Lords of Fraud

Lord Justice Nugee Lord Justice Snowden Lord Justice Arnold

Lord Justice Nugee, Lord Justice Arnold, Lord Justice Snowden, Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls
Oath breaking traitors and enemies of the people: Left: Lord Justice Richard Snowden. Centre facing front: Lord Justice Richard Arnold.
Back right: Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls and front right: Lord Justice Nugee / AKA Christopher Nugee, married to the Labour MP, Emily Thornberry.

Lord Justice Nugee, Lord Justice Snowden and Lord Justice Arnold were involved in a conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice whilst purporting to be High Court Judges in Chancery, along with the former Chancellor of the High Court, Sir Geoffrey Vos, now Master of the Rolls, head of civil justice for England and Wales.

These quisling corrupt judges were effectively bribed by the Tory kleptocracy, using taxpayer’s money inciting them to defraud innocent creditors in the name of justice. They were given promotions for following their orders and now they all sit in the Court of Appeal, when none of them have any jurisdiction to be judges.

They swore under oath to act in a constitutionally proper way, “without fear, favour, affection or ill-will” and to “do right by all manner of people”, Lord Justice Nugee, Lord Justice Snowden and Lord Justice Arnold, along with the traitor, Sir Geoffrey Vos, who was also promoted to the Master of the Rolls head of UK civil justice, all colluded and worked to conceal blatant and obvious fraud committed by Steve Gibson’s (Teesside Tory politician), Middlesborough Football Club.

After knowingly breaching their oaths, the constitutional oath of office that was designed to protect the people from tyranny, the corrupt Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice, promoted their fellow Jewish Royal Arch freemasons to Lord Justices of Appeal. You wonder why nobody gets justice, well, they are why. The British people are being discriminated against and hoodwinked by colluding Jewish freemason racketeering judges and lawyers.

It’s another case of the Tory kleptocracy coercing the judiciary like they did in the Tory sex abuse scandal where the three stooges who were trying to cover Elphicke, were “punished” for with a one-day suspension from Parliament for what amounts to perverting the course of justice. In this case however, things are much more protracted and serious.

The Tory establishment and the corrupt judiciary have made a mockery of the rule of law and the people. It is time to take back control.

These four criminals, Lord Justice Nugee, Lord Justice Arnold, Lord Justice Snowden and Sir Geoffrey Vos were each promoted after perverting the course of justice, concealing numerous counts of fraud and perjuries committed by Middlesborough FC and their corrupt lawyers, who used the courts, courtesy of these traitors, to advance their frauds and make further gains.

They were not alone, their fellow Jewish freemason, Mr Justice Fancourt, along with Philip Mark Pelling, AKA HHJ Pelling, Nicholas Briggs, the now Chief Registrar, ICCJ Clive Hugh Jones and Mr Justice Edward Murray of the Queen’s Bench Division all jumped on the bandwagon, later supported by fellow colluding, politically controlled criminals, Mr Justice Jonathan Swift and Lady Justice Andrews in the Administrative Court, who each conspired to pervert the course of justice.

Using false instrument restraint orders to defeat the ends of justice, they all sort to conceal the criminal offences and proven fraud, acting under orders of the Tory criminals who sought to provide impunity to their own, the white-collar criminals, Steve Gibson and Jeremy Robin Bloom of Middlesbrough FC, along with their conspirers, Womble Bond Dickinson, the fraudster lawyers based in Newcastle.

Intelligence UK International does not make any allegation that we cannot prove with a sound evidential basis. Below we include a small part of the irrefutable evidence we have against there tyrants;

On 5th February 2018 Lord Justice Nugee, then sitting as a High Court Judge, found that Mr Millinder’s case was proven

On 5th February 2018, whilst perverting the course of justice to prevent justice being served on his fellow brethren, Jewish freemason lawyers Jeremy Robin Bloom and the aptly named Womble Bond Dickinson, Lord Justice Nugee found that that claim of the demand could not be disputed, but he, like Fancourt later did, sustained the injunction to defraud Mr Millinder. This is how the corrupt UK judiciary operate.

By 5th February 2018, in the application that was before him, Nugee was asked to recuse the criminal, Registrar Clive Hugh Jones from hearing the application that he had no jurisdiction to hear, because Jones was also acting under orders to provide impunity to the criminals at Middlesbrough FC and their conspirators. Jones was seeking to sustain the £4.1 million fraudulent claim and he did precisely that, on 26th March 2018, after Nugee found, on 5th February 2018 that neither rent, nor energy supply was owed.

Later in 2018, Vos, the other dishonest fraudster and oath breaking coward, lied in his judgment, concealing the £4.1 million fraud that the application before him sought to deal with, by affronting the earlier order of Nugee of 5th February 2018.

Sir Geoffrey Vos, now head of the UK’s sham civil justice system lied and stated that the blackmail (unwarranted demand) that Middlesbrough FC used to unlawfully forfeit the lease after killing the project by refusing the connection was “a quantified claim for rent in the sum of £256,269.89“. Vos knew however, that the fraudulent claim comprised of £75,000 for rent when the first installment was not payable until 17th September 2015 and for £181,269.89 for energy supply that Middlesbrough FC prevented from being supplied.

Vos and his fellow fraudsters, the fake judges, including Christopher Nugee, Richard Arnold, Timothy Fancourt and Richard Snowden were all concealing the fact that there was no “entitlement to agreed output” (agreement to supply power), and that any “invoicing & payment” for energy supply, was also contractually prohibited. Vos lied and stated that the unwarranted demand with menaces was a “quantified claim for rent” because he knew that £181,269.89 was pursuant to the conditional energy supply agreement.

It was however the £4.1 million fraudulent claim that the application asked Sir Geoffrey Vos, the fraudster who now purports to be head of civil justice, was concealing. He knew that £4,036,874.75 was for energy supply and that £75k was for rent that was never owed, so Vos only sought to lie about the first fraudulent claim, whilst concealing the second, in the sum of £541,308.89 and then the third exceeding £4.1 million.

Lord Justice Nugee was concealing prevalent fraudulent non disclosure – From paragraph 5 of the order:

It is now suggested by Mr Millinder on behalf of EEI that the order of 16th January was obtained as a result of material non disclosure before Mr Justice Arnold on the without notice application on the 9th January. He relies for this on non disclosure of a large number of documents which, as I understand it, supported the statutory demand and which explained the background to the dispute, in particular the connection agreement which, in his submissions to me, he explained was the foundation of his argument that the project was, effectively, killed by Middlesbrough

Christopher Nugee found that 172 pages of evidence had been dishonestly withheld from the without notice injunction hearing – From paragraph 6 of the order:

It is not disputed that those documents were not put before Mr Justice Arnold. I was also shown a note of the hearing in which Mr Staunton, who appeared for Middlesbrough then as he does for Middlesbrough today, says this:

“There is a definition of force majeure in the lease. There is no other reference to force majeure in the lease”

That was something he repeated before me, but in fact, there was a provision in the lease at schedule 5, paragraph 6, which provided that:

“If either party is prevented for any period of time from performing its obligations under this lease by reason of force majeure, that party shall not be in breach of such obligations for so long as, and to the extent to which such reason shall subsist.

Lord Justice / Christopher Nugee knew that Force Majeure absolved any liability whatsoever on the developer to pay either rent or energy supply, but he was working for the offenders to conceal their fraud, so even through his close associate, Ulick Staunton, who he personally socialises with, twice lied about Force Majeure in tandem with lying and failing to disclose that Middlesbrough FC refused the connection, he just concealed it.

Our recent compelling article “Mr Justice Fancourt and Lord Justice Nugee trashed UK law” sets out in detail how these fraudster white-collar criminal traitors purporting to be “honourable” judges operate.

These corrupt dishonest judges work only to assist corrupt fellow Jewish freemason lawyers in using the courts to defraud and to pervert the course of justice.

Petition to both house of Parliament pursuant to section 11(3) of the Senior Courts Act 1981

In the national public interest, we have sent this article to every Member of Parliament and Member of the House of Lords, asking them to complete our Mandate to have the corrupt judiciary listed in our petition, removed from the judiciary forthwith for breaching their oaths by the Queen.

Simply sign and scan your completed 1 page mandate back to us, attaching it via our contact form.

We invite all MPs, Lord and Ladies to leave comments on our site by posting in the facility provided below.

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