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Mr Justice Fancourt is a fraud

Mr Justice Fancourt - Timothy Miles Fancourt - Corrupt Judge

In the UK, justice is dead, stripped away along with the rule of law, impartiality and integrity by (Mr Justice) Timothy Miles Fancourt and many others who are sworn into judicial office to act “without favour or ill-will”, who, with favour and ill-will terrorise their victims who come to the courts to seek justice. This cabal of taxpayer funded racketeers abuse the public’s trust, concealing fraud and corruption on the part of fellow unscrupulous lawyers, insolvency practitioners and corporations who use the courts, the façade of “law” and “justice”, to inflict lawlessness, injustice and gross human rights abuse on innocent civilians. Those that seek justice in the UK are under false illusion, owing to the likes of Fancourt, Snowden, Murray, Vos, Briggs, Jones, Pelling, Arnold, Nugee and too many others. Mr Justice Fancourt.

It is the corruptors at the helm of the injustice system who give them the orders, the ones lower down are the “executioners”, puppets to the puppet masters. Burnett, the Lord Chief Justice and Buckland, the corrupt, dishonest Lord Chancellor and the Law Ministers, Ellis and Frazer, along with other Conservative Party ministers who have weaponised the courts, corrupting the police and regulatory authorities so they fail to prosecute or regulate. Inter-agency collusion prevails, a system designed to provide impunity to fellow corruptors.

If you or anyone you know is ever faced with coming into contact with any of the oath breaking cheating, colluding cowards we refer to in the first paragraph, just bear in mind, they have no standing as judges, they have no lawful right to hear your case and more than likely, if you are sucked in by them, they will defraud you in the name of justice, like they have done many hundreds of others. Don’t be fooled, the UK’s justice system does not work.

The judicial oath is designed to protect the public from tyranny, but the lawless corrupt UK establishment do not enforce the law or the standard, they just keep them there

Fancourt and the rest of them took the solemn oath, swearing into office. They have breached it, acting contrary to the law, with favour and ill-will. They are a law unto themselves, completely unregulated. The Promissory Oaths Act of 1868 is an important part of British Constitutional law, designed to protect civilians from tyranny and regulate those in positions of power in judicial office, so that they act at all times in a constitutionally proper way, they do not.

Terrorists operating from within

Judges that breach their oaths have broken the law and have irredeemably breached their duties to the Crown and the people. They are no longer judges, they are afforded no position in judicial office, but the corruptors, Burnett and Buckland particularly, protect them, so they can go on inflicting their atrocities, terrorising those who seek justice with their malicious abuse. These are the terrorists operating from within, terrorists in the name of law and justice who have been responsible for more deaths through suicide, loss of quality of life, homelessness, loss of wealth and family break ups than all of the Islamic State terrorists on British soil combined.

I, Timothy Miles Fancourt, do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth in the office of, High Court Judge and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this realm, without fear or favour, affection or illwill. So help me God.”

The UK’s courts ought to be renamed as “caughts”, once you are caught in to the system under the false illusion that these tyrants disguised as “honourable” judges administer the law and justice, you are caught out, they will lie, cheat and defraud you in the name of justice, assisting fellow brethren, white-collar criminals purporting to be lawyers and insolvency practitioners in using the courts to further their frauds and as “cash cows” for the fraudsters. All remedy, the right to restitution is denied, all evidence in your favour is deliberately ignored, laws are evaded, misrepresented

In this article we evidence precisely how they do it, focusing on a classic example, courtesy of Timothy (Miles out) Fancourt, the cheating dishonest coward. We obtained two transcripts of the proceeding in question that sought to deal with fraudulent non-disclosure on the part of the aptly named “Womble” Bond Dickinson and their co-conspirers. Fancourt dishonestly abused his position, acting under orders, to prevent justice being served on the offenders.

Their corrupt practice is to deny one’s right to a fair and unbiased trial, to evade all the evidence, the facts of the case and whilst altogether failing to do what the application or claim sought to have done and once they finish defrauding they provide themselves with false jurisdiction to make a civil restraint order to conceal their fraud. This is how the UK justice system of inter-colluding parasite criminals works and right here, in this article, is a prime example to prove it.

Hypocrisy runs rife, they purport to be honourable, whiter than white, when in reality, they are entirely dishonourable and darker than dark, the majority of the judges themselves are a fraud, directly, in that context, they pretend to be something they are not, to obtain pecuniary advantage by deception. They pass themselves off as meaning the real mcCoy, when they are fake, cheating, parasites that have infested the UK’s justice system and have spread throughout its core like a cancer.

Mr Justice Fancourt assisted Dov Ohrenstein in defrauding Mr Millinder
Dov Ohrenstein of Radcliffe Chambers

We turn to the transcript of the hearing of 6th November 2020 in the case of Millinder v Middlesbrough Football Club and others. After discovering that Middlesbrough FC and their conspirers withheld evidence from their ex-parte hearing, Mr Millinder made an application for trial over 21-hours to deal with all the instances of dishonesty and fraud by Womble Bond Dickinson, their client and their purported barristers, Dov Ohrenstein and Ulick Staunton of Radcliffe Chambers. Mann J, another quisling white-collar criminal, presided over the ex-parte (without notice) financial proceeding of 23rd October 2020. When Mann J was informed by Mr Millinder of the fraud committed by non-disclosure, he brought in Fancourt to “hold the fort” to prevent justice being served on the offenders. The application for trial was suppressed by Fancourt, who concealed the blatant fraud, contrary to the public interest and the interests of justice, whilst making the victim of their frauds, personally liable for over £45,000 in costs founded by their fraud. This is how they operate.

It was Fancourt’s orders to ensure that the offenders were not prosecuted, whilst he openly evaded all the evidence and denied Mr Millinder the right of access to any trial whatsoever, let alone a fair one. Fancourt defrauded Mr Millinder of over £1.17 million, the indisputable sum of the statutory demand, whilst making an injunction to prevent him from his democratic right to recover the indisputable debt by way of winding up petition.

Whenever Mr Millinder sought to refer to the evidence or facts he filed in the application for trial of 28th October 2020, Fancourt’s response was “I can’t access that” or “it’s not allowing me to access it”. At page 29 between (F) and (G) Fancourt stated “I do not have it”, referring to Mr Millinder’s trial bundle that he filed on 28th October 2020 with the application of 28th October 2020 for trial of all the issues that had been concealed by the corrupt judiciary up until that date. At page 31 (E): “It is not allowing me to access that, I am afraid“. At page 32 between (E) and (F): “Right, well, I do not have access to that” . At page 36, reading between (G) and (D) of page 37. Fancourt was referring to Mr 17 Millinder’s 54-page report at tab_07, the one that proves his case in simple incontrovertible terms:

Mr Millinder: The report? Have you seen the report, My Lord?
Fancourt J: I cannot access that.

Fancourt was of course lying, making pathetic, feeble excuses to ensure that he evaded all of Mr Millinder’s evidence, when all that evidence was filed with the application he suppressed of 28th October 2020. Fancourt openly admitted that he failed to consider or even look at one single part of Mr Millinder’s 41 exhibits of evidence with the application for a 21 hour trial, Fancourt disposed of it in less then 1 hour and 40 minutes, whilst working only for the offenders.

At page 57 (H): Mr Millinder: it is also absolutely material that unfortunately Nugee J did in fact misrepresent the terms of the assignment, and when he conveyed the terms of the assignment, he conveyed it in such a way as to make the assignment not absolute, when the terms of the assignment are absolute”

Lord Justice Nugee - Christopher Nugee the corrupt purported judge, colluded with Mr Justice Fancourt
“Lord Justice” Christopher Nugee the dishonest cheating fraudster

Nugee, the other cheating, oath breaking white-collar criminal, misrepresented the terms of the absolute assignment he had before him, to make it not absolute, so he could assist the offenders in defrauding Mr Millinder of over £770,000 plus standard interest. The law in question, namely section 136(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925 makes “any absolute assignment,  of which express notice in writing has been given to the debtor” “effectual in law”.

Nugee dishonestly misrepresented the terms of the assignment before him to ensure it did not meet the criteria, he then relied on his corrupted version as an excuse to prevent justice being served on the offenders. Nugee has since been promoted to a Lord Justice of Appeal by Buckland (who is connected with Bloom of Middlesbrough FC), for following his orders.

In the complex culture of UK systemic corruption, compliance is rewarded, all at the expense of the taxpayer. Now, we have a distributed network of corruptors, including Nugee and Arnold, but many more, operating throughout the Magistrates, Crown, High Court and the Court of Appeal, to ensure that whenever someone falls foul to the corruptors in the lower court, the ones in the Court of Appeal pick up where their fellow corruptors left off. The victim’s right of access to a fair trial is suppressed, so that frauds or other offences committed by white-collar criminals in the magic circle law firms, corrupt corporations or insolvency practitioners can freely use the courts to defraud, without any risk of ever being prosecuted.

The recusal – The application to remove Mr Justice Fancourt

After evading all Mr Millinder’s evidence and his written and oral submissions whilst only hearing the other side he was working for, Mr Millinder rightfully submitted an application to recuse Fancourt (to remove him from the case) on 10th November 2020. Fancourt failed altogether to deal with the recusal application, he affixed himself to the case as it was clearly his instruction to “steamroller ahead” and make a false instrument “GCRO” (General Civil Restraint Order) against Mr Millinder to conceal the multitude of frauds committed by Middlesbrough FC and their conspirers, including Fancourt and the rest of the corrupt purported judges, who “stepped into the shoes of the fraudsters” to continue their frauds in the name of law and justice.

The principle of natural justice was violated entirely. Fancourt was conflicted, being “judge of his own cause”. After deliberately evading Mr Millinder’s case, his evidence and only hearing the side he was working for, on 11th November 2020, acting without jurisdiction, Fancourt continued where he left off, defrauding Mr Millinder and perverting the course of justice to provide impunity to the criminals. The transcript of the hearing of 11th November 2020 is particularly revealing and we encourage our readers to peruse it. This provides a 100% accurate account of how these lawless parasites defraud and assist fellow criminals in using the courts to further their frauds.

It was “ultra vires” (beyond his powers) for Fancourt (or any judge) to continue presiding over the case in absence of hearing the grounds for recusal (removing him from the case due to actual or perceived bias). This did not stop Fancourt, his orders were to make the GCRO to conceal the fraud and to ensure Mr Millinder’s rights were violated whilst preventing justice being served on the perpetrators. This is how all the corrupt purported judges have behaved in the case from the outset.

Fancourt made the GCRO against Mr Millinder, but yet, he never had jurisdiction to do so, his order is void as ultra vires, as is the GCRO. That did not however stop his fellow corruptors, Snowden and Miles, who Fancourt deliberately affixed to the GCRO, using the false instrument to deprive Mr Millinder of his right of access to justice. It was not until 27th November 2020 (long after Fancourt affixed him from the case he was to be recused from), that Miles, under the guise of the false instrument GCRO, determined the application to recuse Fancourt from further hearing the case made on 10th November 2020. Clearly, by then, Fancourt had already breached his oath and made the false instrument GCRO without jurisdiction to have continued presiding over the case. It follows that everything after 10th November 2020 was void ab initio, founded by that void, without jurisdiction act by Fancourt, the corrupt judicial office holder who was working for the offenders. That did not however stop Miles and Snowden from continuing to use the false instrument to conceal the fraud.

Mr Justice Fancourt colluded with Mr Justice Snowden.
“Mr Justice” Richard Snowden – Defrauds innocent parties in the name of law and justice

This case provides a classic example of how the UK’s justice system is a cesspool of corruption, designed only to provide impunity to the white-collar criminal magic circle law firms, corrupt corporations and insolvency practitioners who feed off the system to defraud innocent parties. It is a case of “justice subject to status” and impunity at all times provided to fellow members of the Conservative Party kleptocracy, Steve Gibson of Middlesbrough FC being one of them.

The aptly named “Womble” Bond Dickinson are employed by BEIS, who in turn employ a number of criminals disguised as public officials in the Insolvency Service, Hannon, the Official Receiver of London, being one of many. It is a close knit network of corruptors who thrive off a system governed by the “puppet masters”, the corrupt ministers, the Law Ministers of the Attorney General’s Office, the BEIS Ministers, the Cabinet Office Ministers and those in Number 10, Johnson himself.

A culture of lies, fraud and corruption, secrecy and suppression prevails and the controlled, corrupted media ensure the collective systemic corruption management structure is never exposed. The UK is the most corrupt country in the world, but hypocrisy prevails, they purport to be “anti-corruption” sticking their noses into other countries business, when in fact, the corruption is much closer to home, within the Conservative establishment themselves.

We, the British people have the right to be governed justly. It is time to expose and to hold these quislings to account, but we cannot do it under the corrupted justice system they control, so we are doing it from overseas, in courts that are not controlled by the kleptocracy.

There is a cure for corruption and that most certainly is, transparency. Help us to help you by spreading this article far and wide to increase awareness.

Watch our 36-minute video exposing the UK’s endemic corruption of justice

UK judicial corruption – Mr Justice Fancourt, Mr Justice Snowden, Lord Justice Nugee, Lord Justice Vos, the now “Master of the Rolls, head of UK civil justice, ICCJ Jones, Chief Registrar Briggs, “HHJ Pelling”, Lord Justice Arnold (Richard Arnold), Mr Justice Miles, Robert Buckland QC MP, Ian Burnett of Maldon, the Lord Chief Justice are all part of a criminal racketeering enterprise, funded by the taxpayer, who defraud and asset strip innocent civilians who come to the courts to seek justice. They are abusing the law and their positions of trust, using insolvency law to defraud people of their rightful assets. In this short video, we show in concise detail, how they did precisely that, reverse engineering insolvency law that is designed to recover assets for creditors, to defraud creditors.
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Corrupt UK judges have been misusing the law using civil restraint orders to conceal fraud and wrongdoings
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