UK corruption

Corrupt Met Police impunity for Tory law breakers

Despite being at six of the 12 rule breaking social gatherings probed by the Met, with 8 being found to have breached the law, yesterday Met Police announced termination of the investigation and that Boris Johnson would not be receiving any further fines. Others at the gatherings were fined, yet Johnson evades justice. Is that how it works? In response to the Covid pandemic, a UK-wide…
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UK corruption

English judges are advocates of foul play

Exclusive investigation part 2: UK corruption at the heart of the justice system Our second sequel to our series entitled “Judges are referees who move the goal posts“ with evidential proof of judicial corruption and fraud by political interference, this…
UK corruption

Dominic Raab the quisling Lord Chancellor

Dominic Raab, the Tory Lord Chancellor and Minister for Justice in the UK is a quisling. A quisling, for those not familiar with the definition, is a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country. The Tory kleptocracy is that enemy force…