UK corruption

Judicial corruption: Delinquent quislings cover up fraud

Judicial corruption

Intelligence UK exposes the outrageous corruption, judicial fraud and collusion between the highest echelons of central government and the judiciary. The Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice and Master of the Rolls have been engaging in fraudulent concealment of serious judicial corruption contrary to the public interest,. Now, we expose it, like it has never been exposed before.

On the left, the newly installed Lord Chancellor, Dominic Raab MP, who took over from the last white-collar criminal, Robert Buckland QC MP, a case of revolving doors. In the middle, the dishonest, oath breaking rat, the Master of the Rolls, head of the UK’s sham civil justice system and a proven fraudster and on the right, the unconstitutional colluding cheat, the Lord Chief Justice, Ian Burnett of Maldon. They are funded by you, the taxpayer, but they are, enemies of the people.

The fact is that these cheating hoodlums have been defrauding thousands of innocent parties in the name of law and justice. It is due to them, the people are served nothing but injustice. They all protect one another. A racketeering enterprise of freemason lawyers, judges and politicians who use the courts as cash cows, feeding one another and milking taxpayer’s funds to enrich one another contrary to the public interest. Protecting fellow brethren from prosecution takes precedent over law and justice.

In his opening speech when he took of office, (check the body language) the Lord Chief Justice, Burnett said:

“…at times of great change, the impartiality and independence of the judiciary, and upholding the rule of law must remain a constant. These qualities are embedded in the oath we have taken…

They are fundamental to our justice system, and underpin the effective and smooth running of our society”

The judiciary of England and Wales has earned a well deserved reputation for being the best in the world. Not only because it is impartial, independent and incorruptible…”


It was only in December last year that the Lord Chief Justice commented that there is “unprecedented levels of political interference with the courts , but he was not so fast on coming forward that it was he and Buckland who have been perverting the course of justice, interfering with the judiciary to prevent fellow members of the Tory kleptocracy and their white-collar criminal lawyers from prosecution.

The classic example of institutionalised fraud and concealing endemic judicial corruption

It could not be simpler if we tried, any lay person could understand it. Everyone should take time to read and understand this, so you know how the UK justice system operates, it really is a case of “justice subject to status”. Tories, or the freemason lawyers who support them are “above the law”.

On 19th September 2016, in the case of Middlesbrough FC, Ulick Staunton, the barrister acting for them submitted a fraudulent claim to the court, purporting that Middlesbrough FC was a creditor when anyone would know they obviously were not.

The fictitious claim was in the sum of £256,269.89 of which £75,000 was for rent that was not owed, and £181,269.89 was for energy supply.

Geoffrey Vos, the Master of the Rolls, acting then as Chancellor of the High Court (since promoted for defrauding and perverting the course of justice), lied and said the £256,269.89 fraudulent claim was a “quantified claim for rent”, knowing neither rent or energy supply was owed.

More recently, fellow racketeers, Mr Justice Swift and Lady Justice Andrews in the Administrative Court, jumped on the bandwagon, concealing the blatant judicial corruption and fraud, deploying yet another void restraint order to continue the concealment. They are going to be added to our “Judicial Hall of Shame” of lying, oath breaking cheats harbored in judicial office by the kleptocracy.

Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice and the Ministry of Justice have been colluding to conceal fraud and judicial corruption.
Vile, oath breaching liars and cheats: Left: Lady Justice Geraldine Andrews and right, the former chief counsel to the Treasury, Mr Justice Jonathan Swift, the “go to Judge” for the corrupt establishment who has been installed as the judge in charge of the Administrative Court.

Middlesbrough FC had refused the connection for the wind turbine, preventing the developer from performing on the rights granted under both the Lease and the Energy Supply Agreement.

The project suffered a delay of Force Majeure, (click here for the meaning), 3 months and six-days (96-days) into the 12-month period free of rent.

The delay of Force Majeure was not resolved into 23rd December 2014 and therefore, the developer had a further 269-days, free of rent from which to “commission” the wind turbine. (Meaning to construct the capital equipment and connect to the grid, so that the wind turbine could generate power). The first installment of rent was not payable until 17th September 2015.

From 7th March 2015, Middlesbrough FC made a ransom demand for payment of rent and energy supply that was not owed. When the developer, whilst clearly disputing the ransom demand, objected strongly, they offered to deposit the sum of the demand into Escrow (held on account with their lawyers), pending resolution by an independent arbitrator.

Three weeks later, Middlesbrough FC outright refused to provide the connection, rendering the wind turbine useless. They then used the unwarranted demand in the sum of £256,269.89 as an excuse to unlawfully forfeit the Lease that the developer had paid them £200,000 for. The developer was defrauded of all the revenue that would have otherwise been gained by the turbine, whilst the Club retained the £200,000 it defrauded the developer of, for the right to construct, connect to the grid, and operate the turbine.

On 19th August 2015, 29-days prior to the first installment of rent falling due and after Middlesbrough FC had prevented the developer from performing on the rights granted (without a connection, the turbine cannot operate), they unlawfully forfeited the Lease based upon their unwarranted demand of £256,269.89.

The obvious issue is that even if Middlesborugh FC did not refuse the connection, preventing the developer from enjoying the rights granted to “construct, connect to the grid and operate” the turbine, they still unlawfully forfeited the Lease. No rent or energy supply was ever owed.

They must have known all along that the corrupt judiciary and the Tory kleptocracy would prevent justice being served and what unraveled after that, is the proof in the pudding.

The Energy Supply Agreement

The developer made any agreement to supply any power pursuant to the agreement conditional upon the developer’s satisfaction in full, of “entering into a connection agreement with the Distribution Network Operator” and “commissioning of the wind turbine”. In absence of fulfillment of both those conditions, there was no “Entitlement to agreed output” (agreement by the developer to supply power).

Middlesbrough FC refused the connection, and without a connection, the turbine cannot operate. Anyone could determine, just by spending less than 5 minutes reading the conditional Energy Supply Agreement, that £181,269.89 of the claim was clearly fraudulent.

Insolvency is used to defraud and to pervert the course of justice

It was that fraudulent claim that was presented by Staunton on 19th September 2016 to the corrupt insolvency former Chief Insolvency Registrar, Stephen Baister, the oath breaking white-collar criminal who has destroyed the lives of so many with his fraudulent abuse of position.

The likes of the Master of the Rolls, the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor ensure that Baisters and many others like him remain in office to continue defrauding the British people and their businesses in the name of law and justice. Baister now resides as a barrister at 3 Stone Law. The corrupt freemason is given preferential treatment by fellow racketeers in the insolvency court whenever he brings a case there.

The law

Rules 14.25 of the Insolvency Rules 2016 determines that where there has been mutual dealings between a creditor and the company, prior to making any order, the sums due from one to the other must be set off. Baister knew that the developer had a claim against Middlesbrough FC exceeding £9.5 million for unlawful forfeiture of the Lease, but he failed whatsoever to act lawfully in applying the law in set off, knowing in any event, as anyone would do, that Middlesbrough FC’s claim is entirely fraudulent and does not exist.

Baister ordered that the developer’s sole purpose vehicle be wound up, and installed a white-collar criminal harbored by the corrupt establishment within the Insolvency Service namely, Anthony Hannon, the Official Receiver of London, (see unrelated complaint in the public domain from 2007), who continued the fraud.

Hannon, colluding with Womble Bond Dickinson, who’s former senior partner, Jeremy Robin Bloom had moved on to act as general legal counsel for the turncoat Teesside Tory politician, Steve Gibson, owner of Middlesbrough FC, first accepted the fraudulent proof of debt from Bloom on 1st December 2016. On 20th December 2016, knowing of the developer’s parent company’s proof of debt claim in the sum of £530,000, Bloom submitted another fraudulent claim, in the sum of £541,308.89.

Of the second fraudulent claim by Middlesbrough FC, £466,308.89 was for energy supply that was not owed and £75k was for rent, of which the first installment (£15,000) was not payable until 17th September 2015.

On 6th January 2017, the developer served a statutory demand on Middlesbrough FC for some of its abortive costs it had assigned on 29th June 2015 after Middlesbrough FC had refused the connection, rendering the project useless.

Staunton – Middlesbrough FC’s barrister admitted that “Force Majeure” applied on 9th January 2017 – He knew the claims were false

On 9th January 2017, Middlesbrough FC, Staunton and their lawyers, Womble Bond Dickinson, attended an ex-parte (without notice) hearing to refrain presentation by the developer’s parent company of a winding up petition for the indisputable abortive costs, plus standard interest, from the date of the assignment. We refer to that note of hearing below:

The lies by Staunton that were then carried over by the now Master of the Rolls and other criminals purporting to be judges

Judicial corruption - UK corruption under the Tory kleptocracy is out of control. There is no justice, only fraud and human rights abuse.  

The Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor are the biggest problem.  

The lies told by Ulick Staunton.
The 9th January 2017 ex-parte note of hearing on Womble Bond Dickinson’s headed paper containing the 4 lies
  1. – Staunton knew, as did Middlesbrough FC and Womble Bond Dickinson, but also the court, that the first installment of rent was not payable until 17th September 2015. The unlawfully forfeited on 19th August 2015.
  2. The operative provision of Force Majeure is clause 6 of schedule 5 of the Lease “Agreements & Declarations”. They all knew that, but page 1, paragraph 1 of the statutory demand originating their ex-parte hearing told them precisely that. It has effect, for firstly, no rent was owed, but secondly, Middlesbrough FC refused the connection and from then on Force Majeure applied solely in favour of the developer.
  3. Staunton admitted that Force Majeure had effect in the Energy Supply Agreement, but failed to disclose that the agreement is conditional and there was no agreement to supply any power anyway.
  4. The operative provision of Force Majeure in the Lease that Staunton lied about and said did not exist, applied solely in favour of Tenant / the developer.
  5. The rent was never owed.

Staunton, Middlesbrough FC and Womble Bond Dickinson had dishonestly withheld 172-pages of witness evidence from the ex-parte hearing to defraud the developer of the abortive costs. It was the 3 grid connection documents, in particular the (unsigned) Northern Powergrid / Middlesbrough FC agreement for making the connection that was withheld.

Judicial corruption: Concealing fraud / perverting the course of justice and defrauding creditors in proceedings under the Insolvency Act 1986

The High Court court granted the injunction and, assisting the offenders, refused to set it aside, so that the offenders could continue using the court, with the assistance of the corrupt judiciary. They defrauded the developer of his constitutional right to petition for Middlesbrough FC’s bankruptcy for non payment of the indisputable debt.

Less than a year later they wound up the developer’s parent company for a fictitious debt of £25k founded by their fraudulent non-disclosure knowing that the parent company has a cross claim that extinguished the purported £25k by over 25 times. They degrade the rule of law and only serve injustice and more fraud, once again defeating the law in set off.

24-days later, on 2nd February 2017, Julian Gill of Womble Bond Dickinson fraudulently claimed over £4.1 million, from the same source as the first claim

After their own barrister had admitted categorically in court on 9th January 2017 that no claims could be established because “Force Majeure has effect” (notwithstanding the fact that anyone could determine that there was no “Entitlement to agreed output”(agreement to supply power), Gill, a white-collar criminal insolvency lawyer who had an established relationship with Hannon, certified his fraudulent £4.1 million proof of debt claim as being true.

Hannon retained it ever since, with the help of Registrar Jones, the now Master of the Rolls, the now Lord Justice Arnold and Lord Justice Nugee (each have been promoted by the corrupt Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice), for defrauding creditors and perverting the course of justice.

the Fraudulent £4.1million proof of debt claim retained by the corrupt judiciary and the Insolvency Service to defraud creditors. 

Judicial corruption: Lord Chief Justice.

It was the application to deal with this blatant and obvious fraud that came before Geoffrey Vos, the now Master of the Rolls, wherein Vos concealed the fraud and in his judgment, acting dishonestly, with favour and ill-will, in breach of his judicial oath, Vos said the £256,269.89 claim was a “quantified claim for rent”, knowing that Nugee J, then a High Court Judge, had already found, on 5th February 2018, that neither rent, nor energy supply was owed.

Vos completely concealed the fraudulent £4.1 million claim, knowing that it is a criminal offence to make false claims in insolvency proceedings. It is for that reason, the proof of debt form that Gill used, has a penal notice on it, which he took off. That penal notice reads:

The information you provide in your completed proof of debt must be true and accurate to the best of your information, knowledge and belief. If you fail to do so, you may be committing a criminal offence for which you could be prosecuted.

It is proven that Gill, Womble Bond Dickinson, Staunton and Middlesbrough FC all knew, by their barrister’s own admission, on 9th January 2017, that the proofs of debt, all three of them, are all fraudulent.

The corrupt system, Vos in particular, works to assist corrupt, fraudster lawyers in using the courts to defraud. They concealed the fraud with a series of 3 false instrument, void civil restraint orders to prevent the developer from getting justice. Is that an “incorruptible judiciary”, “the best in the world?”

It was that application that asked Vos to try the fraud, he concealed the fraud, failed, whilst in the Insolvency Court to exercise the duty of inquiry when prima facie grounds were established to remove the fraudulent claim. Vos simply worked to sustain the false instrument void restraint order to pervert the course of justice.

Vos, the Master of the Rolls, remains installed as head of UK civil justice after committing criminal offences in judicial office. He is funded by you, the taxpayer.

The fact is, that in the UK, the regulators, don’t regulate, the judges and courts are 100% corrupt and don’t do law or justice, the police cover up and don’t police. It is time to hold them to account

Judicial corruption: The letter from Dominic Raab MP, the Lord Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister

On 23rd September 2021, Dominic Raab MP, the recently installed Lord Chancellor sent the letter below, harping on about how wonderful the judiciary are, talking about the incompetent jobsworths in the JCIO who have limited their scope of investigation to practically nothing so that all substantive allegations of bias, judicial corruption and impropriety get swept under the carpet, complaints of judicial wrongdoing never get recorded.

“Jointly responsible for judicial discipline” he says. What a fine job they do, do you not agree?

Letter from Dominic Rabb MP - Lord Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister. 
Judicial corruption. Master of the rolls. 

Lord Chief Justice.

The fact is that the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice are the biggest problems of the lot, they fail to lead and fail to regulate the judiciary. The UK is a cesspool of corruption, due to leadership with zero integrity.

Who wants unconstitutional, lawless liar leaders who deliberately fail to act in the public interest whilst concealing the endemic judicial corruption and weaponisation of the UK’s courts into places of fraud, asset stripping ang gross human rights abuse?

Well, in the UK, that’s what you have got. It’s time to hold them all personally accountable.

We have served Raab with our petition pursuant to section 11(2) of the Senior Courts Act to petition the Monarch to remove corrupt, oath breaking members of the judiciary who have engaged in conspiracy to defraud and perversion of the course of justice.

We have invited Raab, Burnett, Vos, Middlesbrough FC, Womble Bond Dickinson (UK and US), Dean Beale of the Insolvency Service and Stephen Baister to provide accountability, in the public interest, and for comment on this article. We shall publish their comments in the follow up.

If you, or anyone you know have been affected by judicial corruption and cover ups by the corrupt Tory establishment, get in touch with us today. It’s time to hold the unaccountable to account.

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