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Oath breaking terrorists and cheats of the UK justice system

The Master of the Rolls, Sir Geoffrey Vos, head of civil justice for England and Wales, the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice are oath breaking criminals who have weaponised the courts into places of fraud, injustice and gross human rights abuse.

The Promissory Oaths Act 1868 is law today, law of utmost importance designed to regulate those who occupy positions of trust in judicial office. The constitutional relevance of the Promissory Oath is to protect the people from tyranny.   

The problem is that the entire UK justice system is a tyranny, run by traitors and criminals from the top down. Those at the top who are supposed to regulate, are offenders themselves who have breached their oaths many times over.

The function of the Promissory Oaths Act of 1868 is to regulate and legislate as to how judges are to behave in judicial office. If a judge breaches their oath, (breaking the law) they are no longer a judge from the date they breached. That is the law, it is how the law, developed over hundreds of years is designed to work, yet the three stooges and the liars and cheats of the Tory kleptocracy, affront and make a mockery of the law.

Why is it that white-collar criminals, such as Sir Geoffrey Vos, Ian Duncan Burnett and many judges within the system, have been allowed to breach their oaths time and time again, going completely unpunished? Those at the top have zero integrity and they work to support likeminded offenders who regularly do the same, knowing they will go unpunished. The oath of the Royal Arch freemason, takes precedent over the constitutional oath of office. That, in a nutshell, summarises what is so drastically wrong with the UK’s justice system.

Sir Geoffrey Vos – The oath breaking criminal sitting as head of the UK’s civil justice system

Sir Geoffrey Vos has been prompted by Burnett and the Tory kleptocracy for “following his orders”, assisting fellow Tory criminals in using the courts to advance their fraud whilst perverting the course of justice. That is, for avoidance of doubt, acting with favour and ill-will, which he swore not to do, but once again, loyalty to fellow Jewish freemasons takes precedent.

From 12th November 2018, statutory law determines that Vos is no longer a judge. Why, we ask, did Burnett and the Queen then promote him to Master of the Rolls, head of civil justice at your expense, the taxpayer?

In a few sentences, we will show you what a bunch of corrupt lunatics occupy positions in the highest echelons of the judiciary and government.

Sir Geoffrey Vos has been perverting the course of justice to conceal fraud

Vos, acting under orders by Burnett and the corrupt Attorney General’s Office (the former Lord Chancellor, the Jewish freemason, Robert Buckland QC MP), was told to conceal the fraud committed by Chairman of Middlesbrough FC Steve Gibson (Tory politician).

On 28th September 2018, after the corrupt Jewish white-collar criminals, Mr Justice Arnold (now promoted to Lord Justice Arnold), Mr Justice Nugee, (also promoted to Lord Justice Nugee) and Mr Justice Snowden (promoted to Lord Justice Snowden), along with Philip Mark Pelling, the “executioner” corrupt judge concealed the frauds, Vos jumped on the bandwagon.

Arnold, Nugee, Snowden and Pelling had made a false instrument “Extended Civil Restraint Order” to conceal their fraud. Vos provided permission under the void, false instrument ECRO to make the application to deal with that fraud.

The application came with a CPR Part 7 claim to gain financial restitution for the fraudulent winding up of both Mr Millinder’s sole purpose companies. The application asked Vos to assign the claim vesting in Empowering Wind MFC Ltd, the wind turbine sole purpose vehicle to him, because the claim is proven. Vos did nothing, aside from lie and conceal the fraud.

We exhibit salient parts of the application below

Sir Geoffrey Vos - Master of the Rolls committing fraud and breached his oath.   Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett of Maldon.  Dominic Raab.
The application was for a trial of the fraud that was concealed by the colluding corrupt judges under the guise of their false instrument restraint order
Master of the Rolls - Sir Geoffrey Vos corrupt.  Corrupt UK judiciary.  Ian Burnett of Maldon. Dominic Raab.
The application asked Vos to disclaim the conditional Energy Supply Agreement of which over £4 million of the fraudulent claim was established. Vos did nothing.

Sir Geoffrey Vos failed to disclaim the Energy Supply Agreement whilst concealing the £4.1 million fraudulent proof of debt

Vos knew that disclaiming the onerous conditional Energy Supply Agreement would have the same effect as removing the £4.1 million fraudulent claim, so he did nothing, other than conceal the blatant and obvious fraud.

At paragraph 109 of his nonsense corrupted order, Sir Geoffrey Vos lied and attempted to conceal the fact that £181,269.89 of the unwarranted demand (blackmail) of 25th June 2015 that MFC used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease was a quantified claim for rent in the sum of £256,269.89

We exhibit below the fraudulent claim Vos was concealing, knowing that Mr Millinder’s case was proven

Sir Geoffrey Vos Master of the Rolls is a fraudster.  Ian Burnett of Maldon.  Dominic Raab.
The unwarranted demand with menaces that Middlesbrough FC used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease clearly referred to an invoice for payment under clause 3.4.2 of the Energy Supply Agreement
Master of the Rolls - Sir Geoffrey Vos is a criminal who has been concealing fraud by corrupt lawyers.
In with the fraudulent claim for £256,269.89 used by Middlesbrough FC to unlawfully forfeit the Lease after they refused the connection was invoices totaling £181,269.89 for energy supply they prevented from being supplied.

Sir Geoffrey Vos was specifically taken to all this evidence, yet being the lying, oath breaking cheating dishonest coward that he is, he still maintained that the £256,269.89 claim was a “quantified claim for rent”.

Vos was concealing the fact that £181,269.89 of the fraudulent claim was for energy supply when any “entitlement to agreed output” (agreement to supply power) was conditional upon Mr Millinder’s “satisfaction in full of “entering into a connection agreement” which Middlesbrough FC refused.

It was however the fraudulent claim in the sum of £4,111,874.75 of which £4,036,874.75 was for energy supply that Vow was asked to remove. Vos knew that the corrupt Insolvency Service, namely Anthony Hannon was sustaining the knowingly false claim to defraud creditors, so Vos kept it there to do precisely the same. They have all been using the façade of “justice” and insolvency law to defraud creditors and to pervert the course of justice.

The application that came before Sir Geoffrey Vos referred to the finding that Mr Millinder’s claim against Middlesbrough FC is proven and that no money is owed

Most imprudently, whilst concealing the blatant and proven fraudulent claims that even Middlesbrough FC’s own barrister admitted could not be established on 9th January 2017 (24-days prior to his instructing solicitor claiming over £4.1 million), Vos evaded altogether the fact that it was already tried and proven by Nugee J on 5th February 2018 that Middlesbrough FC’s £4.1 million claim was false and that the claim that vests in Empowering Wind MFC Ltd is a very substantial asset to be realised for creditors.

At paragraph 5 of the application notice, it was set out clearly that it was already tried and proven that Middlesbrough FC’s claim was blatantly false. Vos sustained it to assist the offenders in defrauding Mr Millinder, knowing that it was being retained by Anthony Hannon, the corrupt liquidator, to do just that.
Paragraph 5 and 6 of the application notice specifically quoted the finding from Nugee J.
The salient parts of the finding of Nugee J were highlighted by Mr Millinder knowing that the corrupt UK judiciary would still try to assist the offenders. Vos did precisely that.

It is not res judicata to ask the insolvency court to exercise it’s duty of inquiry and set aside a proof of debt – Sir Geoffrey Vos failed to anyway

The application that came before Vos was a fresh cause of action to deal with the proven and multiple frauds, Vos failed whatsoever to act in the interests of justice. He was working for the corrupt lawyers and the Insolvency Service to sustain the fraud whilst fraudulently abusing his position, making further gains and causing loss to Mr Millinder through his breach of oath and acts of corruption.

Re Hawkins (1865) 1 QB 404

the Court of Bankruptcy is not bound by a judgment at law, but is entitled to investigate all the facts of the case whenever, but not before, a prima facie case impeaching the judgment is made out. Otherwise a man might defeat all his just creditors by allowing judgment to be taken by default or consent

In this case, Vos had categoric proof that the £4.1 million claim was entirely false, and was found to be false by a fellow High Court Judge of the same court. He still retained it, maintaining that the unwarranted demand, which was transformed into the first of 3 proofs of debt accepted by Hannon for voting, was a “quantified claim for rent in the sum of £256,269.89, but completely concealing the £4.1 million claim that the application sought to deal with.

Dawodu v American Express [2001] BPIR 983

“What in my judgment is required is that the Court be shown something from which it can conclude that had there been a properly conducted judicial process it would have been found, or very likely would have been found, that nothing was in fact due to the Claimant”. It is clear that in those circumstances the Court can enquire into the judgment and the judgment debt, even though the debtor himself has previously applied to have the judgment set aside, and even though that application has been refused and that refusal has been affirmed by the Court of Appeal

Sir Geoffrey Vos, the fraudster, was sitting as a judge in the Insolvency Court, but he made the conscious and premeditated decision to pervert the course of justice to assist the offenders in defrauding Mr Millinder whilst retaining an entirely void, false instrument civil restraint order that had been deployed by his fellow Jewish freemason white-collar criminal judges to conceal the fraud.

The final page of the application notice that came before Sir Geoffrey Vos

Master of the Rolls. Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett of Maldon.  Sir Geoffrey Vos
It was stated categorically that over £4 million of the fraudulent proof of debt was for energy supply and that the Energy Supply Agreement is conditional upon Mr Millinder’s satisfaction in full of the connection agreement that Middlesbrough FC refused, yet disingenuously and acting entirely dishonestly, Vos still maintained that the £256k claim was “a quantified claim for rent”

These criminals purporting to be judges call white, black, even when it has been proven to be white, so many times over. Even Middlesbrough FC admitted on their own headed paper in that unwarranted demand of 25th June 2015 that £181269.89 was for energy supply payments (which they were contractually prohibited from making), but Vos attempted to lend credence to his fraud by stating this:

“I can say at once that I have been through all the papers in this case in meticulous detail, and I have seen no evidence of any kind for any of the allegations of fraud, conspiracy or misdealing that Mr Millinder has made”.

Sir Geoffrey Vos is the fraud, conspiracy and misdealing, as is Arnold, Pelling, Fancourt, Nugee, Snowden, Briggs, Jones and all the judges involved in this case. They are a fraud, but moreover they have each breached their oaths, acting with favour and ill-will to defraud Mr Millinder in the name of justice whilst perverting it.

The oath of the Master of the Rolls that Geoffrey Vos already breached before taking it again

“I, Sir Geoffrey Charles Vos do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the second in the office of Master of the Rolls, and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or illwill. So help me God.”

The oath Sir Geoffrey Vos took when swearing into office as Master of the Rolls – Yet he had already breached it in office of Chancellor of the High Court

These Zionist freemason criminals, including Ian Burnett of Maldon, the Lord Chief Justice, Sir Geoffrey Vos and now Dominic Raab, the Lord Chancellor all protect one another, but yet it is the duty of the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor to discipline and regulate the judiciary, they do not, they deliberately fail, so white-collar criminal judges, including Vos, get promoted for following their orders, courtesy of you, the taxpayer, when they should have been jailed.

Burnett, a close personal friend of Vos, allows his personal relationship and loyalty to his fellow brethren to stand in between his role of office, Burnett ensures that all the judges he recruits are entirely untouchable and remain “above the law”, they are the traitors, cowards and enemies of the people.

This is who the UK has running its justice system. What are all the ones underneath them doing we ask? We already know the answer. They are defrauding thousands of innocent parties like they have done Mr Millinder.

Dominic Raab has breached his oath as Lord Chancellor

Dominic Raab, the next “layer” put in by the corrupt establishment has breached his oath. He swore to “respect the rule of law and to maintain the independence of the judiciary”, but he himself seeks to provide impunity to criminals purporting to be judges, evading our irrefutable evidence, knowing that Vos and Burnett have both breached their oaths. After being in office less than 3 months, Raab seeks to prevent the European Court of Human Rights from being the court of last resort for victims of the UK’s gross human rights abuse.

Raab seeks to ensure that victims of Tory corruption through political interference like Mr Millinder, are forced only to rely on their corrupted justice system, so they can continue to collude and prevent justice being served on their comrades, fellow Tory stooges.

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