We are raising £500,000 to fund a class action against all the heads of state, Boris Johnson MP, Robert Buckland MP, Michael Ellis MP, Lucy Fraser MP, the Ministry of Justice, HMCTS, BEIS and the Insolvency Service for violating the rights of the people in contravention of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Victims of human rights abuse and terrorism in the hands of a justice system that fails to do justice have been tortured by this kleptocracy for too long. Now, we are fighting back, from outside of the system they control. Justice has been denied, now, we will create the justice.

We need the equivalent of 100,000 each just donating £5 to achieve our target. When we do, we will fight this kleptocracy harder than anyone ever has. Our US based PR agent will take our updates to international media, we will fully expose them for the abuse they have inflicted on far too many.

It is time for us, the people, to unite and take action against this kleptocracy who have eroded our civil rights and the rule of law. It is time for us to fight back.

We, the British people have the inalienable right to be governed justly by Parliament and the courts according to the rule of the laws of the United Kingdom. Under Johnson’s rule, that has not been happening.

Thousands have been defrauded of their rights to a fair and unbiased trial. Thousands have been arbitrarily made bankrupt or had their businesses made insolvent under false pretense, resulting in their assets being unlawfully deprived.

With this class action, we are going after the government to get the remedy that has been denied to so many.

Those who have been defrauded and asset stripped by the UK establishment, should get in touch. We may be able to include your claim in our action. We will sue them for billions. Our current participant’s combined quantum of claim is already at over £110 million.

We want anyone that has been unlawfully bankrupted, any SME that has been defrauded, or wound up unlawfully to come forward. We will help get your claim together, keeping it simple and focused in line with our strategy. If that’s you, or someone you know, please, get in touch with us today.

It is now time for the people, to unite and to defend the rule of law, for the good of our country and all our future generations.

It is time for a revolution, to oust these traitors in power in a lawful and constitutionally proper way, lending a hand from our brothers and sisters over the other side of the pond.

Please donate what you can and help us by spread our campaign far and wide:

This corruption affects all of us, if one cannot rely on the impartiality of justice and the rule of law, no business or individual is safe. We need to put it right. Protesting does not work, we need hardcore action and international exposure. We are bringing that.

Visit our crowdfunding page or learn more by visiting our Save UK Human Rights Campaign page. It doesn’t take many shares on Twitter and Facebook to reach huge numbers of people.

We will do this people, let’s start it as we mean to go on, help us make this go viral.