UK corruption

Administrative Court – UK corruption fraud & injustice

Tory corruption: Jacob Rees Mogg and Truss mean the death of democracy

The case is in relation to the Law Ministers, judges and corrupt lawyers who have conspired to defraud and have conspired to pervert the course of justice whilst using void, false instrument restraint orders to conceal no less than 60 criminal offences when the course of public justice had commenced, branding the victim of crime a “vexatious litigant” as part of their malicious campaign of gangstalking and mental torture, all because they have been providing impunity to fellow Tory racketeering criminals.

Administrative Court of the Tory kleptocracy is there to protect fellow Tories who break the law

Steve Gibson OBE, the corrupt Tory Teesside politician and his cabal of amoral fraudster lawyers transformed a blackmail in the sum of £256,269.89 used to unlawfully forfeit the wind turbine lease into 4 counts of fraud by false representation.

The corrupt, politically controlled courts evaded applying the mandatory law in set off to assist the criminals in using the court to defraud whilst perverting the course of justice.

The Administrative Court hearing in the public interest – 60+ criminal offences concealed by criminals purporting to be judges

There is a hearing in the Queen’s Bench Divisional Administrative Court.

We require the press and public to attend to witness justice being seen not to be done. The corrupt, politically controlled courts you are paying for work only to assist fellow criminals in achieving fraud and injustice.

We stick to the evidence, the facts and the laws, please study our press briefing document and provide comment.

Evidence of serious judicial corruption

Study our press and public briefing document to learn how the corrupt UK courts deface the rule of law, and the most basic contractual law to provide impunity to fellow criminals purporting to be lawyers who thrive off using the courts to defraud with assistance of the politically controlled judicial kleptocracy.

The Administrative Court is headed up by the corrupt former “Treasury Devil” the dishonourable oath breaking criminal, Mr Justice Swift, who has been added to our judicial hall of shame. He remains in judicial office despite being proven to have breached his oath.

If you would like to attend the hearing, please complete our simple form below and we will keep you updated. Once we receive the listing notice, we will inform you of the date so you can view the hearing remotely. We advocate the principles of open justice.

“Justice is to be seen to be done”

Please spread far and wide. There is a cure for corruption and that is transparency.

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