dickinson the same day. 

15. Now we come to tab_4, the email chain of 22/11/2017.   Page 1 refers to the fact that the High Court Enforcement Officer confirmed that it was Womble Bond Dickinson who made  the application for the false instrument High Court Writ.   At the bottom pf page 1 is Stewart’s pathetic cover up attempt, where he foolishly refers to the Penningtons Manches LLP letter he withheld dated 11th January 2017 which originated all of their fraud.  I declined to do so, because a police investigation was in process (but the useless dishonest cowards just cover everything up).  Read page 2.  

16. The point made is that on 22nd November 2017, it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that Stewart and his cohorts at Womble Bond Dickinson all knew that there was an application in the High Court to deal with their serious offending, including then the 4 counts of fraud by false representation: £256,269.89 / £255,000 / £541,308.89 and then over £4.1 million, but also their 2 counts of fraud by failing to disclose information and the perjury by means of Bloom’s entirely false ex-parte witness statement of 8th January 2017 where he lied about the assignment that he had in his possession by then, 3-times over.  That was all covered up by the corrupt judiciary.  Bloom knew that statutory law makes the assignment effectual from the date of service, which is why he dishonestly withheld it from the ex-parte hearing, knowing it founded the statutory demand, which denying all knowledge of it in his witness statement, accompanied with a statement of truth. 

17. The other point made is that by 22nd November 2017, not only did they knew there was an application in court pending, but they also knew that neither I, nor any of my companies, owed Middlesbrough FC (or Womble Bond Dickinson) a single penny.  

18. 2-days later, Stewart made yet another false instrument application to Bristol County court (See: tab_7).   Knowing that no money is owed to them and that there is an application against them to deal with their fraud, Stewart and Court Enforcement Services facilitated yet another application, accompanied with the same statement of truth: 
“I certify that the details I have given are correct and that to my knowledge there is no application or other procedure pending” 

19.  Twice they certified the declaration as true, when it is false, resulting in the 2nd and 3rd count of making an unwarranted demand with menaces (S.21 of the Theft Act 1968 – blackmail).    It is proven beyond reasonable doubt that on 27th June 2017 they knew there was an application and procedure pending and likewise, as evidenced on 22nd November 2017, when Stewart made that application just two-days later. 

20.  This is a classic example as to how the courts and the corrupt police are as much a part of the fraud (aiders and abettors and then perverters of the course of justice) as the principal offenders they work so hard to support. 

Now, City of London Police Chief Officer Team, I want to run through these submissions over a Zoom call with you (recorded) today.  Please email me your direct line.   Thank you. 


Paul  Millinder