Lords of Fraud

Mr Justice Fancourt & Lord Justice Nugee trashed UK law

Jewish freemason judges

Mr Justice Fancourt, Lord Justice Nugee and their cabal of judges were sworn into office to “do right by all manner of people”, and to administer the law “without fear, favour affection or ill-will”. They are proven to do the opposite.

The British people are being discriminated against in the courts by a sect of racketeering Jewish freemason judges.

Politically controlled by fellow Royal Arch freemasons, the order givers, the Lord Chief Justice, the Tory Lord Chancellor and the Master of the Rolls collude to support fellow freemason lawyers in using the courts as cash cows, defrauding and hoodwinking those who seek justice.

The criminal racketeers of the UK’s judiciary, the likes of Mr Justice Fancourt and many others, only too gladly take orders, with promises of promotion after execution. Effectual bribery, at the expense of the taxpayer.

In turn, the order takers deny remedy, abusing innocent victims who seek justice in the courts, making a mockery of the law and the administration of justice. This article proves it very clearly.

Where’s the regulation and what happened to justice and the rule of law?

We were shown a judgment by Lord Justice Nugee, who was then Mr Justice Nugee, from 5th February 2018 where it was found that Middlesbrough FC had unlawfully forfeited a lease by Mr Millinder’s company, to construct and operate a wind turbine.

Lord Justice Nugee: It was, in effect, all Middlesbrough’s fault for failing to enter into an agreement called the connection agreement

Highlights from the 5th February 2018 judgment were:

Paragraph 3: “…in effect, all Middlesbrough’s fault for failing to enter into an agreement called the connection agreementThe upshot of that was that EW was unable to generate any money, that meant it was neither able to pay rent under the lease, nor to pay what were quite substantial charges ostensibly payable under something called the energy supply agreement“

Paragraph 4: on the basis of those matters Middlesbrough demanded payment of money from EWterminated the Lease for non payment and subsequently appeared as a supporting creditor”

It is common knowledge that without a connection, the wind turbine could not operate.

It was the purpose of the Option Agreement and the subsequent Lease, that the Developer (Mr Millinder’s company) was to “construct, connect to the grid and operate the wind turbine.

Lord Justice Nugee concealing fraudulent non-disclosure during ex-parte injunction proceedings

It was the grid connection agreement (3 contracts), along with the assignment of Mr Millinder’s abortive costs originating the statutory demand, that Middlesbrough FC and their lawyers, Womble Bond Dickinson had withheld from their ex-parte (without notice) injunction hearing on 9th January 2017.

It is widely established that the duty of full and fair disclosure is paramount in all ex-parte injunction proceedings. Any non-disclosure, even innocent non-disclosure, attracts sanctions.

It was Mr Millinder’s company’s application to set aside the order of 9th and 16th January 2017 that came before Lord Justice Nugee on 5th February 2018 seeking to set aside the injunction for deliberate (fraudulent) non-disclosure.

It was found by Lord Justice Nugee, who is a close associate of Ulick Staunton, a fellow freemason barrister who acted for Middlesbrough FC under instruction of Womble Bond Dickinson, that 172-pages of witness evidence served with the demand was withheld.

Lord Justice Nugee rewarded his comrades for their fraud, preventing justice being served on them, defrauding Mr Millinder’s company of over £640,000 and whilst awarding them £10,000 for what is the most prolific case of fraudulent non-disclosure by lawyers in the history of UK law. Is that acting in the public interest?

Lord Justice Nugee: Non disclosure of a large number of documents which supported the statutory demand

Paragraph 5 : “It is now suggested by Mr Millinder on behalf of EEI that the order of 16th January was obtained as a result of material non disclosure before Mr Justice Arnold on the without notice application on the 9th January.
He relies for this on non disclosure of a large number of documents which, as I understand it, supported
the statutory demand 
and which explained the background to the dispute, in particular the connection
agreement which, in his submissions to me, he explained was the foundation of his argument that the
project was, effectively, killed by Middlesbrough

Lord Justice Nugee found that his fellow brethren, Staunton had twice lied about Force Majeure in the Lease but he concealed his dishonesty

Paragraph 6: It is not disputed that those documents were not put before Mr Justice Arnold. I was also shown a note of the hearing in which Mr Staunton, who appeared for Middlesbrough then as he does for Middlesbrough today, says this:

“There is a definition of force majeure in the lease. There is no other reference to force majeure in the lease.”

That was something he repeated before me, but in fact, there was a provision in the lease at schedule 5, paragraph 6, which provided that:

If either party is prevented for any period of time from performing its obligations under this lease by reason of force majeure, that party shall not be in breach of such obligations for so long as, and to the extent to which such reason shall subsist.”

Force Majeure in the lease means any event or circumstance which causes the Tenant (Mr Millinder’s company) unforeseen delay. The effect of that being that no rent was ever owed to Middlesbrough FC. It was for that reason Ulick Staunton lied in court, twice, about there not being a provision of Force Majeure in the Lease.

Recently promoted for following his orders, providing impunity to corrupt freemason lawyers and Steve Gibson, the Tory Teesside politician’s Middlesbrough FC, the now Master of the Rolls, a fellow Jewish freemason, Sir Geoffrey Vos came to their aid, entirely contradicting the judgment of Nugee J by lying in court and stating that the £256,269.89 demand used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease was a “quantified claim for rent“.

It was found that 172 pages of witness evidence that proved the demand was withheld and that Middlesbrough FC unlawfully forfeited the Lease. Therefore, issue estoppel applied to the finding.

Likewise, it was found that Middlesbrough FC, namely Jeremy Robin Bloom, the former senior partner of Womble Bond Dickinson, a Jewish freemason lawyer who went on to become Steve Gibson of Middlesbrough FC’s, right hand man, had withheld the assignment.

Paragraph 8: “whether there was a cause of action for the sums which had been thrown away as a result, and it does seem to me that the bulk of the non disclosure went to that issue”

Page 7 of Jeremy Robin Bloom’s false witness statement dated 8th January 2017

Bloom and Middlesbrough FC were served with the assignment to EEI (Earth Energy Investments LLP) on 30th June 2015, just one-day after the assignment was made.

Lord Justice Nugee and Mr Justice Fancourt concealing fraud and perverting the course of justice to prevent fellow freemason lawyers from prosecution.

Bloom knew that the claim arose because Middlesbrough FC had refused the connection and therefore he knew what he was doing was dishonest.

Lord Justice Nugee was concealing proven perjury on the part of a corrupt lawyer

Bloom and Middlesbrough FC refused the wind turbine connection on 15th June 2015 after making an unwarranted for payment for energy supply and rent that was not owed.

It was the unsigned connection agreement that Middlesbrough FC withheld from the ex-parte injunction hearing, along with that assignment which was served on him on 30th June 2015, just 11-days later.

Mr Justice Fancourt and Lord Justice Nugee concealing fraud and perjury by dishonest lawyers.

It was proven that Bloom had made an entirely false witness statement, denying all knowledge of the assignment which was proven to have been in his possession on 30th June 2015, then on 3rd January 2017 by email, then on 6th January 2017 in hard copy by process server.

In Bloom’s email exhibited below, he was responding to the email from the developer containing the statutory demand and the assignment:

Lord Justice Nugee and Mr Justice Fancourt concealing fraud and perjury by corrupt freemason lawyers.

Mr Millinder, the Developer responded to Bloom’s email above, by clarifying the position in relation to the assignment he had in his possession:

Mr Justice Fancourt and Lord Justice Nugee are corrupt and dishonest.

Lord Justice Nugee concealed the dishonest non-disclosure (fraud) and the proven perjury in Bloom’s ex-parte witness statement.

It is only too clear that Nugee was preventing justice being served (perverting the course of justice) on Bloom and his conspirators, fellow Jewish freemasons.

Lord Justice Nugee: “Doubt over the assignment & dispute over the claim” – knowing both could not be disputed

During that hearing of 5th February 2018, Nugee said this, stating that Arnold, a fellow Jewish freemason judge, granted the injunction in favour of Middlesbrough FC on two grounds:

Nugee J: “There’s doubt, doubt over the assignment and dispute over the claim

Nugee himself found that the claim could not be disputed, for it was proven that Middlesbrough FC unlawfully forfeited the Lease.

Section 136 of the Law of Property Act 1925 is the law that deals with assignment of debt or things in action. The law states that:

(1) Any absolute assignment by writing under the hand of the assignor (not purporting to be by way of charge only) of any debt or other legal thing in actionof which express notice in writing has been given to the debtor, trustee or other person from whom the assignor would have been entitled to claim such debt or thing in action, is effectual in law (subject to equities having priority over the right of the assignee) to pass and transfer from the date of such notice

(a) the legal right to such debt or thing in action;

(b) all legal and other remedies for the same; and :

(c) the power to give a good discharge for the same without the concurrence of the assignor:

The law makes the assignment valid from 30th June 2015, the date notice was given.

Nugee, Pelling and then Vos and Fancourt, all had different ideas. Their mission was to defraud Mr Millinder whilst purporting to act as honourable judges.

They affronted the most basic, simple law, defacing the law to defraud Mr Millinder of the assigned investment that founded the statutory demand after perverting the course of justice, concealing what was the most serious case of fraudulent non disclosure in ex-parte injunction proceedings by lawyers in the history of UK law.

In the UK, justice is “subject to status”, corrupt freemason lawyers are provided impunity.

Lord Justice Nugee committed fraud by false representation

Knowing, as any judge would do, that statutory law makes the assignment valid from 30th June 2015, and after preventing justice being served on his fellow Jewish freemason brethren for what is the most extreme case of fraudulent non-disclosure in the history of UK law, Nugee himself committed fraud by false representation.

During that hearing of 5th February 2018, Ulick Staunton, counsel acting for Middlesbrough FC said this:

Mr Staunton: What’s assigned are the investments, the £200,000

When it came to making this order, and whilst having that assignment in front of him, knowing that the assignment was absolute, Nugee fraudulently misrepresented the assignment and relied on his corrupted version to imply that the assignment was not effective when law makes it so:

At paragraph 10 of his judgment:

It is evidenced in the highlighted parts that Lord Justice Nugee fraudulently misrepresented the terms of the original assignment to make the version he relied on not absolute, so it did not comply with the requirements in law. Nugee then used his corrupted version of the assignment as an excuse to assist Middlesbrough FC

The original terms of the assignment:

It is evidenced that the original terms: “so that Earth Energy Investments, as Parent of Empowering MFC is assigned those investments” is an absolute assignment.
Lord Justice Nugee’s misrepresented version above is clearly of deliberate and dishonest intent.

Conclusively, when Lord Justice Nugee cited that there’s doubt over the assignment and dispute over the claim, he was lying on both counts, knowing that law makes the assignment valid and that he himself found the claim to be proven, by virtue of his own order.

The corrupt UK judiciary deploy void false instrument civil restraint orders to conceal fraud

After defrauding Mr Millinder’ of over £640,000 (the sum of the statutory demand plus standard interest from the date of the assignment), the next leg of their fraud in the face of justice was to invent false instrument restraint orders to conceal their own fraud, preventing justice being served on themselves and the corrupt lawyers they work for.

Each time Mr Millinder wanted to make an application to prove the fraud, it was consistently refused by Arnold (now Lord Justice Arnold), under the guise of the false instrument restraint order, who was working in conspiracy with his fellow freemason Jewish judges to prevent justice being served on the offenders.

On 18th March 2018, after finding that Womble Bond Dickinson, Middlesbrough FC and the corrupt judiciary were then seeking to wind up Earth Energy Investments LLP for a fictitious debt of £25,000 (against the £640,000 cross claim), Mr Millinder assigned the investments made in Empowering Wind MFC Ltd back from Earth Energy Investments LLP to himself.

This is where the dishonourable Mr Justice Fancourt came into play to continue the fraud.

Corrupt lawyers using ex-parte hearings to defraud whilst the judiciary assist in concealing their crimes

On 12th October 2020, Mr Millinder served a second statutory demand on Middlesbrough FC for the sum of the assigned investments (£770,000), plus standard interest accruing from the date of the assignment.

Knowing that it was already tried and proven by Nugee that the claim cannot be disputed and that statutory law makes the assignment effective from the date of notice, Mr Millinder knew that the sum of the demand could not be disputed.

On 23rd October 2020, Middlesbrough FC and their freemason lawyers, including Dov Ohrenstein, counsel of Radcliffe Chambers, made another ex-parte (without notice) injunction application to prevent the developer, Mr Millinder from recovering the indisputable sum of the demand, which by then equated to over £1.17 million.

Dov Ohrenstein of Radcliffe Chambers colluded with Mr Justice Fancourt to defraud Mr Millinder of over £1.17 million.
The freemason white-collar criminal, Dov Ohrenstein of Radcliffe Chambers

The corrupt lawyers once again withheld a huge amount of evidence, including the second assignment, from the ex-parte hearing, again in breach of their legal duty to disclose.

They had no worries, as they knew that fellow freemason Jewish corrupt judges would prevent them from being prosecuted no matter what they did, and Fancourt did precisely that.

On 24th October 2020, upon examination of the ex-parte hearing bundle, Mr Millinder once again found that 13 exhibits of material information had been withheld.

Of that information was a 54-page report proving every part of his case and the assignment of the debt. History had repeated itself.

Mr Justice Fancourt the Jewish freemason fake judge defrauds and perverts the course of justice

on 28th October 2020, Mr Millinder made an application for trial of the fraud and to set aside the injunction for proven fraudulent non disclosure and because the sum of the demand is proven and cannot be disputed.

This is where Mr Justice Fancourt, oath breaking the white-collar criminal Jewish freemason came to their aid.

We were shown the transcript of the hearing before Mr Justice Fancourt, which itself tells the story.

The entire transcript was not focused on the application for trial of the offenders for defrauding Mr Millinder of over £1.17 million whilst their corrupt lawyer, Paul Stewart provided an entirely false witness statement. Quite on the contrary, Mr Justice Fancourt, working in collusion with Dov Ohrenstein, were focused purely on concealing the fraud and rushing through yet another false instrument civil restraining order to prevent justice being served.

FirstforNews.com carefully evaluated that transcript, which our readers should study. The lies and concealment by Fancourt was prolific, to say the least.

At page 12 of the transcript, Mr Justice Fancourt discovered that the investments, totaling £770,000 plus standard interest had been assigned.

During the hearing Fancourt admitted that he did not access any single part of Mr Millinder’s evidence referred to in his application to try the fraudulent non-disclosure.

At page 36 of the transcript, Mr Millinder referred to the critical 54-page report that FirstforNews.com had sight of, it was that report that proved each part of Mr Millinder’s case, which was one of the 13-material exhibits withheld from the ex-parte hearing.

When Mr Millinder referred to the report, Fancourt said this:

Fancourt J: I cannot access —
Mr Millinder: Have you seen —
Fancourt J: That on this.
Mr Millinder: The report? Have you seen —
Fancourt J: I —
Mr Millinder: The report, My Lord?
Fancourt J: I cannot access that.

Fancourt was lying, nonsensically implying that he could not access material that was submitted on the Court File with the application of 28th October 2020, which he was supposed to be hearing.

Fancourt had a duty in the public interest to carefully examine the material that was withheld and to conduct a diligent standard of review, he evaded all the material, by his own admission.

The contents of page 41 through to the end of page 65 of the transcript clearly prove that Fancourt was working to conceal the offending (perverting the course of justice), acting with favour and ill-will to prevent justice being served, whilst defrauding Mr Millinder of the proven and indisputable £1.17 million demand.

Fancourt then sought to cut the hearing short, citing that Mr Millinder has “15 minutes maximum” when the application for trial was over 21-hours.

After admitting he never even accessed any of Mr Millinder’s evidence, he sought to end the hearing to assist the offenders, and the remainder of the transcript proves that without us needing to say much more.

After interrupting Mr Millinder, at page 66 of the transcript, Ohrenstein read out the authority that Mr Millinder was referring to:

“If material non-disclosure is established the court will be ‘astute to ensure that a plaintiff who obtains [an ex parte injunction] without full disclosure … is deprived of any advantage he may have derived by that breach of duty:”

Fancourt responded at page 66 by stating this:

Fancourt J: “Mr Ohrenstein, could you just deal, deal with the allegations that various important matters were not disclosed to Mann J, or Mann J was misled? I, I asked Mr Millinder if he would enumerate his five main points, and I think it may have gone up to six or seven in the end, but can you just deal with that”

At page 68, Ohrenstein lied (committed perjury) and said this:

Mr Ohrenstein: “My, my, my, my solicitor has, has fairly put the material facts in his witness statement”.

Paul Stewart of Womble Bond Dickinson committed perjury and Mr Justice Fancourt concealed it

Mr Justice Fancourt knew that Ohrenstein was lying, he knew that Lord Justice Nugee had previously found on 5th February 2018 that neither rent or energy supply was owed.

At page 3 of Paul Stewart’s witness statement dated 22nd October 2020 for their ex-parte injunction hearing, Stewart, after having attended that very same hearing and knowing that neither rent or energy supply was owed, lied, making a knowingly false witness statement, stating this:

Stewart lied in his witness statement, knowing that it was already tried and proven on 5th February 2018 that Middlesbrough FC did unlawfully forfeit the Lease and that neither rent or energy supply was owed to them.
Paul Stewart of Womble Bond Dickinson instructed Dov Ohrenstein to defraud Mr Millinder.
A proven fraudster: Paul Stewart of Womble Bond Dickinson, who withheld 13-exhibits from the ex-parte injunction hearing of 23rd October 2020 to defraud Mr Millinder whilst making a knowingly false witness statement. The corrupt UK judiciary, Mr Justice Fancourt in particular, perverted the course of justice.

Mr Justice Fancourt found that Ohrenstein was lying and that all the evidence Mr Millinder cited was withheld

Fancourt J: You, you did not in fact show Mann J what Mr Millinder calls the counterpart assignment.
Mr Ohrenstein: No.
Fancourt J: No.
Mr Ohrenstein: He, he, he, he, he, he saw the, the, he said he had read the —
Fancourt J: Right.
Mr Ohrenstein: Judgments. I did not show him the underlying, any underlying document
behind the judgment.
Fancourt J: Yes, thank you. And did you show him Mr Millinder’s report of 2 June 2018 about alleged fraud?
Mr Ohrenstein: I, I do not have that report, so I did not —
Mr Millinder: You had that report.

The report was served on them with the statutory demand and on 24th October 2020 we were shown an email from Mr Millinder to Ohrenstein and his instructing solicitors containing all 13 of the material exhibits that were withheld.

At page 70 of the transcript, Ohrenstein lied again and said this:

Any emails that he may have attempted to send to my solicitors which my solicitors received, some of which may have referred to me as a, as one of the many parties on, on, on, on the receipt, those are exhibited to the bundle. I believe that bundle is up to date. It may be that something came this morning that did not quite make it to the bundle, but certainly everything else in the bundle. Any attachment to any email that he sent is, is in the bundle“.

After Intelligence UK International investigated the bundle referred to by Ohrenstein, we discovered that none of the 13-attachments to the email, nor the email itself of 24th October 2020 were in the bundle.

Fancourt was concealing proven dishonesty and fraud.

We were also shown an exhibit containing an email tracing report that Mr Millinder had shrewdly deployed so that he could trace and prove that the email was received by Womble Bond Dickinson. We exhibit that below:

Mr Millinder sent the same email complaining of material non-disclosure directly to the judge that heard the ex-parte case, but also being a corrupt Jewish freemason, he evaded it and brought Mr Justice Fancourt in to assist the offenders in concealing their crimes.

Mr Justice Fancourt knew that Ohrenstein had lied about the email of 24th October 2020 and the 13 attachments.  He did the same as Lord Justice Nugee in concealing the fraud.
It was evidenced that Ms Simmons, the personal assistant to Stewart read the email complaining of material non disclosure of 24th October 2020 10 times from 25th October 2020 through to 3rd November 2020. They were clearly relying on Fancourt to shield them from prosecution and he did precisely that

Knowing that the sum of Mr Millinder’s statutory demand is proven and cannot be disputed, Mr Justice Fancourt granted a permanent injunction in favour of Middlesbrough FC to defraud Mr Millinder of the £1.17 million claim, whilst awarding Stewart of Womble Bond Dickinson £45,000 in costs for less than 3 hours work in defrauding and making false witness statements.

Judges that breach their oaths are free to continue defrauding and perverting the course of justice, because the corrupt establishment keep them there.

They have decimated the rule of law, law that was designed to protect the British people from tyranny.

This is how the UK judiciary behave. We have invited Mr Fancourt and Dominic Raab, the Lord Chancellor for comment on this article.

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