Lords of Fraud

Lord Justice William Davis to the Judicial Hall of Shame

The oath breaking Lord Justice William Davis and his imposing Warwickshire residence that has been largely funded by you, the taxpayer Lord Justice William Davis, AKA William Easthope Davis, a Court of Appeal judge residing at The Old Malt House, Church Street, Wellesbourne, Warwick, Warwickshire, CV35 9LS has today been added to the Judicial Hall of Shame for breaching his judicial oath…
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Lords of Fraud

Mr Justice Fancourt & Lord Justice Nugee trashed UK law

Mr Justice Fancourt, Lord Justice Nugee and their cabal of judges were sworn into office to “do right by all manner of people”, and to administer the law “without fear, favour affection or ill-will”. They are proven to do the opposite. The British people are being…