UK corruption

Jill Dando & the Daily Mail: More deliberate disinformation

Fresh out of the Paul Dacre lie factory By Roger Cottrell PHD It looks like Paul Dacre’s been asked to earn his recent nomination for a peerage by the most corrupt government in British history. Already, he’s been party to attacks on the BBC, including smears and disinformation, and his appointed to Ofcom is an integral part of the Tory government’s strategy to privatize both…
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UK corruption

Rotherham Sex Abuse Scandal

Follow up article 3rd in the sequel by Roger Cottrell, PhD “Troll attack” since my article on the Deep State paedophile ring was posted Following the “troll attack” to which I’ve been subjected, since my article on the Deep State paedophile ring was…
UK corruption

UK corruption: Putin's dirty secret

By Dr. Roger Cottrell, PhD – ex Crime Reporter and author of Jaded Jerusalem a retrospectivecrime thriller exposing the Deep state pedophile ring “The triumph of the free market projected as a new “globalist” doctrine“ I first heard the name…