The UK’s judges inflicting evil behind the façade of justice and the law?

They swore under oath to act “without fear, favour or ill-will, so help me God“, knowing that they will act with favour and ill-will, with malicious intent to destroy people’s lives in the name of justice. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, with the robes and colours, representing the pure evil that they are.

It is the duty of the court to administer the rule of law, but in the UK that does not happen, independence of the judiciary is non-existent. The fake judges deliberately misrepresent and evade the law to assist fellow corruptors in using the Court for sinister purposes. A case of “justice subject to status” and at all times, impunity is provided to corrupt lawyers and fellow members of their racketeering enterprise, the Conservative establishment, their affiliates and sponsors.

A large number of the UK’s judges are responsible for gross human rights violations in contravention of international human rights law. Operating behind the façade of justice, they are accountable for more deaths by suicide, loss of quality of life, family break ups, homelessness and loss of wealth than all of the Islamic State terrorists on British soil combined, these are the terrorists operating from within, targeting those who come to seek remedy for wrongdoing, only to face more wrongdoings.

The UK is the economic crime epicentre of the world and its courts and judges are the main facilitators, puppets to the corrupt ministers and politicians who give the orders. Every adult in the UK should read this article and learn the evil that goes on in the name of justice, you are paying for it.

UK justice system, uk corruption and injustice
All senior lawyers are encouraged to join freemasonry and a culture of secrecy collusion is enshrined throughout the profession and the justice system.
The leadership are evil tyrants and the courts are their weapons. Collusion between lawyers, judges and insolvency practitioners is rife

Thousands have been defrauded in the hands of the corrupt judiciary, they are unregulated and a law unto themselves. People have lost everything, because the judiciary “step into the shoes of the offenders”, preventing justice being served and reversing the victim into the defendant, making them personally liable for often disproportionately inflated costs founded by a spin of legal trickery and deceit whilst the purported judges evade all the evidence, the facts and the points of law in their victim’s favour.

Our investigatory article below proves beyond doubt that the UK’s judiciary are nothing but a bunch of collusive fraudsters who inter-collude, passing the case from one to the next for each to do their bit in defrauding the victim, whilst preventing justice being served on the offenders.


Table of Contents

How the corrupt judiciary defraud in the name of justice and use insolvency law to defraud creditors

There is no justice to be found in the UK’s corrupt courts, the only winners are the white-collar criminal fellow members of the racketeering enterprise, the lawyers who collude with the judges, using the courts as cash cows to further their frauds, whilst the “judges” reward them for their frauds and dishonesty with over inflated costs against their victims whilst they are paid by you, the taxpayer. They are supposed to administer the law, but they do not, they just administer fraud and injustice.

We take a look at the Middlesbrough FC wind turbine fraud, explaining the case in all its simplicity, how the Club, Womble Bond Dickinson, Ulick Staunton and Dov Ohrenstein colluded with the corrupt judiciary, using the court to defraud Mr Millinder and his fellow creditors of his rightful assets, ruining his energy business, destroying his family and years of his life through being terrorized at the hands of a rotten system designed only to assist the offenders. Fairness, integrity, impartiality and the law never came into the equation.

Empowering Wind MFC Ltd – The wind turbine sole purpose vehicle

Mr Millinder’s group, Empowering Wind, specialises in development of renewable energy projects, delivering power from renewable energy generators at the source where the power is needed. Empowering Wind MFC Ltd was a sole purpose vehicle established for the exclusive purpose of developing, constructing and operating a 1.5 Mega Watt wind turbine in the overflow carpark of Middlesbrough Football Club’s Riverside Stadium.

Sustainable electricity supply from the turbine to the Stadium’s infrastructure

The wind turbine would have made the Club sustainable in terms of electricity consumption, with electricity delivered directly from the turbine to the stadium via a private wire supply from the wind turbine infrastructure to the stadium’s infrastructure.

Millinder v Middlesbrough FC - Sir Geoffrey Vos judgment
What was to be “Europe’s first wind powered football stadium”
Gibson (left), the Chairman of the Club and Bloom (right) the former “Chief Womble”, senior partner of Womble Bond Dickinson defrauded Mr Millinder refusing the connection for the turbine

The Club refused the connection and then demanded payment for electricity they prevented from being supplied

The connection configuration was specified by the Distribution Network Operator in 2012. It was the express requirement that Middlesbrough FC took ownership of its substations so that the connection for the turbine could be established, by connecting to the Club’s new private 11Kv network. Two-years after agreeing to extend the Option Agreement so that Mr Millinder, the Developer could secure that connection, Middlesbrough FC refused the connection, rendering the project useless, after first defrauding Mr Millinder of the £200,000 he paid them for a license to construct and operate the project. They all knew, without a connection, the turbine cannot operate. These criminals then relied on the corrupt establishment, their political affiliates, to assist them in furthering the fraud through the Courts.

The Club caused the insolvency and colluded with the corrupt Court and the Insolvency Service, with the assistance of BEIS Ministers who helped them defraud Mr Millinder

Middlesbrough FC caused the insolvency by making a false representation, claiming they were owed the sum of £256,269.89 when they knew they were not owed a penny. They used insolvency as the means of evading liability to pay the substantial claim against them for unlawful forfeiture of the Lease, essentially, perverting the course of justice. The fraudulent claim was the unwarranted demand with menaces they created on 25th June 2015 and used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease.

Two components to the proof of debt claim – The false claim used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease after refusal of the connection

£181,269.89 was for energy supply; that the Club had prevented from being supplied.

The Energy Supply Agreement is conditional upon Mr Millinder’s / the Generator’s “full satisfaction of” “the Generator entering into a Connection Agreement” and “Commissioning” of the wind turbine:

1.1. Middlesbrough FC refused the connection, so Mr Millinder could get no satisfaction of entering into a Connection Agreement, because the Club refused that connection. The grid connection document, explains that it was condition precedent of the Northern Powergrid Connection Offer, that Middlesbrough FC took ownership of their substations so that the connection for the wind turbine could be established. In absence of Mr Millinder’s, “full satisfaction of” the “Connection Agreement” and “Commissioning” of the wind turbine (without a connection the turbine cannot operate), any “invoicing & payment” was contractually prohibited and there was no “Entitlement to agreed output” (no agreement by Mr Millinder / the Generator) to supply any power.

1.2. Contractually, no money was ever owed for energy supply to Middlesbrough FC and £181,269.89 of the claim they used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease was illegal. It is illegal to demand money that is not owed, but to make a threat with it to apply coercion is blackmail. The Club blackmailed Mr Millinder, demanding he pay, or they would terminate the Lease he paid them £200,000 for on the basis of the same and only connection for the wind turbine, after they refused the connection. It is evidenced that the connection configuration for the wind turbine was specified and agreed during the option period, when, if either party was not satisfied, the aggrieved party could negate the Option Agreement without financial commitment. Having that flexibility was the purpose of having the Option to Lease to start with.

£85,000 was for rent that was not owed:

2. The first installment of rent was not ordinarily payable until 15th September 2015, however, things are not that simple, because from 7th February 2015, when Middlesbrough FC “U-turned” on the connection, Force Majeure applied in favour of Mr Millinder / Empowering Wind MFC (the Tenant), further suspending the 12-month period free of rent. This document explains what the Force Majeure clause is and its effect in both the Lease and Energy Supply Agreement. In short, the effect is that no rent was ever payable to Middlesbrough FC. It is therefore proven the Middlesbrough FC unlawfully forfeited the Lease that Mr Millinder paid the Club £200,000 for on the basis of the connection configuration that they themselves pre-agreed during the option period.

2.1. Essentially, Middlesbrough FC prevented Mr Millinder from performing on the rights granted under the Lease by refusing the connection and making unwarranted demands for payment. They did all know, that without a connection, the turbine cannot operate. They refused the connection, prevented the turbine from supplying power and then illegally invoiced for Energy Supply. On 18th August 2015, Middlesbrough FC unlawfully forfeited the Lease on the basis of non-payment of the sums that were never due.

The UK’s legal system is that corrupt, that even this simple and proven contractual point was covered up over 23 hearings in the High Court. The purported judges were working for Middlesbrough FC and their conspirers, as were the Insolvency Service, under instruction of BEIS Ministers.

Fraudulent claims / proofs of debt used to keep the asset beyond the reach of the legitimate company creditors

Winding up based on the false liability created to defraud:

On 19th September 2016, Ulick Staunton, acting under instruction of Middlesbrough FC and Womble Bond Dickinson, who Mr Millinder had paid to complete the Lease and associated agreements with the Club, made a false representation, Claiming that Empowering Wind MFC Ltd owed them £256,269.89. That caused the Company to be wound up when Staunton appeared during hearing of the petition presented by HMRC that had been adjourned so that Mr Millinder could complete a Company Voluntary Arrangement (“CVA”) with its legitimate creditors. The false representation caused Registrar Baister to believe Mr Millinder had not disclosed a creditor in the arrangement process and he was disallowed the opportunity of a fair hearing. As a result, the Company was wound up due to Middlesbrough FC’s fraud.

Three claims / proofs of debt were made:

Further fraudulent claims were then made, starting when on 1st December 2016, Bloom, of Middlesbrough FC, the former Senior Partner of Womble Bond Dickinson submitted that proof of debt to Hannon, the white-collar criminal “Official Receiver of London”, employed by BEIS, who also employ the fraudsters, Womble Bond Dickinson. They were working in conspiracy, using the fraudulent claims, they all knew were false, to keep the claim, exceeding £9.5 million, founded by Middlesbrough FC’s forfeiture of the Lease, beyond the reach of creditors. The next claim was made on 20th December 2016, again by Bloom, this time in the sum of £541,308.89, again founded by the same non existent liability as the first.

On 2nd February 2017, Julian Gill, also a partner of Womble Bond Dickinson who has an established working relationship with Hannon, submitted the 3rd claim against Empowering Wind MFC Ltd, this time in the sum exceeding £4.1 million, also from the same source as the first, namely, the unwarranted demand of 25th June 2015 used to unlawfully forfeit the Lease.

The Insolvency Service were as much a part of the conspiracy to defraud as the principal offenders

We refer to exhibit AC2, the email chain between the Insolvency Service and Mr Millinder from 24th January 2017. At page 3 through to page 13, the email of 24th January 2017 explains clearly that in accord with the Lease and Energy Supply Agreement, no money is owed to Middlesbrough FC whatsoever. At page 1, Campbell of Hannon’s office relied to the email and stated that the a further that had been submitted, whilst withholding the firs that Hannon is under a legal duty to have disclosed. Campbell refers to the date of the unwarranted demand, being the first proof of debt, dated 25th June 2015.

At the end of the first paragraph, Campbell stated:

until such time as a formal proof of debt is submitted“.

At the time of writing, in law, “there is no longer a prescribed form for use in proving”. A proof of debt is the document on which a creditor submits details of its claim.

Campbell clearly knew that Gill would be submitting a “formal proof of debt” and it was no coincidence that exactly one-week later, Gill submitted that fraudulent proof of debt, that he knew was false, exceeding £4.1 million. He did so, to enable Hannon, who also knew all the claims were false and he had a plethora of documentation in his possession to prove so from 11th October 2016, to use the false liability to prevent Mr Millinder and his fellow creditors from calling a meeting to replace Hannon with a liquidator who would act in the interests of, not against the interests of Mr Millinder, who had over 90% of the requisite majority voting interest in Empowering Wind MFC Ltd.

The fraudulent claim was sustained by Hannon and then by the corrupt Court, to defraud creditors and this was done under the instruction of BEIS Ministers, namely Lord Martin Callanan, who is connected with Womble Bond Dickinson in Newcastle, whilst Buckland QC MP, is personally connected with Bloom and was preventing Middlesbrough FC from prosecution for the proven civil contempt in his role as Solicitor General. Again, Buckland gets promoted for following his orders.

It was just 24-days prior, on 9th January 2017, when Gill himself provided Mr Millinder with a copy of the ex-parte note of hearing, when Middlesbrough FC and Womble Bond Dickinson once again instructed Staunton to execute their frauds. Staunton obliged and this time, on 9th January 2017, they withheld 172 pages of witness evidence from the ex-parte hearing, to defraud Mr Millinder of the assigned investments he had assigned to Earth Energy Investments LLP on 29th June 2015. Whilst items marked in the left hand margin of the ex-parte note of hearing, 1,2, 4, 6, 8 and 15 are either false or factually inaccurate and notwithstanding the fact that the offenders failed in their duty of candour to disclose the fact that Middlesbrough FC refused the connection or that the Energy Supply Agreement was conditional upon Mr Millinder’s “full satisfaction of” the connection they refused, Staunton did admit categorically that “Force Majeure has effect“, therefore confirming to Gill, his instructing solicitor, on 9th January 2017 that over £4 million of the claim he made was false, but Gill knew that anyway and so did Staunton, which is why they also lied about the operative provision of Force Majeure within the Lease.

Anyone would know, that the Force Majuure clause has effect within the Lease, for precisely the same reason, fundamentally, because Middlesbrough FC refused the connection, constituting an unforeseen delay preventing the turbine from operating, that was caused by the Landlord themselves, completely beyond control of the Tenant.

Likewise, the formal 14.4 proof of debt form Gill used, has a penal notice on it, but Gill, knowing that the claim he is making was fraudulent, removed it:

  1. The information you provide in your completed proof of debt must be true and accurate to the best of your information, knowledge and belief. If you fail to do so, you may be committing a criminal offence for which you could be prosecuted.
Edward Murray – Formerly head of derivatives at Allen & Overy – Not even of counsel, Murray, a solicitor was made a High Court Judge by Burnett, his fellow masonic white-collar criminal at the helm of the injustice.

These white-collar criminal purported lawyers and the fake judges that support them, conspire and collude, defrauding and then working in conspiracy to pervert the course of justice to prevent their fellow conspirers from being prosecuted. Womble Bond Dickinson has offices throughout the USA. Indeed, Murray, the black eyed satanic looking dishonest coward purporting to be a High Court Judge of the Queen’s Bench Division, also obstructed the course of justice to conceal the multiple frauds, certifying Mr Millinder’s proven case as “totally without merit” to assist his conspirers in founding a false instrument civil restraint order.

Hannon and the corrupt Chancery High Court of Injustice retained the fraudulent claim ever since to assist the offenders in defrauding creditors

After Hannon had consistently and deliberately failed in his duty to remove the £4.1 million claim, on 16th November 2017, Mr Millinder made an application to Court to deal with the fraudulent claims and the fraudulent non-disclosure together. The application was to be heard by a High Court Judge. The application was circumvented by Registrar Clive Hugh Jones, under the instruction of Chief Registrar Briggs, who met with Hannon at a drinks reception organised by Radcliffe Chambers (Staunton’s chambers) on the evening of 22nd November 2017, the same day Briggs “crossed out” Mr Millinder’s request that the application be heard by a High Court Judge. Briggs was preventing justice being served on Hannon and his co-conspirers.

On 21st December 2017, the application came before Jones. A copy of the transcript is here. As soon as the hearing started, Jones made the attempt to make Mr Millinder personally liable for it. Jones had the clear and obvious premeditated intent to dispose of the application to assist the offenders and he did precisely that, knowing he had no jurisdiction to hear any part of the application, by his own admission. Registrars cannot judge, so therefore they cannot hear any applications where fraud is an issue. Jones stated categorically that:

Maybe in other proceedings — who knows — honesty and dishonesty may come into it, but for my purposes it’s not going to matter because I can’t judge.

Jones knew the application was about the fraudulent non-disclosure ex-parte, before a High Court Judge. He knew it was about the fraudulent claim Gill had submitted working in statutory conspiracy with Hannon, but Jones was perverting the course of justice, following his orders to do so. At page 8 pf the transcript, paragraph F, Jones said this:

THE REGISTRAR: Unless and until we get to a stage, which I think we’re going to come on to in a moment, where you say there should be a meeting and then that becomes a different ballgame.

Jones knew that Mr Millinder and his fellow creditors were calling a meeting from 6th March 2017 onwards but Hannon constantly told Mr Mllinder that he does not have sufficient voting interest to call a meeting, because Middlesbrough FC’s fraudulent claim commands majority voting interest. The purpose of the application, under rule 14.11 of the Insolvency Rules 2016, was for the Court to act according to the law and remove the fraudulent claim and to exclude Middlesbrough FC from making any more. The Court just assisted them with the fraud.

Pursuant to rule 14.25(1)(5), the claim, founded by proven unlawful forfeiture of the Lease is an asset to be realised as a dividend for creditors:

(5) However if all or part of the balance owed to the company results from a contingent or prospective debt owed by the creditor then the balance (or that part of it which results from the contingent or prospective debt) must be paid in full (without being discounted under rule 14.44) if and when that debt becomes due and payable.

Undoubtedly Jones and Hannon new that the preliminary consideration we addressed at the start of this article was inextricably linked to the fact that the claim is proven and the claims are fraudulent, which is why they kept the claim there, contrary to the law, to defraud creditors in proceedings that makes any fraud against creditors an indictable offence, punishable by up to 7 years imprisonment. The corrupt UK establishment however, actively protect fellow corruptors, so they are free to engage in this blatant fraud upon the Court whilst going completely unpunished.

At page 12 of the transcript, paragraph (H), Mr Millinder explained he wished to exercise his democratic right as requisite majority creditors and call a meeting to replace Hannon:

MR MILLINDER: I wanted to appoint another liquidator to replace Mr Hannon.

Jones responded by stating:

THE REGISTRAR: Let’s not come to that because that depends upon your criticism of Mr Hannon’s conduct, which we’ll come to in due course.

At page 18 (G) of the transcript, Jones invented his own version of the law as an excuse to assist Hannon whilst concealing the blatant fraud:

We’re not looking at the past, we’re not looking at the proofs of debt, which we don’t need to worry about. We’re not looking about his failings in the past. We’re looking at your package which you’re saying to the court ought to be accepted because otherwise this claim is not getting off the ground.

Jones was referring to Hannon’s failings, his fraud and statutory conspiracy to defraud in abuse of his fiduciary duty to creditors and the fraudulent £4.1 million proof of debt that was made to keep the proven damages claim beyond the reach of creditors. Jones was concealing all that, whilst admitting “I can’t judge”, yet fraud by abuse of position, section 4 of the Fraud Act 2006 is an indictable offence. Jones knew, by his own admission that Hannon had failed, he was preventing justice from being served on him.

At page 8 of the transcript, paragraph B, Jones said this:

THE REGISTRAR: No meeting. So it doesn’t really matter again. I mean, if there had been a meeting and a decision reached which you didn’t like then you would be able to appeal the lodging of the proof of debt — I mean, taking it’s marked “objected to”, the OR effectively is treated as neutral from then on)

Jones knew that Hannon was not treating the proof of debt lodged by Gill as neutral at all, which is why the application came about to remove it in the first place. If Hannon was treating the proof as neutral then Mr Millinder and his fellow creditors would have called a meeting to replace Hannon. The fraudulent claim made by Gill was accepted by Hannon to prevent creditors from doing so. Jones and the rest of the corrupt judiciary were doing precisely the same.

The recording of the call between Hannon and Mr Millinder of 15th August 2018

A year after Jones had stated that the “OR (Hannon) was treating the claim neutrally, Mr Millinder recorded a call with Hannon. A transcript of the call is here. At page 7, we quote:

AH: Well, Middlesbrough Football Club are something like 85 or 90 percent from memory.

PM: Yeah but they are not though, because the claim doesn’t exist. How can you put something in that doesn’t exist?

AH: Middlesbrough Football Club are the overwhelming majority creditors they have more than 75% and therefore unless you can get Middlesbrough Football Club to support, er, er a request, er, you cannot garner the necessary support

Proving beyond doubt that Hannon was not treating the claim neutrally, causing Mr Millinder to make the application that Jones circumvented and he was not a year later. Hannon stated categorically that the fraudulent claim is commanding majority voting interest, which is why it was made. This is in fact how out of control the UK’s establishment have become. The House of Lords and the Ministers have also been covering it all up. Inter-agency collusion and systemic corruption prevails.

Watch the illustrated video of the call between Mr Millinder and Hannon of 15th August 2018:

Duties of the Liquidator and the law:

A liquidator has a duty to creditors, in addition to his/her duty to the company, to not act in such a way whereby a breach of that duty might cause creditors some loss. In Pulsford v Devenish [1903] 2 ch.625 it was held that the liquidator had been negligent in his statutory duty and was liable in damages to unpaid creditors of the liquidating company of whose claims he was aware and who had no notice of the liquidation until long after the dissolution of the company. Hannon has caused very substantial losses to Mr Millinder, yet the Court provided Hannon with impunity, whilst allowing the offenders, Hannon and his conspirers to further make gains founded by their statutory conspiracy to defraud.

‘It has long been the law that an office holder is under a duty to examine every proof and consider the validity of the debt which is sought to be proved: Re Home and Colonial Insurance Co [1930] 1 Ch 102.

“He should require satisfactory evidence that the debt on which the proof is founded is a real debt”: Re Fraser, ex parte Central Bank of London [1892] 2 QB 633, CA. And;

“the obligation is not negated even where the proof is based on a judgment”: Re Van Laun, ex p Chatterton [1907] 2 KB 23, CA.

Hannon fraudulently abused his position to defraud Mr Millinder of the multi-million pound claim founded by unlawful forfeiture of the Lease, knowing that the claim is quantified with a high degree of certainty. The corrupt Court did precisely the same, with the judiciary colluding, perverting the course of justice and evading every single applicable law whilst spoliating evidence and preventing Mr Millinder from his right to a fair trial. Genuine bias was prevalent from start to finish. Once they finished defrauding, they covered it all up with their false instrument restraint orders, founded by malicious and unjust certifications as “totally without merit” when all of Mr Millinder’s applications are proven.

Defrauding Mr Millinder of the assigned investments exceeding £1.17 million for a £25k fraudulent “debt” that never even existed

Not satisfied with defrauding Mr Millinder and his fellow creditors of the claim that is proven by virtue of the fact that the Club refused the connection and that in any event no money was ever owed to Middlesbrough FC, Hannon, Womble Bond Dickinson, Staunton and Ohrenstein of Radcliffe Chambers colluded with the criminals disguised as judges to affront the supremacy of the rule of law that makes both assignments of the debt valid. Here’s how they did it:

On 5th February 2018, Nugee, then a High Court Judge, perverted the course of justice by failing in his duty to prosecute what is the most prolific case of fraudulent non-disclosure during ex-parte financial proceedings in the history of the UK. Nugee fraudulently misrepresented the terms of the assignment that was valid from the date it was served on the offenders (30th June 2015).

Nugee, acting dishonesty to assist the offenders in using the court to defraud and acting in statutory conspiracy, committed fraud by false representation and misrepresented the terms of the assignment he had before him. During the same hearing, on 5th February 2018, Nugee said this in relation to the claims:

Nugee J: £541,000 and then 4. —
Ms Jones: Yes, and then 4.1 million.
Nugee J: Yes, I don’t think I know how those sums are made up.

Ms Jones QC is also a deputy High Court Judge of the same Court knew the claims were false and Nugee knew they were just that, made up, fraudulent claims, which is why he failed to do what the application before him sought to do in removing Registrar Jones, because they were all colluding to defraud and obstructing the course of justice.

On 6th November 2020 Ohrenstein & Fancourt colluded to defraud Mr Millinder of over £1.17 million

Section 136(1) of the Law of Property Act 1925 is the law that makes any absolute assignment of a debt, of which notice has been provided to the affected party, effectual in law from the date of the notice. The corrupt judiciary committed a fraud upon the Court, in statutory conspiracy, by affronting the supremacy of the rule of law that makes both assignments, firstly from Empowering Wind MFC Ltd to Earth Energy Investments LLP and then from Earth Energy Investments LLP to Mr Millinder, valid and effectual in law.

They firstly concealed the fraudulent £4.1 million claim, knowing that the asset, the claim founded by unlawful forfeiture is criminal property belonging to Mr Millinder is proven. Middlesbrough FC and their judicial affiliates, the co-conspirers then defrauded Mr Millinder of the assigned investments whilst Hannon, the criminal, along with other criminals within the Insolvency Service and BEIS “refused to deal with Mr Millinder”, because he is right, as a means of concealing the fraud and criminal property. Hannon appointed himself as liquidator of Earth Energy Investments LLP, refusing to accept Mr Millinder’s proof of debt claim for the assigned investments, with intent to continue concealing the conspiracy to defraud.

On 18th March 2018, knowing of the fraud upon the Court, Mr Millinder assigned the investments (£770,000 plus standard interest) back to himself when he discovered the conspiracy in using the £25k nullity debt that was extinguished by the cross claim as the means of trying to wind up Earth Energy Investments LLP. Earth Energy being the Claimant of the application that Jones disposed of, being the application that was “to be heard by a High Court Judge”, to assist the offenders in concealing the frauds by false representation and the fraud by abuse of position on the part of Hannon. Their intention was to dispose of the claim, to defraud Mr Millinder of the assigned investments so that the right of action Earth Energy was taking, being the application to deal with their fraudulent non-disclosure founding the order of 9th and 16th January 2017, fell back to Hannon, who was defendant in the application just two-days prior. They all however knew, that Staunton himself admitted, on 5th February 2018 that:

Mr Staunton: “What’s assigned are the investments, the £200,000”

But that thereafter, on 1st March 2018, they were all served with an application seeking to set aside the alleged consent order founded the £25k costs in any event, because there was no real consent and fraudulent non-disclosure, in breach of Middlesbrough FC’s continuing duty to disclose, founded that order in any event. Again, that proven, indisputable position was certified as “totally without merit” by the criminals disguised as judges who are one and the same as Middlesbrough FC, their conspirers. They all knew, that an alleged debt, that is subject to challenge is not and cannot possibly be a petition debt, but the laws do not come into the equation with these criminals. Conspiring to defraud and collusion takes precedent.

On 6th November 2020 Dov Ohrenstein, the criminal of Radcliffe Chambers acting for Middlesbrough FC to assist them in colluding to defraud behind the façade of justice, said this:

Mr Ohrenstein: The, the, the, the, the debt, the debt on the, the alleged debt on the statutory demand is, is £1.172 million. That is the figure that is, that is claimed, and certainly, but this is not a question of us saying the debt is exaggerated. Well, it is, the entire debt is challenged.

Two elements to the claim of the statutory demand – Both are indisputable:

There are two elements to the claim, both of which cannot be challenged in any way whatsoever and both Ohrenstein and Fancourt, his conspirer knew that.

The first is the assignment: wherein the law makes the assignments, both of them valid. The assigned investments, being the sum of the demand extinguished Middlesbrough FC’s £25k fraudulent claim by 26.6 times and yet the corrupt judiciary allowed them to wind up the company, contrary to the law, knowing that no money was owed to Middlesbrough FC whatsoever.

The second is the fact that the investments assigned are abortive costs; founded by proven unlawful forfeiture of the Lease, which is also proven, because even is Middlesbrough FC and their cohorts did not unlawfully forfeit the Lease, preventing Mr Millinder (the Tenant) from performing on the rights granted (without the connection, the turbine cannot operate) they still unlawfully forfeited the Lease on the basis of the demand for money that was never owed.

(Mr Justice) Timothy Miles Fancourt
– The fraudster purported judge

On 6th November 2020, Fancourt, another “layer” in the judicial conspiracy to defraud, said this of the assignment back to Mr Millinder (exceeding £1.17 million):

Fancourt J: Well, it seems to me the position is that the, the validity of the assignment by EW MFC to EE was never actually decided by a judge at a, at a trial.

Fancourt J: But there is no, there is, the point has never actually squarely been decided at a, at any sort of trial, has it?

Mr Ohrenstein: There has not been a trial of these matters.

Both Ohrenstein and Fancourt knew that the law makes both of the assignments valid, but in full knowledge that the assignments are valid and that the claim of the demand is proven, Fancourt refused Mr Millinder’s application for trial, because he was preventing justice from being served on the offenders, who once again fraudulently withheld 13 material exhibits from the ex-parte hearing of 23rd October 2020, called on by Middlesbrough FC to defraud Mr Millinder of the statutory demand, because it is proven. The Club and their corrupt dishonest lawyers consistently rely on presenting a false case ex-parte, in tandem with withholding all of the evidence and they do so, safe in the knowledge that the corrupt judiciary will support them no matter what.

The transcript of the hearing of 6th November 2020

The transcript of the hearing before Fancourt is particularly telling, it shows the world how these corrupt purported judges operate, abusing their positions to assist fellow members of this taxpayer funded criminal racketeering enterprise, defrauding in the name of justice. Immediately after the hearing, Mr Millinder requested a copy of that transcript and paid for a 48 hour turnaround, because the transcript proved that Ohrenstein had lied about the evidence that was fraudulently withheld ex-parte.

On 10th November 2020, Mr Millinder made an application to recuse Fancourt, because he was conflicted and had defrauded Mr Millinder, acting with ill-will in breach of his oath, whilst concealing indictable offences knowing the offences had been committed. Fancourt however, acting knowing he had no jurisdiction and was disqualified, steamrollered ahead, to make a false instrument “General Extended Restraint Order” to conceal the conspiracy to defraud, on 11th November 2020 prior to the application for recusal and to set aside his order of 6th January 2020 being heard. This is how these criminals operate. In the next article, we explain how the transcript of that hearing was held back by the corrupt judiciary and how Stephen Brilliant (not Brilliant at all), the Clerk to Fancourt, tampered with the hearing audio to conceal the fact that Fancourt had twice deliberately evaded all Mr Millinder’s evidence.

Restraint orders are deployed to conceal their heinous crimes and criminal property

The strategy of the State and their foot soldiers, the corrupt judiciary is to defraud and then conceal, using false instrument civil restraint orders to ensure that the victims of their crimes never get justice and that their abuse remains concealed. They do this by maliciously and unjustly certifying applications that are proven as “totally without merit” with no consideration whatsoever. Everything that does not suit their sinister motives in furthering their fellow corruptor’s fraud is, according to them “totally without merit”. The classic example is that produced more recently by Snowden, the white-collar criminal or the one produced by Miles, both of whom were implemented to the false instrument GCRO made by Fancourt to conceal the crimes. The corrupt establishment then promote these criminals for following their orders. A typical trait of systemic corruption, compliance is rewarded.

In the next article we will explain how Geoffrey Vos, the now Master of the Rolls, head of Civil Justice has perverted the course of justice, concealing proven conscious and premeditated dishonesty whilst failing in his duty to do what the claim and application sought to do. The corrupt establishment has again promoted him after following his orders, concealing the fraud upon the court and sustaining the false instrument restraint order against Mr Millinder.

This case is a prime example of how the corrupt UK judiciary behave. We are doing our bit to advocate the principles of open justice, to fully expose this tyranny where the UK’s compromised press, who are as much a part of the problem as the offenders themselves, only publish what the Government wants them to. In reality, there is no open justice in the UK, they pretend to be whiter than white, when in reality they are just a bunch of hoodlums and criminals who all collude together to conceal what really goes on.

There is a cure for corruption and that is, transparency.

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