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Thousands in the UK are being defrauded of their rights to a fair trial. Solvent people who come to the courts to seek justice are being made bankrupt after corrupt lawyers collude together to deprive their victims of the right of restitution. We need your help.

Your donations enable us to provide assistance to victims of this widespread abuse who would otherwise not get justice. Your donations mean we can provide free services to those most in need who can’t afford legal representation.

There’s a cure for corruption and that is, transparency

We are exposing corruption and wrongdoings by public officials where the controlled mainstream media fail. Your support means we can keep delivering quality anti-corruption journalism that’s open for everyone worldwide, opening the public’s eyes to what’s really going on. Every contribution, whatever the size is so valuable for our future.

We are raising funds to bring legal actions against the corrupt UK establishment and the judicial and public office holders who have been abusing their positions of trust. It is time to hold them all to account, in the public interest, in the interests of justice and for the good of our country and our future generations.

It is time to drain the swamp, to restore the rule of law and to clean up this cesspool of corruption.

The issues

Corruption eats away at the very fabric of society, a culture of dishonest practices runs awash throughout the public sector.

Justice is not being served, the rule of law is being diminished and judiciary are compromised

The courts and judiciary are being widely controlled and unduly influenced by political interference, the judiciary are no longer impartial and most of the judges do not administer justice fairly or according to the law, yet this establishment has given them a pay rise of over £60,000 per annum, with many High Court Judges earning more than £180,000 per year, paid courtesy of the taxpayer irrespective of performance. The judiciary are unregulated and unaccountable, they are diminishing the rule of law that underpins our democracy.

– The police don’t police, they are soldiers for the corrupt establishment

– The regulators don’t regulate

The regulators who should be acting in the public interest to enforce regulatory standards have been instructed to turn a blind eye. Corrupt lawyers, solicitors and accountants acting as insolvency practitioners are completely unregulated. Misconduct goes unpunished.

Oppressive attacks on our essential services and the poorest in society

Years of superfluous austerity cuts by the autocracy has led to the essential services, the NHS, police and local counsels being unable to deliver the quality of service every community requires, the services have gone to the dogs, third world countries do better.

Austerity cuts have directly resulted in the early deaths of more than 200,000 innocent civilians, deprived of the services their tax contributions have been funding, whilst the poorest and those most vulnerable in our society are targeted and stripped of the meagre and already constrained allowances to feed themselves and their families.

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