UK corruption

The dishonourable Mr Justice Snowden upgraded to Court of Appeal

Mr Justice Snowden - Now Lord Justice Snowden
Richard Snowden, the oath breaking white-collar criminal

Intelligence UK reports on how the Queen and the corrupt Tory establishment have been promoting corrupt, oath breaking members of the judiciary at the expense of the taxpayer. They get rewarded for obeying their orders, defrauding and asset stripping innocent parties in the name of “justice”. Mr Justice Snowden.

On 31st August 2021 the Queen promoted Mr Justice Snowden to Lord Justice Snowden. A clear pattern has emerged whereby all the corrupt members of the judiciary are being promoted after executing their orders. A typical trait of systemic corruption, whereby compliance is rewarded.

Intelligence UK petitioned the Monarch to remove the corrupt members of the judiciary, instead, she evaded the petition and promoted them when they should have been jailed.

We are hardly surprised, the Monarch herself is dishonourable and has breached her Coronation Oath, so it follows that all under the Crown are of the same ilk, and they most certainly are.

Under this corrupt establishment, England has become a laughingstock of the world, the endemic corruption is off the scales, there is no justice and the rule of law is non existent.

Those who have been wronged in the lower courts can forget getting any justice in the Court of Appeal, for the “judges” that are proven to have breached their oaths, who are in fact not judges at all, have all been installed by the Queen to act, under false pretenses, as Court of Appeal judges.

Mr Justice Snowden is amongst the worst, and yet he was promoted by fellow members of the Royal Arch freemason fraternity of unconstitutional corruptors, all of whom are senior members of the Tory kleptocracy.

“The selection panel was chaired by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon. The other panel members were Sir Geoffrey Vos, the Master of the Rolls; Lord Kakkar, the Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Commission; and two lay Judicial Appointments Commissioners, Ms Sue Hoyle OBE and Ms Jane Furniss CBE”.

The Monarch and the purported Lord Chief Justice are perfectly content to promote fraudsters and white-collar criminals at the expense of the taxpayer, irrespective of the fact that they have all broken the law, perverting the course of justice and concealing fraud. This act shows the brazen audacity of England’s corrupt establishment of unconstitutional liars and cheats in public and judicial office.

A criminal racketeering enterprise funded by you, the taxpayer – Mr Justice Snowden

In our previous articles we exposed how Mr Justice Snowden, now Lord Justice Snowden, Mr Justice Nugee, now Lord Justice Nugee, Lord Justice Vos, now Master of the Rolls, along with Mr Justice Miles (9), Mr Justice Fancourt, Mr Justice Arnold (4) and others, have all been involved in a serious and protracted conspiracy to defraud, preventing justice being served on the Teesside Tory white-collar criminals, Steve Gibson and Robin Bloom of Middlesbrough Football Club. Is it any coincidence that they are all Jewish?

The Judicial “Hall of Shame” – Part 1 – Click on the image for more details
The “Hall of Shame” Part 2 – Parasite oath breaking fraudsters who all collude to provide impunity to fellow brethren – Click on the image for more detail.

Gibson and Bloom act as members of the South Tees Development Corporation, a Tory asset stripping quango designed to divert public funds, used to acquire private infrastructure projects for their own financial gain. Bloom, a fellow Jewish freemason lawyer, was the former senior partner of Womble Bond Dickinson, with a long track record in ruining small businesses in the local area through his fraudulent activities.

The criminals purporting to be judges, all acted under orders by Robert Buckland QC MP, the Lord Chancellor, a fellow Jewish Zionist freemason, to prevent his fellow brethren from being prosecuted.

The fact is, the UK is being overtaken by vile, colluding Zionist freemasons who all support one another, they have made themselves above the law.

These criminals in judicial and public office are all Royal Arch freemasons, practicing the rite of the Jewish Talmud, their sect sets out to “hoodwink” and violate “Gentile” / non Jews and they are using the façade of the courts to do so.

If you, or anyone you know has been affected by these parasites who have infested the justice system, please get in touch, we may be able to help.

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