Subject:A-2021-0089 (Crown Court) & C1/2021/1614 (Court of Appeal) & CoLP – Evidence
Date:Mon, 01 Nov 2021, 03.58AM
From:Intelligence UK International
To:<Undisclosed recipients>

The two emails below sent to City of London Police proved fraud to the required standard. The same two emails were sent to the Court of Appeal, but Lord Justice William Davis, acting under instructions of Geoffrey Vos, the Master of the Rolls, head of UK civil justice compiled the order for him to continue assisting his fellow brethren, corrupt Jewish lawyers and Steve Gibson, the Tory Teesside politician.

Use the table to easily navigate the categoric proof of fraud that was concealed by the corrupt City of London Police and the UK’s conspiring judges:

Dear all,

Referring to my email below of 22/10/2021 at 06.39AM I enclose the 3 salient pieces of evidence proving that Staunton is guilty of fraud by false representation and perjury

1.  Order_21_03_2018 – Is the order of 21st March 2018 by Nugee listing EEI’s application to set aside the fraudulent £25k liability aside (there was no consent).    Ulick Staunton had that order in his possession on the same day, one-week before he attended the winding up hearing in my absence to dispose of the application (perverting the course of justice) when he committed fraud by false representation and perjury: 

During the hearing of 28th March 2018, exactly 1-week later, Staunton lied in Court (committing perjury) and said this:

MR STAUNTON: Indeed, but that matter has been fully ventilated in front of Judge Jones, terminating Monday of this week

2.  Transcript_Barber_28_03_2018 – Is the transcript of the hearing before ICCJ Barber where Staunton lied about the cross claim that he admitted vested in EEI on 5th February 2018 and lied by stating what he did at 3(a) and 3(b) of my email below.  The transcript of the summary hearing founded  by Staunton’s fraud from 12.07PM through to 12.12PM is self evident. 

3. Transcript_CR_Briggs_11_04_18 Is the transcript of the hearing before Briggs, the Chief Insolvency criminal who has been colluding with Jones, Hannon and Staunton from the outset, acting under orders by Buckland, who was then Solicitor General.  The corrupt Attorney General’s Office has coerced the judiciary ever since, to conceal the fraud (perverting the course of justice), which is why their false instrument, void restraint orders came about.     

3.1. By 11th April 2018, the application that was listed for a hearing by Nugee (the application to set aside the fraudulent £25k liability had still not been heard), the proceedings were sub judice.  Notwithstanding the fact that the alleged debt of £25k was founded by their fraudulent non-disclosure and breach of their continuing duty to disclose and that they was never any consent by me to pay them a single penny,  my cross claim, the assigned investment exceeding £770,000 plus standard interest extinguished it many times over.  

3.2. The point made is that an alleged debt, ,that is subject to challenge by a High Court Judge, is not, and cannot possibly be, a petition debt, but these hoodlums have been using insolvency to defraud  and to pervert the course of justice and the Jewish freemason white-collar criminals (including Swift, Vos, Murray, Miles, Nugee, Fancourt, Snowden, Arnold, Pelling, Briggs, Jones) have worked to assist them throughout.

3.3 – Staunton lied and said that the cross claim is the claim that they had defrauded Mr Millinder and creditors of the wind turbine sole purpose vehicle of

3.3. The point made is that Staunton knew that the order of 21/03/2018 listed for a hearing, which is why he lied and said what he did at 3(a).    Staunton knew that the cross claim extinguished the purported £25k founded by their fraud, so he lied and stated this during the hearing before Barber:

“Earth Energy has a fully owned subsidiary, Empowering Wind, which is now in the process of being wound up. The liquidator is Mr Hammond from the OR’s office. The subsidiary had an agreement with the petitioner. The petitioner has, as part of that group, terminated the agreement and also a lease underlying it and Mr Millinder then said, “Well, the subsidiary has a significant claim for damages against Middlesbrough”, but it never brought any proceedings” 

3.4. Yet on 5th February 2018, (from the transcript), Staunton said this:   “What’s assigned are the investments, the £200,000″ – Knowing that all the investments, the £770,000 I invested in the project was assigned on 29th June 2015 and served on MFC on 30th June 2015.   Staunton’s fraud by false representation and perjury highlighted at 3.3 above resulted in what came after at 3(b) in my email below.   

3.5. At 2(a) and 2(b) below, from the transcript of 11th April 2018; At 2(a) it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that Staunton then admitted that cross claim, the assigned investments he admitted were assigned on 5th February 2018, extinguishes the liability to pay £25k (which he admitted on 5th February 2018 anyway).  At 2(b), he lied again and stated that the cross claim and the assignment were before Barber, but he knew none were, because he knew he lied and stated what he did at 3.3 above and at 3(a) in my email below. 

4. Vos and the other lying, oath breaking white-collar criminals then state “I can see no evidence of fraud”, when in fact, all they need to do is look in the mirror, they are as much part of the fraud as the principal offenders. 

I know I am surrounded by pathologically dishonest, colluding, oath breaking liars and cheats who cheat the rule of law, deface the law and the principles of justice itself, but at least the evidence  does not deceive. 

Read this news article exposing these unconstitutional, lying, cheating state terrorists (The Americans love this, it is all being aired in a real court there) not the politically controlled cesspool of corruption there, controlled by the same set of criminals (Vos / Burnett / The Attorney General’s Office) who have “stepped into the shoes of the fraudsters”

I repeat, Prince, of Newcastle Crown Court has done precisely the same, acting under orders of the Attorney General’s Office just as Swift did in the Administrative Court.   You clowns work to protect criminals from prosecution, you have defeated the rule of law, and now, each and every single one responsible are going to be defeated.  I will not tolerate being defrauded by anyone, least of all rotten corrupt system of colluding fraudsters and pedophile sympathisers. 
I do hope this makes the position clear, I absolutely do know it does.

— Paul Millinder: 


From: Intelligence UK International <>
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 at 06:39
Subject: A-2021-0089 & in the Ct of Appeal: C1/2021/1614 – The 5th count of fraud by false representation on the part of Staunton, Middlesbrough FC, Hannon and Womble Bond Dickinson

THE DEFENDANTS ARE COPIED – BY WAY OF SERVICE: – Stewart, Brown, Gill (the “Womble Solicitors), Fancourt, Attorney General’s Office and Palmer of the CPS.  No doubt they can pass on to their conspirators accordingly.

Mr Prince & CoLP,

1. I would hope that you are engrossed reading the intricate report titled: SM_Prince_20-10-2021_PM_FNL.  I noticed that the reference at page 9, p63 which deals with the s.5 perjury committed by Bloom of Middlesbrough FC which came in tandem with his non-disclosure contained a slight issue.    When I followed that by going to tab_5 of the index, then turning to page 10 of the report, p74, the link to the evidence (tab_Z6) did not work.  This has now been corrected (the folder was unlocked).    Read page 2, line 16 of tab_Z6, (also referring to that exhibit at line 16), through to line 16 of page 3.    

2. Now, go to page 10, read the lies told by Staunton during the winding up hearing on 28th March 2018 for the fraudulent £25k “petition debt” that never existed, after he admitted that the assignment was effective on 5th February 2018 and then see the comparative lies told before Briggs on 11th April 2018.  That is the 5th count of fraud by false representation on the part of Staunton where he knew the assignment was effective by his own admission, then lied before Barber, stating that the cross claim is the multi million claim I have been defrauded of by their £4.1 million claim against Empowering Wind MFC Ltd when he knew that the cross claim was the assigned investments.   

2.a – The admission from Staunton of 11th April 2018 that the EEI cross claim extinguished the fraudulent £25k liability:

(a)  At page 10, whilst then “U-turning” again before Briggs (line 6 – 7), stating this: MR STAUNTON: “and paras.17 to 24. So there’s a cross claim which extinguishes the liability to pay £25,000

2.b – The lie in court by Staunton on 11th April 2018 where he said the assignment and cross claim was before Judge Barber on 28/03/2018 knowing he lied about both:

(b)  At page 10, line 10 – 12:MR STAUNTON: “There is the cross claim. There is the assignment. So the two grounds upon which Earth Energy invite you to rescind the Winding Up Order were before Judge Barber“   

3.  But Staunton was lying, just as they all do (including Prince), because, to be clear, what was before Barber on 28th March 2018, was this: 

3.a – The lie in court by Staunton that proceedings had been terminated when he had the order of Nugee J in his possession on 21st March 2018

(a)  Line 16 & 17: MR STAUNTON: Indeed, but that matter has been fully ventilated in front of Judge Jones, terminating Monday of this week

3.b – The lie in court by Staunton where he falsely represented (fraud) the cross claim assigned investments that he admitted extinguished the £25k fraudulent liability on 5th February 2018:

(b)  Line 23 – 28:  MR STAUNTON: “Well, the subsidiary has a significant claim for damages against Middlesbrough”, but it never brought any proceedings

JUDGE BARBER: It’s not a cross-claim then.
MR STAUNTON: That is the cross-claim.

4. The admission by Staunton on 5th February 2018 that the assignment extinguished the £25k fraudulent liability:

4.  That is the 5th count of fraud by false representation, by Staunton, who admitted on 5th February 2018 (from the transcript of 05/02/2018) that “What’s assigned are the investments, the £200,000 proving beyond reasonable doubt that they all knew that Parent Company, Earth Energy Investments LLP did not owe Middlesbrough FC a single penny. The position was precisely the opposite and the assigned investments £770,000 plus standard interest from the date of the assignment, extinguished their fraudulent petition debt (founded by their fraudulent non-disclosure ex-parte between 9th and 16th January 2017), by over 30 times. 

5. Staunton committed the fraud by false representation, in conspiracy, because they were using the façade of insolvency, to defraud me of the assigned investments that founded the statutory demand originating their ex-parte fraudulent non-disclosure (and Bloom’s false witness statement) in the first place.   That is, in its own right, a serious and pre-meditated fraud,  with category A aggravating factors and the offence is herein proven beyond reasonable doubt.    

5.  Additionally, on 21st March 2018, Staunton had the order of Nugee J in his possession, listing Earth Energy’s application of 1st March 2018 (to set aside the fraudulently obtained injunction) for a hearing in the usual way.   

6. By 11th April 2018 (the rigged hearing before Briggs, the other corrupt white-collar criminal, a personal acquaintance of Staunton) had not been heard:   Therefore it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the statement at 3(a) by Staunton is also false and that he knew it to be false.   Staunton lied and stated that the matters had been determined before Jones, because he knew, just as I do and anyone else who is legally trained would know, that an alleged “debt” (not that one ever existed) that is subject to challenge by order of a High Court Judge, is not, and could not possibly be, a petition debt, but they made it one, to defraud me of over £770,000 and Fancourt, the other Jewish freemason white-collar criminal, continued the fraud, as did Nugee, Vos and the rest of these corrupt criminal racketeers purporting to be judges (including Prince, Currer and Fanning). 

I do hope this makes the position clear.    In my final submission, (to follow by email), I deal with the 3 counts of blackmail, with the second and third originating from 2 false instrument applications (s.5 Perjury) to Bristol County Court, for High Court Writs of control, against Earth Energy Investments in the sum firstly of £555,000, and then of circa £29,500, when they knew no debt exists. 

I will be speaking with CoLP first thing this morning.   Angela, please be ready to take my call, email me separately with your direct line.  Thanks. 

Yours faithfully,

Paul Millinder