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Dark Horse Fraud & BankstersLords of Fraud

Mr Justice Leech & ICCJ Jones suck the life out of justice

Intelligence UK Investigates: Mr Justice Leech and ICCJ Jones are exposed acting outside judicial jurisdiction in abuse of their positions assisting unscrupulous lawyers and insolvency practitioners terrorising innocent parties in the name of law and justice. Our people are being bankrupted when there is no debt. People’s businesses and livelihoods are left in tatters.

Lloyds Banking Group a very dark horse indeed

Exclusive investigation – The Banksters at Lloyds Banking Group are out of control. The political kleptocracy…
Dark Horse Fraud & BankstersLords of Fraud

Jill Dando & the Daily Mail: More deliberate disinformation

Fresh out of the Paul Dacre lie factory By Roger Cottrell PHD It looks like Paul Dacre’s been asked to earn…
UK corruption

Rotherham Sex Abuse Scandal

Follow up article 3rd in the sequel by Roger Cottrell, PhD “Troll attack” since my article on the Deep…
UK corruption

Scot Young / Michelle Young investigation

Scot Young Murder by Insolvency

Corrupt lawyer Stephen David Jones jailed 'tip of the iceberg'

Stephen David Jones (“Jones”), who qualified in 1986, was the kingpin for Scot Young, a hugely successful entrepreneur who concealed the family’s vast wealth during costly and drawn-out divorce proceedings with his wife, Michelle…
Scot Young Murder by Insolvency

Scot Young murder insolvency & the missing £4 billion estate

EXCLUSIVE INVESTIGATION Part 1: The Scot Young & Michelle Young insolvency criminal conspiracy – Scot put his faith in the wrong parties:First in the sequel, Intelligence UK International reveals our findings following over…

Legal guidance & reports

Legal guidance

Insolvency set off and fraudulent deprivation of the right

Insolvency set off dates back to the statue of Queen Anne, designed to do substantial justice between creditors and insolvent individuals or companies. In Forster v Wilson [1843] 152 ER 1165… Parke B said: “the purpose of insolvency set off was to do…
Legal guidanceLords of Fraud

Excess of jurisdiction means he had no power to do it

When we talk about an act by a public body in excess of jurisdiction, we rely on two leading authorities by the Court of Appeal, and the House of Lords. Both of which affirm that an act in excess of jurisdiction by a judge or any public body, results in a nullity. A…
Legal guidance

Insolvency set off - A statutory duty without exception

The legal duty of the insolvency courts to apply insolvency set off in all insolvency proceedings is mandatory and is said to be self-executing. Failure to apply set off when there are cross claims arising between a creditor and alleged bankrupt renders the proceeding…

Police corruption

Lords of FraudUK Police Corruption

Bankrupt Tory going by 6 names in £700k fraud

Bankrupt Tory ‘information officer’ Suzan Walsh, adjudged on 21 August 09, pilfered around £700,000 between 6th September 2010 – July 2022 after forging a lease on the Rope Street, London based riverside property. In the 3rd quarter of 2015, with around 5-years…
UK Police Corruption

Cressida Dick limps away with hard feelings

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner was forced to step down last night after meeting with London Major, Sadiq Khan at 4:30pm yesterday, Thursday 10 February 2022. Khan put Dick on notice last Wednesday after demanding that there was is to be a radical…
UK Police Corruption

City of London Police - The Great British Cover up

The City of London Police Force Chief Officer Team: Front right: Assistant Commissioner Angela McLaren. Front left: Temporary Commander Clinton Blackburn. Rear right: Commissioner Ian Dyson. Centre: Boris Johnson. Rear left: Priti Patel the Home Office Minister…

Lockerbie Bombing Investigation

Lockerbie Bombing investigation

Lockerbie investigation: Beyond The Maltese Double Cross

By Roger Cottrell, PhD Lockerbie bombing investigation – Part 4: How Chuck McKee and Monzer al Kasser were erased from the Lockerbie Bombing Story Throughout this series of articles we have been looking at the background to the Lockerbie bombing of Pan Am 103, on…
Lockerbie Bombing investigation

The Godfather of Terror and the Lockerbie Bombing

By Roger Cottrell, PhD Part 3 of the Lockerbie bombing investigation A little over 30 years ago, on December 21, 1988, a bomb detonated onboard Pan Am 103, The Maid of the Seas, over Lockerbie in Southern Scotland. In all, 243 passengers, mostly American, 16…
Lockerbie Bombing investigation

Godfather of Terror: Monzer al Kasser, Iran and Lockerbie

Part two in the sequel of investigatory articles on the Lockerbie Bombing. By Roger Cottrell, PhD “For three years now, I’ve had a feeling that if Chuck (McKee) hadn’t been on that plane it wouldn’t have been bombed.” Bulah McKee to Rob Rowan in…