Lords of Fraud

Lord Justice Nugee defrauding in the name of justice

Lord Justice Nugee - Emily Thornberry MP

Lord Justice Nugee committed criminal offences in judicial office then gets promoted to Lord Justice of Appeal

When we say, Lord Justice Nugee, is a fraud he pretends to be something he’s not, purporting to be honourable, when he is absolutely dishonourable. Sworn into office to act lawfully, when he acts illegally. Pretending to be impartial, when he’s following orders of the political kleptocracy whilst assisting his personal associate, the alcohol stricken dishonest barrister, Ulick Staunton, formerly of Radcliffe Chambers, who was acting for the fraudster football club.

Lord Justice Nugee of 12 Richmond Crescent, London, N1 0LZ, is married to fellow barrister and Labour MP Emily Thornberry, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade, has proven himself to be a particularly vile and immoral coward.

Nugee is a fraud on legs

Lord Justice Nugee is a fraud on legs, an oath breaking terrorist, cheating his victims out of justice with a spin of trickery and deceit, he’s a wrongful and criminal deception as he stands. His acts in judicial office have been convened to secure financial gain for himself and his cronies, whilst causing loss through malicious and dishonest abuse of his position. His targets are those who come to the courts to seek justice. Many of the UK’s judges are the same and in our petition to The Queen to strike them off, we identify them.

Judges that breach their oaths, acting with favour and ill-will, are not judges, but the corrupt establishment keep them there, so they can continue terrorizing and defrauding in the name of justice. This establishment, on both sides of the political fence, are guilty of oppressive, gross human rights violations and this article is a shining example.

The Promissory Oaths Act 1868 is law today, designed to protect civilians from tyrants like Nugee and his cohorts. Law that is designed to prevent abuse from the likes of Nugee, who deliberately misrepresents the law, defaces and evades evidence, providing impunity to fellow criminal racketeers disguised as lawyers, whilst paid generously at the expense of the taxpayer to act “without favour or ill-will” and “according to law” is being thrown by the wayside. What use is a law that is never enforced?

The UK’s cabal of judicial and political elites all look out for one another, “covering for the other” along the way. They consider themselves above the law, immune from prosecution, completely unregulated and unaccountable. They defeat the principles of justice riding roughshod over the law that’s designed to protect the civilians from this kind of fraud by abuse of position.

The Nugee’s luxury townhouse in the Crescent, Islington, valued at somewhere in the region of £3 million, is where Tony and Cherie Blair also lived prior to winning the 1997 election. They are not in need, so why, we ask, what is the motive in defrauding people that come to get justice? Their motive can only be bribery and political cronyism, for Nugee and his conspirers are certainly not going to risk their freedom for free. They are promoted for following orders by Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice and Buckland, the Lord Chancellor and all at the expense of you, the taxpayer. A typical trait of systemic corruption, compliance is rewarded.

They clearly believe they are safe defrauding in the name of justice, knowing that fellow quislings and the corrupt leadership will prevent justice being served on them so they can go on terrorizing and colluding to defraud those who seek justice, without fear of retribution.

Lord Justice Nugee and Emily Thornberry MP's luxury townhouse in Islington close to Ulick Staunton.
Proceeds of crime? Lord Justice Nugee’s imposing £3 million townhouse, 12 Richmond Crescent, Islington, North London

Personal associates: Champagne socialists Ulick Staunton and Lord Justice Nugee

Ulick Staunton, of 15 Furling Road, Islington, formerly of Radcliffe Chambers is the dishonest barrister deployed to perpetrate the fraud for Middlesbrough FC. Staunton socialises with Lord Justice Nugee and Emily Thornberry, residing less than a mile down the road. Nugee knew he was conflicted, but he made no attempt to recuse (remove himself from the proceeding), quite on the contrary, he affixed himself to it, to prevent justice being served on Staunton and his cohorts.

Ulick Staunon, Lord Justice Nugee accomplice, using the court to defraud. Ulick Staunton's townhouse in Islington
Proceeds of crime? Ulick Staunton and his £2.8 million townhouse in Furlong Road, Islington, a stone’s throw from Lord Justice Nugee’s residence

Nugee and Staunton had conspired to defraud Mr Millinder in the name of justice

It was the pre-conceived plan of Lord Justice Nugee and his co-conspirer, Staunton, to use the façade of insolvency and a false claim to defraud Mr Millinder.

Fundamentally, Middlesbrough FC could not defend Mr Millinder’s demand, because it can’t be disputed, so Staunton and his client, Middlesbrough FC, under instruction of the aptly named “Womble” Bond Dickinson, attended court on 9th January 2017 and presented an entirely false case, whilst fraudulently withholding 172-pages of material information that would have proven it instead. The indisputable statutory demand exceeded £640,000 including interest.

On 5th February 2018, Nugee continued the injunction, founded by their fraud, whilst concealing the numerous acts of dishonesty and what was the most extreme case of fraudulent non-disclosure ex-parte (without notice) by lawyers in the history of UK law. Nugee saw to it that the offenders were generously rewarded for their fraud, ordering that Mr Millinder / Earth Energy, the victim of their frauds pay the fraudsters £10,000 against the £530,000 plus standard interest they defrauded him of.

The general rule of law is that if there has been any material non-disclosure, the Court should set aside the order. Nugee however, found that the information withheld would have otherwise proven the demand. Nugee found that Middlesbrough FC had unlawfully forfeited the Lease after refusing the connection and that no money was owed to them, but he was covering up Middlesbrough FC’s perjury and the criminal offences committed both by Staunton and Middlesbrough FC.

At paragraph 5 of his order:

He relies for this on non disclosure of a large number of documents which, as I understand it, supported the statutory demand and which explained the background to the dispute, in particular the connection agreement which, in his submissions to me, he explained was the foundation of his argument that the project was, effectively, killed by Middlesbrough”.

Nugee had found that Middlesbrough FC had withheld the connection agreement after refusing the connection. Nugee knew Bloom and Staunton was concealing that fact and that it is the fact they refused the connection that proves the statutory demand. All ignored

Nugee found that Force Majeure absolved any requirement to pay either rent or energy supply and that Staunton twice lied about it

From paragraph 6 of his order of 5th February 2018, it was also found that Staunton had twice lied about the operative provision of Force Majeure in the Lease, but whilst Staunton had admitted it had effect in relation to the Energy Supply Agreement, Nugee was concealing that fact that Staunton had admitted no claims could be established, with Gill, his instructing solicitor of Womble Bond Dickinson then fraudulently £4.1 million claiming, 24-days later:

It is not disputed that those documents were not put before Mr Justice Arnold. I was also shown a note of the hearing in which Mr Staunton, who appeared for Middlesbrough then as he does for Middlesbrough today, says this:

There is a definition of force majeure in the lease. There is no other reference to force majeure in the lease.”

That was something he repeated before me, but in fact, there was a provision in the lease at schedule 5, paragraph 6, which provided that:

“If either party is prevented for any period of time from performing its obligations under this lease by reason of force majeure, that party shall not be in breach of such obligations for so long as, and to the extent to which such reason shall subsist.”

Any judge could have determined, in less than 5-minutes, that Robin Bloom had made a completely false witness statement that he knew to be false in respect of notice of the assignment. Nugee knew this, he referred to the statement himself. Nugee was concealing the fact that Bloom had the assignment originating the demand in his possession, knowing that Bloom had committed perjury.

Nugee knew that Bloom had notice of the assignment on 3 separate occasions and the assignment came in 3 parts, but he evaded all that and then committed fraud himself, dishonestly misrepresenting the terms of the assignment. Nugee altogether evaded the fact that Bloom had that assignment, the demand and a written notice of assignment in his possession on 3rd January 2017.

We assigned the investment made in the project to Empowering’s parent on 29th June 2015 during a board meeting after receiving the Notice to Terminate from you and at that time, its Parent took on the debt“.

They all knew, thereafter that the investment that was assigned founded the demand – Click the citation above to examine the evidence

In Bloom’s witness statement that Nugee and his conspirers so heavily relied on, Bloom lied and denied any knowledge of the assignment that he also withheld from the ex-parte hearing. At paragraph 22.2 of his statement Bloom stated this, after having responded to the notice of assignment above:

as at 15th December 2015, no such assignment had occurred and I have seen no evidence of any assignment. It is therefore wholly unclear on what basis EE assets to be creditor of MFC and no explanation is provided in the statutory demand”.

The snippet below is from page 4 of the statutory demand containing another notice of the absolute assignment that was served on the Club on 30th June 2015, then on 3rd January 2017 by email and on 6th January 2017 in hard copy by process server with the demand.
Any lawyer would know the assignment is effectual in law from the date notice was given.
– Click on the citation above to read study the evidence.
Lord Justice Nugee - Promoted to the Court of Appeal after following his orders to conceal fraud.  Ulick Staunton the fraudster barrister.

The statutory demand, Part B, page 4, above, contains notice of the absolute assignment, signed under hand by the assignor and explaining how the debt was accrued.
Bloom was blatantly lying, stating he has seen no notice of the assignment and that there is no explanation within the demand, knowing that he fraudulently withheld the assignment itself. Likewise, Nugee was lying, trying to imply that the notice of assignment was not sufficiently clear.

Below, Staunton himself tells Nugee, who was then Mr Justice Nugee, that the investment in Empowering Wind MFC Ltd (“EW”) had been assigned. He first takes Nugee to tab 27, the assignment resolution that was served on Middlesbrough FC on 30th June 2015, then on 3rd January 2017 by email and then on 6th January 2017 with the demand in hard copy:

Indeed, and its tab, Mr Millinder’s bundle, tab 27 I have it at.

Second page in. Reading that second paragraph, what’s assigned to EEI are the investments, the £200,000″.

It is proven beyond doubt therefore that on 5th February 2018 Nugee and his conspirers, including Staunton, Womble Bond Dickinson and Middlesbrough FC knew that their later false liability used to defraud Mr Millinder, the £25,000 purported “debt” was extinguished many times over. That however, did not stop Gill of Womble Bond Dickinson presenting a winding up petition against Earth Energy just 4-days later for the false liability they all knew never even existed.

On similar terms, namely conscious and premediated dishonesty, exactly 24-days after Gill himself provided the note of hearing ex-parte of 9th January 2017 where Staunton admitted “Force Majeure has effect“, Gill, knowing that the claim is false, claimed over £4.1 million against Empowering Wind to keep the asset, proven by unlawful forfeiture, beyond reach of creditors. The corrupt court and the Insolvency Service sustained both frauds, to assist the offenders in defrauding in the name of law and “justice”.

Well, I’m not sure I’ve quite understood how that fits with the claim that was in the statutory demand. Because the statutory demand is for £200,000 on the lease premium and £330,000 in legal and technical project development processes, and that could be the parent’s investment, could it not?

On 5th February 2018 during the hearing to set aside the order founded by Staunton and Middlesbrough FC’s fraud, Nugee knew the investment in the project had been assigned, he made reference to it himself. Simply click on the citation above to expand the detail.

Any absolute assignment of which express notice has been given, is effectual in law

The Law of Property Act 1925 dictates that any absolute assignment, signed under had by the assignor and of which express notice has been given, is effectual in law.

Nugee however, had other ideas, so he affronted the law and committed fraud by false representation, effectually tampering with the evidence to make the assignment not absolute whilst diminishing the law that makes the assignment valid from the date notice was given. We evidence below how Nugee falsely represented the assignment and then relied on his corrupted version to continue the injunction founded by fraud, to defraud Mr Millinder of £640,000.

Nugee knew, as any judge would do, that on 5th February 2018, the assigned investments extinguished the Club’s fraudulent liability of £25,000, by 26.6 times. It is no coincidence that his fellow conspiring white-collar criminal, Snowden, also later sought to degrade the validity of the assignment.

We agreed to tidy up loose ends on some of the feeds and the 200K that we paid from other accounts of Earth Energy Investments as parent of Empowering MFCas assigning those investments representing what we put into project”

Click on the citation above to expand the detail showing the original terms of the assignment Nugee fraudulently misrepresented

It is no coincidence that Staunton also misrepresented the terms of the assignment. To pave way for Nugee’s premeditated fraudulent abuse of position, defacing the assigned investments so they could defraud Mr Millinder of over £640,000, Staunton said this:

We agree to separate out what went in as an investment to the project, so there were two causes of action with the payment recovering funds invested and Empowering recovering consequential loss.”

Staunton fraudulently represented the terms of the assignment he had before him when he referred to it at tab 27.
The original assignment is the express and absolute terms below:

We agreed to separate out what went in as investment to the project so that there are two causes of action, with the Parent recovering funds invested and Empowering MFC recovering consequential loss.

The Parent, Earth Energy was to recover the funds invested by virtue of the assignment of the investments that both Nugee and Staunton falsely represented. Undoubtedly, their conspiracy to defraud took a substantial degree of planning, but the corrupt police in the UK just cover for them so that these criminals can freely defraud innocent parties in the name of justice without retribution. In the next article, we explain how Staunton’s regulator, the corrupt Bar Standards Board also concealed his dishonesty and failed to regulate.

Nugee found that Middlesbrough FC did unlawfully forfeit the Lease and that no money was owed to them, proving the claim of the demand

In his mala fide order of 5th February 2018 founded by his fraud, Nugee did however find that the information withheld would have otherwise proven the demand. It was said by Nugee himself that the injunction of 9th January 2017, continued on 16th January 2017 in breach of the offender’s continuing duty to disclose, was founded on two grounds:

Nugee J: There’s doubt, doubt over the assignment and dispute over the claim.

Nugee and Staunton both knew that the assignment could not be disputed, which is why they committed fraud and falsely represented its terms, yet Nugee himself found that the claim cannot be disputed.

No remedy was provided however, because the UK’s courts are used as vehicles to defraud, so that white-collar criminals, including Womble Bond Dickinson, Middlesbrough FC and the likes of magic circle law firms and masonic barrister’s chambers “on the square” as Staunton’s was, can use the courts to feed off the fruits of their frauds, courtesy of fellow racketeers, like Nugee and his colleagues.

In this order of 5th February 2018 it was found at paragraph 3 that:

“..I have heard some explanation from Mr Millinder as to why that project did not succeed, his contention being that it was, in effect, all Middlesbrough’s fault for failing to enter into an agreement called the connection agreement. The upshot of that was that EW was unable to generate any money, that meant it was neither able to pay rent under the lease, nor to pay what were quite substantial charges ostensibly payable under something called the energy supply agreement under which, if it was not supplying energy to Middlesbrough it had to pay Middlesbrough a figure based on eight pence for each kilowatt hour of energy which Middlesbrough consumed”.

At paragraph 4 of his order:

On the basis of those matters, Middlesbrough demanded payment of money from EW, terminated the lease for non payment of rent and subsequently appeared as a
supporting creditor in support of a petition to wind up EW”

The application that Nugee disposed of to assist the offenders sought to recuse Jones, who was perverting the course of justice to assist the offenders by sustaining the £4.1 million fraudulent claim. Nugee also failed to deal with that part of the application. At the first hearing to remove the fraudulent claim, Jones expressly stated that:

For my purposes, dishonesty is not going to matter, I can’t judge”

Jones knew the application was to be heard by a High Court Judge and that when fraud is an issue, dishonesty does matter. The purported judges have conspired to pervert the course of justice. This is who you are paying your taxes for to administer justice people, a bunch of dishonest, colluding, oath breaking, immoral fraudsters.

Nugee was concealing the blatant and most obvious fraud against creditors of Empowering Wind MFC Ltd

It was the unwarranted demand of 25th June 2015 that was used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease that was falsely represented by Staunton to cause the winding up of “EW”, Empowering Wind MFC Ltd, the wind turbine sole purpose vehicle.

The unwarranted demand was in the sum of £256,269.89, but again, at paragraph 4 of his order we cited above, Nugee lied and stated the claim was for “non payment of rent” knowing that £181,268.89 was for energy supply that Middlesbrough FC had prevented from being supplied, which was conditional upon Mr Millinder’s “full satisfaction of” “entering into a connection agreement”, that Middlesbrough FC refused. Nugee himself found that neither rent or energy supply was owed, but he was still referring to a claim for rent, to conceal the obvious fact that the Energy Supply Agreement is conditional.

On the same basis, Nugee found that Staunton had lied about the operative provision of Force Majeure in the Lease, because he knew it had effect for the same reason and it was for that reason Nugee found that neither rent or energy supply was owed, proving that even if Middlesbrough FC did not refuse the connection, the first installment of rent (£15,000) was not due until 15th September 2015. The Club unlawfully forfeited on 19th August 2015 after refusing the connection. Nugee knew therefore, as any judge who was not utterly corrupt or insane would do, that the claim of the demand cannot be disputed and that therefore, unlawful forfeiture of the Lease is proven.

We cited above where Nugee himself found “there’s doubt over the assignment and dispute over the claim” but he himself found that the claim cannot be disputed and he knew the assignment was valid, which is why he fraudulently misrepresented it to make it not absolute, whilst Staunton did the same.

It was Nugee, Staunton, Middlesbrough FC and Womble Bond Dickinson’s pre-conceived plan to use insolvency to defraud. Disingenuously however, they made the admission themselves, during that hearing of 5th February 2018:

At page 75 of the transcript, we quote:

Nugee J: And also, simply identifying that there is an argument which gives rise to a dispute doesn’t, doesn’t entail the consequence that the —
Mr Staunton: No, absolutely.
Nugee J: Petition should go forward.
Mr Staunton: Absolutely.
Nugee J: Yes.

There was no “petition to go forward” in relation to the proceedings before him. There was no dispute either in relation to the statutory demand by Earth Energy. It is proven, by their own admission, that Nugee had full knowledge of the pre-conceived plan to defraud Mr Millinder of £640,000. They were referring to the £25k winding up petition, presented by Gill, that came exactly 7-days after the hearing, presented without notice to Mr Millinder to wind Earth Energy Investments LLP up after Staunton and Nugee had committed fraud by false representation to pave way for it.

They all knew that as of 5th February 2018, the assigned investments extinguished the fraudulent £25,000 liability by 26.6 times. Any lawyer would know, that an alleged debt that is extinguished by a cross claim, is not and cannot possibly be a petition debt, but these lawless, cheating rats made it so, because they have been using insolvency to defraud creditors.

Lord Justice Nugee acted with genuine bias and ignored Mr Millinder’s directions applications whilst attending to his conspirer’s instantly

Mr Millinder made a directions application on 7th February 2018, just 2-days after Nugee’s rigged hearing. The directions application sought to deal with the fraud and dishonesty that was evaded by him during that hearing, unsurprisingly, Nugee evaded the directions application altogether, knowing of the pre-conceived plan to wind up Mr Millinder’s company for the fraudulent, nullity £25k liability. It is worth reading the directions application, it focuses on the fraud that was being sustained by Jones.

Page 2, the first couple of paragraphs, refers to the dishonesty by Staunton respective of the fact that he twice lied about the provision of Force Majeure within the Lease. Nugee found this, but again, he was perverting the course of justice, preventing justice being served on the offenders.

On 5th February 2018, Nugee himself passed comment as below, because he knew that the claims were fraudulent. Ms Jones QC, is also a Deputy High Court Judge of the same court:

Nugee J: £541,000 and then 4. —
Ms Jones: Yes, and then 4.1 million.
Nugee J: Yes, I don’t think I know how those sums are made up.
Ms Jones: No, I’m not sure I do either

At page 4 of the directions application, Mr Millinder cited collusion by the insolvency registrars:

“It is an injustice primarily because the Registrars circumvented my Application and sought to keep the case under their control, causing further delay and frustration whilst wilfully failing to act in the interests of justice. I also consider it to be extremely undermining of the Court that Mr Registrar Jones has, I allege, failed to act on the
evidence or information before him that proves any such proof of debt is false
and made the comment that “we need to get away from the proofs of debt”. The Application I made is clearly relative to the £4.1m fraudulent misrepresentation and the fact this has been made so as to effect pecuniary interest for another, with the assistance of the Mr Hannon”.

Nugee steered well away from that directions application and failed to deal with it whatsoever, because he has been perverting the course of justice, as well as advancing the offender’s frauds himself. Nugee ensued the same frauds were sustained, which is why he failed to recuse Jones. Nugee knew the directions application was not determined as well as Womble Bond Dickinson, Middlesbrough FC and Staunton did. They just proceeded irrespectively, with Gill presenting the winding up petition on 12th February 2018, just 4-days after being served the directions application. They clearly knew Nugee was going to evade the directions, and he did precisely that.

On 1st March 2018, after Nugee failed to provide the directions, Mr Millinder made an application to set aside Nugee’s order of 5th February 2018 and the ex-parte order of 16th January 2017 because both orders were founded by fraud. From then on, they all know that the purported £25k liability that was in any event extinguished by the assigned investments (the cross claim) was subject to challenge, even that didn’t stop them. They were safe in proceeding, because the court is as much a part of the fraud as the football club.

Lord Justice Nugee sprang into action and dealt with his conspirer’s informal application the following day

On 20th March 2018, the offenders, Womble Bond Dickinson, Staunton and Middlesbrough FC made a directions application (without application and by letter) to dispose of Mr Millinder’s 1st March application without a hearing. Nugee attended to the offender’s directions application immediately, whilst Mr Millinder’s directions application dealing with their obvious fraud was ignored entirely and left in limbo.

On 21st March 2018, Nugee made an order, following on from that directions application by the offenders:

The order of 21st March 2018 made by Mr Justice Nugee, now Lord Justice Nugee. Ulick Staunton the fraudster barrister.
The offender’s application was dismissed and Mr Millinder’s / Earth Energy’s application was listed for hearing in the usual way.

On 22nd March 2018, a day after making his order, Nugee failed again to provide Mr Millinder’s directions within the application of 1st March.

Mr Millinder sought to have the fraudulent £25k petition struck out as no money was owed and indisputably, an alleged debt that is subject to challenge by order of a High Court Judge is not and cannot possibly be, a petition debt. That however, conflicted with Nugee’s pre-conceived plan, in conspiracy, to defraud Mr Millinder, so, again, in abuse of his position, Nugee evaded it altogether.

Ulick Staunton commits perjury and fraud by false representation and the corrupt judiciary cover it up

Exactly 7-days after the order, Staunton attended court in Mr Millinder’s absence and wound up Earth Energy Investments for the £25k that he knew, by his own admission, was extinguished by the assigned investments. During the winding up hearing, as evidenced in the transcript, Staunton lied and said this:

Earth Energy has a fully owned subsidiary, Empowering Wind, which is now in the process of being wound up. The liquidator is Mr Hammond from the OR’s office. The subsidiary had an agreement with the petitioner. The petitioner has, as part of that group, terminated the agreement and also a lease underlying it and Mr Millinder then said, “Well, the subsidiary has a significant claim for damages against Middlesbrough”, but it never brought any proceedings.

JUDGE BARBER: It’s not a cross-claim then.
MR STAUNTON: That is the cross-claim.
JUDGE BARBER: Well, it’s not a cross-claim though, is it?

MR STAUNTON: Well, I – in my submission, no, however, the company – the subsidiary then goes into liquidation and Mr Hammond’s the OR. Mr Hammond’s filed a report that the subsidiary has no assets, so he cannot investigate the claim that Mr Millinder says the subsidiary has against Middlesbrough.

MR STAUNTON: On 15th November, Earth Energy issued another application, amongst other things that it wants directions that that claim should be pursued. That came on before Judge (inaudible) for the first hearing on 21st December, where he made it clear to Mr Millinder that as the subsidiary had no assets it couldn’t pursue the claim unless Mr Millinder could put forward proposals to finance that claim, and he adjourned it to allow Mr Millinder to put in such evidence. It came back before Judge Jones on Monday of this week where Mr Millinder had failed to put in any sensible evidence to finance the claim and Mr Hammond said that obviously the subsidiary couldn’t pursue it. Judge Jones then dismissed that application. That’s the cross-claim. That’s disposed of Monday of this week.

In the passage from the transcript above, the “amongst other things” Staunton was referring to was the fact that the application that Jones disposed of to conceal the fraud, sought to remove the £4.1 million fraudulent claim that was used to keep the proven damages claim, beyond reach of creditors. Jones stipulated that Mr Millinder was to place Hannon in funds. Jones was asserting that Mr Millinder had to transact with a criminal, who was acting as liquidator, sustaining the fraudulent claim to prevent a meeting of creditors being called to replace him. Staunton knew, as evidenced, by his own admission, that the cross claim is the assigned investments he himself admitted were assigned on 5th February 2018.

One day after the fraudulent, malicious winding up of Earth Energy for the fraudulent £25k claim, Mr Millinder put an application in to rescind the winding up order. Chief Registrar Briggs, the other conflicted dishonest criminal, a close associate of Staunton, affixed himself to the rescission application to ensure justice was not served. During that recission hearing on 11th April 2018, Staunton lied again and this time he “U-turned” on the cross claim and cited that:

That’s an exact quote by Mr Justice Nugee of the resolution

ULICK STAUNTON – 11th April 2018

As evidenced earlier in our article, both Staunton and Nugee misrepresented the assignment resolution to make it not absolute, he was then lying and misleading the Court that Nugee’s fraudulently misrepresented version is “an exact quote of the resolution”.

and paras.17 to 24. So there’s a cross claim which extinguishes the liability to pay £25,000

ULICK STAUNTON – 11th April 2018

Staunton however, as proven beyond doubt, lied about the cross claim on 28th March 2018 after first admitting that “what’s assigned are the investments, the £200,000” on 5th February 2018 and after both he and Nugee fraudulently misrepresented the assignment terms.

Then Staunton said this:

and if you look at the second page, it’s the 21st March, and this is before Judge Barber”

ULICK STAUNTON – 11th April 2018

Staunton again knew he was lying, because what he said in relation to the fact that the alleged £25k debt he knew was extinguished by many times over was:

JUDGE BARBER: — saying in his email that the – the petition is disputed.
MR STAUNTON: Indeed, but that matter has been fully ventilated in front of Judge Jones, terminating Monday of this week when he dismissed (inaudible) application.

Killing two birds with one stone

Staunton and his conspirers, were all reliant on Jones, the white-collar criminal, to prevent justice being served on them, which is why it was orchestrated by the corrupt court that Jones disposed of the application that sought to try the frauds collectively and two days after, Staunton wound up Earth Energy, the Applicant, so the right of action fell back to Hannon, who was the first defendant in that application Jones disposed of. They were defrauding and perverting the course of justice, “killing two birds with one stone”.

There is the cross claim. There is the assignment. So the two grounds upon which Earth Energy invite you to rescind the Winding Up Order were before Judge Barber

ULICK STAUNTON – 11th April 2018

This is a prime example of how the corrupt, criminal racketeering purported judges assist their fellow racketeers in using the façade of “justice” and insolvency to defraud.

Nugee, the vile, dishonest rat, along with his co-conspirers, Lord Justice Arnold and Lord Justice Vos (who now sits as head of civil justice / Master of the Rolls) are harbored in the Court of Appeal so that when their fellow racketeers do similar injustice, they are there to ensure the malfeasance is continued in the Court of Appeal to ensure their victims never get justice.

Nugee’s dishonesty and fraud was not limited to the abuse we have identified in this article, far from it, Nugee was also perverting the course of justice, knowing of the criminal offences committed by Hannon, the “Official Receiver of London” who fraudulently abused his position to defraud Mr Millinder of the proven damages claim. Read about how Nugee misrepresented Part 14 of the Insolvency Rules 2016 to conceal Hannon’s fraud.

We have invited Lord Justice Nugee, Vos, HHJ Pelling, Lord Justice Arnold, Staunton, Ohrenstein, Middlesbrough FC, ICCJ Jones, Chief Registrar Briggs, Mr Justice Snowden, Mr Justice Miles and Mr Justice Fancourt (together the conspiring white-collar criminals), along with the Lord Chief Justice, the Lord Chancellor and those at No 10 to comment on this article. We will post their comments in the next.

You cannot “steal sweets from the shelf”, get caught and put the sweets back again, pretending nothing has happened, for the offences have already been committed and criminal offences do not carry an expiry date, although these oath breaking terrorists, the white-collar criminals pretending to be judges, are well past theirs.

Be sure to check out how Lord Justice Nugee was concealing perjury, preventing justice being served on Robin Bloom.

We the people have the inalienable right to be governed justly by the courts and Parliament, under this vile kleptocracy of oppressive human rights abusers, that has not been happening. Sign our petition, comment, like, share and donate what you can afford to our cause in restoring the rule of law that underpins our democratic society.

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