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Sir Geoffrey Vos the fraudster head of English civil justice

Sir Geoffrey Vos - Master of the Rolls
Sir Geoffrey Vos, Master of the Rolls and head of UK civil justice

Lords of fraud: Intelligence UK International exposes how the UK’s corrupt, politically controlled judiciary act lawlessly to defraud innocent parties who come to the courts to seek justice. Sir Geoffrey Vos, AKA, Geoffrey Charles Vos of Netherley Hall Estate, Malvern, the Master of the Rolls, head of the UK’s civil justice system is the penultimate Lord of fraud.

Under Boris Johnson’s kleptocracy, the United Kingdom has become a rogue state, the administration of justice lacks impartiality and there is no separation of powers between the courts and central government. Sir Geoffrey Vos.

On 31st July 2020 Sir Geoffrey Vos was appointed as Master of the Rolls by the Queen. The Master of the Rolls is head of civil justice and the UK’s second highest ranking Judge, with the first being the Lord Chief Justice, Ian Burnett of Maldon.

All UK judges must take a solemn oath, swearing to act “without fear or favour, affection or ill-will”. was shown irrefutable evidence that Sir Geoffrey Vos had breached his oath, acting with favour and ill-will, concealing fraud committed by dishonest lawyers, favouring one side and assisting an offender, knowing of the fraud committed.

The constitutional oath of the judiciary was implemented in 1868. Known as the Promissory Oaths Act, this law is designed to protect civilians from abuse of powers and to ensure that justice is administered fairly and impartially.

Bizarrely, we found after investigation that this law that is never enforced. Judges that breach their oaths in the UK are never brought to justice, they are free to continue in office, completely unregulated. England’s judges have become lawless, a law unto themselves.

Sir Geoffrey Vos was concealing proven fraud

In the case of Millinder v Middlesbrough Football & Athletic Company (1986) Ltd we were shown the application notice made by Mr Millinder when Sir Geoffrey Vos was Chancellor of the High Court. The application notice asked the court for a fraud trial.

Page 3, paragraph 5 through to paragraph 7 of Mr Millinder’s application notice referred to a finding by Mr Justice Nugee, a judge of the same court when on 5th February 2018 the Judge found that no money was owed to Middlesbrough FC.

Paragraph 6 of the application notice referred to “collateral estoppel” applying, as Mr Millinder’s central argument had been tried and proven by Mr Justice Nugee.

Paragraph 7 referred to the fraudulent claim of £4,031,664.80, stating that:

The Energy Supply Agreement is a conditional contract, subject to (full satisfaction of) the conditions precedent set out in Clause 2.

Those conditions encompassed full satisfaction of (by Tenant), the Connection Agreement and, Commissioning of the wind turbineMiddlesbrough Football Club {Landlord) refused to complete the Agreement (Exhibit 3) with Northern Powergrid, the Distribution Network Operator in February 2015 so that the connection for the wind turbine could be established.

Condition 2.1 of the Energy Supply Agreement could not be fulfilled due to actions of the Landlord in refusing that connection to customer owned substation assets.

The actions of the Landlord caused substantial losses to the Claimant, resulting in the insolvency of its subsidiary. The Start Date of the Energy Supply Agreement is the date upon which the conditions precedent in Clause 2 are satisfiedThere was no Start Date, due to the actions of the Landlord in preventing the same connection from being established and therefore the Claimant asserts that the proof of debt, submitted to the Official Receiver is a false misrepresentation”.

The application that came before Sir Geoffrey Vos asked him to set aside the false proof of debt claim which was found to have been false by Mr Justice Nugee on 5th February 2018. Anyone reading the application notice (particularly the parts in bold we highlighted), could determine that no money was owed.

Paragraph 8 of the application notice referred again to the same judgment of Mr Justice Nugee on 5th February 2018 where he found that Middlesbrough FC had unlawfully forfeited the Lease and that no rent or energy supply payment was owed.

“A quantified claim for rent” – knowing that neither rent or energy supply could possibly be owed

At paragraph 105 of his judgment, Sir Geoffrey Vos said this:

On 25th June 2015, Middlesbrough invoiced Empowering Wind MFC for a quantified claim for rent in the sum of £256,269.89.

Sir Geoffrey Vos

£181,269.89 of the false claim, was for energy supply. Sir Geoffrey Vos knew that no rent was owed and that there was no “entitlement to agreed output” and that any “invoicing & payment” was contractually prohibited.

Sir Geoffrey Vos lied, acting with ill-will to conceal the fact that Middlesbrough FC unlawfully forfeited the Lease, undermining the previous finding of Nugee J, covering up the £4.1 million claim that the application specifically asked him to deal with.

Sir Geoffrey Vos had before him proof that Middlesbrough FC’s barrister had retracted the claims

Disturbingly, we were shown an excerpt from the barrister, Mr Staunton’s skeleton, who was acting for Middlesbrough FC for the hearing that came before Sir Geoffrey Vos. The excerpt (page 12 of his skeleton) below contains that admission.

Sir Geoffrey Vos Master of the Rolls is a fraud. Corrupt UK judiciary.
On 12th November 2018, in the skeleton for the hearing before Vos, Ulick Staunton, the barrister acting for Middlesbrough Football Club had admitted that the only claim maintained against “A” (Applicant), or Empowering Wind MFC Ltd or Earth Energy Investments LLP was a claim for £25,000, but that was also a fraud.

The application that came before Sir Geoffrey Vos on 8th February 2019 asked him to try the fraud, the claim, exceeding £4.1 million that Mr Justice Nugee had already found to be false, whilst Middlesbrough FC’s own barrister also retracted the claim.

Even more disturbingly, we were shown an email to the clerk to Sir Geoffrey Vos and to the clerk to Mr Justice Arnold (now Lord Justice Arnold) dated 30th November 2018. The email listed the false claims brought by Middlesbrough FC and Mr Staunton and referred to the fact that Mr Staunton had retracted the claims on 12th November 2018 in that skeleton.

The email of 30th November 2018 to Sir Geoffrey Vos and other senior clerks at the Royal Courts of Justice in London

Shortly after receiving that email, Sir Geoffrey Vos asked Mr Staunton to retract and replace his skeleton of 12th November 2018, less his admission that he retracted the claims.

At paragraph 103 of his judgment, Sir Geoffrey Vos said this:

“I can say at once that I have been through all the papers in this case in meticulous detail, and I have seen no evidence of any kind for any of the allegations of fraud, conspiracy or misdealing that Mr Millinder has made”.

Sir Geoffrey Vos

We were shown a note of hearing, which was an ex-parte (without notice) hearing by Middlesbrough FC dated 9th January 2017 and in that note of hearing, Mr Staunton himself had admitted that no claims could be established because, “Force Majeure” had effect.

It was proven therefore that all along, from 9th January 2017 that Mr Staunton, his client, Middlesbrough FC and his instructing solicitors, Womble Bond Dickinson, knew the claims they were making were false. They knew what they were doing was dishonest and the claims are a fraud.

Sir Geoffrey Vos was served a cross examination by Mr Millinder asking why he lied and concealed the fraud Vos replied “no comment”

We were also shown the full cross examination document presented to Sir Geoffrey Vos by Mr Millinder on 14th March 2021.

The excerpt below from that cross examination refers to the salient questions around the false statements Sir Geoffrey Vos made to conceal the fraudulent claims.

Sir Geoffrey Vos - Master of the Rolls corrupt UK judges.
Part of the cross examination document presented to Sir Geoffrey Vos on 14th March 2021 by Mr Millinder

Sir Geoffrey Vos knew that the energy supply agreement was conditional and that the first installment of rent (£15,000) was not payable until 17th September 2015.

Sir Geoffrey Vos knew that Middlesbrough FC unlawfully forfeited on 19th August 2015, but yet he was still brazen enough to lie in his own judgment by stating that the fraudulent claim in the sum of £256,269.89 was a “quantified claim for rent”, whist concealing the claim for over £4.1 million which was from the same source as the first. What about the claim in the middle for £541,308.89?

Mr Millinder phoned the Master of the Rolls office asking for “accountability” – The 5-minute recording

Sir Geoffrey Vos, the head of the UK’s civil justice system, the second highest Judge in the country, is proven to have been concealing fraud to assist dishonest lawyers in using the courts to defraud and evade justice.

If the second highest judge in the country, responsible for the entire civil justice system is proven to have behaved in this way, what are the rest of them doing?

We asked Sir Geoffrey Vos to comment, but his response was “no comment”.


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