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Heedless City of London Police and Action Fraud inaction

The UK’s police forces are failing to protect the public from crime and the biggest failure is fraud offences. Fraud ruins lives, destroying wealth, businesses and families, making up more than a third of all crime in the UK, costing the economy around £193 billion a year, the equivalent of £6,000 each second, every day of the year. The way the government deals with that is to outsource it to a call centre, so that the police don’t have to investigate.

Unprecedented levels of crime going completely unpunished

All police in the UK took an oath on swearing into public office to act “with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people”, yet the City of London Police and forces up and down the country are failing to investigate crime, leaving thousands of victims destitute with no hope of justice. It is their failure that results in oppressive human rights violations, innocent parties being unlawfully deprived of their assets whilst the State fails to protect them. There is a most serious constitutional crisis and unprecedented levels of crime going completely unpunished.

Last year, estimates from the telephone-operated Crime Survey for England and Wales (TCSEW) showed that there were 4.3 million fraud offences in the year ending June 2020. Of those reported to Action Fraud, the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and the two industry bodies, Cifas and UK Finance , just 733,967 offences were recorded, with only around 16.6% of all frauds getting reported.

The Office of National Statistics reported that police recorded 5.8 million crimes in England and Wales in the 12-month period to year ending June 2020, a 4% decrease from the previous year. Of those reported, less than 8% resulted in a case even getting to court. The police, the Crown Prosecution Service (“CPS”) and the justice system have failed the people entirely. Third world policing is far more effective. Last year, the government spent circa £16 billion of taxpayer’s funds on policing.

Comparatively, in Germany, 5.44 million crimes were reported in 2019, with the criminal courts convicting approximately 728,900 of those defendants by final judgment, the equivalent of just over 14% of all crimes reported resulting in a successful prosecution, with 15% of those crimes being fraud.

The City of London The economic crime epicentre of the world Fraud is accustomed in the UK the police dont investigate and the perpetrators go unpunished

The UK’s police are simply not good enough, the statistics prove that and the issue is far deeper than years of Tory austerity cuts. The police are failing to investigate crime whatsoever. There are far too many bums on seats paid irrespective of performance and fraud is accepted as a way of life. Any mention of the word fraud by a complainant and it’s over to Action Fraud they go, complaints never to be considered again, the perpetrators get away completely unpunished.

Action Fraud – inaction and inadequacy

City of London police, part of City of London Corporation, the world’s epicentre for economic crime describe themselves as “the UK’s national reporting authority for fraud and cybercrime“. Nationally, all police reports of fraud are directed to Action Fraud, essentially a call centre with no investigational or prosecution capability whatsoever.

During the last quarter of 2019, Paul Morgan-Bentley, a journalist at The Times went undercover and applied for a position at Action Fraud’s call centre in Scotland. Michael Rodgers, a City of London Police training manager for Action Fraud was filmed telling recruits that when people report fraud, it is highly unlikely that their cases will ever be passed on for police investigation. In essence, Action Fraud is a fraud in itself, a smokescreen to deceive the public into belief that there is an authority to deal with fraud when there isn’t.

Watch the 6-minute investigatory documentary – Paul Morgan Bentley goes under cover – Action Fraud

Fraud victims mocked by those in charge of collating police fraud reports at Action Fraud, with managers referring to those who lost money as “morons”, “screwballs” and “psychos”.

The Action Fraud website claims that the operation is controlled by City of London Police. In reality the call centre operation is outsourced to the US firm, Concentrix, undoubtedly the result of another Tory cronyism contract. It was Concentrix that made a mockery of HMRC, incorrectly withdrawing priority tax credit payments from hundreds of claimants and causing a nationwide scandal and misery for many hundreds of low income, most in need families who rely on benefits to support their income.

The website also states that “reports taken are passed to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Action Fraud does not investigate the cases and cannot advise you on the progress of a case”. In other words, when you report fraud, nothing ever gets investigated and you won’t receive any response. A shocking abuse of the public’s trust.

As over a third of all crime is not investigated, why are we not cutting the police budget by a 3rd and reducing the number of police who have failed the public and why not just do away with Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau altogether?

This is how your government treats the people, with absolute distain and no regard whatsoever for the significant long term financial and emotional harm fraud causes to millions each year.

A culture of concealment and corruption within City of London Police

Commander Karen Baxter of City of London Police, who runs Action Fraud, previously told The Times that Concentrix would have its contract reviewed by the police, saying she was ‘angry, disappointed, appalled‘, it was all just for show. There is a culture of corruption that runs through the heart of the highest echelons of City of London Police, puppets to the puppet masters. Fraud is widely accepted, victims are shunned and the perpetrators are free to carry on without any risk of ever been busted.

Meet Inspector Ian Younger of City of London Police

“there’s no obligation on any police force to investigate any particular crime”


In our own investigation into the practices of City of London Police, we recorded Inspector Ian Younger, head of Economic Crime, Deputy Director of Professional Standards and a member of the Fraud Advisory Panel in relation to two cases under our investigation. Younger himself made some admissions that left us dumbfounded.

Inspector Ian Younger of City of London Police
Intel UK Investigator:   I am asking you to send me the evidence I have sent you, back to me, paginated, page numbered so I can refer back to it, because I believe you may be missing something.  All the evidence I have sent to you hasn’t been dealt with.  I am asking you to send it back to me in CPR compliant format as if I was requesting an office copy from the court. The evidence I have sent to you are the things like the skeleton arguments, statements looking at dishonesty.
Inspector Younger:Which you would have a copy of wouldn’t you? 
Intel UK InvestigatorWell, yes but you don’t get where I am coming from.
Inspector Younger:  There is no basis for you making that request from us because this is material you already have.
Intel UK Investigator:  Well, this is the basis of it, right, because I want to make sure, that you’re not missing anything, right?  Because, at the end of the day I have sent some very comprehensive statements to you, City of London Police and that hasn’t been acted upon.   So I need to find out where within the chain we have gone wrong, so this is why I have asked you to send it back to me in CPR complaint format so that I can refer back to it.
Inspector Younger:      So, urm, urr, umm, I am afraid I’m.
Intel UK Investigator: Why’s that then?
Inspector Younger:      I’ve just told you why, because we are not under any obligation to do it, so why would we do it? When its material that you’ve got. If you want to present that in some other form, that’s entirely up to you.
Intel UK Investigator:No, this is where I am coming from, right. You are exercising the duties of a police officer. Police officers are tasked with dealing with proven and substantive crimes.  The submissions that I’ve made prove very serious crimes, indictable offences and I’ve delivered that evidence to you, City of London Police, right. Now I’m asking you, as prosecutor, to send me back that evidence that I’ve sent you because I believe there’s an issue with spoilation and I refer to section 26 of the Criminal Justice & Courts Act 2015. Section 26, in case you’re not familiar with it, I’m sure you are, deals with corrupt or other improper exercise of police powers and privileges, right?  If you want to have a look at the legislation, by all means look it up, this is the one that I’m going to deal with, because there’s been spoilation of evidence.
Inspector Younger:If you think that’s appropriate for that to be applied in that case that’s entirely up to you.  Also, if you think there is a criminal case the other option is for you to take out a private criminal prosecution. 
Intel UK Investigator:Why would I do that when the police have a duty to act first and  
foremost? Why would I do that?
Inspector Younger:We have no duty to, to investigate crimes of this type
Intel UK Investigator:You have no duty to investigate crime is that what you’re telling me?
Inspector Younger:No, no, we have no duty to investigate crimes of this particular type
Intel UK Investigator:What is “this particular type” you are referring to then Ian?
Inspector Younger:Well, the only, urr, um, you should be aware that, its only occurred in recent years, of the Warboys ruling.
Intel UK Investigator:Yeah, the corruption case.
Inspector Younger:The police are obligated to investigate serious crime, such as murder and rape.
Intel UK Investigator:Yeah, indictable offences.
Inspector Younger:The type of those your describing don’t fall into that category. If you disagree with me, then you’ve got the option of what they did in the case of Worboys and take it to court.
Intel UK Investigator:Yeah but perverting the course of justice is an indictable offence
Inspector Younger:and if necessary, take it to the Supreme Court which is where the ruling was actioned, otherwise, there is no obligation by any police force to investigate any particular crime

Inspector Younger, one of the most senior officers in City of London Police summed up the position in one, police these days will only investigate the most serious offences that come into the public domain, otherwise they are not obligated to investigate. 

Since the recording in the last quarter of 2019, Intelligence UK received 7 further complaints about Inspector Younger’s common purpose strategy in effectively “smoke screening” and fobbing off victims of crime. Their corrupt practice is to refuse to investigate and then Younger becomes involved as “PSD” Professional Standards Department, converting the criminal complaint into a complaint against police for failing to investigate.

If you go to a fish and chip shop, you expect fish and chips. If you report crime to police, you expect them to investigate, but in the UK, they do not. In essence, the police forces themselves are, by Younger’s own admission, a fraud, there to deceive the public into belief that crimes will be investigated when they are not.

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